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eeey! marks livestreaming fangames rn! but i want him to play the hearts and heroes demo! D:

We don’t

Lol Well the thing is that we have gotten SO much better with making games since that came out and we don’t feel like it’s an accurate reflection of what Hearts and Heroes will actually be~

Tho it’d be funny if he played that silly Markiplier Simulator that I made for April Fools lol


If anything I want him to play Chica Dash instead of the demo. Chica Dash is just so fun! -Grace

 So glad a Randomiser server re-appeared for Australians and New Zealanders because after the Valve pub servers appeared most custom servers by people disappeared.

Because you get amazing things like this:

Sniper Heavy (which is great because you need a charged headshot to kill a Heavy).

And this:

Medic with Huntsman and Gunslinger.

And Spy’s wrist (missing watch):

Instead of the Pretty Boy Pocket Pistol I was actually using. And then I also had Dead Ringer which is the same hand so when I put out my Dead Ringer Spy had two left hands.

And important:

Smol Spy hand trying to use Brass Knuckles.

But that’s not the only smol hand!

Pyro is also smol! Everyone has smol hands compared to Heavy to be honest.

And then every time you hit Uber as someone other than Medic your 3D chara model view just:

morphs Medic with whatever merc you actually are. Tru TF2 fusions (or Medic clothes stealer). Also this made me realise a lot of my mercs have hoods for hats: Sniper - Anger; Spy - Dash Hash; Demo - Conjurer’s Cowl; Pyro - Pyromancer’s hood (although now that I have Jingle Belt I don’t always use it)…

But yeah, Randomiser is great chaotic fun. Especially when you are Demo and end up with a Sniper rifle and have a shield because every time you click m2 to bring up the scope you charge forward towards your enemy which is scary stuff.