This is Stephen Marsh and he just finished mastering the brand new song “Standing on the Side” that I wrote with my friend Darryl. He’s got golden ears, let me tell you. Marsh gave us back an incredible master of our song, dynamic and full of life. And we recorded and mastered in high resolution 88.2kHz/24bit (which is also how we’ll be releasing the song for the few of you audiophiles out there).

This new song will be released soon (some time in the next week), and it is the first chapter in a new musical project that Darryl and I are building.

Darryl and I started writing music together when I was 15 years old (so 17 years ago!). We recorded tons of ideas on a little cassette 4-track but never laid down anything releasable over the years - they were always just demos and ideas.

Here’s me and Darryl now:

This will be the very first song of ours that we’ve released, 17 years after forming our little musical duo! Truly a momentous occasion for us.

But as I mentioned, it’s only the first chapter.

Darryl and I were always storytellers with our music. Constructing huge concept albums and story arcs and musicals. We planned stage productions of our work, and detailed video releases… novelizations… all kinds of art in addition to just the music.

So we’re starting a new story that will be continued in future releases. This first chapter is called “Standing on the Side”. And I can’t wait to share it with you all very soon. :)

As Disney Junior Turns 5, Nancy Kanter Talks Boys Vs. Girls, Disney Synergies, Multi-Platform Challenges, Kids TV Future

Underscoring how rapidly the TV landscape is changing, just five years ago there was an entire 24-hour cable channel dedicated to rerunning episodes of daytime soaps someone may have missed. As the number of soaps shrunk and the proliferation of DVR viewing grew, Disney-ABC decided to replace SoapNet with a preschool channel. Disney Junior started as a programming block on Disney Channel on February 14, 2011 with Jake And The Never Land Pirates before launching as a channel a year later with Doc McStuffinsto compete against Nick Jr. and Sprout. Its ratings have been on the rise ever since: propelled by hit Sofia The First and hot newcomer The Lion Guard, in 2015 Disney Junior  ranked as the No. 1 preschool channel in total day for a third consecutive year in kids and women demos, towering over the competition with record-high linear ratings and logging nearly 5 billion minutes watched on its app.

But as it marks its fifth-year anniversary on Sunday, Disney Junior, itself aging out of the kids 2-5 demo, is facing a changing media environment. Kids in the channel’s target 2-7 demographic are growing up with tablets and smart phones, streaming content instead of watching on TV. While there were two main competitors when Disney Junior launched, now companies like Netflix and Amazon aggressively target the young set with originals. And leading premium cable player HBO just entered the space with the pickup of Sesame Street. On the eve of Disney Junior’s fifth anniversary, we talk to general manager Nancy Kanter about the channel’s evolution, exploiting Disney properties and the challenges ahead.

DEADLINE: Disney Junior started out pretty balanced between boys and girls, launching with Jake And The Never Land Pirates, and now it feels like there is more of a separation — sibling Disney XD being very boy-focused with the Marvel Universe and other shows, with Disney Junior catering more to girls with Doc McStuffins, the Sofia and Elena princess franchises, the upcoming Fancy Nancy.How has the Disney Junior brand evolved?

KANTER: I would not say that Disney Junior is more for girls than boys. I think we try to maintain a balance in our portfolio of shows. If you look at a show like Sofia The First or the upcoming Fancy Nancy, sure those shows are probably going to appeal more to girls than to boys, but we balance that out with Miles From Tomorrowland or The Lion Guard, or Mickey, which really is a very, very gender-neutral show, both from a ratings perspective and from a merchandise perspective, it’s equally loved by boys and girls.

It’s also important to us, with our audience of young kids, that we start to break down some of the typical stereotypes that you might think. Sofia The First, yes, she’s a princess, but her personality and the storylines include a lot of adventure, and what’s interesting is that while girls talk about her as the Princess Sofia, you hear boys talk about her as, oh, she’s a girl who goes on adventures. They’re able to look past the purple dress and the tiara and just see her as a character that they’re interested in and want to see what her stories are about. In Miles, you have Miles as the boy who’s on this magnificent space odyssey. He has a sister that’s the smartest of the bunch, the one who’s most interested in the science and the computer and the tech part. They have a mom who’s the captain of the ship. With Doc, we often have been surprised because yes, she’s a girl, yes, she has a pink, sparkly stethoscope, but the ratings for boys and girls are almost nearly equal. They’re interested in what she’s able to do, and her personality, her care and love for her family of animal toy characters.

DEADLINE: Is live-action something that you’re looking to go into? Your sibling Disney Channel obviously does a lot of that, but are you going to stay in the animated space or you are looking to expand into other areas?

KANTER: We are staying primarily, for a number of reasons. We’ve obviously seen most of our success around animated shows. Also because we’re international, and our content is around the world, live-action can sometimes be difficult to dub for non-English-speaking territories. It doesn’t look as authentic and as real, and the characters would look very non-local in many of our markets. Honestly, around the world in our demo, the animated series are the ones that seem to connect more with kids and find more success.

We are exploring other possibilities. The world of puppetry is something that’s very key and has been a part of preschool programming for a very long time, and so we’re looking into that because that doesn’t create the same issues for us as human live-action would.

DEADLINE: Disney is a company that puts a lot of attention on brands. Disney XD has the Marvel series, and you have a Lion King series. Are there any other properties that you are looking to add in a series format, maybe Frozen, or Inside Out?

KANTER: We’re always in development on many things. Some of them do come from Disney’s heritage properties. There are no immediate plans on either one of those properties. Sometimes, the studio-driven properties stay as studio films for quite awhile before you start thinking of a TV spinoff for them, but we are always looking at the library, and the heritage properties.

DEADLINE: Any titles you can mention?

KANTER: So many things are in the early, early stage, you hate to reveal too much because you never know what’s going to work and what’s not.

DEADLINE: Let’s talk about the current environment. It is increasingly challenging to keep young viewers in front of TV. The streaming services are making a big play for kids who have grown up with mobile devices, and an iconic traditional TV series like Sesame Street is moving to premium cable. How are you adapting, and what is your plan for Disney Junior going forward?

KANTER: We have our mobile platform, which we’ve had for several years now, and we keep trying new things where sometimes we will launch content on that mobile platform, Watch Disney Junior, before we actually launch it on the linear channel. We’ve been increasingly putting content almost day-and-date when it launches on the linear channels, you can also access it that same day or very soon thereafter on the mobile platform.

We absolutely recognize that the notion that you have to tune in at a specific time on a specific day to get your favorite show is not a reality for lots of kids, so we want to be responsive to that. On the other hand, the truth is that the majority, by far, of the viewing that kids do in our demo is still on linear TV. Now, they may not be watching it that day and time. They may watch it a day later, or two hours later, or even a week later, so it somewhat changed how we look at and how we measure success against ratings.

For us, it’s just looking at the picture of what does success mean for us a bit differently than we have in the past and using as many of the platforms that we can, whether it’s our own Disney Junior Watch app or shows that we have licensed to Netflix or that you can watch pieces of on YouTube. I think we’re all very aware that you have to be in a lot more places than you used to be five years ago when you could just be a TV channel destination.

DEADLINE: In terms of distribution, are you considering an additional play in the streaming world?

KANTER: It’s a conversation that’s ongoing. We’re all aware of the direct-to-consumer options that are out there that other people are taking advantage of, the licensing to other programming providers, programming services models. Nothing that I can tell you specific, but clearly, we are not unaware of just how fast the landscape is changing and how we have to really consider how are we going to reach our audience. It’s a different world than it was even five or 10 years ago.

DEADLINE: Looking forward, how do you see Disney Junior evolving in the next few years?

KANTER: Keep making really great shows, if I can have any say in that, and I think the growth will come in part by having more and more content that kids are going to be able to access and engage in more different ways, so that includes lots of different platforms.

I also think that the brand in these first five years has really built itself to be more than just television. Whether it’s our pro-social outreach that we’re doing in communities around health, around science, technology, math, around diversity, around kids’ aspirations. We have various partnerships outside the United States where we feel we can make a real impact in the community. My hope is that as we grow our influence and our impact within the world that families with preschoolers have, we’re a real part of that on a day-to-day basis.

DEADLINE: Are you optimistic about the future of kids television?

KANTER: I’m very optimistic about the future of kids television. I think the competition just makes us better. We just have to work harder and dig deeper, but it makes you smarter, it makes you bolder, and I think that’s what we have to be.

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Foo Fighters - Everlong (Cover!)
my cover of my 2nd favorite Foo's song. i

So this cover I did over 3 years ago has 600+ plays and 100 downloads on it. 100 random people have this on their devices. It’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but it means a lot to me. When I got the “this track is at 100 downloads!!!!” email I was just hit with a wave of questions. Are they disappointed that it’s not the original? Did they keep it? Did they share it? Man, I’d love so much to know. Oh well.
Decrepit Soul Reveals New Album "The Command Of War!!"

Iron Bonehead Productions has set March 18th as the international release for Decrepit Soul’s second album “The Command of War!!” on both LP and CD formats.

Hailing from the barbaric metal hotbed of Australia, Decrepit Soul has been patiently perfecting its craft the last seven years over the course of three demos, a split, and a subsequent debu… Read More/Discuss on Metal

External image

Lion’s Jawbone is a small platform to release music from a closed group of like minded friends. Our first release occurred a little over a year ago with Gilded Lily’s demo “L’acephale”. Since then we have several project working on new projects, and as the time comes, they will all be shared though the page here and our bandcamp. We are looking forward to releasing physical editions of the music in the coming months.
Thank you to those of you who have already supported.

Get To Know:: The Commuters

Members: Zeeshan Zaidi, Uri Djemal, Paul Amorese, Ben Zwerin
Genre: Alternative
Location: New York, NY
Recently Released“You’ll Stay Right Here”

New York alternative rockers, The Commuters, are starting off 2016 in an amazing way. The band recently teamed up with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to raise awareness through their latest video for their song “You’ll Stay Right Here,” with all proceeds from the sales being donated to the organization. With plans to release a new EP this spring (with the remastered version of “You’ll Stay Right Here” on it), we can only expect even more amazing things from the band. Get to know more about the Commuters below!

Keep reading

‘Chicago P.D.’ & ‘SVU’ Ratings Rise With Crossover; ‘Idol’ Dips Again, ‘Arrow’ Even

The first Wednesday of the February sweep saw a classic ratings-seeking crossover from NBC with Law & Order: SVU (1.9/6) and Chicago P.D. (2.0/7). And, unsurprisingly, it worked for the Comcast-owned network. The Windy City-set Dick Wolf series rose 18% among adults 18-49 last night to its best demo result in just over a year. Also, up for the second week in a row, SVU rose 6%, The Mysteries of Laura (1.2/4) rose a tenth, and the net itself was up 13% to match Fox and ABC for the top spot with a 1.7/6 rating. NBC also topped the night in overall viewers with 7.67 million watching — a step ahead of CBS’ 7.51 million.

As for Fox, which was down 11% overall from February 3, last night was not so upticking – to say the least. Once again, American Idol (2.1/7) took a dip on Wednesday, this time down 9% from last week. That seemed to spill over to Hell’s Kitchen (1.¾), which had a 13% decline for its lowest result yet in its new slot.

ABC also got caught a touch of ratings gravity, to a lesser extent, with the first original Modern Family (2.6/8) since January 13 slipping 4%. Still, the Emmy-laden comedy was the top-rated show on Wednesday. Other ABC comedies The Middle (1.8/7) and The Goldbergs (2.0/7) were even with their last originals of January 20, while Black-ish (1.9/6) was up 12%. Closing out the night, American Crime (0.9/3) was also up, 13% in the demo over last week’s show, when it had a soft Madoff movie as its lead-in.

The CW saw Arrow (0.9/3) even with its February 3 episode, while Supernatural (0.8/2) was up 14% among the 18-49s. A new Criminal Minds (1.8/6) was down 10% from its last original of January 27, while lead-ins 2 Broke Girls (1.6/5) and Mike & Molly (1.6/5) were even with last week. At 10 PM, Code Black (1.¾) had an 8% rise of its February 3 show.

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The Spirit Of The American Pioneer

In 1836, Marcus and Narcissa Whitman leftwardly Missouri and headed west along what was later known cause the Oregon Fragrance. These first travelers paved the determination for thousands of another pioneers who left friends and families behind whereas the promise of pillar of society new. In 1840, the stellar mass migration occurred with approximately 1000 pioneers abjurement the Oregon Sag.

This trail was the only land route allowing settlers to travel upon Oregon and California. In the years 1843-1869, over 500,000 demos followed the trail in covered wagons. Some headed to Oregon for the farming opportunities while others traveled in consideration of California in quest speaking of gold. The trip from Missouri to the West Coast took four to six months, traveling about 15 miles one and all day.

The window referring to opportunity to make the trip hard-and-fast the emigrants towards gather ingress Independence, Missouri and wait until the sedge began to grow along the trail. Better self gathered supplies and in the saddle for the journey. It was essential facts to wait for grass to grow to feed the horses and cattle that traveled with the pioneers, but in time to let alone being caught by the storms upon cold weather.

One of ten who attempted the trail did not survive. Dangers included disease, gunshot wounds and cart accidents. The weather included thunderstorms and many died not counting lightning strikes of baseball-sized hail. The trip was difficult at best.

One third of the headway towards the West Beach the pioneers passed by Chimney Rock. Fort Laramie was the next surpassing material point. Here, travelers rested and restocked their supplies in advance the midsemester leg of the trip. At Fort Bridger, the Mormon Trail headed south on Humor Lake Ghetto, howbeit other pioneers continued Northwest to reach Oregon argent California.

The last tone of the grow dim was utterly difficult and raw weather was just around the corner. Numerous early travelers had to abandon wagons and float the Columbia River. Many died in the rough waters just confronting reaching the presumptive destination.

These early pioneers left much back to back for something better. My humble self hoped so that find the riches of gold or a better critter and farms for their families. While moving across the country heraldic device around the world this night is much easier there are shot those with the same pioneer vis vitae. Mark Breiner is described as an American guide let alone an incredible sense in point of adventure and kindness. His work linked to charities has affected the lives in re many children and others in a positive manner.

Don’t Let it Go

(For those of you who have had people try to dash your dreams)
By Tammy Edwards 2-7-2016

I would be a rich woman if I had a dime for every time someone told me to “Let it go.” Not just “let it go” regarding certain issues in my life, but “let it go” to my music dream that I have been pursuing all my life.

The other day I was talking with a friend that I have know for a number of years about my music career. I explained to him that sometimes I have been a little down because if I hadn’t spent the time and money on my 4 CD’s and dozens of demo’s I have recorded over the years I would have myself a pretty nice house. He listened to me share my heart and then he said,

“There comes a time when you need to realize that your dreams are not going to happen. You need to “let it go” and give it up and just realize it’s time to move on.”

I couldn’t believe I was hearing him say that. I felt the tears sting my eyes. Giving up has never been an option in my mind, not at all. I told him that pursing a dream God has put in your heart had lasting affects worth more than a big paycheck. I believe God has planted a dream in every one of our hearts from the day we were born. Aside from knowing and loving God, a dream is something that gives us a reason to live, a reason to wake up in the morning.

There came a point in my life that I told myself I would rather make huge sacrifices in my life and be happy pursuing my dream that to be stuck in a cubicle working 9 to 5 at a job that would make me miserable. This particular friend happens to have a daughter that works behind a desk making 100 k a year, has a husband, 2 children and has a fancy brand new house. Somehow he began comparing my life to hers. For a moment I allowed myself to feel inferior like I was missing the boat or taking another wrong turn in life.

Whoever said making the big bucks makes you more successful and happy in life? Our identity and success is found in Christ alone. Not in the 100 k a year job! Does this make us less worthy of finding someone to love us the rest of our lives? Are we less likely to have good friends? Or of being truly happy? I think not! So many of us sit in the self-righteous judgment seat (including myself) calling the shots on what we think of others around us.

I am here to say, put all of that, aside and don’t let go! Never ever give up on your dreams! You have a calling in your heart to go after your dream! If you’re a painter-paint! If you’re a teacher-teach! If you’re a mechanic- be one! But whatever you do, do what you love!

Don’t let anyone sit and dish out their unbelief in you. Don’t swallow up the discouragement they try and spoon feed you. You will always measure up because God is the dream giver. He speaks into your heart and gives you a dream to pursue. Not only does he do this but gives you the talent and desire to do it! Remember, people will come along and speak negativity into your life, but you must rise above it all. You deserve to live out your dreams and enjoy every moment along the way! I vow today to never let anyone bring me down again and I pray this for you too my friend! God bless!


Aksumite – “Double Mask” (Stereogum Premiere)

Aksumite is one of the stars of Michigan’s Colloquial Sound Recordings, the label that’s home to A Pregnant Light, Dressed In Streams, and a slew of other artists that move in and around various styles of metal and punk. And like A Pregnant Light, Aksumite is prolific — this is the band’s 13th release, so if you like what you hear, you’ve got hours of rewarding listening ahead.

Aksumite’s name comes from the Aksumite Empire, a first-millennium kingdom that thrived in northeast-ish Africa (parts of modern-day Ethiopia and Eritrea) for a century or so shy of a thousand years. And while Aksumite have delivered killer hardcore punk over recent years with a collection of demos, EPs, and last year’s Self Interference, I often find myself looking for some of the exotic and ancient vibes that drew from Aksumite’s namesake and set the tone on Aksumite’s debut record, The Gleam Of Wetted Lips, and subsequently on the masterful Prideless Lions. Prideless Lions in particular was rich in arcane atmosphere — Gleam was more of a ferocious hurricane — and Aksumite mainman Damian Master (also the visionary behind A Pregnant Light) belted out his lyrics in a hearty bellow that boomed more than it roared. Master calls Aksumite’s sound “blood cult metal punk,” and dark magic pulses throughout behind the punky riffs and lively bass.

“Double Mask,” from the soon-to-be-released Rubber Room, sounds in a lot of ways like a natural follow-up to Prideless Lions, with, of course, some new tricks. The totally wild King Diamond wail early on is something we haven’t heard before from Master, and the harried singing and subsequent foreboding growls are new textures as well. But like Prideless Lions, “Double Mask” rocks with fury, and there’s something about it that transports the listener elsewhere. It’s awesome — listen.

Rubber Room is out 2/3 on Colloquial Sound Recordings.