Brazen sexism is pushing women out of America’s atheism movement
As an ardent atheist—and feminist—I am shocked by the misogyny running rampant among atheist leaders today.

“New Atheism’s element of sexism is both cause and consequence of the movement’s demographics. According to 2015 Pew research, atheists in America are mostly young white men. Harris suggests that atheism’s emphasis on criticism just isn’t attractive to women: “The atheist variable … doesn’t obviously have this nurturing, coherence-building extra estrogen vibe that you would want by default if you wanted to attract as many women as men.” Women are excluded from the atheist movement because its leaders seem to believe women are not “rational” creatures–…

No wonder atheism is not attractive to women. As Katha Pollitt wrote for the Nation, “Why would women join a movement led by sexists and populated by trolls?” Like other forms of liberal misogyny (the Bernie Bros are a recent example), atheism engages in a type of social Darwinism that objectifies women just because they’re women. For these men, misogyny is not based in religion at all, but in biology. They claim to be about liberating people from the shackles of religion. But in importing sexism into the movement, they’ve brought religion’s biggest problem with them.”

February 12, 2016 

Hey Flight Rising Tumblr!

I’m trying to put together a big flight guide focused on each of the flight’s communities using a survey where users answer questions about their flights.

If you have a few minutes, I’d love to see you contribute by filling out this survey here.

If you are interested in the results and the work-in-progress guide, the thread on FR is here.

More Information

This is a survey-based guide regarding the communities of each flight. Users contribute to the guide by answering questions about their Flight, their interests, and their experiences.

What information can you find on the guide spreadsheet?
- Flight Atmosphere (Competitiveness, Friendliness, Organization, Activity Level, Generosity, Etc.)
- User Demographics
- Drama Levels & User Happiness
- User Interests & Priorities
- Flight Testimonials

This Census will never close to answers because I want it to change as a flight’s community does. If you answered it before, you’re welcome to answer it again in a few months if your opinions change - or if you change flights! Obviously don’t spam answers unless you have something different or new to say about your flight.

The more people we get to fill out the census, the more accurate a picture we can get of each flight! Right now the guide is very new and we simply need more answers from all the flights.

If you want to peek at the spreadsheet of results directly, hop on over here. NOTE: It is big, slightly laggy, and isn’t really mobile friendly right now. It might take a minute to load.

Well, it’s now apparent that Disney XD is once again reducing The 7D’s airtime – from now on it’ll be only on Saturdays at 9:30am once a week. That’s really sad now that the show is coming to end.

Now this post gives me the opportunity to address Disney’s handling of the series. So when Disney XD announced the ordering of the second season way back in December 2014, the press release heralded The 7D frequently being ranked high among their key demographics as well as being among the top five shows watched on their app. The series premiere was also the number two animated debut in the network’s history. But today, that contradicted over how Disney is now treating The 7D.

A month later, starting in January 2015 in the U.S. (the show’s home country) only six half hour episodes have premiered the entire year. “The Rock of Sages” got pulled at the last minute (clips of the episode were seen on the January 2015 promo) and we had to sit out eight long months while other international Disney channels had their hands on it. After it finally premiered in the U.S. we waited another four months for another new episode, the debut of Season 2. Disney XD also moved the show several times until finally settling at 9:30 am Saturdays for the Season 2 premieres, a bad choice considering that the network doesn’t have a feed for the Pacific Time Zone, meaning that viewers in that area have to tune in at 6:30 in the morning to watch a new episode. And nowadays, of course, the show is being poorly promoted. There were Disney Channel/Disney Junior airings of the show presumably to promote the series on Disney XD; however, not everybody have Disney XD due to its being a digital tier channel on most cable providers and it costs more, so it’s a bummer for those who want to see it on Disney Channel.

And just as Season 2 was about to premiere this past January after only six episodes aired last year, the show’s staff were informed that the show was being cancelled.

If Disney really had said that The 7D is a hit, then why do all this? Why ignore the show for the most part? The ratings during the first season were great, but decisions like these caused the ratings to go down. The 7D would most likely have gotten a third season if the network would leave it be and be behind it 100 percent due to the show’s place in the Disney corporation’s history.

Even more questions need to be asked over Disney XD’s treatment of the series: Why is Disney doing this? Hadn’t it lived up to the executives’ expectations? Does it feel out of place on Disney XD because the content on their other shows is a bit edgy and geared towards boys and The 7D is a lighthearted show that appealed to all groups? Is The 7D not the kind of show for Disney to make it a merchandising bonanza? Are the Disney higher-ups simply don’t allow more episodes to be produced because 44 half hour episodes are enough like they have done to Wander Over Yonder? Are they playing favorites with some of their shows now that they’re taking it too far with Star vs. the Forces of Evil (bad for business regardless)?

What is it?

@disney @disneyxd

Ok, so North Carolina tried to change voting rules to prevent certain voters of a certain stripe to vote, and you’ll never believe it but it was struck down because it was really, REALLY obviously discriminatory. Here’s a timeline.

In 2008, Barack Obama beats John McCain for the presidency in NC. This sort of thing happening is a new development, and all of a sudden, NC is a swing state. Romney beats Obama there in 2012, but not by much. The demographics of NC voters are shifting, and needless to say, some people in NC aren’t happy about it.

In 2013, the Supreme Court struck down parts of the Voting Rights Act, basically saying that we don’t need it anymore because things are better now. A day later, we find out that some things don’t change.

Immediately, any state that leans republican tries to change the rules of voting (NC moved forward the next day), and they all want to discourage *certain voters* specifically. Legislators requested data on NC voters, focusing on race, and wanted to chip away at the ways that their friends on the other side voted. Let’s talk about those restrictions.

- The NC GOP (and a lot of the GOP in general) wanted a voter ID law. They would have pushed that through as is, but they also found that black people are more likely to carry ID without a picture. So, knowing that, they made a restriction that it has to be picture ID.

- The NC GOP found out that black people disproportionately used the early voting period. Immediately after figuring that out, they *amended the bill they already had ready to go* to reduce the early voting period from 17 days to 10. They were specifically not thrilled with the idea that a lot of people who leaned in a certain political direction were voting early on Sunday. Apparently in some counties a lot of churches used to do this thing where they could go to church and then get bussed to the polls, which I think is pretty delightful. They mostly voted in a way that made the NC GOP unhappy, so that had to go. Instead of two Sundays to vote, they got one Sunday.

- They also eliminated pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds… for reasons? (This was how I was registered, btw)

- Oh, and they also eliminated same-day registration. You’ll never guess why.

- OH JESUS CHRIST, another one: the eliminated out-of-precinct voting, because… well, this is where I throw my computer in the dumpster because I’ve had enough.

After pushing this law through, it predictably caused a mess for them and the law finally reached this point in the Court of Appeals where they had to explain why they did all this. They did not prepare for the possibility that they might have to explain themselves, so they failed.

Anyway, happy voting to my friends in NC, and I hope you make note of who currently runs your state and if they had a hand in this.

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But Rupi Kaur is clearly talented.

Rupi Kaur is talented in the same way Stephenie Meyer is talented: she knows how to write to a particular demographic to get them to buy her poetry. Just the fact that she’s selling books of poetry is impressive to begin with. Whether that’s Kaur’s talent or her editor or publisher’s talent remains to be seen. She’s not a great poet, and you can tell simply because her poems are instantly forgettable. None of them say new things or say old things in new ways. Without doing one of those two things, anybody’s poetry is doomed to be forgettable.

Don’t abolish the state. There’s no need. It’s slowly becoming deprecated.

Ways that the state is becoming(or has always been) obsolete:

No longer needed(if it ever was) to create and support currencies

Becoming unnecessary for the arbitration of conflicts between individuals and/or organizations

Long since jumped the shark as the first choice for personal security

Never actually built the roads, just stole your money to pay for it. Construction companies build the roads

Never was a supporter of environmental protection, simply jumped on the boat to punish its enemies, while being the biggest polluter around

Never does anything to protect demographic groups from being discriminated against, except when someone wants to secure votes. Does a lot to make discrimination much more damaging to those demographics

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i told my friend (who is filipina) that the actor who plays bellamy (she doesn't watch the show) is half filipino and she got so happy (even tho she doesn't. even. WATCH THE SHOW) it was so cute. @antis: DON'T TAKE THIS AWAY FROM HER AND OTHERS geez

it’s literally not that difficult to just not erase a man’s ethnicity and an entire demographic’s representation

Connie: “He kept asking us to dance with him, even though we said no. It was really … uncomfortable.”

Steven: “He didn’t even care about how we felt, at all!

I am here for shows with pre-teen target demographics that teach that NO MEANS NO and that girls don’t need to be “convinced”–they need to have their decisions and feelings respected. 



This map visualizes the Great Migration – “the most under-reported story of the 20th century

Between 1910 and 1970, the percentage of African Americans living in the south fell from 83% to 40%. It was the largest demographic shift in American history, and it reshaped nearly every aspect of American life.

Read more about the Great Migration


At this point both the Plagg and Tikki plushies on Amazon are sold out. I am willing to bet that the people that purchased this are not the aimed demographic, like myself. ;)

You could be lucky enough to find them though at your local retailer but please call before cause some still are not available everywhere.

Fret not though Miraculers I’m sure Amazon will be ordering many more, especially when they see how fast they sold.

Ace Discourse 2016 Survey

This is a survey for anyone who participates in or observes the ace discourse. It is open to all identities and points of view.

The purpose of this survey is just to get information on the demographics, beliefs, and experiences of people who participate in ace discourse. It is hoped that people on all sides will learn and benefit from this information.

If you take the survey, no identifying information will ever be recorded, and your data will only be reported in aggregate. Your participation in the survey is completely anonymous and confidential.

Please take the survey and share it with other people who participate in the discourse. The more people who participate, the more we will learn.

You can take the survey here.

seeking autistic adults for healthcare research

My name is Stacy and I am a multiply disabled, autistic student finishing a customized degree in Disability Justice.

I am seeking autistic participants for the research portion of my senior thesis project exploring the positive and negative healthcare experiences of autistic adults.

What: a short demographic survey, and an open-ended interview with four questions/prompts

How: The interviews will be conducted in the most accessible format for each participant. Phone, text-chat (with a variety of platform options), Skype, or face-to-face (for Utah participants)

Who: Professionally or self-diagnosed autistics between 18-64 years old (US only please)

When: Interviews need to be finished by early August; scheduling is flexible

PLEASE complete the brief survey at this link if you are interested:

(the survey asks for your autism quotient score. It is an imperfect measurement, but is currently the tool used in most academic research that includes self-diagnosis. If you don’t know your score you can take the quiz here:

You can contact me via email at if you have any questions.

Please share widely!

ok so WoW is releasing an radio drama and like


who is running the hype team for warcraft????

why do they pick the most irrelevant mediums to generate buzz???

remember that motorcycle thing on the history channel or something????

remember when young people were like “yo this motorcycle show!!! hell yea!!”?????

no???? me too????

make an anime or something idk something that your target demographic has paid attention to within the past 10 years.

I know this is going to be hard for some white men to hear, but Twitter needs women, minorities, the LGBT community, Muslims, and some Sherpas Tweeting about carrying white people up K2 way, way more than it needs some Alt-Right assholes. It’s not even close. The economics and demographics of this country have done changed, son. You best recognize that. It would be a ludicrous business decision for Twitter to pull a GOP and play only to its white male base. It has to find a way to be inclusive to the global community, and if that means losing some white guys who get their rocks off by Tweeting horrible stuff at famous black women, it’s an easy trade.