Theory Time!! This does contain spoilers. I could probably end up being wrong but there is evidence. Yellow Diamond may have shattered Pink Diamond. In the episode “the trial” of Wanted, it is brought up by Zircon (Steven’s appointed attorney) that Pink Diamond’s Entourage was with Pink when she stepped onto Earth. Her Entourage included agates, her pearl, and Sapphires. Zircon said that her sapphires would of foreseen her demise and would have warned her. There were no Rose Quartes in the entourage or in her guard(as Zircon states) how could a Rose Quartz or our well known dangerous Rose Quartz even get close enough? Also Zircon also went into the fact that Pink Diamond wouldn’t of went to a random location unless she was meeting someone. Someone close to her that she had a lot of trust in. Yellow was being difficult through the whole trial too, she didn’t want Blue to let the defense present her palanquin to use it to better go through the events of Pink’s demise. Blue allowed them to, she was hanging on every word Zircon said. When Yellow lashed out and proofed Zircon for even bringing up the fact that a Diamond is a likely suspect, Blue was angry at Yellow. How could Yellow not have the self control to sit through the trial of that could bring the truth of their sister’s death to the light? I can’t help but recall the human zoo when Yellow was annoyed with Blue for returning to Pink’s zoo. If she did shatter Pink she probably would be uncomfortable talking about her, like she seemed to be during the trial and at the zoo. She even seemed overjoyed at the thought of earth getting destroyed. Destroyed with all the evidence, perhaps? It may have not just been Yellow Diamond, White Diamond may have had a hand in it as well. If they did do it, they kept Blue Diamond in the dark likely due to her love and attachment to Pink.

Who killed PD Theory

Okay so now we are given hints that Rose Quartz did not shatter Pink Diamond, but we are given the notion that it was an inside job done by someone close to Pink Diamond.

The suspect that I first thought of was White Diamond but everyone on Homeworld would have known it was her, so she would have to send a gem that would do absolutely anything for her when commanded: her Pearl.

And who is the Pearl i’m talking about? Well, our Pearl!

Why I think this and I can probably be proven wrong but I believe our Pearl used to be White Diamond’s Pearl because she did mention that she served Homeworld. She was extremely vague on who she served and no one but probably Rose knows who she previously served. Also, her gem is on her forehead + her color palate being white & pastel just makes sense with her being WD’s Pearl.

Also! Her reaction to Steven being told about PD’s demise:

Before she turned her back she looked like she was about to cry out of guilt (?) and I thought that was pretty significant.

Zicron was talking about how Rose stabbed her from the front but I personally think PD was stabbed from the back..but why?

Foreshadowing that’s why!! We know how PD’s gem was more at the belly but this show goes ham @ foreshadowing so anything goes I guess.

Those are my thoughts, and I can’t explain the sword or anything beyond that but that’s just what I think. ^^^

Things I am at LEAST 80% sure of after watching SU:

-Rose Quartz didn’t shatter Pink Diamond. Pearl did. 

-following that logic, Pearl must have been Pink Diamond’s Pearl, or replaced her in order to assassinate Pink Diamond. 

-Pink Diamond, though shattered, is not dead; she became Lion via Rose Quartz’s attempt at magical healing. 

-It is likely that Pink Diamond had a hand in her own demise; possibly she requested the shattering. 

You heard it here first ...#2

Rhondite (fusion) Pearl probably belonged to Pink Diamond. She may “like to fuse” and is “easily frightened” because she is terror-stricken by PD’s demise, and of the possibility of meeting a similar fate.

Steven (Crystal Gem) Pearl may have been White Diamond’s. The only explanation I have for this is that Yellow Pearl’s and Blue Pearl’s gem placement mirrors their respective Diamond - the chest area. On the other hand…


Saint of the Day – 30 May – St Joan of Arc – Virgin (6 January 1412 at Greux-Domremy, Lorraine, France – burned alive on 30 May 1431 at Rouen, France) – Beatified 11 April 1905 by Pope Saint Pius X,  Canonised on 16 May 1920 by Pope Benedict XV.  Patron of France;  martyrs; captives;  military personnel;  people ridiculed for their piety; prisoners;  soldiers; opposition of Church authorities;  WACs (Women’s Army Corps);  WAVES (Women Appointed for Voluntary Emergency Service).  Attributes – bareheaded girl in armour with sword, lance or banner.

Paradoxically, Christian people, good and bad alike, cheered at her demise.   Other Christians wept.   This incongruity may trouble us but Joan would have expected it.  The war she fought embroiled French Christians against English Christians.   We too have waged wars like that, pitting Christian against Christian.   Just as we may have felt that God was on our side, Joan believed that God was with the French.   When the judges who condemned her asked if the heavenly voices she followed to war spoke in English, she replied tartly, “Why should they speak English when they were not on the English side?”

Joan of Arc was born into the violent times of the fifteenth century.   During her childhood, King Henry V of England invaded France and seized Normandy.   He laid claim to the crown of the French king, Charles VI, who was mentally ill.   Paralysed by civil war between the duke of Burgundy and the duke of Orleans, the French could not put up much of a defense.  Things worsened when agents of the duke of Orleans murdered the duke of Burgundy.  The Burgundians reacted by becoming England’s allies. Eventually, Burgundian mercenaries brought the war home to Joan’s family. The raiders sacked the little village of Domrémy-la-Pucelle, forcing them to flee.   Thus, the indiscriminate brutality of war disrupted Joan of Arc’s pleasant childhood to acquaint her with fear.

Born of a fairly well-to-do peasant couple in Domremy-Greux southeast of Paris, Joan was only 12 when she experienced a vision and heard voices that she later identified as Saints Michael the Archangel, Catherine of Alexandria, and Margaret of Antioch.

By May 1428, Joan’s voices had become relentless and specific. They directed her to go at once to a town nearby and to offer her services to Robert de Baudricourt, the commander of the royal forces. Reluctantly, she obeyed. De Baudricourt, however, greeted her with laughter, telling her that her father should give her a good spanking.

At that time, conditions were deteriorating for the French.   The English had put Orleans under siege, and the stronghold was in grave danger. Joan’s voices became more insistent. “But I am merely a girl! I cannot ride a horse or wield a weapon!” she protested.

“It is God who commands it!” came the reply.

Unable to resist any longer, Joan secretly made her way back to de Baudricourt.   When she arrived she told the commander a fact she could have known only by revelation.   She said the French army—on that very day—had suffered a defeat near Orleans.   Joan urged him to send her to Orleans so that she might fulfill her mission.   When official reports confirmed Joan’s word, de Baudricourt finally took her seriously and sent her to Charles VII.

She was outfitted with white armour and provided a special standard bearing the names Jesus and Mary.   The banner depicted two kneeling angels offering a fleur-de-lis to God. On April 29, 1429, Joan led her army into Orleans.   Miraculously, she rallied the town.  By May 8, the French had captured the English forts and had lifted the siege. An arrow had penetrated the armour over Joan’s breast but the injury was not serious enough to keep her out of the battle.   Everything, including the wound, occurred exactly as Joan had prophesied before the campaign.  A peasant maiden had defeated the army of a mighty kingdom, a humiliation that demanded revenge.

The way to Reims was now open.  Joan urged the immediate coronation of the king but the French leaders dragged their feet.  Finally, however, at Reims on July 17, 1429, Charles VII was anointed king of France.  The Maid of Orleans stood triumphantly at his side. Joan had accomplished her mission.

During the battles at Orleans, the voices had told Joan she had only a little time left.   Her shameful end lurked ominously in the shadows.   Later, she sustained a serious arrow wound in the thigh during an unsuccessful attack on Paris.   In May 1430, after spending the winter in court, she led a force to relieve Compiègne, which the Burgundians had under siege.   Her effort failed, and the Burgundians captured her.

Through the summer and fall, the duke of Burgundy held Joan captive.   The French, apparently ungrateful, made no effort to rescue her or obtain her release.   On November 21, 1430, the Burgundians sold Joan to the English for a large sum.  The English were quite eager to punish the maiden who had bested them.   They could not execute Joan for winning but they could impose capital punishment for sorcery or heresy.   For several months she was chained in a cell in the castle at Rouen, where five coarse guards constantly taunted her.   In February 1431, Joan appeared before a tribunal headed by Peter Cauchon, the avaricious and wicked bishop of Beauvais.

Joan had no chance for a fair trial.   She stood alone before devious judges, an uneducated girl conducting her own defense.   The panel interrogated her six times in public, nine times in private.   They questioned her closely about her visions, voices, male dress, faith and submissiveness to the church.  Giving good, sometimes even unexpectedly clever answers, Joan handled herself courageously.   However, the judges took advantage of her lack of education and tripped her up on a few slippery theological points.   The panel packed its summary with her damaging replies and condemned her with that unfair report.   They declared that demons inspired her revelations.   The tribunal decided that unless Joan recanted, she was to die as a heretic.   At first she refused.   But later, when she was taken before a huge throng, she seems to have made some sort of retraction.

Cauchon visited her, observed her dress,and determined that she had fallen back into error.   Joan, her strength renewed, then repudiated her earlier retraction.   She declared that God had truly commissioned her and that her voices had come from him.   Having condemned Joan of Arc as a relapsed heretic, the judges remanded her to the state for execution.   The next morning she was taken into Rouen’s public square and burned at the stake.

Twenty-three years later, however, Joan’s mother and brothers asked that her case be reopened.   Pope Callistus III appointed a commission to review the matter.   In 1456, the new panel repudiated the trial and verdict and completely restored Joan’s reputation. Once again her piety and exemplary conduct had triumphed.

Maybe Yellow isn’t Guilty?

The special has aired, and with it we’re getting lots of new information regarding a lot of things. With that information some of it is starting to make Yellow Diamond seem like the one behind Pink Diamond’s demise, though it doesn’t stop me from thinking ‘maybe she isn’t guilty?’. I’d like to think that her reaction to the evidence pointing at her was her being absolutely fucking pissed at someone accusing her of shattering someone that could’ve very likely been as close to her as she seems to be with Blue. I mean, who wouldn’t be pissed at someone accusing you of killing your best friend?

It just also feels so… deliberate that the evidence present points at her. You know that little thing called a red herring? I get the distinct impression that that’s what we’re seeing and that there’s still information that we’re missing out of all of this. I dunno, it just seems a tad fishy to me that we’d get the answer to ‘Whodunnit’ so soon.

But if it was Yellow, then why?


At long last we are ready to share One Line with you all.
This is a song about a bard. If you aren’t into epic DnD tales, you can think of it as being about a high-flying person who has it all but the one thing they really wish for. ‘One line’ refers to the fact that they only have one string to their bow - in the case of this particular character, that is their music.

If you do enjoy an epic role-playing story or two then you might like to know that this is a song about a character from a character. The lyrics were written shortly after the demise of my late bard Archer il Viren (who the song refers to) and are from the point of view of my other character Lilta. Archer played electric guitar, in a place where there wasn’t really any such thing as an electric guitar. He used cutting words, glamour and wit to make his way. He made a deep impression on most people. Everyone but one. When you hear the epic guitar solos in One Line, know that Archer is playing to you from beyond the grave. If you listen carefully towards the end you might even hear him sing. Lilta plays bass, and you will hear his mournful solo before the bridge.

The following is a eulogy I wrote in Lilta’s hand. The music he makes at the end would undoubtedly be this song, One Line. Though my voice is a poor conduit, it is Lilta that sings this song of admiration and sadness.

He flew through our lives like a shooting star and was gone.
If of anyone, the words ‘live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful memory’ were an apt description, it was Archer il Viren. 
Though he harassed me, rejected me, scorned me, and tortured me, and then left me this guitar to keep on doing all those things for him after he was gone, I will miss Archer every day that I live. 
He lived in a blaze of willful thought, ever in battle against his heart. When I first met Archer, he was running away from home. I said to him, 
‘What is there at home that has made you leave?’ and he told me,
‘Rais is at home, and I am going to get free of her. I am going to find someone else and go far away with them.’ And then next thing I knew, that someone else turned out to be my girlfriend Yaule, and the two of them disappeared off into the sunset.

You might wonder why I loved Archer, after all that. I can’t explain it.
It cannot be understood in words, what that man was. But perhaps it can be explained, as he would have explained it, in music. I think he made himself that way, because music was his soul, and he wanted it to be ours too. Perhaps if we listen hard enough, he will play to us still. 

Kilarbi, lend me your soul in this hour, that I might find in my heart music worthy of preserving Archer’s memory. 

anonymous asked:

Whenever I start missing harry, I think about how harry posted the another man covers with no warning or about how he was on the cover of RS or recorded most of his album in Jamaica and filmed a whole bts feature about it and planned all of these other amazing things without us having any idea about them ahead of time.... basically harry is the master of the life-changing surprise and there's no telling what he could be plotting next

He’s so dramatic. I love him so much, I know he’s plotting our inevitable demise right now.

Oh my gosh, this special was amazing! I’m still trying to process all of it. In true SU style, this bomb left us with more questions than answers.

The thing I keep thinking about is the whole mystery surrounding Pink Diamond’s demise. It feels like those Phoenix Wright games in which you have to come up with all sorts of possibilities, no matter how farfetched they sound.

… At this moment, I’m 90% sure that our Pearl was the one who did it. I’m just not sure what exactly made her do it.

Here’s my theory.

Our Pearl was White Diamond’s Pearl and was ordered to shatter PD. Maybe WD had a beef with PD, and forced her Pearl to shapeshift into Rose after she got past Pink’s guards, so they could frame her. And then, WD was going to shatter Pearl because she knew too much. Rose saved her and that’s how Pearl joined the CG. This would explain why Pearl never shapeshifts and looks so traumatized when she has to remember the whole incident.

I know this theory probably has many flaws, but I’m just brainstorming here, and I’ll write down more theories later when I’m not so sleepy.

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A man sat in the middlle of a stark white room, nothingness surrounding him. He'd been there for days on end, agreeing on something he regrets. It was one of those times in his life, wherein he wished his own friend's demise. It was always normal to him to want death upon people, he was a psychopath it was to be expected, but this time was different.



Every day is scary
Because there is a loss of hope in humanity,
For the life that extends at large
Seems to fall into the rigid patterns void of any stars.
Its scary, to be so real and aware
When barely anyone around seems to feel this despair
It’s alarming this new future that arises
With the fate of technology, corruption, and various disguises,
Nowadays even the humble seems to demise
Nowadays even the hopeful seem to cry.

the signs as Legend of Zelda characters

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Aries: Zant

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Taurus: Medli

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Gemini: Ganondorf

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Cancer: Fi

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Leo: Ghirahim

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Virgo: Zelda

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Libra: Tetra

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Scorpio: Impa

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Sagittarius: Demise

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Capricorn: Midna

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Aquarius: Link

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Pisces: Navi

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