Hillary Clinton would be winning even if the primary system was fair and democratic.

Am I a John Oliver stan now?  He keeps saying what I want to say but like…better?  I want y'all to watch this video where he discusses all the problems with the primaries and caucuses we use to pick a Presidential nominee.  He shoots it straight down the middle:  The Democrats have their problems, the Republicans have their problems, and the entire system makes for a lot of disillusioned Americans who feel their votes don’t count (and in some states, your vote literally does not count).

More specifically pointed toward my purposes are his little asides to Bernie’s supporters (because he knows his comments section is going to be lit with the fire of then thousand angry Sandernistas), but he still wraps it up in a nice bow anyway:  Hillary Clinton would still be winning without the “rigging” of the Democratic Party.

Again, if you don’t have time for his awkward jokes, read on a little bit.  I want to make three points (that I’ve already made before, but now a cheeky British man is making them better).

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Clinton declines Fox News debate with Sanders

Hillary Clinton has declined an invitation to participate in a Democratic debate on Fox News, the campaign said Monday evening.

“We have declined Fox News’ invitation to participate in a debate in California. As we have said previously, we plan to compete hard in the remaining primary states, particularly California, while turning our attention to the threat a Donald Trump presidency poses,” campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri said in a statement.

“We believe that Hillary Clinton’s time is best spent campaigning and meeting directly with voters across California and preparing for a general election campaign that will ensure the White House remains in Democratic hands.”

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It should be noted that Clinton did win swing states Ohio, Virginia, and Florida by impressive margins, but it should also be noted that Sanders has a big secret weapon in independent voters, who were unable to participate in the majority of state primaries. Independent voters helped Sanders win the Democratic primary’s biggest upsets in New Hampshire, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and are the reason polls indicate that Sanders would defeat Trump by a much bigger margin than Clinton.
Establishment Collectively Stunned To See Citizens Reject Rigged Democratic Primary
Sanders supporters understand very well how the process works and what kind of candidate is supposed to make it to the end.

Democratic Party leaders accuse Bernie Sanders and his presidential campaign of inciting “violence” among supporters by promoting allegations that the primary process is rigged in favor of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Surrogates for Clinton and pundits, who favor Clinton, have ramped up their attacks on Sanders for maintaining a robust campaign, even though the last votes have yet to be cast in the primary.

Much of the pressure to rein in supporters stems from a belief that Sanders no longer has a right to run in the primary, and that he is now a spoiler candidate in the race. The pressure has ramped up in the aftermath of the chaos at the Nevada State Democratic Party’s convention, which was largely provoked by how it was handled by chairwoman Roberta Lange.

For example, The New York Times published a report with the incendiary headline, “Bernie Sanders, Eyeing Convention, Willing to Harm Hillary Clinton in the Homestretch.” It suggests Sanders intends to inflict a “heavy blow” on Clinton in California and “wrest the nomination from her,” despite the reality that she has not clinched the nomination.

Clinton surrogates, pro-Clinton pundits, and cable news television hosts (with the exception of MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski) contend there is no evidence that the primary is rigged against Sanders. Senator Barbara Boxer said on CNN, “To his supporters who are grousing about the fact that everything is rigged, it’s not rigged. You know, we’ve had elections. Hillary has more votes. And Hillary has more delegates, not even counting superdelegates.” Tamron Hall, an MSNBC host, haplessly mixed sports metaphors and said, “This is the game of football, and now you want to change it to soccer. The rules have been in place,” and, “You’re in the last inning. What about the votes that Hillary Clinton earned?”

Hillary Rosen, a CNN political contributor and Clinton supporter, declared, “Bernie Sanders is losing this race, and instead of taking it like a man, he’s working the ref. He’s encouraging his people to think that the system is rigged. The system he signed up for as an independent to run in a Democratic primary. This constant sort of whining and complaining about the process is just really the most harmful thing, in some ways, he could do because he’s encouraging his supporters to think that the process actually is cheating them, and they’re not. This is a very well-documented process that he signed up for.”

Establishment Democrats Do Not Want To Lose Their Careers!  Enough With Political Careers! The Constitution Doesn’t Give You Rights To Stay In Power!


Trump fuels Democratic voter surge
In California, Democratic voter registration numbers spiked when the presumptive GOP nominee dominated the news cycle. By DANIEL STRAUSS

When the deadline to register to vote in California’s June 7 primary closes Monday evening, Democrats are expected to be the big winners. The party has enjoyed a dramatic spike in registration since the beginning of the year — and they have Donald Trump to thank for it.

In the first three months of the year, California added 1.5 million new voters through the end of April — double the number of new voters added during the same time period in 2012. And the total number of registered Democrats increased by nearly 100,000 people between the beginning of January and the beginning of April — compared to a gain of just 15,000 registered Republicans, according to an analysis from Political Data Inc., a California-based voting analytics firm.

Paul Mitchell, Political Data’s vice president, notes that Democratic registration typically increased when the news cycle revolved around Donald Trump.

“What’s interesting is that the upticks have been greatest among Democrats and Latinos on those days where Donald Trump is kind of dominating the conversation,” said Mitchell, a former Democratic consultant who has analyzed California voter registration from day to day and by party affiliation since January.

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A President Trump will tarnish America’s democracy, government, and foreign policy for a generation, and the intentionally divisive, dictator-admiring candidate must not be allowed to buy, lie, and brag his way into the Oval Office. Read a Greek play, or a history book, or remember any pompous failure from your own life: hubris never works out well. And neither does fascism.

It makes me ill to my stomach to see the #bernieorbust people. You seriously don’t understand how dangerous Donald Trump is for LGBT, healthcare, women’s rights. Hillary and Bernie voted together 93% of the time. So you are going to stay home and not vote for the person you agree with 93% of the time even though the other person you agree with zero could be elected? How about the conversion therapy laws the republicans want to put in place that Obama has blocked aka Leelahs law. It’s sickening and very worrisome that there is even a Bernie or bust movement. Oklahoma just passed a bill saying abortion is illegal, the governor vetoed but trump wouldn’t veto. Trump thinks the police are being treated unfairly and says black lives matter is a terror group. Good god people get a grip.
I hope we can get it together or everything President Obama has done is gone if Trump gets in the White House. Not to mention the Muslim stuff by trump, that’s entire other disaster and horrific thing.

We Can Be - Bernie Sanders

A tribute to the next President of the United States, Bernie Sanders. This video encapsulates Bernie’s message of love, hope, acceptance and opportunity, while completely undermining his competition, in a completely positive and absolutely gorgeous fashion.

Please share Keem Ibarra’s video.

Facebook, Google, Twitter & YouTube were all blocking the link to Keem’s beautiful tribute to Bernie Sanders, so he sent the video in the hopes that now we’ll have 2 YouTube Links and 2 Facebook links to the same video! Once his video hit 20,000 views in a day, Facebook shut it down. On Twitter, Rosario Dawson retweeted it but it only got 1,200 more views on the Youtube link. Clearly this is being censored by those that are rigging elections.



- We Can Be -

“Let me close… by begging you to think BIG, not small…

I want you to think of what this great country Can Be.

We Can Be - and this is not utopian wishing - this is reality.

We Can Be a Nation which joins other Nations around the world in guaranteeing healthcare to all people as a right.

We Can Be a Nation in which working parents go to work; they know that their babies and their kids are in quality, affordable childcare.

We Can Be a Nation in which every American, regardless of his or her income Can get a college education.

We Can Be a Nation, not where seniors today who are living on 12-13,000/year cannot afford their medicine or to heat their homes.

We Can Be a Nation in which every senior lives out their lives in dignity and security.

We Can Be a Nation, in where everyone, no matter their race, their religion, their disability or their sexual orientation, realizes the full promise of equality that is our birthright as Americans.

Brothers and sisters, this is the Nation we Can create when we stand together and not let people divide us.

We cannot be divided by black and white, by native-born and by immigrant, by gay or straight, by male or female.

They have unlimited sums of money.

They own much of this country.

They control much of the media.

They are very powerful, but we have something that they do not have.

We have a United People!

And when we stand together and not let little things divide us up - when we stand together - when we say "enough is enough” there is nothing we cannot accomplish.“



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Trump gets a taste of the 2-for-1, Clinton tag-team
Hillary Clinton said Trump needs to: “Prove that he actually has the level of success he claims to have.” As we all know, Trump has exaggerated his personal wealth — wealth that was built on the backs of Polish immigrants, products made in...

Hillary Clinton said Trump needs to:

“Prove that he actually has the level of success he claims to have.”

As we all know, Trump has exaggerated his personal wealth — wealth that was built on the backs of Polish immigrants, products made in China, family inheritance [200+ million], bankruptcies [4], and conning American students with schemes such as Trump University. His latest con-job? The American voter.

Thus far, Trump has been running against light-weights. Today, Trump got a taste of the big leagues. The Clinton “2-for-1” tag-team:

“A lot of Republicans themselves say Donald Trump is a disaster waiting to happen to America. What little we know of his economic policies would be running up our debt, starting trade wars, letting Wall Street run wild. All of that could cause another crash and devastate working families and our country.

Trump economics is a recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs, more debt.

He could bankrupt America like he’s bankrupted his companies. I mean, ask yourself, how can anybody lose money running a casino? Really?

And that’s not all; I hear every day from families who afraid of what a Donald Trump presidency would mean for millions of immigrants who are living and working in America.” ~Hillary Clinton

The “Big-Dog” got a few licks in as well:

“Now look at this. You talk about the difference between two candidates. She thinks that everybody who has an income of a million dollars or more from whatever source should pay a minimum of 30% of their income in taxes.

She has released more than two decades of our tax returns, and since we left the White House, we averaged 40% of our income in taxes and her opponent who never tires of telling us how much richer he is than the rest of us won’t release his tax returns.

Do you really think he’s going to be a force for raising working people’s incomes?” ~President Bill Clinton

Hillary hits Trump over his bankruptcies, while Bill hits him over his tax-returns. I love watching the Clintons tag-team Trump. Running a country is far different than running a business. We don’t have bankruptcy laws and family inheritance to bail us out.

As Hillary said, there’s a difference between successful businessmen and “pretend” successful businessmen:

“…successful businesspeople, who are really successful as opposed to pretend successful, I think have a lot to offer.” ~Hillary Clinton

Until Trump releases his tax-returns, he’s nothing more than a fraud. A con-artist. A pretend success. He only cares about himself. Don’t fall for it, America.

​”He needs to release his tax returns. The only two we have show that he hasn’t paid a penny in taxes. And yet he goes around talking about “Make America Great.” You know? That means paying for our military. That means paying for our roads. That means paying for the V.A. That means a lot of things. And if you’ve got someone running for president who’s afraid to release his tax returns, because it will expose the fact that he pays no federal income tax, I think that’s a big problem.

There’s no evidence he has any ideas about making America great, as he advertises. He seems to be particularly focused on making himself appear great. And as we go through this campaign, we’re going to be demonstrating the hollowness of his rhetoric.” ~Hillary Clinton