If you were airdropped, blindfolded, into a strange town and given nothing but a bus ticket, to where would you ride that bus? You might be surprised to learn that there’s only one good answer, and that’s the public library. The library is the public living room, and if ever you are stripped of everything private—money, friends and orientation—you can go there and become a human again. Of course, you don’t have to be homeless to use a library, but that’s the point. You don’t have to be anyone in particular to go inside and stay as long as you want, sit in its armchairs, read the news, write your dissertation, charge your phone, use the bathroom, check your email, find the address of a hotel or homeless shelter. Of all the institutions we have, both public and private, the public library is the truest democratic space.

Federal funding for libraries is down nearly 40 percent since 2000. Our democracy may never wholly recover

Justice Ginsburg Deals a Blow to Partisan Gerrymandering
Supreme Court conservatives attack RBG's opinion as "outrageously wrong."

In a victory for opponents of partisan gerrymandering, the Supreme Court on Monday upheld the use of an independent commission to draw Arizona’s congressional districts. Writing for a narrow majority in the 5-4 ruling, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg touted the importance of direct democracy and making sure the power of the people is not hijacked by its elected representatives.

“The people of Arizona turned to the initiative to curb the practice of gerrymandering,” Ginsburg wrote. “In so acting, Arizona voters sought to restore ‘the core principle of republican government,’ namely, 'that the voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around.’”

They are saying that? These people who want to cut social security, cut medicaid, and give tax breaks to billionaires at a time when we have more income and wealth inequality, who reject science, who like a campaign finance system that allows billionaires to buy elections. They are telling the American people that I am to extreme? Sorry dont buy it.
—  Bernie Sanders when told republicans think hes too liberal 
Tumblr be like “gay marriage legal in Europe”

Gay marriage has been legalized in the United States which is a wonderful thing but I’ve seen posts all over tumblr and facebook like “Well if you want to leave the U.S i’ve got a bunch of places you can go! Gay marriage is legal in Canada and Europe so I suggest countries like Iran”. They even come with a map of places where same sex marriage is legalized and the whole of Europe is marked as a “yes”.

Let me tell where I live in. Poland.
Poland is a country in the centre of Europe. 70% of people are against gay marriage here according to statistics from recent years. You wouldn’t believe how many people are homophobes. Here, calling someone gay is like one of the worst insults. Homosexuality is being over and over compared to pedophilia or zoophilia. You wouldn’t believe how people insult gays here. You wouldn’t believe the anti-gay parades.You wouldn’t believe a comment I recently found saying “I would like to reopen the gas chambers in Auschwitz just for gay people” with 25 likes on it.
When the news of homosexual marriage in the U.S hit Poland and facebook came up with the idea of rainbow profile pictures do you know do you know what happened? People started to put a filter with a polish flag, saying that “I don’t want homos on my street!! disgusting!! not normal!! get the fuck out of my country!!”
This is the reality of a country in the centre of Europe. And I believe you’ve heard of Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Ukraine, the whole Balkan peninsula, Bulgaria, Romania? Yup, not legal too. Also I refer you to the fact that in countries like Svitzerland, Austria or Germany, The Czech Republic or Hungary there are same sex partnerships NOT same sex marriages.

Of course I can’t tell you if homophobia is so common in those countries as it is in mine. And of course - as you can see - not all people in Poland are like this. But a lot of them, sadly are.

So stop posting fake information. The fight for equality is not done just because the U.S has changed its law, and it certainly is not done in Europe as you try to convince people. STOP DISINFORMATION.

To the supporters of Bernie Sanders:

Reblogging/sharing posts about Bernie Sanders isn’t the definitive way to make sure he succeeds. It helps him succeed, but he needs money from us to promote his campaign too. (He’s not accepting anything from multimillion dollar corporations. Remember that he relies on all of us!) If you have a few spare bucks, please log on to his website and donate any amount of cash that you’re willing to comfortably part with. He has t-shirts, stickers, yard signs, etc for sale if you’d rather buy than donate. It would also help if you followed him on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Text BERNIE to 82623 to receive free mobile alerts; it will keep you updated on what he’s doing.

2nd Class

I have been in Canada since I was five years old. My first clear memories took place here.

I have speak better English and am more familiar with the Canadian constitution and parliament than most folks born here. Hell, I understand and speak more French than most Anglo Canadians outside Quebec.

I like to watch curling, adore the CBC, have voted in every federal, provincial, and municipal election I have been eligible to participate in since I turned 18.

I can sing Oh Canada, most Tragically Hip songs, nearly the entire corpus of the Arrogant Worms, everything by Corb Lund, and parts of Un Canadien Errant despite it being in my distant third language.

I have fallen in love with the promise of this country…

But I have been heartbroken when it has failed to live up to that promise.

I believe in a civic nation; a beautiful mosaic, composed of what is best in every culture on earth and mortared by a spirit of understanding, tolerance, and a desire to build a tomorrow for our children that is brighter than any we have known in any of our old countries, or in this one.

I believe in a nation that strives to outgrow its past- that can celebrate the great accomplishments of past generations without losing sight of the mistakes and the crimes of those generations: a people willing to use the vast resources at its disposal for the betterment of humanity and the redress of history.

That was the nation I was raised to believe in.

That was the nation I was promised when I took my oath as a child, the nation that that solemn, ecstatic little boy of eight believed with all his heart he was buying into. That was the nation that, for 12 years, my mother’s taxes paid for me to hear about.

That was the nation the promise of which I have paid taxes to see take shape, the nation in which I wished to welcome and raise my children. That is the future I believed, once, I was helping to build for them.

That nation that I believe in- is not, sadly the Canada in which I live.

The Canada in which I live is proving a petty place, built of fear and isolation- a nation of a thousand solitudes that estranges newcomers and welcomes them to the family with that obvious, strained, and brittle tone usually reserved for a new in-law one despises but must be polite to because it’s a wedding and there are forms to be observed.

I live in a Canada where, after 28 years of having this be the only place I’ve thought of as home, I may be stripped of my citizenship and either deported to a place I don’t remember or held in administrative limbo…

Where my kids, who were born here to a mother descended from centuries of Canadians on both sides, could share my fate…

And all of this could happen for disagreeing with our government.

For speaking up. For fighting for what I feel to be right. For wanting my children to grow up in that Canada which I was promised. For holding Canada to the very standards that I was told our nation exemplified by my teachers, my government, and my compatriots. For loving this country, and the people of this country, enough to expect more of them and for not letting any slip go unremarked.

I am a second class citizen in the only home I have ever known…

Ask me again why I am so fucking angry all the time.