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Haha I’ve seen a lot of Samoyeds do that! Does young Skook do that as well?

He does! Sometimes just to bug him I’ll tuck my arms away so he can’t reach, then he puts one paw on the chair, then the other, and basically climbs up it to expose his belly for petting, because obviously once I see that there’s no way I’ll be able to resist (I *think* might be his thought process??)

Then if I still don’t pet him he seems to get confused…

and if I *still* don’t start petting him again he starts to plot my untimely demise so I try not to let it get that far


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1. Sunrises or sunsets? Both. 

2. Your most rewatched movie? Requiem for a dream. 

3. Favourite season? Autumn ^^

4. The colour of your eyes? Green 

5. Karma or revenge? Neither. Life goes on.

6. Guilty pleasure? Food xD

7. Cup size? (that can work for male and female!) 75C, unfortunately.

8. Allergic to anything? Yeap, I’m allergic to stupid people

9. Why you should follow me? You shouldn’t :p unless you’re depressed, anorexic, bipolar, in love with nature and wolves. 

10. Something you love about Tumblr? The fact that you can be anyone/anything you want.

11. Do you forgive or forget? It depends. I may forgive you but I’ll never forget what you did. I’m working on that, though.  

12. Dom or Sub? It depends, too. :3  

13. When was the last time you had sex? A few days ago. 

14. What is the best advice you can give? Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Choice is yours! 

15. Favourite memory? Oh, well! I have a lifetime to reflect upon. Impossible to pick just one favourite memory out of 21-year-worth, but, I’m enjoying the on flow of goodness in my mind as I try and remember them all. 

I’m sick.
Sick from those endless days
Of denying my mortality-
Sat shivering in the night
Giving up on my reality-

My fantasy.
The unforgiving regime
Of deadly perfection-
Equates my lifeless eyes
My dull disconnection-

From life.
There was more to it
Than met the eye-
My twisted inner mind
Demanding my demise-

I am sick.
Sick from your fatal infection
Dizzying hullabaloo-
And I’m still sick with your presence
And I’m finally sick of you.“

—  Sick.

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SU has also a few things from Brigadoon. When the gems are badly hurt, they retreat in their stones like the Monomakias go in their ampoules. When Steven imagines all the bad things that could lead to his demise, in the end he sees himself as a skeleton, just like Marin when her imagination runs too wild.

Yep, I’ve already noticed the first thing (hella injured = return to your gem/ampoule).


I’ve never realised that they could share the same amount of wild imagination!


My vessel holds a sunken sun,
Crimson and vast as quick demise.
My vessel burns with holy flame
And pins five quasars in each eye.
Ae shivers with unearthly dawn
And feeds aerself the golden sky,
And I am proud. My vessel knows
That this is why we will not die.

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One more drag from the pipe. “Does that mean that blood spilled by an assassin is the assassin’s to carry? Isn’t that the burden of the contractor?”

“Hmm, well, you pay the assassin for the service so in that case the contractor is to blame. With a god they don’t have to do it. For an assassin it’s their job so if you pay them technically they do it whether they like it or not.”

Should Roman finally meet an unpleasant demise?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot the past couple of weeks and thought I’d finally share my thoughts.

Obviously there are those out there who despise his guts and would love to see his throat slit. He has been written as a malicious, sadistic, controlling, psychologically abusive, villainous and heartless man who seems to thrive off of the pain of others, so of course the hate is warranted.

I myself feel very ambivalent towards the character. I personally find appeal in villains and Rowan Pope is probably the best villain in the history of television. Villains bring an exciting and captivating element to shows because you never know what they’re gonna do next, they get shit done and they can be total badasses.

However, Rowan’s mistreatment of Olivia is just something I can’t let go of. He is absolutely disgusting when it comes to her. The psychological and emotional abuse, the trauma, manipulation, neglect, lack of unconditional love and abandonment he has inflicted upon her angers me to no end because it has seriously damaged her. Maya stated in 409 that he ruined her and she couldn’t have been more right. Honestly, I don’t know how much more trauma and psychological damage I can watch Liv experience because it breaks my heart.

I’ve never actually wanted Rowan dead, I have however wanted him to redeem himself for all damage he has inflicted onto his daughter or at least apologise. I’d actually like to see maybe some flashbacks from Olivia’s childhood to see how he was with her when she was younger (Another reason I’m salty about Liv’s development not seeming to be a priority And what about Maya? Does she no longer care about her?) It would be good to see if at one point throughout Olivia’s life if he was a half decent father, in fact that’s all I’ve ever wanted from Rowan. 

Now we had a few cute father/daughter moments earlier this season and I thought things would finally change but this weeks episode was the final straw. Do I believe he should be slaughtered once and for all? HELL NO! And let me explain why. 1) He really isn’t worth it. He isn’t worth feeling guilty over. 2) Despite how it may appear Olivia feels about him, I believe deep down she does love him and that is what truly hurts her. No matter what terrible act he seems to be guilty of she can’t help but desperately want him to change, to finally love her as a father should love his only daughter. He is still her father at the end of the day and no child wants to see their parent as Earth’s edition to Lucifer, trust me! Killing him would probably just bring more damage to her. And 3) Death is just too easy of a route out. Rowan deserves to rot in a cell and live with the fact that he has finally lost for the rest of his life knowing he could have redeemed himself and he chose not to. He deserves to live with the decisions he’s made throughout life. This is much worse than death in my opinion and I really hope the writers make this happen.

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Tav. I'm sure you don't need to be told this but just in case, don't trust him. Seth especially is a God of chaos, violence, disorder, you name it. He killed his own brother. Plus, as Ra's protector who knows what he'd do. Be careful.

TRUST? HA! No….I will be his demise….

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but wait just imagine FD Link being taller than Demise im crying

bruh isn’t Demise like hella fucking tall? maybe Ganondorf’s height instead???

idk if one could handle thighs so mighty holy shit

my heart fell from their hands, and into those of another.

as it slipped from their grip and hurdled to the earth,
i thought to myself,
“oh, shit - this is really gonna hurt.”
i braced myself!
i prepared to watch it shatter.
i’d prepared for the worst, for happily never-after.

but the fall never came, to my shock and surprise;
it seemed my heart had escaped it’s unseemly demise.
for when it tumbled from their hands,
past perfect, slender fingers,
it fell so damn slow, that i could have sworn it lingered.
it started beating, and i started breathing -
for you see their grip had been so tight, 
that my poor heart,
it was bleeding.

the impact never came.
there was no scattering of arteries, no bursting of veins -
for all intensive purposes, it stayed exactly the same.
they stopped it from falling, they cradled it close,
they wrapped their tender hands around it,
and banished all its ghosts.

my heart fell from their hands, and into those of another.
and i’ll admit, i still love you
- my friend, my almost lover -
but it’s time to move on,
because your grip was more like a smother.
and maybe i could’ve loved you like no one else, like no other,
but what’s the point in dwelling?
if my heart is a bomb, then it’s swelling -
so take cover.

—  hand to hand.
A Few Fern-Related Words

When co-writing Arrow’s third season premiere, I had an instinct to have Felicity spruce up the lair with a potted plant.  (Honest to god, I have no idea where this impulse came from.)  The lair is very light-challenged, so the plant had to be able to thrive in such conditions.  A quick Google search pointed me towards ferns.

And, thus, the “Felicity Fern” (a/k/a “Love Fern” and my personal favorite, “Yao Fern” was born).

Little did I know what passion this humble household plant would engender in some of our viewership, specifically the “Olicity Shippers.”

I’ve joked on this Tumblr about harnessing the power of that viewership “for good.”

Well, now it’s time to put that to the test.

Last Wednesday night, we aired Ep. 3x19 of Arrow which included, among other things, the Fern’s demise.  Later that same night, our production team shot brand new footage featuring the Fern.

I plan to release that footage online before Ep. 3x20 airs on Wednesday night.

But there’s a catch.

And here’s where the “harnessing power for good” comes in.

Savannah Strain is a young girl who developed an interest in archery thanks to “Brave” and “The Hunger Games.”  (Sadly, not “Arrow,” apparently.)  

Savannah plays (shoots? aims?  archerys?) for the Benton Louisiana Tigers Archery Team.  The Tigers just made the NASP (National Archery School Program) National Competition.  To enter, however, the team needs to raise $15,000.  (Any money raised over this goal will go to fund future endeavors and needs of the team. )

To this end, her uncle has set up a Gofundme site, which I’ll link to in a second.

When you go to the sight, you’ll note something interesting about Savanna.  

Due to a congenital abnormality, she was born without a left hand.

I think we can all agree that a left hand would help a lot if one wanted to compete in archery at the national level.  But Savannah’s obvious grit and determination have gotten her over this obstacle.

You can read more about her at the aforementioned Gofundme site:

As of this writing, her team is still short of their $15,000 funding goal.

So here’s the deal:

I’ll keep checking the site and if the team’s goal of $15,000 is met, I’ll post this special shot-just-for-you-guys Fern footage before Ep. 3x20 airs on Wednesday night.

Sound fair?

Congo Monkey Spotted Decades After Species’ Alleged Demise

Welcome back, Bouvier’s red colobus monkey. It’s been a while.

The African primate hasn’t been seen since the 1970s and was assumed to have become extinct.

But, in a statement released late last week, the Wildlife Conservation Society says two primatologists working in the forests of the Republic of Congo were successful in a quest begun in February to confirm reports that Bouvier’s is still out there. They returned with a first-ever snapshot of a mother and infant.

“Our photos are the world’s first and confirm that the species is not extinct,” Lieven Devreese, one of the field researchers, was quoted in the WCS statement as saying.

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downpour ✾ jackson

“You’re crazy to walk home in this weather.”

You shuffle your feet by the door and adjust the scarf hanging around your neck. “I’ll be fine,” you mutter. “It’s only like, a fifteen minute walk.”

“Why don’t you just call Jackson to pick you up? I don’t get it,” Seoyeon sighs and grabs a pink umbrella by her coat. “Here. If you’re too stubborn to call him at least use this.”

“Thanks,” you grab the umbrella and eye the murky sky outside the window pane of the small coffee shop. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

— — —

Jackson hasn’t spoken to you in the past three days (let alone notice you for that matter) so when you come home drenched head to toe with the umbrella dangling by your side, you definitely did not expect this.

You’re barely two steps in the house when a pair of arms throw themselves around your body and haul you flush to their own. Your wet clothes meet dry ones as you stumble forward and cling onto the pair of arms tightly wrapped around your body.

“Are you crazy?!” Jackson holds you closer to him like his life depends on it, “Why weren’t you answering your phone?!”

Evidently at a loss for words, you remain rooted on the ground, fingers awkwardly clutching on to your boyfriend’s upper arms. “Um, I never felt it vibrate,” you manage sheepishly.

“Idiot,” he murmurs into your neck. “You had me worried sick… What would I do if you never came back home?” He pulls away to examine your current state, lips tweaking into a frown when he sees drips of water pooling by your wet sneakers.

You squirm under his scrutiny, averting your eyes from his, “Um, it was raining pretty hard…”

“And this is all my fault,” Jackson sighs under his breath; it’s his turn to avoid your gaze. “I’m sorry.”

“No,” you grab his hand, “I should be the one apologizing. I completely understand why you got mad and—”

“Stop.” Jackson anchors you back into his arms and plants a warm kiss on your forehead, muttering, “I had no reason to ignore you. What if something… what if something happened to you?”

“But nothing happened, Jackson.” You poke his cheek and untangle yourself from his arms. “Now, let’s just put this behind us so I can go take a warm shower and change into some comfortable clothes, okay?”

Jackson’s fingers coil around your wrist and pull you to him once more, connecting your lips to his. It’s a kiss that doesn’t last long but one that conveys sincere emotion, countless apologies pouring into the way he presses his mouth against yours.

When he pulls away, he pushes you towards the bathroom. “Now go get comfortable! I’ll make you hot chocolate and we can watch the new episode of that show you love so much, okay?”


LAR Grizzly MARK I

An oversized 1911 variant that was primarily chambered in magnum calibers; .357 Mag, .44 Mag, .45 Win Mag, and .50 AE. Legal issues brought against the manufacturer, LAR, eventually caused the demise of the Grizzly series. It’s long standing rival, the Desert Eagle however managed to carve itself into pop culture, being one of the most recognized “big handguns” in the world, whereas the Grizzly is largely obscure. (GRH)