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HELLOOO! ❤️❤️Without doing any test, what would you think are the signs of each god claiming you? For example: if you get straight A's, you might be athenas child or if you do music, you might be apollos child or if you feel the need to buy adidas hermes, you might be hermes child lol

Hi :) Well… I made the test because literally every other quiz out there had very stereotypical answers like DO YOU LIKE ARCHITECTURE???? OR FLYING? OR SWIMMING? Buuuuuut if we’re gonna do a High School stereotype of each god/cabin, let’s make it a proper one shall we (rubs hands)

Zeus: Class President, volunteering, leader of group projects, head of debate club and MUN, does AP Gov and Politics, thinks theyre the most popular kid, headstrong

Poseidon: yachting, canoeing, is super chill and funny, actually the most popular kid cuz Zeus kids are too domineering, swim team, equestrians, loyal, creative. always wants to help, resting bitch face

Hera: Homecoming Queen, yearbook committee, always wants everyone to do their best and look good, constantly sidelined but actually really smart, manipulative, perfectionist

Demeter: BAKE SALES AND FOOD FAIRS, vegetarian, biology and botany is their best subject, wears earth tones, florals, pastels etc. actually wore a flower crown once unironically, motherly and bossy

Ares: signs up for eVERY SPORT, huge jock kids, hit puberty too early, sports scholarships, patriotic, family of vets and soldiers, (probably your bullies), also probably beats up your bullies, loud and commanding

Athena: Vice President, actually does all of Zeus kid’s work, valedictorian, straight As, Ivy League schools, arrogant, never pays attention in class or takes notes, but somehow remembers everything

Apollo: Theater star, wears a fedora and brings a ukelele to school, sweet-talker, school radio/emcee, teacher’s favorite, was the only kid who loved Advanced English Literature, underestimated, probably covered in paint

Artemis: Nature Photography, always on the field trip committee, combat boots and flannels, edgy haircuts, only one who can put the jocks in their place, Girl Scouts, sprinters

Hephaestus: Future engineers, tech whizzes, special effects, lights and AV club, creative and precise, shone during science fairs and carpentry, down-to-earth and funny, hide their feelings behind a mask

Aphrodite: Cheerleaders, popular girls, valentines day committee, empathetic, the kids who would listen to your problems, natural artists, latest trends, instagram and snapchat, EQ is off the charts, all-rounders, never taken seriously

Hermes: sneaker enthusiast, entrepreneurs, best Emcees and hosts, class clowns, easily the most liked, detentions, 100m dash, social media freaks, up to date on current affairs, too cool for school to join the MUN, Business Management, troublemakers

Dionysus: that one stoner kid who went through all of hs high but never got caught, video game geek, throws the best parties, loves Halloween, open-minded, spontaneous, sassy as hell, unpredictable

Hades: went through a emo/goth phase, loved rock/punk music, dressed in jewel tones and blacks, actually super nice and cool to hang with, insecure but strong as hell, nobody messes with them, volunteers for projects others wont, smart and resourceful, always wears that one piece of jewelry every day no matter what

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Would you ever consider doing headcanons about capers with illnesses? As in a child of Apollo with depression or a child of Aphrodite with Type 1 Diabetes and stuff like that.

So I’ve had this question in my inbox since about October? And I’m very sorry for the delay in this Anon, but I really wanted to be careful with what I wrote, so here I am.

headcanons about campers with illnesses and disabilities.

  • A paralytic son of Zeus.
  • A son of Poseidon who was born without an arm.
  • A daughter of Demeter with celiac and gluten allergy.
  • A son of Ares with severe anxiety problems
  • A daughter of Athena with alzheimer
  • A mute deaf son of Apollo.
  • A son of Hephaestus with parkinson.
  • A daughter Aphrodite with diabetes type one
  • A son of Hermes with clinical depression
  • A son of Dionysus with OCD
  • A son of Hades with autism.
  • A blind daughter of Iris
  • A son of Hypnos with insomnia
  • A daughter of Nemesis with derealization
  • A daughter of Nike who’s a spoonie
  • A daughter of Hebe with thyroid disease
  • A daughter of Tyche with bipolar disorder
  • A daughter of Hecate with claustrophobia

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Out of the Seven couples and Caleo, who do you think would lose their virginity to each other first?!

That’s a good question, I would definately say Percabeth, but it isn’t because their by fav ship by far, it’s because there are literally no other ships that I think have the chemistry to make love to each other without it being awkward and more like a one-night stand. Here’s why:

I think Jiper wouldn’t sleep together until they are in a relationship with each other longer because not only have they not been together that long, but I think Jason is the type of person that would want it to be very meaningful and essentially perfect. I also think Piper wants to break the Aphrodite child norm. and sleep with someone because she actually cares and about them, which is why I believe Jiper will wait.

Frazel I also think that they are too young and innocent. I mean Hazel is only thirteen and I don’t believe that Frank really has the confidence. I want to believe that he most likely is still insecure about his body and because of this, is sacred to be so vulnerable and intimate with someone so soon. I believe it would be a few years at the least till they even consider making love.

Caleo’s ship well, I have already expressed my dislike for them, but I frankly think they need to get to know each other better. I mean unlike the other ships they haven’t endured “trauma” together which is something that bonds the other couples together. Also, personally I don’t know if Leo would have the confidence to, and if Calypso would even have the desire to.

Percabeth I think definitely would. They are at the age where they would probably think about doing it, but I also think they have been through so much together, and that along with Percy going missing, definitely teaches them to make the most of the time that they have together since they do not know if/when they will get separated again. Also I think they already know that they both love each other so much, so no matter how they do it, they know it means just as much to each other as it does themselves.

Those are my thoughts, however I truly do believe that Percabeth would loose their virginity to each other first since their ages match up, they have the chemistry, and the confidence.

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Can you do headcannos for the Poseidon cabin?

Coming right up!

  • Dunking their heads in the toilet has become their acceptance ritual. The campers basically do it to honour/ laugh at Percy again, but instead of an actual toilet, they just dunk them in a basin of water.
  • The love for blue food has spread through the cabin as well.
  • Poseidon campers sometimes sneak pegasi into their cabin, just to have conversations with them.
  • Strangely, the Poseidon cabin isn’t the one which has had the most floods over the years. That honour belongs to the Demeter cabin.
  • The kids of Poseidon have the most diverse range of personalities of all the cabins. 
  • Even though kids of Poseidon can talk to each other underwater, most of them are still fluent in sign language.
  • A lot of the Poseidon campers have been brought to camp by Nereids send by Poseidon himself instead of satyrs.
  • Poseidon often sends young cyclopses along with his demigod children when they go on a quest. 
  • The Poseidon campers always watch swimming competitions and other water sports together. On rare occasions when he feels like it or when it’s a really important competition like the olympics, Poseidon joins them.
  • Cabin 3 has a wall in which every kid of Poseidon has scratched their name, beginning with Percy, so that when there is another occasion in which there is only one camper, they don’t have to feel alone. 
  • A group of Poseidon campers have started a competition to change the colours of the CHB t-shirts to blue instead of orange, but it didn’t go through as all cabins eventually wanted another colour.
  • Children of Poseidon generally hate coffee. 

Here you go! I hope you like them and don’t forget to submit your own Poseidon headcanons as well!

- Marge



Son of Goddess of beauty, banished to the earth by the Garuda after he decided he had no redeeming quality other than his body and look. Sanji suffered starvation for a few months during his early stay on earth. He was later taken in by Zeff for the rest of his stay on earth, finding beauty in the art of cooking and adores it.

Later, he fell in love with another demigod, Zoro; son of god of war.



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Hairy aphrodite girls headcanons!! plssss

DUDE YES LIKE HELLO THEY WERE ALL MEDITERRANEAN OFC THEY HAVE BODY HAIR honestly this mandatory forced hairlessness as a beauty ideal is literally ridiculous. Unibrows were the height of beauty in ancient greece and now we gotta have perfectly manicured eyebrows all the damn time. and OM G i’m Indian so I’m very well versed in stupid body/face hair which really pisses me off cuz I don’t mind the hair at all but I’m super insecure about it even though I have no reason to be (men don’t care about their werewolf like pelts i meaaaan girls have got softer and lesser hair and somehow we’re meant to be less attractive with it on)

  • As with Aphrodite girls, I think as they are growing and younger, they’d prefer to be hairless and stick to the beauty ideals in magazines, and as they reach college age, many of them start to question and overthrow oppressive body images regimes. 
  • Like girls who are drop dead gorgeous but also hairy literally dont give a damn, cuz they love themselves and if boys/girls can’t handle it, then really its their problem is it not.
  • Younger campers struggling with body hair and crying when she’s waxing for the first time, and older girls helping her out and telling her its okay if she doesn’t want to but supports her decision
  • Their brothers lounging in just shorts and tell the girls that if I can display this hair that naturally grows on my body then you should be able to as well
  • One time, Drew made fun of a young girl’s upper lip hair and Piper punched her in the face. 
  • Young African-American demigods whose body hair isn’t as straight as other peoples, and feeling really self conscious about it, but then on a field trip to Olympus, they see their mother with ebony skin and rocking her natural hair (body and head) and they stop caring.
  • An Arab/Indian-American girl furiously asks Aphrodite one day, demanding to know why she made her so pretty but so hairy, and Aphrodite tells her “You don’t have to be beautiful for anyone else sweetie, beauty is for yourself. It’s simply a privilege that others get to look at you too. All my children have the ability to love themselves. Love yourself, and then nothing else will matter.”
  • Aphrodite girls end up getting all the other campers to stop worrying about their body hair, which inevitably forms a gang of girls who vehemently think girls shouldn’t shave/wax.
  • They end up bullying a Demeter girl for meticulously removing hair, and the Aphrodite girls don’t stand for it. They literally swoop down (pegasus flying lessons you see) and basically yell at the gang for not getting the point.
  • The point is that hair is fine and if you wish to display it, do so proudly. But don’t you ever dare tell someone they’re wrong for removing it, and wrong for feeling more comfortable a certain way. Love yourself, and let others do their own thing. Aphrodite girls who understand the true meaning of beauty is appreciating others for who they are.
Office Nerd

It was truly odd how I had come to find Wheeler so enticing.  He didn’t have an electric personality.  He wasn’t particularly charismatic other than being overall kind and pleasant.  Really, he was just a nerdy straight guy who wore glasses and the whole deal, but I must admit…it was pretty obvious he worked out…a lot!

My gaze often shifted to his round ass which was hugged snugly by every pair of pants he wore.  His arms were toned and solid, and his shirts were just snug enough to let me know his chest was sculpted and substantial.  I even enjoyed just looking at his back sometimes because even his back looked nice in a button-down shirt.  But it wasn’t just his hot and sexy body that made me want to enter him and inhabit him and use him.  He had always been nice to me, so this wasn’t about revenge.  I had never really felt jealous about him or his life, so it wasn’t some dose of crazy envy.  I think I just wanted to take over Wheeler simply because I could and because I knew for a fact that body hiding under those clothes was being underutilized.  

So I waited.  I didn’t know where Wheeler lived, so going into my astral form and zooming to his house was not an option.  I waited until the perfect time to strike at the office.  It was Friday and everyone else had cleared, but Wheeler was staying late trying to get a last-minute rushed assignment out the door before Saturday.  I pretended to be buried in my own work too, but really I was just browsing amazon, occasionally looking over to see how my weekend vacation was doing.  An hour passed and then another until finally it was 8pm and I heard him take a massive sigh of relief before leaning back and relaxing in his chair.  

I knew that was my moment.  In a silent flash my corporeal form disappeared, replaced by an invisible astral energy–my very essence and life force.  Wheeler yawned loudly, giving me an opening as I began diving down his throat.  

“HUH?!” Wheeler gasped loudly as his eyes shot open and he flopped around on the chair.  He made grunting and choking sounds as he grabbed at me, but his fingers just hit air.  It was impossible for him to stop me, and I took great satisfaction in that as I continued to slide down his throat and dissipate into his larger body.  

Wheeler had stopped grabbing at his throat and mouth and by now was gripping the armrests of his chair so hard his knuckles were turning white.  His back was arched violently as the veins on his neck bulged like he had just done a heavy lifting session until I finally swooped all the way in and fully entered him with a dull THUD.  Wheeler collapsed in his chair again, disheveled and gasping for breath before he groaned and grabbed at his head.  I was fully inside him, but now I enjoyed spreading my energy to fill every cell of his body.  My essence seeped down his abs and into his crotch, filling his dick and balls and working down to coat every shred of bone and muscle in his solid thighs and calves and finally down to the very tips of his toes.  

Wheeler hollered as he felt me encroach his chest, filling his hard-earned pecs and traveling down to his fingertips.  

The nerd’s back was arched again as I took my time seeping up his neck.  I wanted to really draw this out and make him feel it as my essence took over one little bit of his brain after another until all that was left of his conscious self was an abstract shade of a person with no memories or understanding of anything other than he was seconds away from being fully invaded by me.  

As I overtook the very last neuron in Wheeler’s brain and filled his body 100% with my essence, every muscle in his body seized up at once.  For a few seconds there was just darkness until I finally gasped for breath and opened clenched eyelids, feeling sweat dripping underneath my clothing and feeling a weight and power that I was not used to.  

Wheeler’s face took on an uncharacteristic grin as I embraced my victory.

“Ohhhhh fuck yeah this is gonna be a weekend to remember,” I said aloud as I grabbed the slabs of muscles on my chest and finally felt those toned pecs I had wanted to touch for so long.  Wheeler’s voice moaning was something I didn’t know I would enjoy so much, but my God I was making myself so hard as I explored his body.  I gave Wheeler’s nipples a sharp twist and literally bit my lip and yelled as I felt the blood flow into Wheeler’s cock.  

I ravenously undid the belt and got the pants unbuttoned before sliding the pants down to my ankles and letting that fine stick of all American sausage stand long and tall.  Girth was admittedly not one of Wheeler’s gifts, and I could tell it was a grower and not a shower, but I had other plans for this body anyway.  I flexed those plump butt cheeks I have admired so much and felt a chill course up my spine.  With a mischevious smirk on my stolen face, I got out Wheeler’s phone and added the grindr app before making a profile and finding a suitable fuckbuddy for the night to break in that tight virgin straightboy ass.  

I fiddled through Wheeler’s wallet and found his ID–all I needed to type his address into Google Maps and make it back to my home for the weekend.  

It was so exciting to be using his phone and driving his car–things that I was free to do now that I was the rightful owner of his body and life.  Luckily, there was free street parking right in front of the house, and as I entered the front door I was greeted by Wheeler’s roommates.  They looked a little less nerdy–I think I remember Wheeler mentioning once that they were in the same college fraternity.  Oh this is gonna be exciting later…

I just did my best Wheeler greeting and then made a lucky guess as I went up the stairs and ended up in a loft style bedroom that was definitely Wheeler’s room and refuge.  

I hopped onto the bed and just enjoyed rolling around and getting buried in the covers for a minute.  I huffed in the scent of the sheets and blankets, taking in Wheeler’s scent and getting a sick kink that this was now my scent.  I could tell it had been a while since Wheeler had changed the sheets and I was oh so glad.  

“Okay sexy boy, let’s see who wants to plow your virgin hole.”

I bit my lip playfully as I scrolled through the dozens upon dozens of men who had messaged me just during the short car ride home.  

There were typical old men, DILFs, bears, younger gymheads, male model types, and even a few twink types who all expressed an interest in plowing a load into me.  I got real turned on for a second imagining a lean twink making me his bottom whore, but I needed someone with a little more power.  That’s when I saw a message from Rodrigo, a sexy latino looking stud with a powerful cut body, and a nice long, thick dick.  He was the one, and I didn’t even waste any time as I sent him Wheeler’s address and a slutty picture of Wheeler’s virgin ass.  

Rodrigo was listed as just 350 feet away–he actually lived on the same block, so it took him literally just a few minutes to walk over and ring the bell.  

“I got it!” I hollered as I bounded down the steps and watched one of Wheeler’s roommates sit back down in front of the TV.

“Fuck yeah, Wheeler, you invite Cindy over again?” this eternal frat boy asked me before I opened the door and blushed at the sight of my latino demigod.  

I didn’t answer the fratty roomie–I just grabbed Rodrigo’s hand and led him up to Wheeler’s room, though I made sure to give the shocked roommate a telling wink.  

As soon as I closed the door Rodrigo immediately pushed me up against the wall.  He was my stolen body’s equal in strength, but I wasn’t going to resist unless he wanted me to put up some sexy struggle.  Nah, I was all his to use for his pleasure.  

“So your name’s Wheeler, eh?  How does a sexy cutie like you stay a virgin this long?” he asked before forcing our mouth’s together and exploring my mouth with his tongue.  He was grinding his crotch against mine as he kept me firmly pressed up against the wall, and I just gently moaned and squirmed as he rubbed our cocks together and reached his hands up my shirt to revel in Wheeler’s hard-earned body.  

“Fuck those are nice abs!” he exclaims, giving me a break from the kiss and a chance to catch my breath.  “Really, how have you stayed a virgin so long?”

“All this time I’ve been going after pussy, but today at the office I really felt it deep inside that all I want to do is get fucking pounded by studs like you,” I lied before reaching down to rub Rodrigo’s cock through his denim.  Fuck, I could feel that he had a massive cock.  Wheeler is definitely going to be walking funny on Monday at the office.  

“mmmmm nothing like breaking in a straight boy.  I had a lot planned for you, but let’s not make you wait anymore for that cock you’re craving,” he said before spinning me around and pushing me hard onto the bed.  I landed with a thud, and before I could even catch my breath Rodrigo was tearing open my fly and pulling off Wheeler’s work pants.  He threw them into the corner before kicking off his shoes and then ripping off my sucks, sucking on my toes for about a minute while he got his own jeans and boxers kicked off.  

He released my toes and made me gasp as he ripped my boxers off and aggressively tore off Wheeler’s workshirt, sending several buttons flying across the room before he tossed the shirt in a heap with Wheeler’s work pants.  

“Fuck me, look at that body…” Rodrigo said as he wrestled off his own T-shirt before crawling between my open legs and joining me naked in the bed.  

This sexy latino stud tasted my mouth some more before working his way down my neck, down to my chest and abs.  He got a good taste of Wheeler’s sculpted torso before pulling back and grabbing the lube on Wheeler’s nightstand.

“Time to use this on your pussy, straightboy,” he said with an alluring smirk as he kept the bottle handy and pulled out a magnum condom for his thick, tan rod.  

He looked at me intently as he smeared some lube over his cock and over my entrance.  As a test, he slowly slid his index finger in and I winced as he slowly worked up to the knuckle.  He wriggled his finger a little and I literally gasped as I felt Wheeler’s hole seize up and tighten around the finger.  Fuck Fuck holy fuck I’ve never had a hole this tight before!

“I should really get you warmed up, but I think a stud like you can take it,” Rodrigo said as he pulled his index finger out of me.  

“Wait what do you mean? Shouldn’t we just–Ummmfff” I said with a thud as he grabbed my hips and yanked me closer to him.  

Legitimately worried about this absurd tightness I began to ask, “Wait, Rodrigo, do you think we should at least wait until I can do 2 fingers? I mean this hole is so tight OhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHH!!!!!! FUCK!” I yelled out as he pressed his cock head against my virgin hole and began leaning in hard.  

Wheeler’s hole clamped shut out of instinct, but Rodrigo kept pushing into me.  It was agony, and I was literally thrashing just trying to get away from him, but he kept such a strong grip on my hips.  

“RELAX!” he ordered as I slammed my fists onto the bed and started clenching my teeth and breathing deep.  

“Fuck yeah, man.  Relax that tight virgin hole.  Lemme in.  Let this big magnum cock in.” Rodrigo said soothingly as he kept pressing more and more until I gasped and felt my hole completely swallow his fat cockhead.  

My eyes practically rolled to the back of my head as he smirked and then slowly leaned forward, sliding all 8 thick inches in me to the hilt in one smooth thrust.  The veins on my neck were practically bursting, and I felt my face go bright red as I fought the urge to scream.  But he quickly leaned forward and slipped his tongue back in my mouth as he let his body weight drop down onto me so our chests were rubbing together.  

I moaned almost erratically into his mouth as I channeled the pain of being stuffed so full like this.  I knew it would only last a few minutes, no matter how tight Wheeler was.  And soon enough, I felt Wheeler’s mancunt start to relax its deathgrip, and then pain of being stuffed so full transitioned to comfort and security.  My erratic breathing turned into calm and contented sighs and that’s when Rodrigo perked up and got back on his knees.  

“Fuck yeah, Wheeler.  I think you’re ready.”

He slid out of me and gently thrust back into me and even though it still stung a little, I was rocked by electric sensation from head to toe.  This was unlike anything I ever felt, and I needed more.  I put my hands up behind my head as Rodrigo stated building up a rhythm–I was braced and ready for some fucking action.  

Rodrigo kept this up for at least fifteen minutes–slow and steady and letting me fully get used to his meat pistoning out of me, but by then I was totally adjusted.  I didn’t need him to go easy on me. Fuck no, I wanted him to treat this hole like it belonged to a lifelong twink powerbottom.  

“Ohhhhhhhhh come on!  Fuck me so hard!!!!” I begged.

Rodrigo grunted as he picked up his pace.  His thrusts were longer, faster and harder.  He was really hitting me in just the right spot and making sure he was pulling out as much as possible to really pump me full of as much dick as possible with each thrust.  Yes yes yes!!!! This is what I wanted to do with Wheeler’s sexy backdoor virgin body!!!! I blew air out of my mouth hard and closed my eyes, tssing my head back and craning my neck as I felt ecstasy in every stolen cell of Wheeler’s body.  

Oh my God I fucking rubbed my face and hair and bit my lip as Rodrigo started doing slower, but super deeo thrusts into me.  I lifted my left leg in the air and soon he literally found such a good angle to hit all of Wheeler’s sensitive spots.

But as nice as this felt, I just wanted to be pounded and used.  I spread my legs wider for Rodrigo to let him go even deeper and then I just couldn’t help it anymore.  I begged Rodrigo to fuck me like a piston and give it to me so hard and good.  With my head tossed back I reached both arms out and grabbed at the sheets, getting a good grip and squeezing that fabric for support.  

My moans were getting higher and louder–uncontrollable until I was basically screaming in joy and ecstasy–full on hollering with Wheeler’s deep and booming voice until I felt like I was shaking the house with my noises.  

“Fuck yeah you fucking love this cock!!!  Say you love this cock!!!” Rodrigo roared.  

“MMMMMNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG AAAAGGGHHHHHHHH FUCK FUCK FFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK YEAH!!!! I FUCKING LOVE YOUR COCK!!!!!” I yelled back full force.  I was tossing my head from side to side now, feeling like I was on another dimension as endorphins and dopamine and pure pleasure crashed through my bloodstream.  

I didn’t care if Wheeler’s roommates heard me.  This was my weekend with Wheeler’s body.  Until Sunday night, this is my fucking body to use however I want.  This is my fucking life, and this is my fucking bed!  I can do whatever the hell I want!

“Take off the condom! NNNGGGGGGGGG OH GOD PLEASE!!!!  FUCKING FILL ME UP!” I said practically gasping for air.  

Rodrigo was so lost in the moment that he quickly pulled out and ripped the Magnum off before fumbling with the lube to slick his dick.  He practically lunged as he tried to ram his meat back into me and we both hollered out of control as he enjoyed the feeling of skin on skin contact on the outside AND on my insides.  

He fucked me bareback like this for a solid fifteen extra minutes, going at it at least 90% intensity.  I was amazed at his stamina as I was already so sweaty and worn out in Wheeler’s fit body and all I had to do was lie back, shout, and enjoy myself.  But I felt the moment when Rodrigo just went into overdrive.  

My sexy latino demigod tapped into the last of his strength as he took it up to 100%, fucking me in a wild blaze of speed and strength as we both yelled at the absolute top of our lungs until we both gasped and groaned out in wild ecstasy.  The tension in his balls was finally released as he rocketed his load inside me, filling me with stream after stream of warm cum.  And my used hole pulsated as my untouched cock finally reached its breaking point and each new thrust into me made my throbbing cock shoot out a ribbon of cum either into my wide open and moaning mouth or all over my chiseled chest and abs.  

Rodrigo grabbed my dick and pumped out the last few drops of my cum, making me shiver as he made sure to ram his last drops of his seed as deep as possible inside me.  

Finally satisfied, he collapsed on top of me, still stuffing me full of his meat as he leaned down and my cum got smeared all over his abs and chest.  He brought his lips to mine and went searching in my mouth until he tasted a nice glob of my own cum that I hadn’t yet swallowed.  He excitedly sucked Wheeler’s cum out of my mouth before licking the rest of my face and then truly collapsing on top of me.  We both breathed like we had finished a marathon, and it was just nice to lay there like that and feel his cock soften inside me.  

“Hope you enjoyed your first time,” Rodrigo said with a shred of pride in himself.  

I just squeezed my hole around his semi-hard cock and we both laughed at my response.  I literally loved being Wheeler.  Guys like Rodrigo would never even give the real me a passing glance, but as Wheeler, I could finally get dominated and fucked exactly how I wanted.  

We took a short nap before doing round two where Rodrigo fucked me doggy style, and then amazingly he still had enough cum and energy to pick me up and fuck me against the wall before we collapsed back onto the bed and I rode him until he blew his last load of the night inside me.  I was not quiet for any of it, so the next morning it was admittedly a little awkward as Rodrigo sat at the table in just his boxers, watching ESPN as I made the two of us scrambled eggs and toast.  I was also just wearing boxers, and honestly, I was barely able to keep myself from jumping him right there in the kitchen.  But then Wheeler’s roommates wandered in and looked super uncomfortable.  

“Oh…hey Wheeler…” the guys sort of mumbled. 

“Good morning fellas.  Want me to crack some more eggs?  Oh and this is Rodrigo by the way.”

“Nah thanks man, we’re good…So are you guys dating???” they asked me as their fratty brains tried to process that their roomie and best bro had taken so much cock last night.  

“Oh no, we’re not dating.  Rodrigo just fucked my ass so good last night.  First time ever and it was the best thing I’ve ever felt.  If you two ever need a tight hole to fuck a load into, you know where I live,” I said with a chuckle.  

“Well I don’t know if you’re tight anymore,” Rodrigo joked as we both chuckled.  

Wheeler’s roommates laughed nervously and wandered off as my weekend fuck buddy and I ate breakfast.  I knew I would be inhabiting Wheeler in the future so Rodrigo could give me what I needed–But for this first weekend as Wheeler there were plenty of dicks in the city to enjoy, and I think there were two in that very house.  

It took some true finesse and seduction on my part, but by Sunday night I was enthusiastically riding one of Wheeler’s roommates when I felt pressure on my back as Wheeler’s other roommate made me lean down.  I was so excited as that second roommate really worked Wheeler’s hole and really stretched that opening until he managed to get his cockhead inside me too.  Then the three of us all moaned in unison as he slid into me until I was stuffed as much as humanly possible with Wheeler’s roommate’s dicks, and I got to work riding them and taking their cocks until I finally got to feel the earth-shattering pleasure of two dicks seeding me at the same time.  

By Monday morning I had left Wheeler’s body and returned to my true form.  I arrived at work on Monday and tried to hide my smirk as I saw Wheeler walk in with a stride that showed he was definitely sore back there.  And for the rest of the day, every time I saw him fidget and try to get comfortable in his chair I just wanted to instantly go back into astral form and get back in that sexy nerd.  But I promised myself to wait until Friday.  The reward for waiting is going to be a four-way with Rodrigo and Wheeler’s roommates.  

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Imagine the seven all singing “Hall of Fame” and Percabeth sings “You could walk straight through Hell with a smile" And Hazel sings "You could go the distance, you could run the mile,"as in Arion!

Omg I can totally see that, I can also see them singing the following lines:

You can beat the world
You can beat the war
You can talk to God(S), go banging on his door -Percy

You can throw your hands up
You can beat the clock (yeah)
You can move a mountain
You can break rocks
You can be a master
Don’t wait for luck
Dedicate yourself and you gon’ find yourself -Frank

Standing in the hall of fame (yeah)
And the world’s gonna know your name (yeah)
‘Cause you burn with the brightest flame (yeah)
And the world’s gonna know your name (yeah)
And you’ll be on the walls of the hall of fame -Leo

You can go the distance
You can run the mile
You can walk straight through hell with a smile -Percy

You can be the hero
You can get the gold
Breaking all the records they thought never could be broke -Hazel

Yeah, do it for your people
Do it for your pride
How are you ever gonna know if you never even try? -Reyna

Do it for your country
Do it for your name
‘Cause there’s gonna be a day… -Reyna

Be a champion, be a champion, be a champion, be a champion
On the walls of the hall of fame -Jason

Be students
Be teachers
Be politicians
Be preachers
(Yeah) -Annabeth

Be believers
Be leaders
Be astronauts
Be champions
Be truth seekers -Piper

(Be a champion)
You could be the greatest
You can be the best
(Be a champion)
You can be the King Kong banging on your chest -Frank

anonymous asked:

Hey do you mind doing more children of Hermes or just Hermes headcannons?

Of course not, sweetheart! 

  • The kids of Hermes never really let go of their habit of taking care of the new campers, even if they don’t sleep in their cabin anymore.
  • The Hermes cabin has the best WiFi in the entire camp. 
  • When a new camper is introduced to the Hermes cabin, they need to complete a little ‘quest’ before becoming one of them. They can chose out of different ones, depending on which category of Hermes’ personality fits them most. A few of the options are stealing a valuable item out of each of the twenty cabins - yes, even their own ( before returning it, of course), playing camp messenger for an entire week, an athletic competition, inventing something new for the camp or lock-picking competitions among other things.
  • The Hermes cabin has a great sense of family, due to there having been so many of them for such a long time. 
  • The youngest camper at camp is a child of Hermes.
  • The Campers of Hermes were the ones who brought Christmas to camp Half-Blood, using their skills in persuasion to convince Chiron in letting them place a Christmas tree in the dining pavilion. 
  • As Hermes is a jack of all trades, the Hermes campers decided to start holding talent shows in their cabin every Thursday night, but they quit after a few weeks when it got boring, due to there not being as much variation as they had expected.
  • After what happened to Luke, Hermes arranged regular visits to spend time with his kids. 
  • Hermes campers are really protective of Rachel. 
  • Children of Athena aren’t the only campers interested in the designs of Daedalus. The children of Hermes, too, find his inventions fascinating. 

That’s all for today. I hope you like them!

- Marge

P.s. Does Sarah not look like a Hermes camper in this Gif? I just adore it!

finemus  asked:

Hello! Could you maybe help me think up some demigod prompts/ideas? Thank you!

First of all, just something I tell everyone looking at demigod stories-
-try looking outside the Greek pantheon too
-If you’re going Greek, try looking at some minor gods

Also this was a pretty general request so I just listed some ideas at random. Let me know if you needed something more specific, dialogue prompts, ideas specific to a certain pantheon, etc.

Anyway! Some demigod ideas that I haven’t really seen but I think would be cool:

-Almost everyone is demigod, not just a select few. How does this effect the social dynamic?
-One of the old gods is gone (à la Pan) and now trials are being held amongst the demigods to figure out who will be elevated to Full God
-In that vein, there could be any number of reasons and ways for the gods to pit the demis against each other
- distant demis- what does is mean to be the grandchild of a god?
-demigod+ full time god= ???
- contradictory demigods (deaf demigod of music, demigod child of the forge who is terrified of fire, etc)
- the government knows about demigods and doesn’t like it
-the government knows about demigods and pretends to like it
-not very helpful demigod powers
- everyone is rushing to help this demigod complete a prophecy that they never actually know about
-all the ‘quests’ of the world are delegated to demigods, calculated and assigned by power levels, ages, etc… protag’s seemingly easy quest turns out to be something much bigger, but they are still determined to save the world themselves
- historical demigod fiction: famous historical figures, but they’re demigods
- demigods from multiple pantheons in a world where all pantheons exist
-maybe all those pantheons hate each other and are having as many demigods as possible to fight their war
- the gods up and decided to make a mortal a demigod. Why? how do they take it?
-one specific god chose to make a mortal a demigod. Why? What’re they up to?
-demigod raised by their god parent instead of the mortal one like normal
-the demigods are fed up and gonna go kill the gods
- child raised by gods isn’t actually a demigod, but maybe others think they are/ expected to take on quests
- demigod born of one god, raised by another
- outta no where, a weird “plague” have powers has been spreading to seemingly random people. The old gods have awakened, and these are their kin
- a god is retiring, and now they are training a ‘new hire’

That’s all I have off the top of my head, but you can all feel free to add any more! I’d love to see what you come up with!
Have fun dear! Hope this helped a little!


nerdystace  asked:

Would you mind doing how everyone reacts if Nico encounters a homophobe

Nope not at all!

-So when Percy and Jason hears someone make a homophobic comment to Nico they literally bring hell to those people. They immediately shove them against a wall and start threatening them and would beat them up if Nico didn’t stop them. If it’s a camper they make sure to make their lives miserable.

-When Piper see’s someone being homophobic to Nico she puts her charmspeak to use and usually makes the person do something stupid like kiss an inanimate object or punch themselves and just make them look like a complete idiot.  

-Reyna and Annabeth will literally attack a homophobe and put a knife to their throat within seconds and whispers all sorts of things about how stupid they have to be to not accept Nico and that it is them that will go to hell and trust Annabeth, it’s not a fun place.If it’s a Roman camper, Reyna will make them to all sort of menial tasks, and if it’s a Greek one, Annabeth makes sure to pay them back during Capture the Flag.

-If it’s Leo, he will usually make some sort of contraption to mess with them, and he will mess with them for several weeks with these inventions.

-Frank will literally turn into an animal and mess with them anyway he can. Whether its turning into a bull and running straight into them, becoming a wolf and chasing them all over the place, or taking the form of a bird and waking them up at the break of dawn for weeks.

-But perhaps Hazel is the most scary. If you miss with her other, you will face her wrath and she has been know to almost make several homphobes go borderline crazy.

 So yeah, basically everyone protects Nico and punishes anyone who dares mess with him.

bookblackbird  asked:

Hey! In a response to some ask, you said that Aphrodite mostly gets daughters, less sons. I remember noticing it when I read the book, but do you know why? Actually, I thought it was kind of sexist. Mostly girls for 'love and beauty'. What do you think?

I suppose so, but I haven’t known Rick to be very sexist actually like there are equal girls and boys in the stories and many actually break stereotypes and fit stereotypes and you see such a wide variety of boys and girls in the books. I’d like to think that Aphrodite, even though she has loads of sons, and some who actually don’t even fit the stereotype like Michael Kahale, prefers to have daughters for a few reasons.

  • Girls have always been underestimated because of their more “feminine” characteristics and Aphrodite being a woman herself, refuses to have more sons because she believes her daughters are just as capable, if not more than the other male demigods.
  • Aphrodite gives each of her children the ability to look into a person’s soul and see exactly what they need. Let Artemis have her physically capable huntresses, let Athena have her intellectually capable sons and daughters, Aphrodite will have emotionally intuitive children.
  • Her daughters, being so historically “invisible” and underestimated, use their emotional cunning to grow in power. 
  • While petty in reason, Aphrodite might have more daughters so that they can be the ones who are in charge for a change, breaking the hearts of heroes who only love them for their exterior beauty, showing them that they deserve more!
  • Some of them might be quite vain, like Drew is, but why is a girl being vain so horrifying? Children of Ares can be violent and unpredictable, children of Apollo arrogant, children of Athena condescending, why is beauty such a horrible quality? Why is it okay to be proud of your talents and your strength and your brains, but not your looks? Aphrodite doesn’t care for such hypocrisy! Let her daughters love themselves, gods only know the others love them for the shallowest reasons.
  • She has daughters because they’re shaped in her image, she’s the personification of love and beauty, why is so wrong for her daughters to be too?
  • Aphrodite is the oldest Olympian. She is even underestimated by the rest of the Council for being vapid and shallow. Psh…. she’s just a pretty girl going on about love?? Percy had the right measure of her, Aphrodite is MUCH scarier than any of the other gods. Love is a very powerful and strong emotion, revenge and jealousy are usually the biggest by-products of love. And we all know what kind of horrors those two can bring about.
  • Demeter and Aphrodite sometimes have discussions about why Athena and Artemis are so derisive towards them for being kind, gentle and loving. Why they think that women should always be strong and independent. There’s no such thing as the “right kind of woman”.
  • Her sons are already expected to fight, sons always have been. But no one expects her daughters to amount to anything much I mean they must be just like her right….. (sarcasm)
  • So Aphrodite deliberately has more daughters just SO they possess the powers of love, the power to understand and manipulate the exhilaration, the fear, the strength of the emotion, the power to look into someone’s inner psyche and pinpoint exactly what they desire, the power to grant those desires, or take them away. People have always taken love for granted, women for granted, emotions for granted.
  • Aphrodite has more daughters just to show that they should NOT be taken lightly, and neither should she. “Love and beauty is feminine?” You wish you were as badass as her girls are. 
  • Never underestimate the emotional and intellectual acuity of someone who understands the strength of love, it’s not rational like intellectual attraction, it’s not protective like parental and familial love, it’s not pleasing like love of materials and abstract things. The love for a person, whether platonic or romantic is so underrated, just like Aphrodite is, just like her daughters always are.

Obviously there are always outliers, exceptions are more like she might have more emotionally intuitive sons, or vapid children, or fighter daughters who couldn’t give a centaur’s ass about people’s feelings, but I’d like to think Aphrodite is doing it on purpose just to show everyone what her babies are capable of.

anonymous asked:

Ooo can you please do something like what you did for the Hermes cabin and Apollo cabin for the Dionysus Cabin?


  • Dionysus may seem harsh to the campers and appears to not like kids very much, but he’s actually a really good father. He might sound a little cold and strict, but he shows a lot of kindness to his children as well. 
  • A lot of his kids sometimes experience random moments of madness, usually during the night, but as long as there is one of their siblings around or Dionysus himself, they calm down pretty quickly.
  • Mëlinoe, the underworld goddess of nightmares and madness, likes to watch over the demigod children of Dionysus. Due to her appearance of a young adult, she acts as somewhat of an older sister to them.
  • Despite the downsides, they can throw the maddest parties of the whole camp.
  • Camp rules forbid them to drink wine, but they still occasionally grow some grapevines to make it for themselves in their cabin.
  • Though cabin 12 is usually quite empty due to there being so few children of Dionysus, the Dionysus children have the strongest sibling bond, seeing as they live more like an actual family instead of a camp. 
  • A lot of the Dionysus campers are gender fluid or transgender or generally more aware of the meaning of gender, due to their father being the god of gender identity. 
  • Every Sunday they dress in weird hats to celebrate the Mad Hatter. They all have a copy of his hat as well and wear them to the camp ‘tea parties’ they throw. 

That’s it for now. Sorry it took a while, but I usually like to take my time with these to get some inspiration and do some research. I hope you like them! Definitely keep submitting Dionysus headcanons and of course any headcanons you like.

- Marge

tchernobog  asked:

I was mainly skimming the goddess AU stuff in search of AJ (you write lots, oh my!) and saw that she's really tall in this AU. How tall is Dash here? I have this mental image of her being at least a foot if not two shorter than AJ, and the mental image is absolutely hilarious.

AJ’s tol and Rainbow’s smol. AJ’s about 6′7ft whereas her smol demigoddess girlfriend’s around 5′4, making her the second shortest of the bunch (Pinkie’s 5′2). Rainbow both hates and loves Applejack’s height; on one hand she’s just like “aww yiss a sexeh mountain of muscle hell yeh”, but on the other she’s just “I’m not small! You’re just too big! >:( ” Applejack has no shame in using her height to mess with RD. c:<

anonymous asked:

Which out of the seven + nico + nico protection squad do you think would have body image issues? Eating issues? And peer pressure issues? Important please

I think Nico and Frank would definitely have body and eating issues, and I think Piper would be afraid of peer pressure, but in the end has a good moral compass which makes her less susceptible to peer pressure. I think Frank would struggle since again, I don’t think he has a lot of self-confidence, and I also think Hazel since she is the youngest. Other than that though, I think most of the characters that Rick makes are just so strong and self-confident for the most part.

anonymous asked:

Which god would be the father/mother of each one of the disney princesses? lol btw love your blog your awesome! thanks for keeping the pjo spark with that awesome test 💓💓💓💓

Thanks for liking my quiz! I sorted the princesses differently than the quiz cuz I couldn’t really think of the right Olympians for each one. Took way longer than I expected haha. Doing this made me realize where my tech-loving princesses at? Hephaestus isn’t anywhere to be seen yo.

Snow White - This girl has the personality of a Barbie Doll poster, which is basically almost none so it’s kinda hard to type her. She’s too trusting, she has an affinity for animals and plants, and she’s motherly and compassionate. My guess is Persephone, as she was also tricked by Hades and was young and slightly naive. (But she’s the Queen of Hell now so jokes on everyone else lol)

Aurora - Simple farm girl who is actually a princess who pricks a needle and then sleeps forever alrighty then. I feel like she’s like the real-life Calypso here? Hidden away and only true love can free her. She’s also a bit like the Hesperides in her limited freedom so I’ll say Atlas.

Cinderella - She never complains but all she wants is a chance to go to a ball and be a princess. She’s friends with the birds and the rats, and gets a magic makeover to attract a prince. I think her optimism, strong-will and her patience could make Hera her patron? She has all the poise of a princess even in a demeaning job.

Belle - Belle is kind, accepting and also understands the value of compassion and understanding. She’s independent and smart, and she doesn’t take shit from the village. I think Athena, because she sees people for who they are and their potential. Also she reads a buttload and is super intelligent.

Mulan - Mulan has a strong sense of duty and loyalty, and she’s a fantastic warrior. She reminds me so much of Frank Zhang and Zoe Nightshade. I’d say she would be a daughter of Ares or Bellona, but she would be just as likely to join the Hunters of Artemis like Thalia did.

Jasmine - Jasmine lives to mingle with the people and see the world. She’s feisty and she’s independent, and she makes her own choices. I would say she’s a lot like Piper that way, believing in love even with a “street-rat” like Aladdin. She would be a daughter of Aphrodite.

Pocahontas - Pocahontas is so difficult. She’s in tune with nature and the earth around her, she has a strong sense of duty and loyalty, but she also helps the colonials out at times. She’s adventurous and slightly rebellious. I want to say Dionysus. I think she would be more like a nymph or a satyr under Pan’s and Dionysus’s domain, not sure.

Ariel - She’s a mermaid. Her dad’s Triton who is a son of Poseidon. There isn’t any real debate here. 

Rapunzel - Rapunzel loves to paint, she gets her magical golden hair healing powers from the sun, she loves the lantern festival, she sings. She’s trusting and curious and adventurous, and her good heart and silver tongue makes Apollo the perfect fit for her. Also she reminds me a lot of Rachel Dare and Michael Yew’s spunk just demanding things and making it happen. 

Tiana - Forever bitter she spent most of the movie as a frog. Hades makes so much sense, because like him, all Tiana wants to do is be accepted and create something, but like him, she gets sidelined. She’s also stubborn and headstrong, and she doesn’t want any charity from the rich chick (forgot her name). She works hard and doesn’t get the recognition she deserves. But her love of food and all that can make her Demeter’s daughter too. 

Merida - Merida takes no shit from anybody and wants to win every single argument with her mother. She does act like an ordinary teenager but she creates a way out when there is none. Nike fits her personality a lot, but her headstrong nature can come from Zeus as well. If anything, she would be perfect with the Hunters of Artemis, even as a mortal kid.

Elsa - Okay her ice powers could come from Boreas or Khione, but her insecure nature of never being accepted for who she is is also a complete Hades trope. Like who else would run away and build an ice castle honestly.

Anna - I lean toward Hermes the most actually. She’s a good leader and she doesn’t give up, and she’s kind and easy to get along with. But she’s also the one who understands the importance of family and sticking together and all that so that lines up with having Hestia as a patron goddess by protecting hope and all. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have some Valdangelo(Leo x Nico) AU headcanons? Or Valdangelo friendship headcanons?

Sure thing! Most of the ones I came up with are pretty general, so you can see it in different ways. 

  • Nico still won’t always recognise that Leo isn’t actually dead. Whenever he ignores Leo, he tells him ‘you’re dead to me’. 
  • Nico likes hanging out in the workshop with Leo. He usually just sits in the shadows in the corner watching him as he works though, but Leo’s joking ebbs away as he works, until they are able to have actual conversations without Nico being ‘annoyed’ by him.
  • One time, when Leo wanted to ‘brighten Nico’s day’, he accidentally set Nico’s jacket on fire. It was a while before Nico was able to forgive him and he was only able to when he got him a new one. 
  • In one of their more intimate moments, they promised each other that, when they wanted to run away again (as Nico from CHB and Leo from foster homes had done before) they would run away together, so neither one had to feel alone.
  • Leo and Nico like to make fun of Mr. D, but because they do it in such an open, joking matter that the wine god barely realises he’s being disrespected. 
  • They’re the only ones of the seven to have a tumblr account, so they have a lot of inside jokes and memes that no one understands.
  • One day on the Argo, Piper walked in on them in the kitchen, Leo playing the trombone, while Nico was slamming the oven door. 
  • Once Leo got to know the looser, happier Nico di Angelo, he grew less intimidated by him and he praised him on his pranking / tricking skills. 
  • “Turns out I wasn’t the most flaming one of us on the Argo after all.” 
  • Nico punched him. 

I am drained and my brains turned to mush! Please add on if you come up with more of these! 

- Marge