democratic freedom

The Bullied have become the Bullies.

It’s funny how in a few short years, those who claimed to be the victims, have become the very people they despise.

Homosexuals shame Heterosexuals

Trans shame Non-Trans

Blacks are racist against Whites

Native Americans hate Americans

Liberals hate Conservatives

Fat people shame Thin people

Young people reject Old people

Women attack Men

Free Speech is now discouraged

Individuals rights are rejected by SJWs

Atheists make fun of Religious people

And because you people can’t accept that fact you’ll either ignore this because you’re ignorant and in denial, or you’ll attack me and prove my point. But just remember. You have become the very people you reject.


To Respond to this threat, the Left must revive the Fight For the Four Freedoms of the FDR era.

We need to modernize this campaign into the Fight For the Four Justices!

Social Justice,

Racial Justice,

Economic Justice,

And Environmental Justice!



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Reproductive freedom is not a “social” or “cultural” issue—it is critical to women’s economic security and social equality. As the Supreme Court noted in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, “The ability of women to participate equally in the economic and social life of the Nation has been facilitated by their ability to control their reproductive lives.”


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Activism Won Net Neutrality - Can it Stop Trump’s FCC from Rolling it Back?

We’ve defeated efforts to roll back net neutrality. I’ve provided a link on to make your voices heard in a time Trump and his puppet at the FCC are threatening our internet freedoms.

How to comment on the FCC’s proposal to revoke net neutrality
"I'm a pro-choice activist. Democrats cannot waver on abortion rights."
We need to affirm our party’s base now more than ever.
By Ilyse Hogue

“The basic fact is that as a party, Democrats can’t fight Trump without women. Because women are fundamental to the resistance, but also because repressing women is fundamental to Trump’s worldview and his power.” - Ilyse Hogue

One of the most irritating things I’ve seen from the recent bullshittery we called an election and everything that ensued is all the outcry about freedom of speech being violated.

More specifically, I’ve heard a lot from the right regarding protests and shutting down said bullshittery (think protests against actual human garbage disposal Milo, or boycotts against shit news sources). For some reason, a lot of conservatives seem to think that this protesting and boycotting are violations of free speech when we take away someone’s platform.

THAT SAID, let me lend a friendly reminder that civilians can in NO WAY violate your first amendment right to freedom of speech:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech…” and some other stuff. When civilians stand up against/protest the horrors that spew from the mouths of our current legislators, we’re actually exercising our right to assembly.

Freedom of speech can only be violated if a government official, whether it be a police officer or a president, does the silencing.

Twitter suspending an account because of hate speech is not a violation of free speech.
Milo having to cancel a talk because of protests and concerns of safety is not a violation of free speech.
Punching a nazi in the face to get him to shut up is not a violation of free speech. It’s assault, but who cares when it’s a nazi?

SO, moral of the rant: If you don’t want to be shut down, don’t be an intolerant bucket of dicks. And don’t complain about free speech when you are because you are stupid and you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Badass Black Women History Month:
Celebrating 28 Black Women Who Said,
“Fuck it, I’ll Do It!”

Day 10: Fannie Lou Hamer

Fannie. Motherfuckin’ Lou. Hamer. Are y’all even ready for this? You’re not, but that’s ok, cuz Fannie wouldn’t have waited for you anyway.

Fannie was born in Mississippi in 1917. She started picking cotton for a sharecropper with her family when she was only 6. By the age of 13, she could pick between 200-300 pounds of cotton DAILY. (Can I just reiterate that this was in 1924?) When the plantation owner discovered she was literate, they made her the plantation’s record keeper. She would work on the plantation for another 18 years until she was inspired to become an activist by the gross abuses she faced. 

You see, in 1961, Fannie had to have surgery to remove a tumor. Without her consent, doctors performed a forced hysterectomy as part of Mississippi’s forced sterilization plan to lower the number of blacks in the state. This was incredibly common at the time and Fannie created the phrase "Mississippi appendectomy" to bring attention to the fact that the government was sterilizing black women without their permission. Hamer did not let this stop her; it only energized her. She adopted two impoverished girls and became an avid activist. She would go on to fight for voting rights. She was beaten in jail cells, arrested constantly, and saw her friends murdered for using “whites only” facilities. Through it all, she never even thought about leaving her home of Mississippi or stopping her work. 

In 1964, she was made the Vice-Chair of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. In this position, she was sent to the Democratic Convention to explain her struggles as a black voter. Her testimony brought the room to tears. Her words were so powerful, that Lyndon B. Johnson (who called her an “illiterate woman”) demanded an emergency press conference to take network TV attention away from her. 

Fannie persisted. She kept talking and her unedited speech was aired all over late night TV channels, bringing in tons of support. She would later go on to start grassroots Head Start programs for children and would continue the work of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Poor Peoples Campaign. 

Her tombstone reads: I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.