Bree Newsome, a 30-year-old African-American woman, was arrested at the state Capitol Saturday after scaling the 30-foot flagpole and unhooking the Confederate flag. As police officers shouted at her to come down, Bree Newsome shimmied to the top, took the flag in her hand and said, “You come against me with hatred and oppression and violence. I come against you in the name of God. This flag comes down today.” Tune in to Democracy Now! for our special report from South Carolina.

ROBERT REICH: When I was a kid, the bigger boys would pick on me. That is what you did. That’s what is done. So I got an idea that I would make alliances with older boys. Just one or two who would be my protectors. The summer when I was about ten, one of the older boys who I depended on to kind of be a protector whose name was Michael Schwerner, in the summer of 1964, I learned that Mickey had been in Mississippi registering voters and he and two other people who had been with him registering voters were tortured and murdered. And when I heard that my protector had been murdered by the real bullies, I think it changed my life. I had to protect people from the bullies, the people who would beat them up economically or the people who would subject them and their families to real harm. Because if you don’t have a voice, if you don’t have power, if you’re vulnerable economically in society, you don’t have anybody to protect you. (via Inequality for All: Robert Reich Warns Record Income Gap Is Undermining Our Democracy | Democracy Now!)


Derrick Jensen interviewed on DemocracyNow! part 1 of 3.

He is asked: What does the title of your new book, Deep Green Resistance, mean and what form should it take?

Wanted for Killing 3, Christopher Dorner’s Claims of Racism, Corruption Resonate With LAPD’s Critics (Democracy NOW! - video)

We’re joined by journalist and activist Davey D, who says notwithstanding the allegations of murder, Dorner’s manifesto “has opened up old wounds or reaffirmed what people have long suspected or have experienced in terms of [police] brutality…

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Lawsuit Revived Against Mining Giant Rio Tinto for War Crimes in Papua New Guinea

A U.S. federal appeals court has revived a lawsuit accusing mining giant Rio Tinto of committing genocide and war crimes in Papua New Guinea, where it once ran one of the world’s largest copper and gold mines. In their lawsuit, current and former residents of the island of Bougainville claimed that Rio Tinto decimated the island and forced native workers to live in “slave like” conditions.

Don’t believe the lies. Don’t fall for corporate media propaganda. Watch channels like free speech TV, watch shows like @democracynow, read articles from non-biased sources, and educate yourself on non-biased FACTS, not the opinions of corporate owned TV and news who have money riding on Israel’s success in stealing land, building illegal settlements, and killing innocent people. #illegalsettlements #palestineunderattack #gazaunderattack #jewsagainstzionism #fuckzionism #educateyourself #democracynow


DemocracyNow Special:

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange & Philosopher Slavoj Žižek With Amy Goodman

In one of his first public events since being held under house arrest, WikiLeaks Editor-In-Chief Julian Assange appeared in London Saturday for a conversation with Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek, moderated by Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman. They discussed the impact of WikiLeaks on world politics, the release of the Iraq and Afghanistan war logs, and Cablegate — the largest trove of classified U.S. government records in history.

“From being inside the center of the storm, I have learned not just about the structure of government, not just about how power flows in many governments around the world that we’ve dealt with, but rather how history is shaped and distorted by the media,” Assange said.

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Over 5,500 arrests across this country for the Occupy movement Vs. Zero on the part of the CEOs and senior executives from Wall Street .

“Trillions of dollars have disappeared out of our economy, out of the European economy and certainly they doing the same thing to Asia.”

—NOMI PRINS author of several books, including “It Takes a Pillage: Behind the Bonuses, Bailouts, and Backroom Deals from Washington to Wall Street.”

But, what this is really doing is forcing the political class in Pakistan to express this anti-American sentiment and demand action based on its in ways that were never true before. Imagine if a foreign country flew over to the United States and from the air killed 25 or 30 American soldiers on American soil. Every politician in the United States would be forced to engage in extremely hostile rhetoric against that country, and even probably take more action against it.

Glenn Greenwald. November 29: NATO kills 24 Pakistani troops - Democracy Now!
My experience in Iraq, you know, was really—it wasn’t right. Like, you know, I thought that we were over there doing good things and helping these people to have democracy and have a functional country, and at the same time protecting our country. But, you know, every day I spent over there, I found out that that wasn’t necessarily the case. I didn’t see us really doing any good work. We weren’t doing anything that we said we were going to do. And, you know, instead, we killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, and we tore their nation apart.
—  Scott Olsen, Marine veteran who was critically wounded at an Occupy Oakland protest last year when he was shot in the head by a police projectile. He participated in the veterans’ protest in Chicago, where he hurled his military medals toward the NATO summit.

Watch New Orleans actor and activist Wendell Pierce describe how insurance companies discouraged poor and black families from returning to New Orleans after Katrina by refusing to honor homeowner policies. Pierce, whose great-grandfather came to New Orleans as a slave in the 1850s, talks about how Allstate gave his parents just $400 after they paid premiums for 50 years. See the interview at

Why is there so much opposition to Democracy? Both the GOP and the DNC are having issues in terms of trust or not fully supporting the American Dream, which is slowing being beaten to death by such opposition.
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Dr. Gabor Mate on addiction and its many ties to childhood trauma and poverty. His “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts” is an amazing work of love/indignation and in so many words argues that ‘environment > genetics’. Or in other terms, no individual or community is genetically predisposed to poverty or addiction; they were un/conciously targeted for domination or destruction. This (Canadian Jewish) brother’s incredible work is helping me identify more and more of my own addictions, including but not limited to, tumblr. =T

We stand in Solidarity. Silence is complacency. Join in the struggle for justice and accountability, before it’s too late. His name was Michael Brown and he was 17 about to attend his first year of college next week. He was gunned down by St. Louis PD. Unarmed and murdered. The community is upset and yes the assembly of the communities are happening. Because it not like, the city, the state or federal administrations are doing a damn thing to bring this boys death to justice. We must not remain silent in these days of extreme injustice and obvious corruption of power. Don’t take my word for it please visit for coverage that will make you cry. Not just for #MichaelBrown, but for #EricGardner as well, who weeks ago was murdered by the NYPD for selling single cigarettes. The video went viral. But no justice has been served. Both officers are on PAID administrative leave. Where’s the justice? Where’s the justice? We think it can’t or won’t ever be us or someone we know. But it can be and it is, everyday, here and everywhere. #PoliceAccountabilityNow #justice #whitesupremacy #bullshit #breathepeace #exhalelove #ferguson #missouri #knowyourenemy #democracynow