a little assistance

Bambam winced as he limped down the sidewalk, eyes scanning the signs, the buildings, desperately searching for anything familiar. It was hard with the sun low in the sky, making reading signs nearly impossible, and he sighed, very nearly ready to flop down on the sidewalk and wait the extra five hours for his dad to come pick him up so he didn’t get even more lost than he already was when he passed a girl.

He spun on his good foot, bouncing a little to catch the sleeve of her jacket. “E-Excuse me,” he stammered, wetting his lips and trying again. “Are you…do you know this place?” he asked.

That was right, wasn’t it? He kind of wished he’d been better at this whole Korean thing before moving to the country itself. 

what are titles sob

If there was one thing he really missed about home, about being in Thailand, it was his dogs. They’d had to stay behind with his aunt, and he missed them, especially during times like now–when his dad was busy with work, and he was stuck by himself.

“Hi guys,” he whispered at the puppies behind the glass of the pet shop window, poking a finger out of the sleeve of his sweater to press it to the cold pane. “I’d take you home if I could,” he sighed, turning to go home and actually work on homework like he was supposed to, since he really did have nothing better to do.

He only made it a few feet down the street when he spotted a girl walking the cutest dog, and despite his shyness, he stepped up, crouching in front of it and holding a hand out tentatively. “You have a really cute dog!” he said, smiling up at the owner.