Bernie Sanders won the Democratic debate in Milwaukee

After winning the primary in New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders was sure to face heightened scrutiny at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee face-off, with tough questions about how he’d carry out his promised “political revolution” and deliver on sweeping promises for greater economic equality. How Sanders rose to the occasion.


Finding truth in these debates is like finding a dollar in a pile of poop – do you really feel like you’ve gained anything worthwhile?

The 10 Biggest Lies From The Democratic Debate

Don’t get me wrong, Bernie is extremely compelling and makes amazingly salient points. I’m constantly switching back and forth between Bernie and Hillary. But literally Bernie has the FREEDOM to be expressive and emphatic about what he says.

Hillary’s message only differs from Bernie’s in the details, but she can’t talk too softly otherwise she gets called meek/soft/weak and if she talks too emphatically she’s called shrill/bitch. Either way, she’s dismissed. She may seem cold, calm, robotic….but literally she doesn’t have any other choice. The way you deliver something seriously affects how you hear it. Bernie can deliver it exactly as he wants; Hillary can’t, and she is punished for it no matter how you look at it.

Just something to think about for any other undecided voters.

Bernie Bros Will be the Death of Senator Sanders’ Campaign

I started this election season off with a decent amount of respect for Senator Bernie Sanders. Partially because I had no idea who he was, and partially because that’s just the kind of person I am. I believe in decency, respect, compromise, and bipartisanship.

But as the race continued, I started receiving an unduly amount of harassment from so-called “Bernie bros” on Twitter. As these encounters became more and more frequent, and the accusations more and more threatening, I started looking into the arguments these radical supporters so often use.

It’s taken a few months for me to come to this conclusion, but I am no longer okay with Bernie Sanders. And “Bernie bros” have something to do with that.

Allow me to explain.

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