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Timing Charts and Inbetweening Demo

Hey guys! So I recently finished up an inbetweening and timing charts demo and edited into an hour-ish video!
A handful of folks asked me things like how to utilize a timing chart in your work, how to in between to those charts, and basic (I say basic because there are other more advanced ways - but thats another time) to keep your drawings consistent! I also talk about smears!

The program I’m using is TVPaint, but any program can do really.

The character I’m using is created by Patrick Stannard! He’s a kickass animator!


Beauty and the Beast except Demospy raise your hand if you agree 


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She’s Beauty and she’s Grace, she’s Alolan Dugtrio (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 


Yesterday was my first time animating live for a school in the Philippines. I animated Puss in Boots, since this is a character I have spent almost a year working with at Dreamworks Animation (both feature and TV).

I decided to animate a take for them. I showed them how I figure out the acting, my thumbnails, first pass, breakdowns, tie downs and then in betweening. I could only finish the first part for them - and tying down the rest on my own time. It was challenging to talk about every step of my process, what I’m thinking about - and hopefully some useful notes I gave for further animation. I decided to summarize every important note I gave during that lecture. I’ll let you guys know if I could get a public version of that footage sometime.


#Demo, #Art of #figuredrawing. #how to #draw #hand with #charcoal. The slower #HD #video is at YouTube/Zin Lim.

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