perhaps the best thing tumblr has collectively done in the last few months is accept the mcelroy brothers and their doings into their hearts

Another thing lol the level of petty to this “Shether” track…

Nas, who made “Ether” is from Queens just like Nicki

“Ether” was made to dismember Jay in 01’

Nicki calls herself the female Jay Z, right?

So in other words, since she is “Jay Z”, why not use the same beat from one of the most historical rap beefs that was used to demolish Hov by a nigga from YOUR HOOD!!!??? 😂

😂 lord

*takes notes*


Get urself a girl who can do both  💋 💪

So despite me being included in the LMCC mod, I hadn’t updated it in months haha. But, I just did and I especially love the new makeup @emissaryofwind added! Zella now looks like she’s either going to a music festival or to demolish a raider outpost.

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That snippet was amazing! As always, your work is perfect! Poor Naruto. Doesn't he know to never piss off a woman with mastery over sharp objects?


One would think after a lifetime spent with Sakura and her ability to demolish boulders that he’d have learned, but apprently not. Glad you liked it!

Bughead - Imagine Part 2

As requested by an Anon

If you haven’t read the first Bughead Imagine I’ve wrote then I suggest you read that first as this wont make sense otherwise.

Part 1

Betty was worried for her best friend, Jug. After the bakery incident on Friday Jughead had been ignoring her all weekend. Betty couldn’t stand not talking to him and she wanted to sort things out between them, even though she didn’t quite understand what went wrong.

She saw Jughead walking through the corridor and ran to catch up with him.

“Juggie!” she called out to him. Jughead didn’t need to turn around to know it was Betty. He felt his face flush as memories from Friday came back. After he ran away from the bakery, he sat behind the - now demolished - drive in movie theatre, which he used to call home, and kept replaying the situation in his head, letting a few tears slip from his eyes. Jughead sped up, clutching his laptop to avoid Betty. Eventually, he got lost in the crowd.

Betty sighed. She desperately wanted to know why her best friend was acting think this. She knew it had to be about something that happened at Gloria’ s Bakery.

At lunch Betty sat at her usual bench with Archie, Veronica and Kevin and on that particular day, Cheryl.

“Do you guys know what’s up with Jughead? He’s been ignoring me all weekend.” Betty questioned with furrowed brows.

“Sorry Betty, I haven’t spoken to him either.” Archie said, sympathetically.

“Tragic.” Cheryl added. Kevin snorted out a small laugh which earned him a jab in the ribs from Veronica.

“You should go and talk to him Betty,” Veronica insisted, ”he’ll probably be in the news room.”

Betty nodded and shoved the last of her sandwich in her mouth, picked up her bag and left to talk to Jughead. When she reached the newsroom, she looked through the small window and saw Jug with his back to her, working on his writing. Betty slowly entered the room, closing the door behind her.

“Juggie?” she said, gently. Jughead turned around and sighed. He knew he couldn’t avoid Betty all day. She was still his friend and deserved an explanation.

“Oh… hey Betts.”

“I need to talk to you Jug. It’s about what happened at the bakery, and why you ran away from me this morning.” Betty inquired. Jughead knew this was coming yet he had no idea what to say to her. Betty put her bag on one of the tables and sat down beside Jughead.

“ I’m sorry Betty. I shouldn’t have taken you into that bakery and pretended you were my girlfriend.” Jughead looked down and twiddled his thumbs.

“Was it about Sandy? The barista? She was really pretty, I understand if-”

“No Betts,” interrupted Jughead, “It’s about you. I’m really sorry for bailing out on you and Kevin like that.”

Betty was confused. What did he mean her? She thought it would be to do with the barista, or at least the free cake.

“No Juggie, I’m sorry,” insisted Betty, “I was just shocked when.. you know.” Jughead looked up at Betty and saw she was blushing. Then he smiled at her and took hold of one of her hands.

“I shouldn’t have don’t that Betty, I know, you’re my best friend and you deserve so much better than me. You deserve the whole world. Yet, sometimes I get selfish and want you all to myself.”

Betty looked up at Jughead and got those butterflies in her stomach again.

“What are you saying Juggie?” Betty asked. Jughead sighed. Was he ready for this?

“I-… I like you Betts,” Jughead stuttered nervously, “and I have for a while but I know you probably still like Archie and you’re going through stuff with your parents right now and I know I’ll never be good enough for you but-“

Jughead froze in as felt Betty lips being pressed against his cheek. He sat there in shock, speechless, as Betty squeezed his hand and nervously got up and took her bag, leaving a smiling, goofy Jughead in the news room. Jughead snapped out of his shock and immediately packed up his things and ran after her. That boyish grin, never leaving his face.

Hope you liked it, feel free to send in any requests or even your own story



Standing Rock is on fire — this is what camp looks like on its last day

  • STANDING ROCK, NORTH DAKOTA — Standing Rock is on fire.
  • As police prepare to raid Oceti Sakowin Camp on Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m., the water protectors clear out what remains of the former front lines of the struggle, demolishing some structures and burning others ceremoniously to commemorate the camp and its former inhabitants.
  • Other camps have been established in the past few months, with new sacred fires lit farther from police lines. 
  • The tribal government has asked protesters to leave while they try legal measures to fight the Dakota Access Pipeline; the water protectors still at the camps stand resolute.
  • With the smell of burning wood and insulation in the air, and only a few hundred water protectors still at the camp, someone will occasionally shout the signature cry of the Standing Rock resistance: “Mni waconi,” or “water is life." Off in the distance, protesters shout back in solidarity, "Mni waconi.” Read more (2/22/17 2:48 PM)

from a comrade

Worse than before square one: being arrested and demolished and persecuted in SILENCE: they’ve shut down live feeds (must be an illegal block) and are behaving in ways that keep the media from being able to cover what’s happening.
They warned that they would come on the 22nd and instead came today so there would be no media coverage. Please please post so it can reach the people it should.
This makes me sick to post this: The raid has begun at Standing Rock (per Sunny Savage who is there). There is apparently a standoff happening right now. Backwater bridge has been opened, and there are large numbers of police, DAPL security, and National Guard circling the water protectors. Raids and mass arrest are imminent. Apparently, Trump is behind this. Live feeds are blocked. Media are not there, except for TYT. If you copy and paste, more people will see than if you click “share.” Send love & support by reposting if you will.

Square tf up Yoosung
  • Seven: You need them to think you're stronger than you actually are.
  • Yoosung: That's what you do?
  • Seven: Me?
  • Seven: Oh, no.
  • Seven: My power is no illusion.
  • Seven: I can fucking demolish you.
  • What she says: Star is jealous of Marco and Jackie's relationship
  • What she means: Star is so overtaken by jealousy and negative emotions to the point where they affect the way her spells are cast. They become much more powerful and destructive as seen when she sends one flying towards the Love Sentence sign and DEMOLISHES it effortlessly. She was bottling up that kind of frustration as she talked to Marco and assured him that everything was alright, which was an amazing cover-up of how she really felt. And it's no surprise that she feels like this if you really think about it: Marco is her BEST FRIEND. They live together, ride the bus to school together, walk home together, fight monsters together, and have developed a friendship that works amazingly well. They're earnest with each other, support each other, and they work out their problems in a very healthy way. But Jackie throws an unintentional wrench into their dynamic by dating Marco, because Marco has someone else to do all those things with now. Jackie is the girl of Marco's dreams, and a girl who he is getting to REALLY know after admiring her from afar for so long. He finally has a chance to become someone important to her, and to cherish her like he always wanted to and their relationship will pave the way to doing all the things that Marco was able to do with Star and MORE. While that does not mean friendships are worth less than romantic relationships, it does mean that Marco will inevitably feel more attached to Jackie and carry that obligation to treat her the way a girlfriend should be treated. This obviously interferes with Marco's attention to Star, because he will spend less time with her and more with someone else who he deems a significant other. Now Star has to pretend that everything is okay since she doesn't want to admit that she's upset while her best friend is happy with another girl. It's something she can't help but feel, but because she feels too ashamed to tell that to her best friend of all people, she continues to put on a fake smile in front of him and vents in other unhealthy ways.