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This is a compilation of 30 anarchopunk bands from Britain with songs recorded between 1982 and 1992. 

1. Lack of Knowledge “We’re looking for people” from the “Grey” Ep, 1983 (London)

2. Anarka And Poppy “P.O.P.P.I.E.S.” from the “All that is shattered” demo, 1983 (Preston) (3min57)

3. Famous Imposters “The cage” from the “Cradle to the grave” demo, 1983 (Newcastle) (6min27)

4. I’m Dead “Page after page” from the split flexi with Epidemic, 1984 (Kent) (8min28)

5. Shrapnel “Autumn” from the split Ep with Toxik Ephex, 1989 (Briton Ferry, Wales) (12min16)

6.Awake Mankind “Disappearing world” from the “Freak” demo, 1984 (Portsmouth) (15min56)

7. Systematic Annex “All the lonely faces” from the “Acceptance” demo, 1985 (Sheffield) (18min53)

8. This Bitter Lesson “In the eyes of a child” from the “Value of dediance” demo, 1982 (London) (21min50)

9. Civilised Society? “Tonight” from the “Who would have thought?” demo, 1985 (Batley) (24min02)

10. Polemic “End song” from the self-titled demo, 1982 (Fareham) (28min36)

11. Smartpils “Life cycle” from the “Open mind surgery” compilation Lp, 1985 (Bath) (31min47)

12. Know The Drill “The offending article” from the “Who? What? Why? When? Where?” compilation Lp, 1984 (Manchester) (34min41)

13. Nox Mortis “In memoriam” from the “Spleurk” compilation Lp, 1988 (Southampton) (38min34)

14. Null And Void “An old way” from the “Four minute warning!” demo, 1982 (Yeovil) (42min01)

15. Hysteria “Tears of wax” from the “Behind the veil” 12’’, 1984 (Plymouth) (45min08)

16. Cyanide Scenario “Awayday to Auschwitz” from the unreleased split 12’’, 1985 (Surrey) (47min 53)

17. Hysteria Ward “Vietnam” from the “Breakfast to madness” tape, 1986, (London) (52min41)

18. Naked “War machine” from the self-titled demo, 1984 (Sheerness) (55min44)

19. Karma Sutra “Intelligent life” from the “Daydreams of a production-line worker” Lp, 1987 (Luton) (59min24)

20. Rubella Ballet “Slant & slide” from the “42°F” 12’’ single, 1984 (London) (61min20)

21. Indian Dream “Discarded” from the “Walk across America for Mother Earth” compilation Ep, 1992 (Scarborough) (64min43)

22. Paranoia “Dead man’s dream” from the “Shattered glass” Lp, 1984 (Stoke-on-Trent) (67min35)

23. Lost Cherrees “Who believes it?” from the “Unwanted children” 12’’, 1985 (Sutton) (71min18)

24. The Deformed “Psalms” from the “Blind faith” Ep, 1985 (Lowton) (74min27)

25. The Dead “Prince of darkness” from the “Rest in peace” demo, 1984 (Whitehaven) (76min35)

26. Kulturkampf “3rd world holocaust” from “The corpse of bureaucracy” demo, 1983 (Barnsley) (79min07)

27. Political Asylum “Trust in me” from the “Fresh hate” demo, 1983 (Stirling, Scotland)

28. Cold Vietnam “Winds of change” from the “Blast into action with hunt the man” demo, 1988 (Redditch) (85min09)

29. We Are Going To Eat You “Life of lies” from the “Four heads feast” tape, 1986 (London) (87min59)

30. Vex “Pressure” from the self-titled demo, 1983 (London) (90min59)

samandrielthestrange  asked:

I was wondering, how did you guys record your 1985 demo tape if you didn't have a record deal? I've heard it a few times before and it sounds like studio recordings. Plus how did you guys even distribute it?

We had jobs, and had been playing out pretty much every weekend from ‘84 on, so we took the money we earned from shows and dedicated it to acquiring the very cheapest studio time available (often evenings or late nights) But we were also home taping enthusiasts, so we had been recording demos of songs for years, and because we were creating backing rhythm tracks for the show we were kinda half way there if we put demos together in a studio. 

We went to a cassette duping place and just made them in batches, and again plowed the money back into the project.


On this day in music history: May 16, 1987 - “With Or Without You” by U2 hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks, also topping the Mainstream Rock chart for 5 weeks on April 4, 1987. Written by U2, it is the first chart topping single for the rock band from Dublin, Ireland. The song originates as a demo recording in late 1985 following the world tour for “The Unforgettable Fire”. Bono is inspired by the contradictions of being a musician, touring and traveling the world and his life at home with his wife Alison. Initial attempts to record “With Or Without You” are not to U2 or co-producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois’ liking, and the song is nearly discarded. Their mutual friend, former Virgin Prunes singer Gavin Friday feels otherwise, making suggestions on what changes to make in order to realize its hit potential. The track is completed with the rest of the band in 1986 during sessions for “The Joshua Tree” at the Danesmoate House and STS Studios in Dublin, Ireland. “With Or Without You” sounds unlike anything on the radio at the time, beginning with a virtual gentle whisper before building to a crescendo during the last third before closing with an understated and minimalist guitar solo from The Edge. Released simultaneously with the album on March 9, 1987, “With Or Without You” is an instant classic, having an immediate impact with fans and radio programmers alike. Entering the Hot 100 at #64 on March 21, 1987, it climbs to the top of the chart eight weeks later. “With Or Without You” becomes U2’s biggest single in the US, and one their most popular and best known songs.

Hell Hotel (1985 Demo Tape)
They Might Be Giants
Hell Hotel (1985 Demo Tape)

I was listening to the Demo Tape yesterday and I realized I only knew like 10% of the lyrics to “Hell Hotel” (they are, as Ant put it, “pretty incomprehensible”), so I looked them up on the wiki and I was like “OH MY GOD THIS SONG IS EVEN MORE AWESOME THAN I THOUGHT.” Dig it! (And look up the lyrics so you really can.)