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Sorry for answering like this 2mahnas and tchernobog, but I wanted to make sure the image was view-able. Anyway, RD’s wings are actually kinda small; short and narrow for speed purposes. If you wanna talk impressive wingspan, it’d be better to look to Fluttershy, who has the longest wings of the Mane 6. Twilight’s wings, when she still had them, weren’t as long but they’re the widest. She misses them dearly.

Just a really quick doodle to show off the wingspans, hence the lack of manes and very simplistic lines. Also, I’ll be doing a height chart of the Goddess!AU Mane 6 soonish, but for reference here: Twilight’s probably 5′11 in this AU, Shy’s 5′9 but she sometimes hunches to seem smaller that what she really is. And if course, Rainbow Dash’s 5′4, the short gal.

That said, to answer your immediate questions: RD’s wings are large enough to give Applejack a wing hug. They’re also very strong, so if RD were to pick AJ up and fly, she’d be able to fly without much of a problem, so instead of a glider Rainbow would actually be able to carry Applejack. Her size undermines the strength she carries in her body. o3o


Jeez, I barely get any time to myself anymore, but that’s okay. I’m really enjoying school, and I feel like I’m getting better at art, so badabing! :3

ANYWAY. I received a question a while ago asking about the marknings the Divine have in the Goddess!AU, so I thought it’d be cool if I drew headshots to showcase some of them. :3 This is part 1 of a few, so be prepared for more in the future. In the meantime, here are the first batch of Gods/Demigods in the AU!

Every Divine, half-blooded or no, are born with these permanent markings on their bodies. Each god’s markings are unique to them and there isn’t any other quite like them. When the Divine is actively using magic, their markings glow, their brightness depending on the level of power is put into the magic. The markings also act as visual signs of emotion change. When angered, afraid, or in the throws of pleasure, the markings glow again, their brightness once again depending on just how intense the feeling is.

So there ya go! I’ll draw more soon, but if you’d like to see the markings of specific Demigod/God, let me know! Until then, I hope you guys like this here doodle! ^.^

What if instead of having those princess birthday parties for little kids where actors will come dressed up as the characters, WE HAVE BOOK BIRTHDAY PARTIES?!!

Need a couple of Hogwarts students at your party? No problem! They’re already apparating there. Shadowhunters? Demigods? After they kill some monsters first.

Seriously, guys, this needs to be a thing.


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‘Do you know who Maui is?
Only the greatest demigod in all the Pacific Islands. 
With his magical fishhook he slowed down the sun,
pulled islands out of the sea, 
battled monsters, and I should know… 
cause I’m Maui'