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I keep thinking about the two separate topics we seem to be focusing on (Green Day not being seen as a 90s band and Billie Joe’s behaviour prior to rehab) and something just dawned on me that made me feel a bit sick.

I forget who it was but someone added commentary to @gstringofsuburbia’s post explaining the different attitudes towards Green Day from millenials vs the generation before us, and how over the span of their career they’ve gone from playing primarily to their own peers to playing to their children’s generation.

People are always talking about how we, as a generation, experience mental illness more severely and in greater numbers than other generations. It’s really common for us to talk openly and freely about our experiences with things like mood disorders, panic disorders etc. whereas our parents are more likely to see those things as something shameful, and it made me realise that perhaps this change in their target demographic was what turned things around.

I don’t know, I mean maybe I’m reaching a bit here but you guys are pointing out more and more instances in Green Day lyrics where Beej talks about some genuinely troubling and concerning things and clearly, our parents generation brushed those things off as just ‘edgy punk rock aesthetic’

unpopular lesbian opinion

fat butch women aren’t ‘a stereotype to avoid’, they’re a wildly under- and misrepresented demographic inordinately targeted by the ‘predatory lesbian’ trope

and they deserve better

If you think about it, all these thinkpieces about how Millenials are “killing” various industries reveal a pretty colossal sense of entitlement.

Under normal circumstances, if a given industry finds itself unable to sell products to a given market demographic, we’d say it’s that industry’s fault for failing to offer products that that demographic is interested in buying.

It only makes sense to blame the target demographic itself if we’re assuming that the established industries have some intrinsic right to that demographic’s disposable income that’s being denied - which is clearly nonsense.

And I thought Millennials were supposed to be the entitled ones?

pitch meeting at the CW

cw studio exec #1: hi peyton take a seat we’re so glad you’re here

cw studio exec #2: so why don’t you give us an idea of what you’re thinking

me: okay. so. the success of riverdale has told us two very important things: first, there is tremendous money to be made in taking beloved fictional characters for children and placing them at the centre of a grimdark fuckfest. and second - your target demographic will watch anything. literally anything. 

cw studio exec #1: excellent points. what are you proposing

me: you’re targeting the millennial demographic. kids who grew up in the late 90s, early 2000s. so let’s capitalize on that. let’s bank on their nostalgia. let’s take the most beloved saturday morning cartoon of that era, the longest-running children’s cartoon of all time - and let’s update it. let’s make it sexy. ladies and gentlemen, i give you The CW’s Arthur.

cw studio exec #1: brilliant

cw studio exec #2: i can’t believe we’ve never thought of this before

me: arthur read and his friends are all grown up… and they are discovering sex. and drugs. arthur will be played by tyler posey and he will have six-pack abs. he’s romantically involved with muffy crosswire, the undisputed head bitch in charge of elwood city high. this doesn’t sit well with his best friend, buster baxter - who is gay - or muffy’s best friend francine frensky - who is a lesbian - because diversity. 

cw studio exec #1: nice

me: meanwhile young d.w. read, at just 15 years of age, has become the kingpin of a deep web drug empire and the mastermind behind elwood city’s burgeoning crisis in organized crime. but when mr. ratburn is busted with a large shipment of cocaine, everything will change.

cw studio #2: love it

me: and d.w. must go on the lam. but can she run forever… even after she discovers she is… teen pregnant?

both cw studio execs: are literally crying and throwing money at me


Holy shit it’s not just the flannel ad, there’s more. 

Aphantasia was first discovered in the 19th Century, but wasn’t seriously studied until last year when science finally announced to the world that some folks out there can be born outside the target demographic of John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Essentially, when people with aphantasia try to count sheep or imagine all the people living in harmony or whatever, they come up blank.

“To explain to someone what aphantasia is, I would ask the person to think of Homer Simpson – his round belly, blue trousers, white shirt, black shoes, bald head with the two hairs on top and the zigzag hair, his round nose, and his stubble,” says Ian. “Someone without aphantasia would have the image of Homer in their head. I, on the other hand, just have the words in my head that describe his features in some internal monologue.” It’s sort of like reading stuff off a checklist without “seeing” anything in your mind’s eye.

And it’s not just images. “I can’t hear music in my head if none is playing. I can’t imagine how things taste or feel unless I am actually experiencing them,” Emma says. “I can’t remember things as pictures, sounds, feelings, or tastes. I just don’t see, hear, or feel anything in my head.” Imagine (since you can, you privileged jerk) your brain not being able to remember that, say, kale tastes like yard trimmings sprinkled with dirt, and then being invited to a vegan restaurant. The horror …

5 Realities Of Life When You’re Born With No Imagination

We got a request to participate in a study to determine if chronically ill adults sharing information through social media is beneficial or harmful. They want us to share our personal information while sending the request from a blank blog who’s only post is linked to a PUBLIC Facebook page.  The only other information is an email address and a link to a couple of documents on Google drive.  They didn’t even sign their name.

I mean this is either shady as hell or just extremely sloppy.  How they can promise to protect private information when they don’t even know how to create a closed group, is beyond me.  Or they do know how to create a group which would link back to their personal information which they are not willing to share.

I am extremely uncomfortable that someone would think it’s acceptable to request medical and personal information from a target demographic which is routinely preyed upon while hiding behind anonymity.

Admin J

Did anyone else get a request to participate in this?

By now, I think we know what this is about.

I almost picked the Burnside Batgirl, Supergirl, Agent Carter and even Rey from Star Wars. But I chose Windblade and here’s why. But first a little back story.

I’ve been a loyal fan of the Transformers franchise for the last three decades. I was part of the original target demographic for Transformers back in 1984, and the years passed, when other kids grew out of it… I stuck with them. I talked before how important they’ve been to my life, and there’s no need to go into that again. But I’ve been hanging about the franchise and fandom for many years. (Kind of like Rung. I’ve always been there, but no one ever noticed. And I’m okay with that.) I’ve seen some awesome things in the fandom. The rise of creative talents… As well and the fall of creative talents. I’ve seen projects come that revolutionize the franchise, as well as projects that makes Dark of the Moon look like the Avengers.

So yeah, like all long running franchises, there’s been ups and downs.

My fandom has been changing a lot over the last couple of years, and really… For the best. It’s becoming more inclusive and more experimental, both conceptually and literally. While the toys have been lacking lately… And I suspect this is just an industry phase. That’ll upswing again in a few years… The creativity of the media, from the comics to the cartoons and video games have really been groundbreaking for a bunch of tie-in merchandises. (Movies leave quite a bit to be desired, but the upcoming future movies here kind of give a glimmer of hope here, with the Bay-influence being shifted out.)

Well, a couple years ago, Windblade was created by the fans during an online creation poll. As how a majority of the OC characters are female seekers, this shouldn’t have shocked anyone. The writer, Mairghread Scott, created this character that was, in my opinion, a breath of fresh air. She wasn’t an angry victim, or cold assassin, or even manic pixie girl… She was this flawed spokeswoman, who was in over her head, trying really hard to make the right choices and barely keeping her head above water as she sparred politically with one of the most conniving, underhanded, backstabbing, silver tongued bastards of modern fiction: Starscream.

But Mairghread Scott, had a lot of complaints thrown at her… And these complaints where… Well… Quite unjustified. Hell, one of the first times that she has a Q&A feedback from the fans, one of the first questions asked was “Does she put out?” (Seriously. That was asked.) And the same complaints we heard toward Furiosa, Rey, Ms. Marvel, CW’s Supergirl and all the others… Pretty much, Windblade got labeled a Mary Sue. Even though, nothing she’s done even comes close to matching the definition of one. Now granted, this is the literal example of a “vocal minority”, and Windblade, Ms. Scott and this new progressive attitude in Transformers isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And as one of the original fans, I’m quite good with this.

(Note: Not to be confused with the “Vocal Minority label lobbied at female readers all the time, which much like the labels thrown at Furiosa and the others, is also unjustified.)

So long story short, last week, when the comic over at Marvel, Mockingbird came to a conclusion. and the harassment of Chelsea Cain, I was reminded of the crap that Ms. Scott dealt with, and how some of those vocal people reacted to it all. And all of this over a t-shirt… Which had nothing to do with the comic itself. (Which was a comic about mer-corgis and relationships with ghost cowboys. Seriously, the comic was awesome and I’m gonna miss it!)

So when people were drawing images of various characters, wearing the now-infamous t-shirt… I wanted to join in support. I have a lot of creative friends who are women trying to make their place in comics, and I wanted to show that I stand with Ms. Cain, not just because it’s the right thing to do, not just because I never want those friends of mine to feel they’re alone against the world… But also because, this is something that’s getting frickin’ old.

And I thought “Windblade would be a perfect candidate to wear the shirt.” Ripped sleeves for her shoulders and everything. And there you go. :)

The Big Announcement!

Yes! That one! That announcement!

We’re releasing Animal Lover on PC and Android on:

February 14th 2017!

Yes, that date you’re looking at is a for-real release date! Everything is set to go on Valentine’s Day 2017! The Steam release, the Android release, we’ve still got work to do but we’re confident we can release by then!

Are you attempting to imply that people are going to buy a dating sim on Valentine’s Day because of increased loneliness and consumerism among your target demographic?


That’s pretty cynical.

We were going for funny.

Will backers get their copies on the release date?

Yes. We are a small studio and this is our first release, but our backers believed in us before we even had the talent and polish we do now. We will delay the game before we delay our backer’s ability to get their copy that they paid for first. We love you guys.

How much is it going to cost officially?

There’s two answers to that: $20 on Steam, though our launch discount will put the game at $15 for the first two weeks, and $20 on Android at launch.

Anything else?

Thank you all so much for believing in us, supporting us and seeing us through this stressful, exciting, difficult, inspired and defining two years! We couldn’t have done it without you. Let’s see that trailer one more time!

Hey guys!!!!!

Just popping in to drop some ratings info. I know that we’ve been concerned about our numbers being sort of low, on the SD (same day) numbers, but please keep in mind those aren’t the only numbers the CW is considering. 

The L (live) ratings for last night’s episode haven’t been finalized, but we’re currently on track to pull another .4, however, I did check out our L+7 ratings for last week’s episode and they look great!

Our rank isn’t pictured because we shared the #13 spot (out of 23) with Bones and Criminal Minds.

So what this chart means is that for L+SD ratings (people who watched live and then on their DVR up until 3:00 A.M. EST) we received views from 4% of people who were watching TV that night in our target demographic (which is ages 18-49). 

In our L+7 ratings ( live viewing plus DVR viewing up to seven days later) we bumped up to 7%, The +7 ratings are considered extremely important as they show us which shows are “truly popular” on the network. 

The fact that the 100 is seeing an increase of 75% in it’s +7 ratings is great news to us and to a network and CW who have already said they look at +7 and +3 ratings heavily.

The +3 ratings are often considered the most important numbers, because those are the “commercial numbers”. Those are the ratings that advertisers will use at upfronts to determine if they actually want to continue putting their ad money with a show. 

Unfortunately +3 numbers are not as readily available as our other numbers. 

This is why I said I was excited to check out +7 ratings, because our numbers look a lot better when given time to adjust!

Also of note is that, in terms of percentage gain in viewers we are outpacing several shows (sitting at number 12 out of 23) and beating several of the CW’s superhero shows. See below:

I really think we’re doing just fine guys.

anonymous asked:

am I the only one who finds the 'word from us kids' segments a little obnoxious sometimes?

for some reason they were cut out of the episodes when they were broadcast here in australia so i never really watched them :0 and when they show up in the episodes i have, i tend to just… skip ‘em, haha. i don’t blame you for finding them obnoxious though - they’re probably not the Most Fun things for people outside the target demographic to watch 

honestly the entertainment industry should be more like lawyer clinics and pro bono work.  I.e. “We follow the market on 90% of the things we produce, but the other 10% of the budget are set aside for things that are risky and innovative, things that haven’t been tested yet, things not guaranteed to be hits, things with a different target demographic - because we recognise that art has societal value, and it’s our duty to contribute to it in a meaningful way.”

That way, we could get movies starring POC, starring women, starring queer people, movies that aren’t about action or explosions or part of endless remakes and reboots - and all without the usual scramble a-la “This movie is TOO IMPORTANT, we can’t let it tank! Show them that you support this movie, that a movie starring X CAN succeed, spread the word and watch it in theaters!” All without worrying that if we fail to show our roaring enthusiasm for THIS movie, companies will think they can’t take risks like this anymore and it will be on us.

(*Granted, 10% isn’t a hugely ambitious figure, but… like, as averse as the big name filmmakers are to risk-taking, it would probably be an improvement on what they’re churning out right now.)

What exactly is the purpose of taking away voting rights from felons?

The only reason I can think of is that the government wants to be able to pass bad laws without anyone stopping them. The government declares a completely victimless action as a felony, then disproportionately targets oppressed demographics when enforcing the law. The people who have been arrested for that victimless action are the only ones who know firsthand how unjust the law is, and stopping felons from voting silences them so the unjust law has less opposition. 

Even if the crime actually has a victim, what’s wrong with allowing them to vote? Allowing murderers and rapists to vote will not cause murder and rape to become legal. Besides, for every violent criminal who can’t vote because of a felony conviction, there are dozens who can still vote because they haven’t been caught yet.  

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So you've been enjoying some yaoi. Why? I mean, aren't straight men as far away from it's target demographic as it gets? What's the appeal?

It’s often a good story with love interests not found as much in mainstream media as I would like. So I wanna see two dudes fall in love? It’s cute.

Yes, Mariah wants you to think FameFlynet just happened to stumble upon her and her new piece on a private beach in Hawaii. Typical celebrity stunt. 

But it’s quite hypocritical for Cosmopolitan to call out Mariah, but play along with Zigi, Douis and Chiam’s staged stunts. Could that be because Mariah is 46 and isn’t as popular with their target demographic as the 20-somethings? 

Now Cosmo readers will think they report the truth and aren’t afraid to call out fakery. So when they publish some fakery going forward (they’re already back on Chiam this morning), their readers will readily accept it. This helps strengthen their relationship with the young hot celeb’s team, which translates into access and $ £ €. Typical gossip press stunt. 

 This is how the game is played. It can’t be pointed out to this fandom enough.