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Devos might have gotten confirmed, and that’s BAD, but don’t think your efforts have not been worth it. Because of your actions:

  • Devos confirmation got pushed back as much as possible
  • two GOP senators defected
  • Mike Pence had to be the tie-breaker, something that’s has NOT happened for a cabinet confirmation and the Trump Tower is already whining about it

While it is likely all other cabinet nominees will be confirmed, because of protests and calls from the public and actions taken by senate democrats, these confirmation hearings have been taking longer than previous cabinet confirmations. And just because they’ve been confirmed, the fight does not stop. 

Put your senators who voted for DeVos on notice and that they’ll pay for their vote in 2018, thank those who voted against her. To keep fighting Devos, pay attention to your local school board. They are your best defense against her and many municipalities will be voting for a new school board this year. Make sure you vote then, or even consider running. If you know someone qualified to run, convince them to run. We all know someone who is a teacher or an educator, and I bet that you or someone you know in the education sector is infinitely more qualified than Devos. Attend school board meetings as well. 

Vote for a democratic governor and state legislature. 

If there’s some silver lining, maybe now we will continue pay attention to public education outside of an election year, and make it hard for Devos to push any of her agenda.

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum wants to be Florida’s first black governor

  • On a recent evening in New York City, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum reached across the table at Mic’s office to show me a map of the United States that displayed the faces of the country’s governors superimposed on their home states.
  • “See anything missing?” asked the 37-year-old. “There are no black governors.” Gillum has made it his mission to change that.
  • On Wednesday, the Florida native declared his candidacy for governor, throwing his hat into the ring for the top post in a state Democrats see as key to fighting Trump’s agenda. 
  • If elected, Gillum would also make history as the state’s first black governor.
  • But his chances are a long shot, which Gillum is the first to admit. “I suffer no illusions about how hard this is going to be,” he said.
  • Florida is a deeply divided swing state that went for Trump in 2016. The governor’s seat has long been held by Republicans — the last five democratic challengers for governor were all defeated, although the 2014 election was very close.
  • But Gillum has the kind of story which could position him for an upset. 
  • The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation named Gillum as an an emerging leader in 2003; he was included on a list of rising stars who could be “the next Obama." 
  • His national profile grew substantially in 2016, when Gillum delivered a heartfelt speech at the Democratic National Convention
  • He’s also a progressive young politician of color in a state where an estimated 24.5 percent of the population is Hispanic and 16.8 percent is African-American. Read more (3/1/17 10:54 AM)

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SYRIA. Al-Raqqa governorate. Tal Saman. December 2016. Rojda Felat, a YPG commander, speaks on the radio at the entrance of the village shortly after it was captured.

The Kurdish-Arab alliance, with U.S. assistance, plans to recruit and train an additional 10,000 Arab fighters for an offensive on Raqqa, said Rojda Felat, one of the commanders of the offensive to encircle the city. But YPG participation will be essential “because we have proved that we are the most effective fighters,” she said.

“We will even go past Raqqa,” she added, to other areas farther south controlled by the Islamic State, which is also known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh. [x]

Photograph: Alice Martins for The New York Times

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Hi! Im wondering if u know of any mvmts/projects that are focusing on stopping/fixing the redistricting of districts 4 elections, or I believe gerrymandering? I feel this is a major issue that doesnt have a lot of focus rn &we only have 21 mths.. Ty!

This may sound a little weird, but currently, almost every progressive group in the United States is working on this, actively, right now. 

It may not be spoken about, but it is not a secret, the groups may not even be aware they are working on this cause. They are all working towards a single goal, to elect more progressives to Federal, State, and Local offices. When progressive groups focus on electing State Legislators and Governors, that is when they are working to put a stop to gerrymandering.

Three years from now, in 2020, there will be a US Census. At that point. representatives are reallocated according to population changes. Then state legislators have to pass a bill to redistrict their state proportionately, and in many states, the governor can veto the district map.  

This means that every Democratic Governor and State Legislator that is elected is a buffer against Republican gerrymandering. Since there are many groups that are working to elect Democrats, there are many that are, indirectly, putting a check on gerrymandering.

Personally, I am woking with Our Revolution but there are many other groups that are working towards similar goals: Brand New Congress,  Justice Democrats, Democratic Socialists of America and many others. 

It is important to become involved, find a group in your area, and get progressives elected in 2018. 

I know there are tons of groups I have missed so if you think of one put their contact info in a reblog that way people can find a group in their area.

- @theliberaltony

Democrats are going to lose again in 2018 and 2020. They don’t understand why people find Trump appealing. They don’t get that it’s the fact that he’s “unpresidential” that gets him so much support from people who see themselves in him. But Democrats don’t have any other areas to critique him on. They’re opposing Jeff Sessions because he talked to a Russian ambassador, not because he’s a racist, or because he wants to amp up the failed war on drugs, or because he’s going to give police departments free reign to terrorize poor communities (which are, of course, predominantly populated by people of color).When are the Democrats going to take a principled stand against Trump? The answer is simply never, because Democrats have no principles. Eight years of Obama proved their complicity in the war on drugs, in the war on terror, in FBI and NSA surveillance, in the government handouts to finance capital, etc., etc. Do they have any genuine disagreements?

In the South, things are even worse. Our choices in local elections are between an outright reactionary state Republican party, and a state Democratic party which would be considered Republican (even reactionary) everywhere else. John Bel Edwards, the Democratic governor of Louisiana, has a straight pro-life, pro-cop, anti-worker voting record. And yes, pro-life. Every Democrat here runs on a pro-life platform. They won’t even take a principled stand for women’s rights.

Do the Democrats just not realize that the lack of support for their party stems from their genuine lack of concern for the working class (not the “white” working class, but the working class as a whole, which routinely fails to turn out for elections, despite swinging Democrat)? Do they realize that no one is actually going to turn out to vote for you when you shame us for not settling for a “lesser evil”, that maybe we don’t want to vote for the party that literally uses “evil” to describe itself, and that does what the other evil party does anyway?


Why Andrew Cuomo Won’t Weed Out Corruption In New York

Before deciding whether or not to run for president. Andrew Cuomo needs to explain why he’s failing to reform New York’s political corruption problem.

Why move to Canada if you can move to Washington State?

Hey y’all. This is a scary time for a lot of people, and all those jokes about moving to Canada might be coming true. But international travel isn’t an option for everyone, and emigrating to Canada actually takes years so, I thought of an alternative - why not move to Washington State? 

Seriously! If the fact that our electoral votes went to Hillary didn’t convince you:

-we just re-elected Jay Inslee/Cyrus Habib for governor/lt. governor (democratic)

-we elected Bob Ferguson (democratic) for attorney general

-We elected Mike Kreidler (democratic) for insurance commissioner

-Both of our U.S. Senators are female Democrats, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell

-75% of our energy comes from renewable sources (hydroelectric, mostly)

-the Seattle music scene is INSANE (remember, we gave you Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain)

-We have marijuana coffee


- We have oceans, rainforests, and volcanoes OH MY

-Our tax system isn’t awesome for poor or middle-class folks, but we do have one of the highest minimum wages in the country, and we JUST passed an initiative to raise it AND require paid sick leave

- We rank 15th for fewest registered firearms

-We have state discrimination protections for sexual orientation and gender identity/expressions (although no official ban on conversion therapy)

-it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world (and as a native I’m in no way biased)

This is Palouse Falls btw.

I’m not saying we don’t have A LOT of problems and there’s a lot of things to consider before you move. That might not even be possible for you. But don’t give up on America just yet. There’s a lot left worth sticking around for. 

Besides, here we’re just a few hours away from the Canadian border anyway.

2017 Special House and State Election Calendar 

APRIL 18 (Today)
Georgia Special House Election

To replace Tom Price, now secretary of health and human services, in the Sixth Congressional District. A runoff will be held if no candidate receives a majority of the vote.

First results expected around 7:30 p.m. Eastern.

South Carolina House Primary
To replace Mick Mulvaney, now director of the Office of Management and Budget, in the Fifth Congressional District. A runoff will be held if no candidate receives a majority.

Also, primaries for two state legislature seats.

MAY 16
South Carolina House Primary Runoff

MAY 25
Montana Special House Election
To replace Ryan Zinke, now interior secretary, in Montana’s at-large House seat.

California Special House Election
To replace Xavier Becerra, now California’s attorney general, in the 34th Congressional District. Both candidates are Democrats.
New Jersey Primary
Governor, state legislature and mayor

Virginia Primary
Governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and state legislature
Georgia House Election Runoff
South Carolina Special Election
To replace Mick Mulvaney, now director of the Office of Management and Budget, in the Fifth Congressional District.

Also, elections for two state legislature seats.

SEPT. 12
New York Primary
New York City mayor, city council and other municipal offices

SEPT. 26
New York Primary Runoff

NOV. 7

New Jersey
Governor, state legislature and mayor
Governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and state legislature
New York
New York City mayor, city council and municipal offices. Statewide referendum.
Statewide questions
Statewide ballot measure
Atlanta mayor

Fight For America

I’ll be on the streets taking part in Anti-Trump protests this weekend and I signed the petition on challenging the electoral college (tho I don’t see much value on online petitions post-elections, coz ma babies ppl should have voted instead, but I understand taking whatever shot you got no matter how little), I’m more of a realist and pragmatic in my politics and activism. 

In short, I just don’t want to be loud, I want to get things done.

While we suffered devastating blow, we are not as powerless as we think. There’s much we can do NOW, not simply wait around and try to survive the next four years. In that process of survival, we can either be divided and let it be survival of the fittest, or move forward as one and be stronger together.

Trump will be in the White House for the next four years. While we can reject him as our legitimate president, we have to face the fact that he’ll most likely be in the Oval Office for the next four years, making decisions that will harm us and the rest of the world. But we are going to be his check and balance.

Here are stuff we can do from now until November 2020, and for most of them, they require little effort or time from us:


- protect the Filibuster. Right now, Democrats in the Congress only has the Filibuster in their arsenal, and GOP now wants to eliminate it and they can. Write letters and emails to your representatives, tweet or facebook them, and let them know you want the Filibuster to remain. Even and especially if your representative or senator is a Republican. They said they will serve as check and balance on the President no matter who it is, hold them to that. If Donald Trump wants something crazy passed through legislation, Democrats should have the ability to Filibuster it. If GOP can’t publicly oppose Trump, they need to let Dems have the means to do it. 

- Organize. Help the DNC (or a decent third party, if you’re so inclined) build their infrastructure and ground game. Canvass. Phone Bank. Register voters. Support local campaigns. We need democrats, liberals and progressives in our local and state governments, not just in Washington. And the work starts now, not during election years. Don’t bitch about the DNC a couple months before the elections, you’re too late. 

- Contact elected officials. Get to know your current councilors, mayors, state legislators, representatives, governors, AGs, etc. Let them know where you stand on issues, no matter their political affiliation. They serve you too.

-Subscribe to your local newspapers/ Watch local news. They are the ones who keep tabs on what your local government is doing and keep the citizens informed. National media depend on them to find out what’s going on in the country. Keep them in business. Write letters to the editor. Let them help you amplify your voice.

-Volunteer. Find the organizations that work on causes you are passionate about and take time to volunteer or give money. Subscribe to their newsletters. Follow their social media. Keep informed on what’s going on without the national media spin. 

- Pit Trump and GOP Congress against each other. This is where we get dirty, but we know Trump don’t have a good relationship with GOP Leadership. He’ll make Mike Pence work with them instead. So let’s then divide and conquer. We know Trump loves polls, and for better or worse, his loyalty is not to the GOP, it’s to his constituents. But polling will not be just from his supporters, it will be from Americans whatever their political leaning. What is consistent with Trump is he pay attention to the polls more than the GOP leadership. I’m not saying now we lay in bed with Trump, but by making GOP our common enemy, we might be able to trick him into allying with us. It’s not a far fetched idea, since his position is all over the place. 

At the very least, we can keep Trump occupied with designing and figuring out how to build his wall, and prevent him from focusing on anything else. 


We got work to do.

Senate midterm elections. 34 seats are up fro grabs. 26 are Democrats. 8 are Republicans. 

House mindterm elections. 435 seats are up for grabs.

Gubernatorial elections. 36 states will elect or re-elect governors. Even if you’re in a blue state, don’t sit this one out. MD is a blue state and we were surprised when we ended up with a Republican governor. Low voter turn out.

If we take back the congress and got more Democrat governors elected, GOP and Trump power will even be more limited. Arugably, Governors will have more effect on their citizens more than the federal government will. 


ONLY Democrats will have primary elections. Though let’s not be surprised if GOP holds one too, depending on how Trump’s first two years bodes for them.

Join campaigns of your candidates as early as you can, or if you don’t know who to support yet, at least take part in GOTV efforts, learn where they truly stand on issues, keep the campaigns positive. Donate. If we don’t want them depending on big money, then we have to donate ourselves, even if it’s just a dollar a month. 


No matter who wins the primary elections, let’s support the candidate. Let’s have one hell of a Convention once more without the drama. Let’s learn from the mistakes we made and do better. Most of all, whatever happens in Trump’s first term, let’s keep amplifying minority voices and our issues. We can’t make our national elections be just about White people and their anxiety. 

We are America, too. 

Many of these are quiet hard work. There will be days when it seems pointless or you’re only affecting three blocks within your neighborhood. We will have setbacks. We will get knock down. The Fight For America won’t always be the hot topic of the day. You’ll be doing work while the rest of the country seem to have forgotten, become apathetic, checked out, and now focused on other things.

But anytime we get knocked down, we get back up. And remember:

“Never Stop Believing That Fighting For What’s Right Is Worth It”

anonymous asked:

Did you hear on how North Carolina is going to pass a bill against same sex marriage?

*sigh* North Carolina…. okay so since the 2010 election NC Republicans have passed a ton of voter suppression laws and gleefully gerrymandered the state Assembly to the point that North Carolina is as democratic as Cuba  for example Republicans got about 55% of the vote in the State Senate but has 70% of the seats. Any ways thanks to this the State’s Republicans are some of the most radical any where, and why not it’s not like they have to face an election or anything. In any case the Democratic governor Roy Cooper will veto this, they might be able to override him though, it’ll fail in court. Speaking of court, it seems pretty clear that Republicans are hoping that Justice Kennedy will retire, appointing a former clerk of his, Neil Gorsuch is a part of that project. Kennedy is the swing vote on the court and while a conservative on a lot of things, he does support gay rights, he retires, and we get another Gorsuch we are in real trouble. Gay marriage as such is unlikely to be overruled but, Obergefell v. Hodges, doesn’t say gay marriage has to be equal to straight marriage, it’s silent on parenting rights, or on if private companies have to offer the same benefits to gay couples they do to straights etc, we’re seeing smarter Republicans in Texas and else where testing these limits, a shift on the court could allow these things to happen. Also, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 84 years old, Kennedy is 80 and liberal Stephen Breyer is 78 if we lose any two of them we could see the court rolling back progress on LGBT rights and women’s rights in a major way. 

sorry to be doom and gloom about all that, let North Carolina being a lesson to everyone, all elections matter, go vote in local elections. Republicans are rigging things because they know they can’t win fair. But Democrats tend not to show up. Take one of the reddest States in America, TEXAS! Texas is only 45% white so why is it that every single statewide office, 65% of the State house and 25 of the State’s 36 US Reps are Republicans? because no one votes in Texas, in 2014 the Governor was elected in an election where only 34% of people bothered to vote at all. SO Democrats, people who give a crap about the human rights of black people, hispanic people, LGBT people, and women, get out there and VOTE every single election, always, can’t vote (yet!) make sure everyone you know who cares about these issues and can vote does vote. Everyone can volunteer for a campaign, knock on doors, make calls, give money if you got it, whatever, democracy is a contact sport. We can’t just watch and we can’t just throw up our hands every times the Republicans try to drive us off a cliff we got to get out there and FIGHT. 

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Last night a family of Syrian refugees (who were propery vetted and had the right documentation) were detained at Philly International Airport and told to go back home. Immediately protests erupted at the airport and the protestors were joined by our Democratic mayor, governor, senator, and various congressmen and councilmen. For anyone saying Democrats and Republicans are no different, go fuck yourself.

Let me tell you, I’m in a conservative city for a few days for the lunar new year, and the vibe here is truly different.

Pence at Hamilton

So Mike Pence went to see Hamilton: an American Musical last night. 

He was booed when he entered, had some of the more pointed parts of the play—“Immigrants, we get the job done,” and “When your people say they hate you, don’t come crawling back to me”—sung aggressively at him, and then the cast read a respectful plea that Pence fight for all of them. For all that, Donald Trump this morning demanded an apology.

So why does this story matter, when Trump settled a fraud lawsuit for $25 million yesterday and everything else going on?

Ok, first of all, even if this is a distraction, it’s not an intentional one. Trump didn’t send Pence to Hamilton to distract from the settlement news. Pence saw Hamilton because he was in New York for the transition and wanted to see the hottest Broadway show while he was in town.

If Trump meant to use that as a distraction, he would have tweeted about Hamilton and Hamilton ALONE, and not even acknowledge the settlement at all. But of course he did tweet about the settlement too, in a super defensive way that implied he got away with an even larger fraud. 

Remember, he’s not a super villain. Trump lashed out at Hamilton’s cast and reports on the settlement both because he’s an insecure narcissist who can’t stand criticism, which is why his twitter account was taken away from him for the last month of the campaign.

But why do we care so much? Why are we excited to see Pence booed, thrilled to hear Brandon Dixon read Lin Manuel Miranda’s impassioned plea for justice and protection?

First of all, the booing, the plea, the story, it’s all a reminder that Mike Pence and his policies are hated in this country. Hated. 

In New York, sure, but throughout the country. Mike Pence was booed throwing at an Indiana baseball game, and would have lost his bid for re-election had he run. Most of America voted against Trump and Pence, and most of America still stands against them. 

Since Nixon, the Republican strategy has been “tear the country in half and keep the bigger half.” But they screwed up, and ended up with the smaller half. 

Democrats have won the popular vote for President in all but one election since 1992. This year, more people voted for Democratic congressmen, senators, and governors than for Republicans, and it’s only because of the electoral college, clustering in cities, and grotesque gerrymandering that Republicans retained as much power as they did. When you add in the voters who were suppressed or discouraged from voting, you can see they are outnumbered.

Not only that, Republicans got the half they didn’t want, and that’s important to remember too.

American culture is made in its cities by diverse people. Movies, television, music, plays, books; these all come from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Miami…, and cities vote against Republicans. Nashville voted against Trump 60% to 35%. NASHVILLE. Tennessee.

Still, Republicans want to watch movies, see plays, read books, hear music, enjoy television made by people whose humanity they cannot acknowledge. The current star of Hamilton, Javier Muñoz, is gay and has HIV, and he would be in mortal danger under Pence’s policies. And yet Pence wants to literally have him sing and dance for him, if not stick around to listen to what he actually has to say.

There’s power in controlling the entertainment they want, and this is a strong reminder of that.

And finally, for a lot of people, it’s good to have a reminder that art changes the world. 

Last week, a lot of people I know, actors and writers and painters and dancers, felt powerless and silly. What is the point of making art when we should be in the street fighting? But here we see the entire US, for one moment, looking at a play written by a Puerto Rican New Yorker, starring a gay man, with a mostly minority cast, and listening to what these otherwise marginalized groups have to say. Because of a play.

Art changes minds, and changing minds changes the world. Uncle Tom’s Cabin bolstered the abolitionist cause leading up to the Civil War. The Jungle brought about major reforms of the meat packing industry. No joke, Will and Grace transformed many American’s views on gay men. Suddenly they “knew” one, and he was fun and decent and deserved to be happy. 

It’s slow, and it’s frustrating, and it doesn’t replace activism, voting, and being engaged with the world. Mike Pence isn’t going change his mind because “Quiet Uptown” is super sad. But someone did. Lots of people did. People are going to find comfort, courage, empathy, new ideas and new dreams because of Hamilton, because of art.

And they are going to see they are not alone. That Pence is outnumbered, hated, and desperate to be accepted by the people he’s trying to destroy. 

So keep making art. And keep booing hate mongers. And keep fighting. And keep talking about how Trump is a scam artist. And that we will fight him with everything we’ve got.

That’s why this story matters.

Rise up!

The Puerto Rican Black Flag-Door,
at Calle San José at Viejo San Juan:

The original flag holds three red lines, the two white lines, the white star and the blue triangle that encompass the star. The same artists that painted the original came back between the night of the 4th of July (when, ironically, the USA celebrates its 240 years of independence)and the morning of the 5th of July 2016 to represent the crisis that strangles Puerto Ricans.

Important Dates:
-USA’s Independence

-USA invades Puerto Rico

-The Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico is formed (Translation: Associated Free State of Puerto Rico, aka colony).
-Muñoz Marín, Puerto Rico’s first democratically elected governor, appropriates a flag associated with the nationalist movement

-Artists paint the original flag

-Signing of PROMESA
-Artist paint the flag-door black.

The Democratic Party Lost Its Soul. It’s Time to Win it Back.

Who will become the next chair of the Democratic National Committee? This leadership contest has significant implications for the future of American politics. The choice will help determine how the Democratic party responds to its extraordinary defeats in recent years, ending with the election of Donald Trump.

You might think this overwhelming drubbing would cause the Democratic party to reorganize itself into a very different party from the one it’s become – which is essentially a giant fundraising machine, too often reflecting the goals and values of the moneyed interests that make up the bulk of its funding.

Don’t bet on it.

For one thing, many vested interests don’t want the Democratic party to change. Most of the money it raises ends up in the pockets of political consultants, pollsters, strategists, lawyers, advertising consultants and advertisers themselves, many of whom have become rich off the current arrangement. They naturally want to keep it.

For another, the Democratic party apparatus is ingrown and entrenched. Like any old bureaucracy, it only knows how to do what it has done for years. Its state and quadrennial national conventions are opportunities for insiders to meet old friends and for aspiring politicians to make contacts among the rich and powerful. Insiders and the rich aren’t going to happily relinquish their power and perquisites, and hand them to outsiders and the non-rich.

Most Americans who call themselves Democrats never hear from the Democratic party except when it asks for money, typically through mass mailings and recorded telephone calls in the months leading up to an election. The vast majority of Democrats don’t know the name of the chair of the Democratic National Committee or of their state committee. Almost no registered Democrats have any idea how to go about electing their state Democratic chair or vice-chair, and, hence, almost none have any influence over whom the next chair of the Democratic National Committee may be.

I have been a Democrat for 50 years – I have even served in two Democratic administrations in Washington, including a stint in the cabinet and have run for the Democratic nomination for governor in one state – yet I have never voted for the chair or vice-chair of my state Democratic party. That means I, too, have had absolutely no say over who the chair of the Democratic National Committee will be. To tell you the truth, I haven’t cared. And that’s part of the problem.

Nor, for that matter, has Barack Obama cared. He basically ignored the Democratic National Committee during his presidency, starting his own organization called Organizing for America. It was originally intended to marshal grass-roots support for the major initiatives he sought to achieve during his presidency, but morphed into a fund-raising machine of its own.

Finally, the party chairmanship has become a part-time sinecure for politicians on their way up or down, not a full-time position for a professional organizer. In 2011, Tim Kaine (who subsequently became Hillary Clinton’s running mate in the 2016 election) left the chairmanship to run, successfully, for the Senate from Virginia.

The chair then went to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, a Florida congresswoman who had co-chaired Clinton’s bid for the Democratic nomination for president in 2008. This generated allegations in the 2016 race that the Democratic National Committee was siding with Clinton against Bernie Sanders – allegations substantiated by leaks of emails from the DNC.

So what we now have is a Democratic party that has been repudiated at the polls, headed by a Democratic National Committee that has become irrelevant at best, run part-time by a series of insider politicians. It has no deep or broad-based grass-roots, no capacity for mobilizing vast numbers of people to take any action other than donate money, no visibility between elections, no ongoing activism.

If it is to be relevant to the future, the Democratic party must be capable of organizing and mobilizing Americans in opposition to Donald Trump’s Republican party – turning millions of people into an activist army to peacefully resist what is about to happen by providing them with daily explanations of what is occurring in Trump’s administration, along with tasks that individuals and groups can do to stop or mitigate their harmful effects.

It must harness the energies and idealism of young people across the nation who were drawn to Bernie Sanders’s campaign because of its promise to get big money out of politics; reverse widening inequality; turn the nation’s wildly expensive and baroque healthcare complex into a single-payer system; reverse climate change; end the militarization of our police and the mass incarceration of our people and stop interminable and open-ended warfare.

And it must create a multi-racial, multi-ethnic coalition of working-class, middle-class, and poor white and black Americans and Latinos determined to wrest control of the economy back from an oligarchy of Wall Street moguls, corporate titans and billionaires who have used it for their own gain – starting with the president-elect.

That means helping working-class white people understand they’ve been conned by Trump into believing he’s a populist, and that their economic insecurities are due to a rigged game rather than to immigrants, black people, Latinos and Muslims.

In other words, to become a credible force that wins elections and addresses what ails America, the Democratic party must no longer represent America’s ruling class. It must be the voice of the dispossessed – now the majority of Americans.

The Democratic party will choose its new chair soon after the start of the year. So far the contestants include Howard Dean, a former DNC chair, Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison, Naral Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue, Labor Secretary Tom Perez, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and South Carolina Democratic party chair Jaime Harrison.

Between now and then, there will be a fierce behind-the-scenes struggle among the handful of contenders. I don’t know who will win, but I do know this: the party must transform itself from a fund-raising machine into a movement. That will be difficult, but not impossible. The times demand it. If the Democratic party fails in this mission, it will be supplanted by another organization capable of doing so.

The Karl Rove & George Bush Katrina Strategy:  Undermine the democratic governor by not sending help for five days.

…“It was Thursday, and so far the FEMA buses had still not arrived to help evacuate people from the Convention Center and Superdome, nor had Bush sent any federal troops, who were desperately needed in the search-and-rescue efforts. Instead of sending help, the administration had come up with a ploy. “I was on a conference call with the White House,” Adam Sharp says, “where they were saying: If you want any help, you have to turn over all control of your state to the president. We won’t help until you give us control of your National Guard and your law enforcement agencies, until Louisiana becomes a federal territory. They were using this as the excuse for their delaying on the issues. They kept trying to put it on Blanco. But no governor would ever give control of her state to the president.” — Salon 2008