demitrius joyette

Name: Aqualad

Secret Identity: Kaldur'ahm

Age: 21

Faceclaim: Demitrius Joyette

Bio: As the proud co-captain of the team, Aqualad knows his place, and how he can get higher. It’s not doubt Aqualad feels uncertain of his future. Kaldur still feels off when he meets up with Aqualad. From his time playing as a double-agent, he deceived many people, and he did it while playing both sides. Kaldur is incredibly smart, talented with his weapons and powers, and ready to become a member of the justice league. Attending Atlantean school and coming back to the surface land to be with his friends isn’t a challenge or stretch. What is giving him a problem is the aching pain in his head. He has a knack of giving himself headaches when he over thinks situations without enough information on them. And the one problem that keeps nagging at him is Vandal Savage. Lex Luthor is also stepping up his game. Kaldur needs to find a way to discover what the villains are planning, and fast, before his head explodes from nausea.


+ Humble, Cooperative

- Sour, Can be negative