Heroes of Olympus ~ Romans + Greeks

We are the Children of the Great Empire
We will, we will, we will rise again…

Arts by Viria

Song: Conquistador

Edited by me. The song seemed to fit so well… It makes me think of Romans especially, you know… the Great Empire that will rise again. Then Viria’s drawings are just so perfect. And the song is pretty amazing, too. So… there it is. 


You bought a star in the sky tonight
Because your life is dark and it needs some light
You named it after me, but I’m not yours to keep
Because you’ll never see, that the stars are free…

A little contribution for the Darling Pandom cause it’s one of the best ever. I love all of you guys as much as I love Darling Pan ♡


Hey Brother, do you still believe in one another?
Hey Sister, do you still believe in love, I wonder?
Oh, if the sky comes falling down, for you
There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do…

«We stick together as one. Always and Forever.» {X}