If you´re here please keep reading bc I´m not being extra cute for nothing aight. I been waiting to make this follow forever for ages now, bc after being away for monthss (for being on twitter what a mistake), I decided to comeback and ya. 2014 was alright, I grew a looottt mentally…but just mentally lol (I´m still 5´1) and most of that I owe to Tumblr and all of you. 
This is a super special follow forever deluxe edition!!! (I´m bout to get corny aaand creepy as hell from here).

First mentions goes to people I have talked and/or and somewhat became friends with. Y'all probably don’t remember me, but I do remember you so here it is:

/// kidrauhlhood [we’ve probably managed like 21736 blogs (idk if you remember lol) together lmao and we used to talk and you’re sweet and i love you :))]
/// taylorswifths [I almost ALMOST left you out bc you changed your url and I was like who the fuck. We’ve never been close and we just talked a few times but i been following you for lterally  ever. You are the cutest ever. 
///bealrightts [we haven’t talked in ages and I remember you told me to watch the fosters lmao and you’re awesome girl]
/// demivatos [my baby turd :(( we don’t talk anymore but I still love you :((]
/// amoabieber [WE HAVEN’T TALKED IN 30 YEARS but I wish we still did]

Special mention to:

ar4bia / harryedward / ihearmelodies / zustin / rockmafias / cantbetamed for being the most fabulous people ever… literally. Yall are so gorgeous and powerful and just wow.

 funkybieber, chaoticroad, and dylanbrians, my favorite blogs.

anmnesias for inspiring me to draw. I been following you forever and i’ve seen you improve and god you’re just amazing… and pretty :))

hoodyluke / restlessummerair / justinbiebera / putyoud0wn for being dominican… literally bc of that haha. (i obviously love your blogs too) (I forgot some of you and took me ages to find the rest bc yall changed your urls like 3485 times damn it)

People who I followed recently (in comparison with everyone else) but I feel like I been following forever. I love your blogs and personalities so much <33 [horanyewest (you are so gorgeous I have no words) / illarras (oh you know already ;) / madridistaforever (i go to your blog after every match srsly) / icedhazelnut / selenadrews / dronkinlove / trashstin (you are the mvp of this follow forever for liking both justin and real madrid and for being fab af)]

adorauhl / allbad / allthatmattes / a-rtist / babyiwoulds / barbara-daily / biebrauhl / bodyrockks / canadastratford  / celestialogy / chachibieber / cieber / concretar / connorswlash / daddymaterial / drewsminaj / firstmarch / furples / givesmeloves / happinessishardtofind / hazwaters / heartbreoker / hoerry / holydrews  / howstolove / infamouslovato  / jasonmcans / jlley / jonathonwayland / justinismydad / justinscrew / kingbieber / lightthefuze / lloyal / lovespurelights / makeyoubeleive / march1st / morningsuns / mycobainshirt/ neverletyousgo / photoggraph / richbiotch / russetts / sadserenades / selcose / selenamg / seleniez / setfiretorains / sidethots / sincerelystratford / slutkidrauhl / sluttybutsy / smilingwithjb / somebodytoloves / stateofgraces / stratfordsfinest / suckmychristmass / takeyou / thatsexybieber / unlockthedream / vanessaannes / wantly / whydoihavetolovefootball / wordsofwisdoms / worldoffchances / wrekingball

+blogroll (hover over that if you’re not here but you kinda think you should) (i’m lazy already)

ANYWAY I love you all and ya Happy Holidays :)))