Dagmar van Weeghel, “Diaspora,”

The series ‘Diaspora’ is a tribute to Africans who settle in Europe, both now and in the past. This series portrays people (not models) from different African countries, who have settled in Europe in the last decade. 

The series is inspired by the Orientalist paintings that Josep Tapiro Baro made in Tangier in Morocco.

For centuries the West has been looking at the African continent through a distorted lens, creating a distorted image of people and history. 

In the New African Diaspora, with the surge of immigrants in the West, these prejudices and stereotypes are unfortunately often upheld, fueled by a lack of knowledge and understanding and the fear of the unknown.


Call climate change what it is: VIOLENCE. 


The DAPL Corporation and Energy Transfer Partners Corporation Executives and Majority Shareholders and the Governor of North Dakota have perpetrated Sedition,Terrorism, an Illegal Incursion, Invasion, an Act of War Against The Sioux Nation, a Sovereign Treaty Nation and Donald J Trump and His Current Cabinet Membership has Accompliced, Aided and Abetted this Criminal Action using his newly received gifts of the Privilege of Leadership of Americans’ Office of The President by Writing Executive Orders to Continue Perpetrating these Violent, Horrific Crimes while continuing to Own a Financial & Ideological Interest in the Above Entities (DAPL & Energy Transfer Partners) Requiring All OathKeepers on Duty to proceed with Arrests against All these Perpetrators listed and more by investigation & Full Detailed Trial By Americans & The Indigenous Nations and Peoples and Water Protectors Gathered at Oceti Sacowan Camp and Humanity. Precedent Set when Iraq Invaded Kuwait which had been used to justify First Iraq War
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URGENT! TODAY 74 Water Protectors were illegally arrested at Standing Rock directly across the road from the Oceti camp, With the unlawfully arrested was Standing Rock Spiritual Leader and Lawyer @chaseironeyes He was targeted for his Leadership by the DAPL POLICE. These Water Protectors were arrested only for peacefully singing and praying. #freeironeyes #nodapl #standingrock We, Humanity, Will Transition to Living in Brilliance & Shenanigans, Cooperatively & Collaboratively, Consensually & Non-Exploitatively, Redesigning Our Existence with Love & Sharing Our Beautiful Magical Wondrous & Intriguing Gift of Earth 😆💛💚💙💜💖💕 Healing All & Sharing Knowledge in All the Ways We Learn, So We All Sparkle & Shine
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I am so sad.

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27 years young.

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“Left Right Left Right (1995), a piece by Annette Lemieux at the Whitney Museum that consists of 30 images of raised fists, has been turned upside-down at the artist’s request in light of the outcome of last week’s US presidential election !

30 photolithographs and 30 pine poles, dimensions variable.


Dr. Gabor Mate on addiction and its many ties to childhood trauma and poverty. His “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts” is an amazing work of love/indignation and in so many words argues that ‘environment > genetics’. Or in other terms, no individual or community is genetically predisposed to poverty or addiction; they were un/conciously targeted for domination or destruction. This (Canadian Jewish) brother’s incredible work is helping me identify more and more of my own addictions, including but not limited to, tumblr. =T


In his new book “How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them,” Yale professor Jason Stanley, son of Holocaust survivors, warns about the dangers of normalising fascist politics, writing, “What normalisation does is transform the morally extraordinary into the ordinary. It makes us able to tolerate what was once intolerable by making it seem as if this is the way things have always been.” We speak with Jason Stanley in New York.

America patronises the world and proclaims itself the best example of liberty and freedom yet the truth is entirely different as it imprisons a higher % of its population than any other country, and as Stanley mentioned 9% of the world prison population is black American. Therefore its criminal justice system is the most racist in the world. America is the land of hypocrisy, Christian extremism, phallic gun worship, a land where police can murder people with impunity (especially if they are black), extreme political corruption, extreme wealth inequality, pollution and climate change denial, WMDs, a terrible ripoff healthcare system, and the worst most biased news channels in the world.

The FCC just killed net neutrality !

Net neutrality is dead, at least for now. In a 3-2 vote today, the Federal Communications Commission approved a measure to remove the tough net neutrality rules it put in place just two years ago. 

Those rules prevented internet providers from blocking and throttling traffic and offering paid fast lanes. They also classified internet providers as Title II common carriers in order to give the measure strong legal backing.

Today’s vote undoes all of that. It removes the Title II designation, preventing the FCC from putting tough net neutrality rules in place even if it wanted to. And, it turns out, the Republicans now in charge of the FCC really don’t want to. 

The new rules largely don’t prevent internet providers from doing anything. They can block, throttle, and prioritize content if they wish to. The only real rule is that they have to publicly state that they’re going to do it!

Sad day for democracy!