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Fictional characters make me feel good about myself. I forget for the time being that I aint the perfect size, have the perfect face or about all the talents I lack. I feel good to be me.
—  a bibliophile

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can u do a demigod AU???

I didn’t know if I should do Gods/Goddesses or demigods so I just did demigods because holy cucjdmf f


The Children of Zeus
—— Zeus: The God of the Sky, Lightning, and Thunder
Children of Zeus are typically natural born Leaders. Sometimes though, even when thrown into leadership against their will, they’re a natural and know what they’re doing. From the young age of 6 onward, they tend to be rather independent, and will never ask for help on things amongst their strong suit. These demigods are also known for having a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong, and will make sure to make it known if need be. These particular children of a God, are most common. Zeus tends to….move around, a lot more…. if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. They are also known for being high in power, as kings, lords, owners of companies, and even areas like the President of The United States. They are also internationally known as athletic.

Enhancements in: Talents
-Depending on whatever these demigods show interest in, they are almost always good at it. Art, Writing, etc.
Partial Immortality
-Life-spans are a lot longer than a mortals, and they tend to keep their younger looks. And seemingly stop aging around 21
Enhancements in Durability and Strength:
-Being the children of the God of the Gods, strength and durability is a strong suit of theirs. They can deal with things twice their weight and can go days being beaten. Including weeks without food or water.

———Abilities involved with Element||
Thunder and Lightning Manipulation:
-These demi-gods tend to express their feeling through this. When emotions are at their brim, storms begin. Happy, sad, and even mad is when this usually occurs. But naturally, they can use it for battle as well. Their thunder is so powerful it can cause earthquakes in regions on the other side of the Earth.
Air Manipulation:
-Basically Air Bending, they can use the air around them to do just about anything. From making balls of air, to changing the direction of the wind in the area. Typically used to their advantage!
-Although when this ability is first discovered, it’s quite difficult to master. And they tend to falter and become mist, they could still be injured when fleeing during this time of learning.

——Characters I Believe Could Potentially Be Zeus’s Children:

Takashi Shirogane


The Children of Poseidon
—— Poseidon: The God of the Sea, Earthquakes, and of Horses
Children of Poseidon are typically known to have a confident exterior, but also tend to bottle things up, such as their feelings. They do not wish to bother others. They are mostly natural born leaders, greed particularly doesn’t overtake them, so they will only lead if need be. These demi-gods predominantly can speak and read Latin and Greek. They are always kind-hearted and full of sympathy to those who deserve it. Their confidence level is not very high, though they very much believe in themselves if it means doing good for others. In large droughts of sadness, they tend to force happiness upon themselves and lift the spirits of those around them.

Enhancements in: Durability
-When these demigods are engaged in battle, they can be beaten and battered to an extent far higher than mortals.
Enhancements in: Strength
-The strength of the human is half the strength of these demigods naturally. But at full ability, they can lift things almost 10x their own weight.
Enhancements in: Reflexes
-When faced against those with quick movements and wits, children of Poseidon typically can sense and avoid things like that. Sadly, it’s only 90% of the time, and a small percentage of his children are not graced with such a gift. All of them move like water, smooth and placid.

———Abilities involved with Element||
Aquatic Adaptation and Respiration:
-When underwater, they can usually adapt and learn a lot quickly than other demigods. They can breathe underwater, and even create air bubbles that last a lifetime.
Water and Blood Manipulation:
-Children of Poseidon 100% of the time control water, though Blood Manipulation is very uncommon. Those with Blood Manipulation can control life and death within itself if they needed to.
Water Generation:
-In the first stages of this ability, it’s required that they are near water at all times in order to probably generate enough of use. After a year or two, they can generate water even miles away from any source.

——Characters I Believe Could Potentially Be Poseidon’s Children:

Lance McClain


The Children of Athena
——Athena: The Goddess of Wisdom, Craft, and War
Athena’s children are natural born fighters, whether it’s physical battle, or mental. They are extremely independent and know right from wrong, from birth onward. Though sometimes, without proper guide, they are easily corrupted and drawn within themselves. Also, they are known to be very attached to those they love, no matter what, and will do anything in their power to make them content. Even if it means being cruel to do so.

Enhancements in: Strength + Durability:
-Same as children of Zeus and Poseidon.
Photographic Memory:
-Although photographic memory is common in mortals as well, Children of Athena can remember everything. When remembering a moment, they remember what they heard, saw, and even smelt.
-This is sadly uncommon, but almost every child of Athena doesn’t die. Unless they are murdered, they can strive and live forever. Their aging process stops at the age of 28.

———Abilities involving Element||
Infinite Knowledge:
-Demi-Gods of Athena have infinite knowledge, they know everything there is about anything even if they had no idea they did. You can ask them a question about something they’ve never heard of before, and they’ll spew out information before they even realize.
Immunity to Curses:
- When it comes to being cursed, they aren’t affected. Although there are side effects, such as dizziness and sickness in general. Whatever said curse was, it doesn’t work.
Hammer Clash:
-Although every child of Athena is giving a sword and shield, at times, some children reach a certain point in mentality where they are granted a giant hammer. With this hammer, they can cause Earthquakes. And lift curses.

——Characters I Believe Could Potentially Be Athena’s Children:

Princess Allura
Pidge Gunderson/Katie Holt


The Children of Apollo
——Apollo: The God of Music, Healing, the Sun and Light, Truth and Prophecy, Knowledge, and Poetry
Children of Apollo are usually cocky and over-confident. But, when it comes to their thinking process, it’s smooth and well thought out. They never act on something without bringing it into further thought. They are also known for doing things for others, even in times of their own despair. Sometimes, they’ll even risk their life if it meant someone were to live for one minute longer, but they wouldn’t admit to that, they’d probably say something like, “well if I didn’t do it my dad would scold me so…” As for their healing ability, they often go as far to praying to every God and/or Goddess for a solution to other’s sadness. When someone is ill, or injured, these demi-gods can simply sing or hum, it may not completely heal, but just enough for it to further heal on its own. They are most of the time, tall and have bright hair. They are commonly quick on their feet, and quick in their mind.

Enhancements in: Flexibility
-Most of the time, these demi-gods could most likely pass as gymnasts!
Natural Archer/Musician:
-No matter what they do, they can never mess up. They aim; they fire; bullseye. This goes for their music skills as well.
Advanced Knowledge:
-Although they aren’t as smart as Athena’s Children, they are close! They know everything there is about history, music, and healing! And always use it to their advantage.

———Abilities involving Element||
-Not only can they become invisible themselves, they can also make others invisible as well. Sadly, you can still bump into people and can still be injured and heard.
Pyro Abilities:
-As a child of Apollo, you can summon and use fire to your will, though when you are first learning the fire tends to build a mind of its own. Including, you can use solar cream as well to help you fly. The solar cream was named by Apollo, and it’s usually the color of nebulas; they tend to appear wispy like whipped-cream, and flow quite smoothly.
-Because Apollo is the God of Truth, his children inherited that as well. They cannot lie; but sometimes, due to being half mortal, they can. They never do so on purpose and never to hurt anyone. They also can pry the truth out of anybody, no matter who, (Gods and Demi-gods included) But in order to do so, they must painfully dig their fingers into a part of their skin, usually to know if it’s working, their fingers seem to manifest into golden liquid and even drip like melting popsicles.

——Characters I Believe Could Potentially Be Apollo’s Children:



The Children of Ares
——Ares: The God of War
These demi-gods are usually hot-headed, and tend to always have some form of attitude. They are mostly extremely confident, but know when the line has been crossed and will be quite apologetic. Despite how physically strong they can be, mentally-wise; they are always at 100%. Although they can be struck with doubts, they always snap back and use the last of their strength. These Gods are also insanely stubborn, it’s hard to get them to step down from something, and if you’ve ever managed to make one cry, then I believe you’ve broken them~

Physical Enhancements:
-Everything is enhanced for these children! Height, strength, durability, flexibility. You name it, and it’s most-likely apart of that list.
-Unfortunately, this only takes action whenever their physical strength is at 0. But! Their mental strength is at 100.
-They can battle using any weapon! Even a God’s! But, they cannot do so unless their intentions are good.

———Abilities involving Element||
Sonic Boom:
-Although these children are teased for their cliché Marvel Superhero power, it’s quite deadly! It can come to be whenever they are angry. They can hit something, or stomp their foot. This causes everything in the vicinity to be effected. It usually has a strange sound, that no one can seem to describe. Though Lance described it once as “A Tuba going up the note scale!” Hunk had said “it just sounds like a bass to me?”
Emotion Manipulation:
-These Gods, usually when older, are given a certain war. The war can be large, or a small one between a family. They often visit the area is which they’re in and can choose which side will win in the end. They put the anger within mortals. This usually happens on camp, and is used to stop fighting. (Unfortunately, it can’t be used on themselves or their siblings.)
Mental Touch:
-Although they seem cold-hearted and tough, they’ve still got a heart. Sometimes, if someone is battling a war within their mind and are suffering rather harshly. They use their large hands and grasp their head tightly while speaking words of encouragement. Sadly, it doesn’t always work, and it’s said that the mind has always been stronger than Gods themselves.

——Characters I Believe Could Potentially Be Ares’s Children:

Prince Lotor


The Children of Hephaestus
——Hephaestus: The God of Fire, and MetalWorking
Children of Hephaestus are known for their kind heart, and pure doings. They rarely do anything cruel, as they prefer to stay away from the line of fire. They tend to be very talkative, but everyone knows whenever they are being serious or whenever they’re are speaking about something important. They are usually never ones to brag but they wouldn’t care if they did, it’s only natural to when you have genuine abilities such as theirs.

Enhancements in: Physical Strength and Durability
-These Gods are very similar to the Children of Zeus and Athena. Their strength is enhanced to the top tier, and their durability is as well. Their skin can never be pierced.
Knowledge on MetalWorking, Forging, and Sculpting:
-Due to the fact their father is Hephaestus himself, they are extremely talented and knowledgeable on things in this field. They can create any weapon, and can even create a weapon that can only be used by certain people. Though, the weapon they create is specially designed for the person who asked for it, so it suits the way they move and work themselves.
Curses And Spells:
-Strangely, despite their father, it’s unknown where this gift came from. It’s believed to be in the veins of Hephaestus himself but he’s unable to use it. With this, these demigods can use the sand around them to implant curses or spells into the pores of an enemy. They can take it out themselves. But once it’s in their, the demi-god who put it in must take it out himself.

———Abilities involving Element||
Fire Mimicry:
-They themselves suddenly can become fire itself! The only thing really noticeable on the body after this are their now white eyes. They have the ability to burn through the face of the Earth. They can choose to do so, though. In this state, they cannot be touched, unless you’d like to have 3rd-Degree burns. Water does not affect them.
-Using heat, they can melt anything in their hands. Most of the time, they are melting metal or even tar/concrete! During this, their hands appear to look like hot lava.
-Rather self-explanatory! Using mental strength, metal from a 3 mile radius (Beginner) or 30 mile (Advanced; Expert) gravitates toward them.

——Characters I Believe Could Potentially Be Hephaestus’s Children:

Hunk Garrett


The Children of Hades
——Hades: The God of the Underworld
Being a child of this God is quite difficult, considering Hades is known for being the ruler of the Underworld, the dead, and riches. People tend to be frightened of them, as when pissed off they can easily control life and death itself. Literally or figuratively. Also, they’re pretty hot-headed as well, but they consider and know that it’s one of many weak points. They tend to avoid others and avoid close relationships unless they know for sure how to control other abilities. It’s hard to hold or touch living things without fear of killing them, so they usually steer clear. They actually tend to be found in pairs; them and children of Hephaestus can easily become close friends. Hades’ kids always ask his children if they can create things for them, metal isn’t ‘alive’ like plants,animals, and people are. So there is less risk of death when it comes to a tin knick knack.

-Self-Explanatory! They can live forever, but! Sadly, they can still be killed by outside forces. Their aging process stops at 21.
Enhancements in Strength, Durability and Flexibility:
-Children of Hades can lift anything, when a beginner though, it requires more effort and it’s not as easy as someone who’s done it a while. As for durability, their skin can almost never be pierced, but their are some godly weapons and creatures that can. Lastly, flexibility makes them seem like cats. They’re similar to acrobats and tend to use this to their advantage during fights. They ca jump rather high and climb mountains like they’re nothing.
Black Emission:
-A strange ability yes, but with this, children of Hades can absolutely devour someone with black goo. It looks like tar, but its smell is very different. It’s smell is supposed to lure you in, remind you of something or someone that you deem ‘home.’ You don’t die immediately, but as soon as you’re completely engulfed, you see plenty of memories in your life. But the strange thing, is that it can be quiet different. There are times where survivors say that they just say their life flash before their eyes, slowly. Others say it shows moments where they were blind, a moment where they made a mistake they never even knew about, (ex: not asking someone if they’re okay, only for them to pass due to a certain circumstance). And lastly, it’s said that it shows times they missed out on, what would’ve happened if they did a certain thing.

———Abilities involving Element||
Mental Sense:
-They can sense the mental health of the people around them. Though, they can do nothing about this as they do not have the ability to act on such a thing. Whenever they are touched by someone who is pure, and has never been corrupted, their skin crack and flake off. This is uncommon, because the life of a demi-god is difficult.
-Using this ability, these demigods can summon the dead, and even potentially bring them back. They are directly connected with the Fates, and whenever a favor is needed they can contact them through thought.
Shadow Manipulation:
-Self-Explanatory as well, but when used, they can shape how the shadows work around them. Usually, their eyes become black and the skin by their eyes flake. They can capture people in their shadows, and keep them frozen for as long as they please. When protecting themselves in shadows, they’re unaffected by everything, but it doesn’t last very long. At most 20 hours.

——Characters I Believe Could Potentially Be Hades’s Children:

Keith Kogane


So, I thought my friend, Xane, would look like a really great Moana, and after some convincing, I finally got her to go out in cosplay! She literally watched the entire movie in cosplay! except for the skirt, of course.

The costume is made by me, and the pictures were also taken by me. Since the costume was based more so off of my own measurements rather than hers, and I’m a few inches taller, the costume was a little longer than it should have been. But even so, our local Hot Topic thought it was good enough to be posted on Instagram!


  • Doctor: So your friends and parents say you have a tendency to drift off while in conversations.
  • Me: Ummm, perhaps.
  • Doctor: Okay, I'll give you a word, tell me what the first thing comes to your mind.
  • Me: Okay.
  • Doctor: Water
  • Me: Percy Jackson
  • Doctor: Love
  • Me: Malec
  • Doctor: Bread
  • Me: The Hunger Games
  • Doctor: Pain
  • Me: Percabeth in Tartarus. Malec breakup, Michael moving to Japan, Finnick dying, Tris dying, Literally every Nicholas sparks book, Robert Langdon losing his watch, No one dying in Twilight, Remus, Hedwig, Dobby, Sirius, everyone dying, Jeff atkins deserved better..... *breaks down*
  • Doctor: .......
  • Me: .......
  • Tumblr: I understand.
Demigod Q&A: Favorite Disney Character?
  • Annabeth: Belle, of course. She's intelligent.
  • Piper: Pocahontas. I love how proud she is of her people and how she's so willing to fight for them.
  • Hazel: I like Jasmine. She loves her tiger Rajah almost as I love my horse Arion.
  • Reyna: Mulan. The legacy she left behind demonstrates how one warrior can change the whole battle.
  • Jason: Probably Hercules. He's cool. I mean, the Disney version of him is cool. He's a douche in real life.
  • Leo: Tinker Bell! I'd say we're pretty similar.
  • Percy: Because you both have pointy ears?
  • Leo: *face reddens* NO–
  • Percy: I love Ariel, because life is the bubbles.
  • Frank: The reason why I'm picking Tiana is NOT because we've both been turned into frogs.
  • Nico: We have thoroughly discussed this. I'm Elsa, and Will is obviously Rapunzel. Just look at those beautiful glowing locks of his.
  • Will: I have boldly accepted this as my truth. *flips imaginary long hair*

Jeez, I barely get any time to myself anymore, but that’s okay. I’m really enjoying school, and I feel like I’m getting better at art, so badabing! :3

ANYWAY. I received a question a while ago asking about the marknings the Divine have in the Goddess!AU, so I thought it’d be cool if I drew headshots to showcase some of them. :3 This is part 1 of a few, so be prepared for more in the future. In the meantime, here are the first batch of Gods/Demigods in the AU!

Every Divine, half-blooded or no, are born with these permanent markings on their bodies. Each god’s markings are unique to them and there isn’t any other quite like them. When the Divine is actively using magic, their markings glow, their brightness depending on the level of power is put into the magic. The markings also act as visual signs of emotion change. When angered, afraid, or in the throws of pleasure, the markings glow again, their brightness once again depending on just how intense the feeling is.

So there ya go! I’ll draw more soon, but if you’d like to see the markings of specific Demigod/God, let me know! Until then, I hope you guys like this here doodle! ^.^

What if instead of having those princess birthday parties for little kids where actors will come dressed up as the characters, WE HAVE BOOK BIRTHDAY PARTIES?!!

Need a couple of Hogwarts students at your party? No problem! They’re already apparating there. Shadowhunters? Demigods? After they kill some monsters first.

Seriously, guys, this needs to be a thing.

Azula Week: Day 3, Modern AU

A day late, I know, but I was busy studying yesterday. This one’s another old au I’m revisiting: the demigod/Percy Jackson AU. Yes, it counts as a modern au, because the books take place in modern times!

Here, Azula, daughter of the war god Ares, lies in wait over by the river during a game of Capture the Flag. She’s ready to ambush any campers from the other team who think they can get away with grabbing her team’s flag–and with her electric spear tingling, everybody knows she means business!

…Except all the action is happening on the other side, where members of her cabin attempt to wrangle the other team’s flag. Bored but tasked with this important job, all Azula can do is sit and wait. At least she’s got a (off-screen) gloomy daughter of Nyx and a plucky daughter of Aphrodite to keep her company.