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Okay, because it is Aphrodite cabin I have to ask, who has a girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other and who doesn't have or want one? if you're still answering asks about the Aphrodite campers

Anon you should know something about me and it’s that I’m ALWAYS answering questions about my Aphrodite children.

Piper – dating Jason Grace, son of Zeus. Their date nights involve babysitting her younger siblings, beach days, and Mario Kart set up in Percy’s cabin (they both love it)

Drew – girl took some time off to subtly work on herself, hasn’t had a date in awhile. She likes to flirt with mortal boys – demigods aren’t her thing at the moment – but hasn’t made anything official.

Mitchell – Who??? Could??? Mitchell??? Be??? Dating???? No idea.

Scarlett – Has a fanclub. If you listen closely after she flips her hair, you can hear the faint sound of several sighs going through camp. Likes being single, could teach a college level class on flirting.

Asher – I haven’t had the chance to work this into canon yet, but Asher is actually Ace! Besides, he’s totally married to his DS and the homemade bread the Demeter girls will make.

Sebastian – “Can’t be tied down” aka he’s already busy flirting with another person. He would never cheat on someone – he’s not a piece of crap – but has never actually made anything official enough to be considered cheating on someone. But trust me – his partners know what they’re getting into. Promises of a really good night, usually a burger, and flushed pillowtalk are enough for them ;)

Micah – adorably dating Lou Ellen. It’s cavity inducing. She bought him a stuffed shark for his birthday and he hasn’t gone one night without it since.

Stefan – flirting with an Ares boy that no one knows the name of. With how Stefan is refusing to tell them, they’re not even sure he knows???

Valentina – on and off dating a Athena boy, it’s dramatic but fun and teenager-y and she kind of loves it. He buys her pizza, okay? That’s all she really needs for a relationship (Okay and he’s really funny okay???)

Sophia – Hasn’t started dating, although has had a few crushes. With her partner in crime off on dates every other day though, she’s beginning to consider it. Btw has that

Lacey – dating Alice from the Hermes cabin. 90% of their dates are just them blushing at each other (while Stefan and Sophia watch from a tree)

Sabrina – She’s too young for any kind of relationship, although she has told many people the fact of how she once married a flower.

Thanks for the question! 

Alright but moana introduces maui to her people and after the inital “wow it’s really him!” He becomes almost like just another villager, minutes the whole being a demigod thing, and has what’s like a big family for the first time and one day moanas dad/mom congratulates him by saying “good job, son” and he has to take a minute because………son???? He’s someone’s son now??? He starts to tear up and moana is like “hey you ok?” And he just nods, replying “I finally have a family”

And he’s so happy that Moana decides that she’s gonna tell her parents to call maui son as much as possible and they’re cool with it so they start calling him son and maui loves it but Moana decides to go above and beyond so she tells all the grownups in the village “hey call him son he’s never been part of a family” and they’re like ok yeah sure we all like the guy so all the grown ups in the tribe start calling him son and the kids catch on and start calling him brother and mauis just so overwhelmed with happiness.

And after Maui is “adopted” by the tribe, he gets a new tattoo that’s directly over his heart of him being part of the tribe as family.

But in this tat he’s not the center of attention like all his other ones. He’s just a little part of the whole village, next to everyone else.

Needless to say, it’s his favorite tattoo he has

BONUS: one day some kids see the tattoo on his back and they’re like u don’t need that cuz ur real family wouldn’t just throw you away like that plus we’re your family now and they use body paint to paint over it. And since he does have a family now, when the paint dries and washes away the tattoo changes. Some of it stays the same, his human parents casting him away, but instead of the ocean being down there, it’s the village of motonui with their arms raised to receive him

Ever had a flying burrito hit you? Well, it’s a deadly projectile, right up there with cannonballs and grenades.
—  Percy Jackson (The Titans Curse)
Swimmer/swim team Percy headcanons

- It was Sally’s idea he join the team.
- She thought it would be a good way to stay active in his high school community, and earn more credibility with his teachers
- Plus it helps let out some of that ‘post quest energy’
- Once he makes it on to the varsity team with flying colors, Sally makes him promise to turn off as much of his power as he can
- He agrees, but can’t exactly help that the water is like liquid steroids
- Also sometimes he forgets to breath the air instead of the water oops
- Annabeth is like supportive #1
- When the two of them aren’t studying or dealing with demigod things, Annabeth likes to watch technique videos with him, and help him learn the proper way of swimming
- Paul was on the swim team in high school for a few years, so swimming is always a good topic of convo between the two guys
- He’s all around good at the 4 strokes, but he excels most in the butterfly

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WOW haven’t done anything PJO related in so long so this is a bit of a stress relief but y’all should consider doing Mera’s/ @inalostcorner‘s demigod files!! cuz hell yea for self-inserts hahaaha.

Fun facts:

  • True, she can do a bit of necromancy. Not as much as Nico, of course, but like maybe raise a dead or two, chat with them, and so on.
  • She TOTALLY uses the mist/magic to make her taller than she is (which is why i seem taller than my 5′1 height here (fite me))
  • Her deliveries sometimes coincide as quests, so sometimes it’s just her getting stuff for gods and Hecate.
  • She’s starting to locate closer to Camp Jupiter, in consideration of college and such
  • Her charm bracelets are literally charmed with like, good-luck and such that her siblings provide. (Headcanon: Hecate kids always give charmed bracelets for their siblings that go on quests. Newcomers get the most.)
  • Her staff is, unfortunately, affected by her emotions. So if she get’s frightened, it’ll shrink. If she’s in a panic, it’ll go spread all over, etc.
  • EX:

So I made up an AU. it’s a bit longer than my usual post though. XD

An AU set in medieval fantasy where the Grace siblings were orphaned at a young age after their abusive mother died and without a father, both were sent to the orphanage. 

After being admitted into the orphanage they suffered constant bullying from other older kids. Especially with Thalia’s rebellious nature and refusal to bow down to others. As well as her desire to protect her younger brother Jason. Then suddenly one day the bullying went too far and Jason got injured (thus lip scar, nope nope nothing to do with staplers at all. LOL) . In her rage Thalia lost control and  released a devastating storm upon the orphange.  It took a lot of people to hold her down and after that the people imprisoned her, out of fear of her powers. Little Jason came to visit her regularly always crying everytime he saw her.. Even though beaten and bruised she would always put on a smile for him. 

Then not long after, men in armor came. They came and took both the Grace siblings. It turns out they were the bastard children of King Zeus  of House Stormborn. One of the Great houses of the kingdom. They were taken in and trained to join their father’s army. Turns out both were very talented. As the years passed, the siblings rose through the ranks quickly. Earning the respect and fear of those around them. 

Jason grew into a disciplined and diplomatic man, yet was also an excellent swordsman. Always prefering the diplomatic ways first. His sister Thalia was a different story,  a force to be reckoned with. Hot-headed and unpredicatble she usually prefers to use force. And power is something she is not lacking in. 

That is why when King Zeus sends his son Jason to reason with you… be sure you grab this opprunity to think things through. For when Jason comes to visit… Thalia is not too far off.

And as they say… There is always a calm, before the storm.

my favourite thing about Percy with a New York accent is imagine a monster tries to accost him on the street and he just yells I’M WALKIN HERE at it