(monday, 01:17)
do you remember
how we used to grow roses?
you told me
that the thorns were sharp
but it was beauty
everyone was seeking.

(tuesday, 02:45)
my bones are made of those roses you sent.
they have strewn my ribs
and grown over my heart,
making it bleed with every breath i take.

(wednesday, 03:28)
my garden used to be your temple.
we would kiss under the moon,
listening to the voluptuous songs of these roses.
now even moonlight
has abandoned me.

(thursday, 04:39)
oh, how could you be so cruel?
you love was the most beautiful flower
but now it’s just the weedery i can see.
i’m pulling it one by one,
demolishing it from my soul
like your words out of my memory.

(friday, 5:55)
you know, the feeling is fading away
my heart was seared with grief,
then it was anger
but now it’s none.
and those roses are growing up again.
they are mounting over all misery
you have unleashed.
and so am i.

—  you have left this garden untented but i can foster it myself // a.s.
Palace of the Dead

[First Run - Aetherpool +16/+18]

Me: nice i’ll be +30 in no time

[After ???? Runs - Aetherpool +27/+28]

Me: i haven’t seen my friends or fc in weeks. my crops have withered. my house is being demolished. patch 4.0 is out. i don’t know what floor it is. i don’t 


Your request was deleted for some reason, but I’d already written it so here we go. It’s really long, I hope you enjoy :)

- Admin Sycamore


Deidara rushed in screaming, impossible to stop as he barged through every door, knocking over every vase or prominent object he came across. His rampage went from the front door of the apartment he shared to the already half demolished entrance to his bedroom. With yet another punch, the door was open and almost off his hinges as he flung it back.

If she hadn’t heard the violent cries the slam would’ve made [Y/N] jump out of her skin. She knew Deidara so well after years of living in each other’s pockets; she knew what lay behind his eyes even when he told a nearly seamless lie, she could tell how he felt from the weight of his footsteps or the tiny changes of his tone of voice.

Being around him angry was not uncommon, but it also wasn’t preferred. He would scream and smash anything he would touch—all the things [Y/N] would complain about but later say, “At least he didn’t blow it up…”

This however was different. As she heaved herself up from her own bed and shuffled into the hallway she felt a strange sense of fear overwhelm her. 

“Deidara?” she asked, not expecting more of a response than a grunt as she peered through the gaps he’d punched through the wood.

A grunt was hopeful: she received no recognition. He was sat on the end of his bed, shaking hands viciously gripping and pulling at his long, blonde hair—something which was far from odd—but when she looked close enough she could see the hurt that dripped from his blue eyes.

“Deidara,” she repeated calmly, “are you alright? Can I come in?”

He looked towards her when he lifted his head, giving a curt nod before collapsing to lie flat on his back across the mattress. [Y/N] slowly spun the handle and stepped in, making her way to sit on the edge of the bed, beside him.

“What happened? Tell me.”

“I’m pissed.”

“You look more than just pissed off. What happened?”

“Jiko,” he deadpanned. His head raised just enough to lock eyes with her, now so much harder to stomach now that [Y/N] was closer. “Jiko happened, that’s what.”

“Your girlfriend?” [Y/N] bit her lip, frowning. She crossed her arms and sighed. “Your girlfriend can’t have made you this damn miserable.”

“Try ex-girlfriend then try shutting your mouth.”

Deidara’s hands creeped up to his face, rubbing his eyes almost out their sockets as [Y/N] gaped at him. “You’re kidding,” she said, clueless and dopey. “But you adored her!”

“Yes, adored: past tense. Now please, [Y/N],” he spat, “can you please shut up and leave me the fuck alone?”

[Y/N] jumped back at the sharpness of her closest friend’s voice for the first time in what must’ve been years, shocked by the daggers that he glared to accompany the harsh tone. She was strong and stubborn, not one who couldn’t handle her unpredictable roommate, but this wasn’t the way Deidara acted: this was too rude to treat a friend such as [Y/N] was, even for him.

Slowly she eased onto her feet and cleared her throat. “Sorry,” she whispered and rested a hand on his thigh for a few seconds to comfort him before walking away. “If you need anything I’ll be in my room.”

It took a while for him to come round but as the clock snapped another minute past midnight the handle of [Y/N]’s door twisted to open. Deidara traipsed into sight, one hand puling at his fringe to keep his fingers busy and the other still gripping the doorknob. His knuckles were white from his intense hold of the handle, whilst the other hand still shook mildly.

[Y/N] raised her eyes from the book in her hands, quickly focussing on him. “Are you alright now?” Her voice was gentle, calm and serene—exactly what he needed right now.

“Not really,” he replied, “but calmer definitely. I, erm, about earlier—”

“It’s fine,” smiled [Y/N] softly. She patted the spot on her bed next to her, pulling back the covers for the young blonde and waited for him to edge closer and get cozy before she spoke again. “You wanted to be alone and that’s okay. You can’t be expected to be happy the minute after a break up.” Her eyes narrowed slightly as she examined the expressionless eyes of the man beside her. All she could see was a flat canvas of blue, duller and less lively than she’d ever seen. Behind that, however, she knew there had to be something more. “Can I ask who broke it off?”

Deidara tugged at the covers. “I did.”

“Why?” [Y/N] knew it was risky to ask but she didn’t want him to bottle up his feelings—his worry and anger—so much he could explode: no pun intended.

“I went to see her the first minute I could after I got home. I was early so I thought I’d surprise her, but when I got to hers the door was open and I could hear noises, you know; the sort of noises that nobody other than I had the right to hear.” The tension in his voice grew and grew as his eyes clamped shut, as if he were trying to block out the images that played over before his eyes. “I went into the bedroom to source the noise and there she was, moaning and begging under another man…”

His eyes flew open and turned to face her. “I tried to keep in my anger, [Y/N], I really did but I just couldn’t. She didn’t have the right—she was mine. Even if she didn’t want me anymore she was mine, and she was supposed to say when something was wrong! Not just go behind my back, fucking some other guy whenever I wasn’t there!”

“Deidara, I’m sure that’s not how it wa—”

“Shut up! Just shut up: she admitted it!”

[Y/N] froze and studied, once again, those huge blue eyes that beat down on her. Now they were nothing if not dripping with red-hot rage, dampened only by the tears that cowardly swelled in the outer corners of each eye. Deidara opened up to few, and [Y/N] was sure that even though she had been there for him in challenging times, she was yet to see him cry in the way he so clearly wanted to.

All it took was one of her arms circling his body for him to break, collapsing into [Y/N]’s shoulder as nothing but a sobbing mess.

Her hand took his, gently rubbing her fingers across his bruised knuckles. “Don’t beat yourself up, okay?” she insisted as she pressed her lips against the top of his head. She tugged on the tie that held up his hair until the blonde locks fell loose across her shoulders before holding him close to her again. “It’s not your fault, it’s her’s. Same as it’s not your loss, it’s her’s.”

“W-What do you mean?” He stammered through his words attempting to hide his tears.

“I mean that you’ve not lost anything: you’ve just eradicated a poisonous person’s place in your life. She might not have seemed it but Jiko was clearly not the lovely girl we thought she was, but that doesn’t matter now.” [Y/N] lifted Deidara’s chin and smiled somewhat smugly when she first caught his eye. “You might be upset now you’ve left her, but she’s the one who’s lost you and that is the destroying thing.”

He still didn’t seem to understand, but sat up a little and let [Y/N]’s fingers tap out a non-existent beat on his chest as she continued to explain.

You, Deidara, are incredible: a powerful ninja, a brilliant artist and an unbeatable friend. Jiko cheating on you just means that you now stand a chance of being with a girl who deserves you, and doesn’t just leach off of you or treat you like shit when push comes to shove.” [Y/N] smiled and bit down on her lip. “Also, I’m certain you could find a better lover,” she added with a slightly lustful tone to her voice. “One who’ll do all you’d ever want and more. You probably already know someone.”

Deidara’s eyebrows raised with surprise. “You sound like you’re offering—no, sorry, begging to give me rebound sex.”

With a blush flying across her cheeks, [Y/N] hauled herself up and tried her best to hide the sexiness that had previously resonated in her voice. Her fingers delicately dances across his wounded knuckles one again as she said: “Maybe, if you’re lucky. But first I need to heal you—I don’t like seeing you wounded, you know that. Still, if you feel up to it, the offer might be on the table…”

He watched her hips sway as she hurried out of her bedroom, leaving him alone to wallow in his own thoughts in the comfort of a bed that was not his own. Whilst he was sure he should’ve been sat wailing, complaining and thinking about the woman who’d ripped out his heart mere hours before, Deidara’s mind couldn’t sway from visions and feelings towards the woman who now, so gentle, seemed to want to put the pieces back together again.

Maybe it was the blinding goggles of being of the rebound talking that nagged at him when he saw a lock of her [hair colour] hair out of place and he itched to tuck it away, or the need for affection that begged for her touch as she held him tight and let him cry. [Y/N] wouldn’t mention the tears or mention the pain. She would acknowledge it of course, but then she would make him smile or at least try to, and he knew that that was the sort of person he needed by his side; wanted by his side.

It was as she strolled in, bandages and a bottle of antiseptic in her hands, that he noticed the intense care she had always, without fail, provided him.

It was when she bit her lip and apologised in a kind but jokey way when he winced at the stinging that he realised how perfectly she understood his odd humour.

It was when she stared longingly at him, inches away with slightly parted lips, that he decided to take her up on the offer she’d given him.

And it was when he heard her mewls of pleasure he gave her to accompany the look of sheer adoration that floated permanently in her [eye colour] eyes that he knew it wasn’t the rebound feeling talking. It was his heart and it knew what it wanted, what it needed to strive for. Deidara promised himself there was no way he would stop until he could call [Y/N] his own.

Maybe it wouldn’t work out in the long run but he had faith, and until then he would focus on the beautiful sight in front of him and kiss her as much as his chapped lips would allow.

Seat belts save lives

So yesterday we responded to a MVC on the interstate 18.7 miles from our post. We were the third rescue dispatched for this rollover. Somehow we made it first rescue on scene despite being the farthest unit away (I’ll save that rant for another day) we get there and it’s this red suv on the southbound on-ramp after it rolled from the middle lane, demolished the guard rail and landed half way up the ramp. Scene size up conducted and highway patrol blocked off all traffic for two lanes and diverted from the ramp. So I’m walking around the car and the driver calls to me (of course he doesn’t speak English) I recognize help and the Spanish word for girlfriend. I start looking around and I don’t see her. Then I catch a glimpse of pink tank top in what was left of the passenger front quarter panel/wheel well. And I just stop… The way her body was angulated and positioned I assumed she was done for and as my hand reached for the radio to call a DOA. She moans,
At this point literally ever explicative I know/have ever said came blurting out my mouth faster than you can say “this chick is so beyond Fubar hold fuckity fucking shit fuck”
“Dispatch I’m issuing 2 trauma alerts at this time tell the engines to get here as soon as possible, one patient in need of extrication”
Training took over and I began my assessment. Long story short. She fucked almost every single bone in her torso. Somehow her head was intact but everything else was broken dislodged or ruptured. Blood poured out of her mouth with each breath. Engine crews got there extricated her faster than I’ve ever seen them work before and we were gone. Hot hauling ass to the level 1 trauma center that was only 10 miles up the interstate. The entire way listening to the ambulance whine and protest pushing up to 110mph. Desperately trying to get fluids and oxygen into this poor woman. Decompressed both sides of her chest multiple times. 3 IOs, 1 lucky 14ga and a shameful pad placement. Rolled into the bay as she began to code, her body broken and failing, the color drained from the docs face as we wheeled in. I made eye contact with him and he saw and understood the sheer terror and desperation that must have gripped my face. I don’t remember giving a report or switching her over to the bed. The flurry of nurses and techs over took me and I got pushed out the door I had just kicked open not 30 seconds before. 3 hours and 12 minutes pass and the doctor came out and found me sitting in my truck still trying to write my report and he told me she died. Nothing glamorous or poetic. She just died. Her body couldn’t be repaired the doc listed all her injuries
15/24 broken ribs
Bisected liver
Ruptured spleen
Ruptured bladder
Lacerated left kidney
Ruptured right kidney
Ruptured/lacerated right lung
Lacerated pancreas
Pelvis in 8 pieces
Complete amputation of the left forearm 3 inches distal to the elbow
Bilateral broken femurs and 7 cracked lumbar vertebrae
5 cracked thoracic vertebrae
And all of her cervical vertebrae were dislodged or cracked
She made it 3 and 12 minutes
Highway patrol showed up 30 minutes later with more details
They were traveling between 90-95mph
All the tires were bald/had belt showing
Blew the front right tire which sent them into the roll. She was not wearing a seat belt
And ultimately that’s what killed her
Her boyfriend walked away with a fractured wrist.
She had a 4 year old
Who’s mom will never see her again all because she couldn’t be bothered to wear a god damn seat belt and even though they had a nice car with nice things couldn’t be bothered to change the god damned tires.
A child is now going to grow up without a mom all because she decided a seatbelt wasn’t comfortable

Moral of the story kids;

please for the love of God and sanity. Wear a seatbelt

End of story

my favorite pokemon post is the one with a gif of a trainer from heartgold walking into a pokemon center with an Onix following them and then someone added fanart showing the trainer walk in nonchalantly only to have the Onix fucking DEMOLISH the entrance of the center when it follows LMAOSKMSMSSN

Something kind of not great about this game, which I think is more of a problem with JRPGs in general, is the fact that the difficulty curves VIOLENTLY on a regular basis, and so you have to grind to meet that curve, but then the game becomes ridiculously easy for the next few hours following said curve.

I actually like the combat so much in FFVII that I enjoy the grinding, but consarn it, I almost got demolished by these penguins, and previous to this I was way overleveled.

“There is always hope in the dark times. I never thought I would be able to see The Berlin Wall demolished, the apartheid movement depressed in South Africa, or gay marriage legalised in many countries all over the world. We can achieve all these great things by doing actions, motivating ourselves and encouraging each other.

Empathy is a also a very important factor. There is a saying in every civilisation, which is “treat others as you would treat yourself.” By following that we can never go wrong. Dignity, equality and fairness is what we should always aim for to make this world a better place for everyone.

Great things never came from comfort zones. Anyone can be a game changer or a world leader.”

- Shami Chakrabarti, a lawyer and a former director of the civil liberties advocacy organisation, at The ORA Great Debate.

Nassour Studios on Sunset Blvd has long since been demolished, but it was long time home to KTTV and home to programs like The Woody Woodbury Show in 1967 and The Joan Rivers Show in 1987. Norman Lear used it as his base of sitcom operations in 1975. The program Fernwood 2Night, which Lear produced, was named for a backstreet behind the studio - Fernwood Avenue.

Passion makes a person stop eating, sleeping, working, feeling at peace. A lot of people are frightened because, when it appears, it demolishes all the old things it finds in its path.

No one wants their life thrown into chaos. That is why a lot of people keep that threat under control, and are somehow capable of sustaining a house or a structure that is already rotten. They are the engineers of the superseded.

Other people think exactly the opposite: they surrender themselves without a second thought, hoping to find in passion the solutions to all their problems. They make the other person responsible for their happiness and blame them for their possible unhappiness. They are either euphoric because something marvelous has happened or depressed because something unexpected has just ruined everything.

Keeping passion at bay or surrendering blindly to it - which of these two attitudes is the least destructive?

I don’t know.

—  Paulo Coelho