There’s quite a few differences between the Moana book and the movie. Some of them I really appreciate!

For example:

  • Moana is given more of a chance to change and grow up in the initial part of the movie, instead of speeding through it during the song.
  • She makes the suggestion to go beyond the reef at a village council meeting… The first one she ever led.
  • Moana vents anger by smacking coconuts with an oar (and they specifically bring up this habit again when she fights the kakamora)
  • Tamatoa’s insecure as hell, but he’s also a lot more violent. He actually pins Maui down by jabbing his claw into the demi-god’s backstory tattoo while he verbally rips him apart.
  • Heihei accidentally untethered the boat while Moana and Maui were in Lalotai, so they had to use some of the wreckage of the kakamora boat to go find him.
  • Maui gets a lot more time to practice and refine his shapeshifting before confronting Te Ka.