democracy is a joke

sean spicer, a total asshole, wanted a minifridge so he wouldn’t have to drag his re-animated corpse to the cafeteria and be seen by all the people that openly mock & despise him on a daily basis, so he sent one of his assistants to go take a minifridge from an office of junior staff at the white house

and those staffers told Spicer’s messenger to go fuck himself, that’s their fridge and they actually need it because they don’t get meals at the cafeteria like spicer does

so, instead of being a reasonable human being and ordering a new one off Amazon, that asshole personally himself went to the officer at night after everyone left and stole the fridge, carrying it back to his office in the white house with his own hands

like that’s the perfect story to totally encapsulate what a complete and total joke not only this current administration is, but that the very bedrock institutions of American democracy are

it’s literally a fucking joke, they couldn’t write something as ludicrous as this on fucking Veep


Okay Anon, here it is. Side note: I had definitely wet my panties after writing this. 


It was well after 11am on a Saturday. Most on-duty members were already well into their shifts and the dauntless compound was buzzing with energy as other members went about their own weekend activities. As a senior member of Dauntless, you had the liberty to take the day off as well, but this Saturday was going to be much different than all the other Saturdays you had experienced before. 

You passed the pit and walked towards the stairs leading to the apartments; you had woken up earlier this morning to talk Tori for the last time before “it” happened, she was still cynical about it but offered you the support you had hoped she would. Not everybody liked Eric tough, straight forward, and dry character, but it was mostly because they just didn’t want to put up with it, unlike you. You were what most people called abrupt and blunt, but hey, you did and said what was necessary, even if it meant “hurting” others. 

You walked up the stairs and headed north towards the leaders’ section, your steps became more confident as you neared his door. You knocked twice before he opened the door with a stern look on his face. 

“Good morning, Eric.” You said as he moved aside to let you in. He closed the door behind you and followed you towards the leaving room. You stood there with your head held high confidently.

“Is there anything you would like to drink?” He said with the same stern face and his hands clasped in front of him.

“No, thanks. I’m fine.” You assured him.

“So?” He raised an eyebrow and waited for your answer.

“Let’s just get to it okay? I trust you with this.” You told him as you looked right into his eyes. 

“Okay, bedroom’s that way,” he motioned towards a door to the right of the living room. 

You turned your back to him and walked towards the door. He followed you in. You looked back at him as he took a sit onto a chair in front of his desk. He was waiting for you to make a move. You kind of appreciated that, he was allowing you to do this in your own pace, at least to some extent. You kicked off your shoes and put them aside. 

You looked up, caught his eyes, and started undressing. Taking off you black jacket and top to reveal your red lace bra, his eyes still locked to yours. You moved your hands lower and unbuttoned your pants, pulling it down to reveal the matching underwear. You folded your clothes and put them on the coffee table.

“I think you should lose the lingerie, it’s easier that way.” Eric said in a monotone voice. 

“Why? Don’t tell me it doesn’t turn you on a bit Eric,” you said jokingly. 

“We’re not here to get turned on Y/N,” he sent you a knowing glance. “I respect you as a potential leader, and admire your bravery, there are not many women in Dauntless who would think so freely about sex,”

“I know right? Like what does a piece of skin between my legs have to do with anything else in my life?” You shrugged as you sat on his bed. 

“Virginity is a stupid concept the old world used to suppress the most basic of human desires. Erudite scientists have already proven it to be as fake and useless as all their other ideas. like fucking democracy…What a joke.” He sounded surprised, as if he couldn’t believe the stupidity of the old world.

“I’m glad you think the same way, I know we don’t get to work together a lot and don’t know much about each other, but I appreciate having you here, as big of a pain in the ass you may be with your stoic posture and behaviour all the time, that’s why I thought to ask you to do this. I knew you’d want to get it over with as much as me.” You waited for a reaction. 

“Okay then, let’s get to business,” He got up and took off his vest. “The lingerie’s got to go Y/N,” 

You reached back and unclasped your bra as he took of his shirt. You couldn’t help but appreciate his body. You took off your panties and waited for him to finish. Once he was naked he turned and looked at you. 

“So I was thinking maybe you could tell me what you want, I’m not used to doing this kind of stuff kindly or you know…”

“Um, I don’t have much or I mean ANY experience doing this so…” You just lowered yourself on the bed and lay on your back, and move up a bit and put your head on a pillow. “Just do what you do with the rest Eric,”

“Are you wet?” He asked as he stood at the bottom of the bed looking at me. He was already semi-hard and rubbing himself to get ready for me. 

“What? No Eric what the fuck?”

“I didn’t mean it like that, I’ll just slip in easier if you’re wet. It’ll be easier for you too. You’re probably too tight down there already and we’ll need as much help as we can get, we both gotta be ready” He explained pointing at his own dick. His dick was glorious. It was almost 10 inches long and thick, surrounded by dark blonde bush. He kept rubbing it, his eyes were full of animalistic lust and he was getting impatient, but he was in full control of himself, typical Eric. 

“Ah why is this so complicated,” you huffed.

“Don’t tell me you have never masturbated before,” he raised an eyebrow in question. 

“I have Eric BUT…”

“Okay so just lean back and start rubbing your clit,” He said simply.  

You moved your hands towards your pussy, and to your own surprised found a pull of pussy juice ready to be released from behind your pussy lips. You found your clit and pressed on it with two fingers; you looked up at Eric and found him rubbing below his shaft. He was almost hard now. You shut your eyes and started rubbing your clit in circles. The sensation made you bite your lower lip and move your other hand to your nipples. You kept rubbing yourself and rolling your nipples between your fingers. You let out a whimper and opened your eyes. He was looking straight back at you now. With darks eyes and a mean look on his face, rubbing his chest with one hand while continuing to pleasure himself with the other. 

“I need you to come Y/N, your body needs to be relaxed so I can do my job properly,” He commanded.

“Ahhhh…” you moaned.

“I need you to rub yourself with more force Y/N,” he said.

Your fingers sped up and moved the wetness all over your pussy. Your walls started contracting as you bit your lips and swallowed a moan. You pushed your eyes closed and let your body ride out the waves of your orgasm. You opened your eyes as you calmed down and found Eric staring at you with an amused look, his cock still in his hands. 

“I think we can get to work now,” He leapt towards you and moved up the bed on all fours. You turned your face to the side to avoid looking at him and clenched your fists as you started feeling the warmth of his body over you as he moved between your legs. He first lowered his whole body until he had his face in the crook of your neck. You could smell his spicy yet cold scent, and his chest was almost touching your hard nipples.

Your neck was quiet uncomfortable so you decided to turn your neck to the other side, and that was when you caught his eyes trying to readjust yourself on the pillow. You looked right into his eyes and he stared back. Suddenly, you felt something pour down in your belly, and held your breath. 

“Eric I can’t, we shouldn’t. I mean I don’t want to see you when you do it,” You complained.” 

He lift himself using his strong, toned arms. You could see his leadership maze tattoos now. He looked down at you with a stern look and sat back.

“Turn around and lay down on your belly,” He commanded. You looked at him in surprise and gathered yourself after a few seconds. You list your hips and turned around, grabbing the metal headboard.

He pushed your legs together and straddled your back. He was almost sitting on your thighs just below your ass. You could feel his thick cock pressing against your ass.

“I will need to touch you Y/N,” He said. It was almost as if he was asking for your permission. 

You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. “Eric you’re going to fuck me for God’s sake, of course you can touch me,” you sounded a bit agitated. “You are allowed to touch me, yes.”

And with that he grabbed your hips and raised your ass towards his crotch. He started kneading your chicks in his hands, moving one hand up your spine to hold a shoulder. He used his other hand to move your ass chicks aside so he could access your pussy and touched you with his fingers. He played with the entrance of your vagina and got a bit of your pussy juice on his fingers. Then he moved his hands to his dick and rubbed his dick again, using your cum as a lubricant.  

“Here we go,” he said as he put his tip on your entrance and used his hands to guide him forward. His dick burned through your entrance and stretched your small hole, he did not hesitate to go all the way in a swift thrust forward past your barrier, and then stayed still. You curled your toes and bit into the pillow under your face to hide a scream. His grip on your shoulder tightened as he moved a bit back and then forward full force. You could swear you heard his balls slap your thighs.

“Ah shitttt…” You heard him hiss as he started to continue his movement in and out of your pussy. You were stinging down there and could feel his balls hit your thighs as he moved himself within you. Eric was losing his shit over your tight pussy. His breath was ragged and he was kneading your ass with his free hand, you knew he would leave bruises there. 

You started to moan as you got used to his consistent movement. “Mhmm fuck, Eric,” you said as you lift your head up and arched your back. Suddenly, his hand moved away form your shoulder and grabbed your neck and pushed you forward into the pillow. He sped up his movement and started slapping your butt with his other hand. You could hear him groan and rumble with every thrust. “Ah shit, fuck,” you couldn’t think about anything anymore.

The only thing you could see was your own hand clinging to the bed frame, the only sounds you could hear were his groans and the bed rocking. You were sweating. He grabbed your hair and wrapped it around his wrist and turned your head to the side. He lowered his torso just enough to see your face. He wasn’t good at communicating during sex, so he was checking to see if you were alright. After reassuring himself, he turned your face towards the bed frame and held his grip on your neck. 

He pumped in and out of you like a rabbit from behind with both his legs on either side of you. Your own legs were stuck together with sweat and you could feel his every single movement, in and out of your tight pussy, up and down your thighs. He was moving at the speed of light. In and out, in and out, in and out. 

You felt your pussy starting to clench around his cock as a knot formed in your lower stomach. Your pussy walls started to stroke his cock, and he muttered swear words under his breath. You were loosing your vision as he fucked your brains into oblivion with each thrust. He started to thrusting with his whole body as he neared his own climax.

You felt like losing your mind as your pussy started to clench almost non-stop around his thick dick. You were panting and biting your lips as you got closer to your orgasm, he kept up his fast pace, not caring at all about anything but driving his dick into your warm, wet pussy. You let out a short scream as your cum gushed out of your pussy, and rode out your orgasm with his dick still pumping you. You let go of your body and he grabbed both your hips and pulled your ass towards him with each thrust. His thrusts became shorter and faster and he pushed his nails into your hips as he came with loud, animalistic grunts. 

He stayed silent and still for a few moments before pulling out of you slowly and pulling himself up. You rest your head on his pillow and relaxed. You heard his bathroom door open and close, and then a faucet opening. He came out after a few minutes, you could hear him put on his clothes so you turned and lied on your back. 

He moved  to the side of the bed and bent down, with his hands on his knees. Then he moved his right hand down towards your thighs and pushed your left leg open. He moved further down the bed and examines your pussy. 

He noticed streams of blood and cum all over your pussy. He looked up into your eyes with a joyful but predatory look in his own, and smiled with satisfaction.

“Your cherry has definitely been popped Y/N.” 

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You have no right to tell someone they can't share their culture

Ah, but see, here’s the thing: I do.

I have the right to tell someone that they cannot share in my culture. Because the culture we are discussing is mine. It is part of my identity, and I absolutely have the right to disagree with you when you warp my identity and my culture in a way that counters its origins and intentions.

Here’s the other thing.

If you want to share in my culture, you don’t get to decide to only take the good and disregard the bad. If you want to share in my culture, be vocal about the 43 Ayotzinapa students disappeared by the authorities. Be vocal about the joke that is Peña Nieto’s democracy, be vocal about the fact that our president could not be further removed from the people he is supposed to represent, be vocal about the free trade agreements that drove millions of people out of the country and into the north, only to have workers die every day in your fields picking your tomatoes.

If you want to share in my culture, be vocal about the bad as well as the good, because we are shaped by all of it, not just the pretty bits. And when you ignore that - when you ignore the privilege of choosing only the good - you are choosing to ignore the complexity of our lives and identities.

The second that you admit that you have that privilege, we’ll be able to begin to dialogue with one another.

My Facebook wall in the age of Trump

Shared a version of this on a friend’s wall as part of a conversation around “If you’re not outraged you aren’t paying attention.” Sharing an expanded version here because I realized it’s been a while since I explained…

Everyone makes their own choices about how to deal with what’s going on. My social media profile was filed with five years of puns, Instagram pictures of my lunch, and conversations with my dog. I avoided heavy subjects. My job was to be silly. My brand was “funny guy.”

But I went to school to be a history teacher. And when I saw quite clearly the rise of fascism in my country I decided (among other things) that I didn’t want future historians to scan my digital footprints years from now and see nothing but goofy posts, cat gifs, and “Your Mom” jokes from me as democracy fell. And no, democracy isn’t guaranteed to fall. But the notion that nothing short of that guarantee deserves any kind of reaction is offensive to me.

“Hey. Those oily rags in the basement just caught fire.”

“Meh. They’ll probably go out. Let me know when it’s guaranteed that the house will be engulfed in flames and lost forever.”

And make no mistake, while some people are making a conscious choice to avoid posting about current events to keep Facebook “fun,” there are a lot of people in my Facebook life who really aren’t paying attention. Or who have bought into the “They’re all the same” false equivalence BS. Or who only watch FOX News. And I have chosen to create an environment where they can never claim to me “I just didn’t know.”

So I post what I want. On my page; rarely on anyone else’s. I shared the “If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention” post because Heather Heyer was on my mind. And whether the statement is 100% true in all cases is immaterial to me. If I posted “A house divided against itself cannot stand” I’m sure someone would pop in with “Well, actually depending on how it’s divided…” because this is the internet.

If the post struck anyone as an attack, I can understand that feeling. I am sorry for that impact. That was not the intention. But if the post caused you (or anyone) to think about how they are responding during the greatest existential crisis in American history since the Civil War, I am glad I posted it. And if, after that introspection, you (or anyone) can say “I am content with with my actions and can sleep easy” then I am truly happy for you.

I don’t want to just be a Facebook Warrior. I donate to organizations and candidates who are fighting the good fight. I have gone to protests. I have contacted my representatives. I, what’s the word? Oh yeah. VOTE. But I also try to expose my Facebook friends to well written syntheses in articles they may not have seen or insights they may not have considered. And I will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Because the damage that has already been done will take generations to fix.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a wacky yet poignant conversation with my dog to write.


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Have you watched 10 'intellectuals' who influenced 'libertarian fascism'? It's a youtube video that details the libertarians who supported fascism and white supremacy.

no but is hans-hermann “do away with homosexuals”, “democracy is evil”, “elites are genetically superior” hoppe in it? i’m not joking this guy was an actual fascist:

“They-the advocates of alternative, non-family-centered lifestyles such as, for instance, individual hedonism, parasitism, nature-environment worship, homosexuality, or communism-will have to be physically removed from society, too, if one is to maintain a libertarian order.”

if so, I most likely know what the vid is about. I can still check it out tho

Anakin’s view on democracy was formed by Jedi Order?

Remember the scene between Padme and Anakin, when they talked about political system and politician’s role / corruption?

Okay, so as much as Anakin was making fun of Padme, I think we can agree that his frustation about politicians and democracy isn’t just a joke. I think his attitude actually came from experiences gained in Jedi Order. Jedi may see themselves as a protectors of Republic - and therefore a democracy - yet their Order wasn’t a democractive itself.

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Finland Rules!(?)

For those who don’t know, Finnish culture puts tremendous value on honor, law and contracts. Even implied oral contracts are often deemed binding, and interpreting laws and regulations to the letter is common.

Anything that is not permitted is forbidden. Even if it made things more difficult, the rules must be respected. Better yet, if you can find ways to make up even more rules, it only magnifies your professionalism and shows you’re a highly admirable person.

Wish I could say I was exaggerating, but XD

They just told in the news that a local post office needed a signature from an 11-month old baby to hand over a parcel to her mother (the parcel had been ordered in the baby’s name) !!

Or, actually, the baby needed to sign a mandate so that her mother could receive the parcel!

I’m not kidding.
It’s one of those “only in Finland” type of things.

We oftentimes joke we are not a democracy, we are a bureocracy.

I guess one could say that whenever that first person shouted “Finland rules!”, that too was taken to the letter.

Coca-Cola Releases 'Choose Happiness Over Tradition' Pro-LGBT Ad

Pride season is here and Coca-Cola is once again showing its support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. 

Coca- cola`s got a brand new ad that reflects the attitude of the company to the LGBT community. But is that a real love to LGBT or just another way to increase sales? Seems to be just another company getting profit from mainstream like our politicians or mass media do. Maybe we should make democracy mainstream? Cuz we need it so much.


Intent to obstruct is an impeachable offense…FBI Director James B. Comey was fired because he would not follow an order to let the investigation into Flynn and into Russia go, nor would Comey pledge his loyalty/allegiance to the President. This not with standing, his sharing of CODE information with the Russian’s, needless to say, not U.S. ALLIES, and this conversation took place in the Oval Office of the “White House”…“THE PEOPLES HOUSE”! 

POLICIES, established with our allies have been rolled back; and in fact causing other Countries to question American Democracy. 

This POTUS has become the “butt of jokes” globally, which threatens America’s position as being viewed as a “world supper power”.

Congress needs to stay steadfast in its expediting all processes to remove this President, as has been demonstrated via the following: former FBI Director and renowned prosecutor Mueller has been hired as special counsel to investigate this President and it’s administration; hearings are being held by key congressional investigative committees; additionally two U.S. Jurisdictions and over 190 members of Congress are suing the President for his continued profiting business practices. Yes, our “COMMANDER AND CHIEF” IS HOODWINKING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, and placing undo expenses on taxpayers, especially in Palm Springs Florida, with frequent weekend stays at Mar-a-Largo (costing an estimated $3 million per visit). America we are being had. It’s time to take the actions needed to move towards the IMPEACHMENT of this POTUS. 


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This blog… it must be a joke. Inventing democracy, underwear, are you really serious…?

I am VERY serious. Britney Spears might seem like just an everyday, down-home pop star but her global impact cannot be ignored. She has brought us so many new radical concepts and I celebrate every last one of them.