Marco Rubio: Hillary Clinton Has Been Exposed As Being Incompetent 

  • Bernie Sanders:It is unacceptable that the typical female worker made $1,337 less last year than she did in 2007.
  • Republicans:Hey, it's not our fault Eve ate that apple and cursed all women ever. We're just carrying out the Lord's punishment ://

Okay so I know you guys love Bernie Sanders. I do too. He’s amazing and his policies are just what this country needs.

So for those who want to check out his policies in-depth, or if you need solid evidence for an argument (because nothing is more satisfying than shutting someone down with straight facts) there’s this website called

It’s a website that has Bernie’s stance on pretty much EVERY issue, from immigration, to income inequality, civil rights, healthcare, foreign policy, and so much more.

It even has a section that is about Bernie and his life.

It really is an amazing resource for everything Bernie and if you’re interested, I would STRONGLY advise that you check it out.

Once again, the website is

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.


Bernie Sanders is leading Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire for the first time 

For the first time this primary season, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has overtaken Hillary Clinton in early-voting New Hampshire, racing out to a seven-point advantage in a Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll released early Tuesday. And things get even better when you compare supporter enthusiasm.

#BlackLivesMatter and Bernie Sanders have the same playbook.

Everything I’m about to say is mostly directed toward white knee-jerk liberals who saw Black Lives Matter activists interrupt their Patron Saint of Saving The World and went off half-cocked about how BLM is fighting the wrong people and how we shouldn’t turn on our allies.

Before getting into it, let me pull your focus to the direct result of Black Lives Matter repeatedly going after him:  Bernie Sanders announced a young Black woman, Symone Sanders, as the new national press secretary for his campaign this weekend, and under her direction (where, weeks ago before she was hired, she discussed with Sanders the criticism against him as offered up by BLM), he received her suggestions and tweaked his message for his next televised appearance to include racial inequality as a direct parallel to economic equality.

In short, they’re acheiving what they set out to do.

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“I absolutely believe that Bernie Sanders is the most progressive candidate running for president right now. But I also believed that of President Barack Obama and I was disappointed time and time again. Movements cannot count on a candidate. They have to be visionary and aggressive in ways candidates cannot be. Movements clear the field for laws and policies, not the other way around. The work of Black Lives Matter is lifting us all. Get out of the way.”

 Open letter to progressives: You’re doing it wrong and it’ll cost the Democratic Party by Monique Teal