democrat & chronicle


I found a treasure trove of newspaper clippings on my holiday visit to Dan’s grandparents’ house in Florida. A former long-term resident of Rochester, NY, his grandmother, Anne, had collected quilt patterns and pages from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle from 1932–1933. Along with needlework patterns, the advertisements were also fascinating relics that I also snapped.

Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, New York, September 13, 1896

I look me back adown the months
Now in the silent past
And see my sweetheart, but ah me!
Not as I saw her last!

Ah no!
She then 
Was coy,
Unwilling, quite, to flirt, 
and always dressed in simple garb - a shirtwaist and a skirt 

But time, the old iconoclast,
Brings changes, good and bad,
My sweetheart of the present day
Has got the biking fad -

She eyes me with 
The scorcher’s glance,
And manner, oh! so pert!
Now bloomers linger loosely where she
Used to wear a skirt!