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그리구!! 진무룩은!!
진진의무시못할룩 이랍니당😎
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A picture to Arohas who want to see the picture without the filter~💜
Also!! Jin UL is!!
JinJin’s Unavoidable Look😎
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i was on this stone walkway with my best friend and my brother but the stone walkway was in the middle of a crowded water park. also the walkway was like, raised 6+ feet up by consecutive layers of larger and larger rocks. so we were walking along and i look ahead and i didnt pay attention and sort of slid off so i hung on the edge and screamed and i yelled for my brother to help me but he was talking to someone ahead of us on the walkway. that person was my 6th grade school librarian. so my best friend helps me up and librarian goes “hey, that isn’t appropriate for school!” i forgot to mention i was wearing a crop top (which is normal for me). so i was like “mrs L we aren’t even in school!” and she just “I don’t care it’s not appropriate, go to the principals office!” and i fell off the walkway into a pool and woke up

since mark and jeno have androids and everyone else has iphones they never get group texts and everytime the share pictures the boys are like airdrop me that pic and mark and jeno r like ha h ah a h a… same

Giá mà tối nay đi ngủ, sáng hôm sau dậy thấy mình bé lại, đang học tiểu học hay mẫu giáo gì đó, há mồm chờ ăn sáng rồi lên xe mẹ chở đến trường. Tự nhiên nghĩ rằng, nếu được thế thì tốt biết bao, nhất định nhất định sẽ không mong lớn nhanh, không mong một mình ở nhà nữa. Nếu được thế, gặp đứa ngày bé mình ghét nhất mình cũng sẽ không chửi nhau với nó, nhất định sẽ xông đến ôm nó rồi bắt tay rối rít, “thế mới biết mày vẫn tốt chán so với đứa tao ghét của rất nhiều năm sau này”. 
Giá mà.


Wow. All I can say is thank you, thank you for all the kind messages everyone has sent me. Whether it was on here or twitter, I’m amazed at the responses I’ve been getting. The love and support from this community is one of the things that originally drew me in. I never imagined my art would take me here but I’m thankful that I got to be apart of this charity stream. I want to thank all of those who donated or signal boosted the stream in anyway you could. You all helped an amazing cause today. I’m so proud of all of you and what this community is able to accomplish. <3

The Signs + Who Their Brother Is In NCT

Aries: Taeil

Taurus: Hansol

Gemini: Chenle

Cancer: Jeno

Leo: Jaemin

Virgo: Winwin

Libra: Yuta

Scorpio: Kun

Sagittarius: Haechan

Capricorn: Mark

Aquarius: Taeyong

Pisces: Jaehyun