I guess this is the part where I scream? Anyway, I wrote a guide to the Disney Halloween Recruiters last year, but I’m writing a new one along with this journal post because there have been quite a few changes from last year’s show format. I’ll also run down the basics again for anyone who missed it!

Also, sorry for the varying photo quality. My phone is really fickle about lighting and a lot of photos taken later in the day look more washed out because of the sun. My phone also thinks “zoom” is a synonym for “mosaic”.

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well so much for inktober, I’ll try to get some more done, but for the most part I failed to try to keep up, oh well :P

anyway, its been a while since I worked on anything personal, I’ve had this idea kinda floating around in the grey goo that makes up my brains. I’ll share some boards that I’ve done for it.

Tumblr is kinda being a pain so I’ll have to share these boards with you one post at a time.

don’t feel bad if you can’t follow, I cant read my own chicken scratches sometimes either

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