Shuuen no Shiori Project is going to have a voice drama cd, Shuuen -Re:act-!! The release is on September 23rd! The other details can be found here.

So far the voice actors revealed are for A-ya (Ogata Megumi), D-ne (Aizawa Mai), and B-ka (Emiri Katou)

the crossfade includes them singing and talking i’m about to die holy shit


A-ya, D-ne and B-ka student card.

* In the special trait of B-ka, literally says: “8 angels teeth”, so I decided to adapt it to his meaning

*En el rasgo especial de B-ka, literalmente dice “Dientes de 8 angeles” asì que decidì adaptarlo a su sentido.

Original, english and spanish - edited by me

I smoke
I smoke despite the fact I don’t look mysterious
Or pensive
Or cute
or sexy
I don’t look like a femme fatal straight out of a old movie
I don’t look like Audrey Hepburn
I also don’t look like Alaska Young
I still stand outside on those cool crisp winter nights, with just my music and stars for company, and bring my untimely death to my lips, inhaling my sweet demise
—  I may not look like poetry, but I can sound like it

Head is my favorite film that stars a musical artist, by some degree. And yes, that includes the brilliant A Hard Day’s Night. However, the Monkees’ triumph of a movie is a Pyrrhic victory, because Head accelerated their demise, as it sees Dolenz, Nesmith, Tork, and Jones push the self-destruct button. Directed by Bob Rafelson and cowritten by Jack Nicholson, the movie shows the Monkees tearing down their wholesome network-TV, pre–Fab Four image with wild style. Much has been read into this stream-of-consciousness movie, with its overlapping dream sequences, surreal song numbers, and drug-influenced chaos. The simplest way of describing it is this: the Monkees are sick of being on their network show and attempt to break out of the studio lot, literally and figuratively. There are several scenes where the Monkees are trapped in a box, a live number where they are revealed to be plastic mannequins, and bookending sequences where the members commit suicide.

So basically, the Monkees want out.

There have been some claims by the Monkees since the film came out that this message was projected onto it by Rafelson and Nicholson, but the script was clearly born of a very real frustration with their image. The movie bombed in 1968, because not many Monkees fans wanted to know that their idols had painted-on smiles. What remains is a gem of rock music cinema, with great songs and images throughout. Plus, as depressing as the theme of entrapment is, it’s frequently very funny.

—  Edgar Wright on Head
Not Giving Up

[ Music ]

Shackles rattled, twisting at her wrists as she peered out the small grated window above the cot she was allotted to sleep on. “Arrow…” She murmured into the dark stone pavement above. Within moments, a white owl landed before her pacing with a strange demeanor that could only be described as a bird’s panic.

“Ssh, it’s alright.” She eased her hand up there and collected the letter from him, shooing him away before he would be caught as well. Her figure lowered down the stone wall and onto the cot with a gentle chime from the chains that bound her to the room like a caged animal. Wise, they were. Keeping her chained away from shifting into something that could possibly be the demise of those around her.  

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purple-renegade asked:

"You've been bitten and drank from. Have you considered the fact you might rise up too when you meet your demise?"

“Keep your mouth shut! There’s no way in HELL I would let those demons drain me dry! I’ll slaughter them all before they come anywhere near my throat! Understand?!”

aphos asked:

This isn't really a question, but I wanted to write you a letter about how much your LPs mean to me. You were one of the first LPers that I ever watched (specifically, your DP playthrough) and I loved it so much that I've actually shown it to others to explain to them what an LP is. The Life and Times of Bully Demise is pure art, and I've watched a ton of your channel's videos. I do get that life happens and definitely take another break if you need/want to, but thank you for coming back.

Thanks!  It means a lot to me to know that people enjoy the videos.  I hope you like the videos that will be coming out; even though I was on a break, I hope to keep making them for some time to come.


TIME WARP TUESDAY!!! Because that sounds way better than Throwback Thursday, and I am on my older laptop that has all my photos on it today, so…. 

First photo is my mom and I, with my looking like a hybrid between a naked mole rat and those 90s glow worm dolls. Taken in late 1991, because that’s when I was resurrected. I miss mom, and that’s okay. This photo doesn’t do justice of showcasing her epic mullet back in the day. She’d have slapped me and called me “JENNA!!!!” for sharing this or any photos of her. But gurl looks good for popping out a baby recently during the time this photo was taken. Mom was always pretty and I wish she had not let things and people get to her which caused her demise. She was very depressed and let people, especially my dad, beat it in her head that she wasn’t good enough, was ‘fat and ugly’, stupid, worthless, and didn’t deserve love. She died at 85 lbs, in the hospital and I didn’t get to see her or say goodbye or hug her or try to stop it. If you or anyone has an eating disorder or need someone to vent to, please message me and I will be there all I can. Or someone you trust or would rather message. Eating disorders and depression are no joke, as we know. My mom was the 1st person I ever came out to EVER, 4 years before I did publicly. I was 13 and it was the last time I saw her in person, I wasn’t allowed to see her or talk to her on the phone when my parents got divorced and I had to unfortunately move in with my dad. But I went to see her, and I told her I was into men and women (at the time I didn’t know about pan-sexuality) and that I didn’t and had never believe in god or Christianity. And she was cool and supportive as shit about it. She told me it was totally fine, and she loved me. She even thought it was cool about me being black-clad and told me about bartending in the 80s in Texas. It was a really nice visit and had I known that it was the last time I’d see her alive, then I would have never left. I have not really mourned her passing in the 9 years since and I don’t know if I ever will. I don’t know how to really mourn and I’m one of those people who tries to hide everything away in myself and not experience emotion. I have 2 recurring dreams that are realistic and involve her. One is about her just coming back, never being dead in the 1st place, and it all being peachy and great. Second one is her rising from the grave, all decayed, and coming for me and killing me for being a ‘failure’ and ‘awful’ and ‘stupid’. I wake up from both of them upset that it isn’t reality. I think I also won’t be able to mourn because for some reason, there’s a place in my brain that won’t accept the fact that she’s dead. Tldr; my mom was rad and is missed and I was a baby once. 

Second photo: YEE-FUCKIN-HAW I was a barrel racer when I was a kid! I was about 7/8 in the photo, in human years Silver (my big old pretty horse baby angel sass pants) was 8/9 when the photo was taken. We never won anything but I enjoyed it. This horse gave me 15 years of being the perfect pet and best friend I could have ever wanted to grow up with. I spent all the time I could with him, be it riding or being bums. He was a thoroughbred, and was going to be sent to the slaughterhouse but thankfully an Amish couple bought him as a buggy horse. I guess he wasn’t too rad at that because they sold him to an old man that lived down the road from me when I moved to Shirley, Arkansas. I moved to Shirley not long after he was acquired and I had wanted a horse since I could remember, and I had had a pony named Phil prior. The farmer was selling some livestock and some of his horses, guess he was retiring, and I went to take a look at his horses for sale. Well, I do *rather, did* this weird whistle sound that used to get horses, cows, and goats attention really well and I did it in the pasture, and the horses came walking and trotting up. Well, Silver came galloping up and showing off, so when I saw him I was in love and knew I had to have him. I named him Silver because of my huge love for The Lone Ranger as a kid, I used to sit in front of the TV on my spring horse, wearing all the cowboy garb, and watch it every day. Anyway, he passed in his sleep 2 years ago and as upset as it made me and still does, he went peacefully and that’s all I could ask for. I’m getting a watercolour tattoo of him on my right thigh one day. Miss ya, boo. <3

3rd photo: DON’T JUDGE ME TOO BAD OKAY I WAS 15 OKAY. But yeah, I had braces. And looked a damn angsty mess. This was in 2006 in the summer, on the Navy Pier in Chicago. I was in a college prep program for teens who didn’t do hot in high school classes, the program helped them and tutored them. They let me in though because of my home life, that’s what they said. Apparently they also let in kids with not good home lives, to help them with learning and getting away from the bad home environment. Met some cool cats in the program. But, if you did well in the program they would take you on a vacation. And this year we had went to Chicago. AGAIN DON’T HATE TOO HARD AHH. 

4th photo: My late dog Doom. Yes, his name was Doom. He was a Yorkie. He would be 9 years old currently, if he is still alive. He had a Halloween sweater he wore a lot, he seeemed to like to wear it.  That is Manic Panic hair dye and I used to dye his tuft of head hair all the time and he never seemed bothered. He rocked pretty colour hair wayyyy better than me, especially his purple and when he had green hair. Anyway, total lap dog that wanted to be carried around and annoyed the neighbor’s cat who would slap the piss out of him, deservedly so. I love all dogs, but I prefer big dogs in terms of when I have my own, but he was a pretty great and sweet little dog. Doom was kind of weird because he would eat the shit out of cucumbers and would jump in a chair at the table when it was dinner time and just stare at people like “What the fuck you gonna do? Feed me now.” Unfortunately, in mid 2012 when I had started at UCA and couldn’t have pets in the place I lived then, my stepmom (who I despise and is one of those people who hates animals like wtf) let him out one evening to go potty and ‘forgot’. He got stolen and I didn’t hear about it for days. And the only reason I heard about it was because my idiot half-brother blurted it out when they weren’t going to tell me until they had to. I was pretty mad and distraught, which I feel is understandable. My stepmom did the ‘it was just a dog, get over it you freak’ thing and that is reason #45955 why I dislike her a lot. But yeah, hope he was given a good home and all because he deserved that and I hope he is still living it up and well. <3

5th photo: Lo and fuckin’ behold, that is I and my dad (yes, dad) in mid 2012 before Doom got stolen. I don’t think I look like him at all, no one seems to think so, and there is belief that he possibly isn’t my biological dad anyway. But whatever, I’m 23 and I don’t care. We don’t get along, at all, and never have. It has been a hell of a fight growing up with him, but I came out swinging. I have accepted that I will always be a failure and ‘wrong’ in his, as well as a few other family members eyes, and I’m totally fine with it because this is my life and I have to focus on me and my happiness, and stopped trying to please them all the time for nothing but shit treatment. I tried to play nice to be able to see my brother (my brother I share a mom with, not my idiot half-brother), but back in January I couldn’t do it anyway. In January, for the 3rd time in my life, I got a raging phone call early on a Sunday about me still being ‘an atheist and faggot heathen’. Apparently I needed to ‘get better, get help, or stay away from us with your queer ignorance’. So, I haven’t talked to my dad or any of my family since. I talk to my brother BJ everyday online though, he’s about the only one in the family who is kind and loving to EVERYONE and has humanity. I came out publicly, unwillingly, the first time when I was 17. My stepsister got in trouble and told my dad that I was ‘queer’ and devil worshiper in order to throw me under the bus to distract him from whatever she did. So, I got a phone call when I was out buying college supplies raging that I best not come home since I’m ‘a faggot and hate god’. Since then, I’ve apparently supposed to have been ‘finding Jay-zus and becoming right’. Anyway, families should love their kin no matter how they are, and if you’re not going to love your kid if they turn out a certain way, then don’t have kids. Ever. Please. Just don’t. But anyway, I count my family as those who I don’t share blood relation with, but I will share my blood with them! Blood sacrifice! Jk maybe. And I am a little better able to breathe and live without having to worry about family issues constantly. 

Sorry I droned on about these. AGAIN DON’T JUDGE ME TOO HARSH IN THE BRACES ONE. It was a very awkward, angsty period mkay. Anyway, thank you for looking and reading all this, and have a nice Time Warp Tuesday. Sorry again for the super long personal post and if it is TMI/awkward… 

ALSO!!! Thank you incredibly to my 5,701 followers!!! You are all so kind to follow me and find my blog adequate! I am, as always, flattered and stunned that people follow me and find my posts/reblogs decent to follow me! Again, thank you all so much and I send my love to all of you spooks and creeps. <33333

Have a nice afternoon and if anyone ever needs anyone to talk to about anything, please don’t hesitate messaging me. <3

Dark Hunters: Conjurer

Who’s more foolish: the fool, or the fool who follows him? Conjurer is the former of these, and draws his power from the latter. Matoran, and other beings with more superstition than reason, quickly succumb to Conjurer’s purple prose and boasts of magical power. After just a few demonstrations of his “magic” (usually just examples of advanced Xian technology), Conjurer has them in his thrall… and then he may become an actual threat.

Conjurer once called himself the sorcerer-king of a small isle of Matoran, until he took his chance at greater fame and power by joining my organization. He has been an annoyance ever since. Executing every assignment with a mysterious flair… performing cheap tricks and con games in our headquarters… scheming to take over the organization entirely… None of his habits pose any threat to me, but they vex me regardless.

Imagine my satisfaction, then, when Conjurer’s own hubris nearly led to his demise. When I sent him against the Makuta of Stelt, hoping to acquire several of his hidden tomes, Conjurer activated his Rhotuka and attempted to absorb the Makuta’s many powers. The sheer amount of power within that Makuta proved too much for Conjurer to handle, and plunged him into a coma. His assigned partner made the unfortunate decision to save his life and bring him back to Odina, where he slumbered for many centuries. Had I had my way, he would have remained there.

POWERS: Conjurer purports to be a magician of fearful renown, knowing as many spells as the Makuta have powers. In actuality, he is a simple Vortixx, possessed only of telekinesis and the ability to absorb others’ powers through his Rhotuka. Conjurer carries an ornate and pompous-looking staff, which has the power of disintegration. Its speed and strength, however, pale in comparison to my own deadly gaze.

STATUS: Active. After centuries of slumber, Conjurer’s body finally processed the powers of the Makuta of Stelt, allowing him to resume his position as my chief irritant. With the powers of a Makuta at his command, his “magic” is stronger than ever. If he is not stopped in time, he could win a thousand followers from my organic recruits. That is an outcome that I cannot allow.

anonymous asked:

" like she said she had a gruelling work schedule but she's in NYC every 3 weeks and not for like a day but 5/6 days and " Well, let's not forget that at the start of Hedwig run she was there like two ( or three?) weeks in a row. BUt, of course, 1 the " grueling work schedule" was an excuse to justify the demise of her band due to failure, and 2, she is a BEARD, that is her main work, and her other supposed work is just a set up. that soon will end with some excuses that her fans will blindly

Exactly bearding is obvs her full time job. I don’t check her social media at all but she never seems to work from what I’ve seen other people post about her.

lladystoneheart asked:

can you theorize how (if) Sansa will find out about Little Finger's part in her family's demise?

I’d like to theorize on the subject, but right now I can’t really see how she’ll find out. Short of LF confessing to her, which seems rather unlikely. Possibly Sandor could show up and he could tell her (as he was there in the throne room when LF turned on Ned), but I can’t even try to figure the likeliness of that.

As for the whole Valyrian steel dagger thing that played a huge role in starting the conflict between the Starks and Lannisters, the ones who know about that are Jaime and Tyrion, but I don’t think even they’ve completely put it together that LF deliberately lied to start the war. So no idea if/when/how either one would ever tell Sansa about it.

Though I’m pretty darn sure Sansa will find out eventually! And with luck, it should lead to LF’s downfall. But as for how… I’m just going to have to leave that to GRRM.

yumenonakadee asked:

(Might wanna tag this for spoilers) Also a fun story about Jurassic World: Me and my mom went to see it, and she recognized the guy that played Hoskins(?) as a guy from one of her favorite shows Law and Order, and my mom was like HEY ITS MY GUY. Tbh she was really sad when he got eaten by one of the raptors, but I felt he got what he deserved, because in a way, he kind of led to their demise by using them to begin with? I mean cause the Raptor Squad are babies tbh.

They are the sweetest babs.

Vincent D’Onofrio also played Pvt. Lawrence in Full Metal Jacket.

“What is this?”

“Sir, a jelly donut, sir!”

“A jelly donut??”
“Are you allowed to eat jelly donuts, Private Pyle?”

“Sir, no, sir!”

“And why not, Private Pyle?”

“Because I’m too heavy, sir!”

“Because you are a disgusting fatbody, Private Pyle!”

“Sir, yes, sir!”

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated (or Where the hell as Bre been and fic update)

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Before anything else….to all my wonderful followers and Olicity friends…

Originally posted by tana-the-dreamchaser

There, now I feel much better.  :) 

I am sorry for the radio silence these last couple of months.  I want to let you all know what is going on and give you all a status update on my fics. 

First, major Real Life ™ changes are currently underway. Changes eating up all my spare time and leaving me pretty beat. After fifteen years, my position was eliminated due to state budget cuts and lack of programs, meaning that I am currently seeking employment and spending most of my time applying for work.

This also means I am trying to find work from home positions because I want do something nuts.

Become a freelance writer.

Most of me is fucking terrified, but another part is squealing in joy. I am working on building samples and setting up pitches to sites. So, if anyone would like a guest blogger to their site or needs a copy writer in general, I am available to offer my services. I would love to work with you :).

But until the balls starts to really roll, I am currently pushing the boulder up the mountain. I am really thankful to all of you and your quiet support through this year. I am so grateful for this little site and the people I have met because of it.

Eye of the Beholder is now on my to-do-list and there will be an update soon.

Thanks for bearing with me, it means the world.


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Broken Dreams in the Promise Zone
by James Dupree

July 2 – August 30

Opening Reception: Second Friday, July 10 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm

The Noyes Arts Garage of Stockton University

2200 Fairmount Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

In December of 2012, the City of Philadelphia, using Pennsylvania’s Eminent Domain Code, seized the deed of the Dupree Studios on Haverford Avenue. The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority, teamed with private developers, had a plan to transform a section of Mantua into a suburban-style supermarket, which would take up four full city blocks. The site of the envisioned supermarket complex “The Plaza” would reduce the Dupree Studios to a parking lot.  The body of work to be presented in The Arts Garage exhibition will include work that expresses Dupree’s spirit and state of mind during the fight against the impending demise of his dream through “eminent domain.”

Inexorable Limbos

Like an ice thawing in your whiskey glass
with the cajoling strength and patience,
slowly waning away from this shaky grip

Our bones shaking from the things we try to keep together, the splinters undulating like violin strings playing the song of another demise

I make the best mistakes, (or the worst ones rather)
by trying to keep myself fron more mistakes, yet
my life remains mordantly and erratically unshaped

Now the old days keeps ringing in my dreams
with a grave and somber chiding inside my chest,
its bellowing knell groveling for forgiveness

My eyes obfuscated by fear, by a thousand rainy days,
spent alone in the parsimonious gables of
easy raptures, white noises and cheap thrills

Somebody stop the dancing staircase,
somebody lock the cages before the lions thrash
and maraud the places where fragile Chinas are kept


The Elites Plan For A California Drought, 4th Gen Farmer Speaks Out

Published on Jul 7, 2015

This video was originally produced by Kayla Moon a Change Media University Student who is working as an independent journalist. It was predicted by NASA that California only has a year left of surface water. We are half way through the year in 2015 and our representatives are just now holding town hall meetings with very little discussed with real time solutions. Abundant Harvest founder, 4th generation farmer and activist speaks on the conscious demise of the American Empire, if we can not come together as a nation to solve these vital issues.

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Kayla Moon is the director of American Culture Shock
A Future of Minds production.


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