• Person:Are you okay?
  • Me on the inside:Why is Bernie Sanders being so overlooked as a presidential candidate? I mean I know Hillary is a big deal, but Bernie just soothes the soul. Like people are taking Donald Trump more seriously than Bernie, and Trump doesn't even know that a small woodland creature has nested upon his cranium!! It's just that I love Bernie so dearly. He was a civil rights activist and a gay rights activist and a women's rights activist back in the sixties when people didn't know that the moon wasn't made of cheese. And and and he just cares so much about the people and about the future. He's appealing to us and not corporations because he actually believes in America without having to act like a jingoist to let us know that he does. WHY CANT AMERICA FEEL THE BERN?!
  • Me on the outside:Yeah.
Bill De Blasio: No smoking. Even in your homes.
New Yorkers may soon not be able to smoke in their own homes, if Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gets his way. The New York Post reported on de Blasio’s new initiative to partner wi

Individual liberty? Never heard of it. This is the modern, nanny-state-loving Democrat party, folks.

New Yorkers may soon not be able to smoke in their own homes, if Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gets his way.

The New York Post reported on de Blasio’s new initiative to partner with health groups that will “pressure landlords” into banning smoking in apartment buildings.

“That means smokers would be barred from lighting up in one of their last sanctuaries: their own living quarters,” the paper said. “Smoking is already banned in public places, including bars and restaurants, workplaces, sports venues, and parks.”


Democrats Flew the Confederate Battle Flag, Not Republicans

Yeah, slavery happened under the stars and stripes, but the battle that ended it was also fought under those stars and stripes - while the confederate flag was flown to keep slavery going. 

And for those that say, “but that’s not what the confederate flag means to me.”  Well, what are you?  Trans-flag or something?

Bernie Sanders: Anti-Russian Propaganda and “Vermont Socialism”
The presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders — an anti-Russia, Israel-supporting politician from Vermont — revives an archaic feud among leftists.

By Caleb Maupin

In the early part of the 20th century, there was a broad movement of people in the United States who advocated the overthrow of capitalism. Among them were many revolutionaries like Eugene Debs, William Z. Foster, Lucy Parsons, and Paul Robeson.

However, there was another current of people who called themselves “socialists” but had no interest in revolution. They were called “sewer socialists.” The term originated in reference to Victor L. Berger, a “socialist” who ran on a platform of improving the city’s sewer system and eventually became the mayor of Milwaukee. The sewer socialists did not want to overthrow capitalism, but simply to be elected to local public office and improve government policy. They wanted to make a global system built on exploitation of people all over the world a little more comfortable for those living within the western economic centers.

The battle between these two poles of the left movement – with the revolutionary and anti-imperialist wing of socialism on the one hand and the “sewer socialist” wing on the other — played out on a global level. Commenting on the debate, Russian socialist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin described the trend this way: “The bourgeoisie of an imperialist ‘Great’ Power can economically bribe the upper strata of ‘its’ workers by spending on this a hundred million or so francs a year, for its superprofits most likely amount to about a thousand million… this little sop is divided among the labour ministers, ‘labour representatives’… labour members of War Industries Committees… labour officials, workers belonging to the narrow craft unions…”

In the modern United States, it isn’t sewer socialism but “Vermont socialism” that plays the role of the ‘Labor Ministers.’ US Senator Bernie Sanders is running for president, and openly describes himself as a “socialist.” Despite using this word to describe himself, with many well intentioned anti-capitalist activists supporting him, Sanders’ platform in reality articulates a strategy for strengthening global monopoly capitalism and its expanding militarism.

So during my fiance’s break he told me what happened when he was driving to work this morning. We have many bumper stickers on our car, some of which are democrat stickers in which it’s thanking democrats. He was stopped at a red light and a car pulled up next to him. This old woman says to him,
“I wouldn’t thank democrats for anything.”
He then in a surprisingly nice tone said, “Oh why is that?”
And then she had the audacity to say,
“Liberalism is a mental disorder”
See how offensive that is to people who suffer from mental disorders. 

My fiance began screaming at her, not for having opposite views but that she could say something so disrespectful. He told me that if she wouldn’t have said that his response was going to be something along the lines of talking about why he believes in democrats, but not bashing her beliefs.

What a disgusting person. 

Stand with Bernie

Hey, guys, you’ve all been incredible at showing your support for Bernie, but as One Direction put it in their powerful demo “Another World,” words will be just words until you bring them to life. Tonight at midnight eastern standard time, Bernie’s first official FEC fundraising deadline will hit. Just donate $3 and you can help us show America that her citizens will no longer be upstaged by billion dollar corporations. Democracy is for the will of the people, not for that of big businesses. Stand in solidarity with your fellow sanderstans and contribute to the campaign if you can, and if you can’t, you can do your part by just spreading the world. This election could be a real game changer, or we can fall back into the same routine of lobbyist supremacy. You decide.


CultureTRIBUTE: Beau Biden Memorial - Dover, Delaware - Senate Hall - June 2015

Services begin for the Vice President’s son, Iraq war veteran and former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, as he honorably lies in state today. Public viewing services will continue through tomorrow and President Obama will deliver the eulogy at the Family Funeral Mass on Saturday.

Keep Joe in your thoughts. He has suffered more loss than most of us can imagine.

  • Bernie Sanders:It’s time to raise the minimum wage so that a minimum-wage job will lift a person out of poverty not keep them in it.
  • Republicans:But inflation!!1!
  • Economists:The minimum wage hasn't been raised since 2009 and the economy has expanded considerably since then, so actually, an increase in the minimum wage is due to keep the working class in line with the cost of living.
  • Republicans:I don't know suddenly I cannot read.
4 lies the media needs to stop telling about Bernie Sanders.

1. He can’t compete with Clinton.

2. His policies are irresponsible and un-American.

3. He is too old.

The appeal of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is as unique as his unlikely rise to national prominence. The Internet adores him. He has become the pied piper of American liberals, and emerged as the most formidable Democratic primary challenger to Hillary Clinton. Yet many are still skeptical. Fortunately some of the biggest complaints about Sanders aren’t true — including his governing experience.