demigod in training

  • Camp Jupiter: intense training, demigods and legacies trained all their life, safe place for families to grow, growing old is possible, but dying young is, too. Try not to get killed.
  • Camp Half Blood: here's a sword, these people will probably help you out, assuming they're not evil. There's a high death rate, but just try not to get killed.
  • Hotel Valhalla: here's a daily schedule of when and where to get killed, have a good day :))
pjo au!!!

Ok so the au is pretty intricate so my plan is to do a post for each character’s backstory and then do another post for the plot! I’ll also probably do some miniposts on character relationships in this au that get glossed over- this post will be about Lance

  • Lance is a son of Aphrodite (and great grandson of a son of Poseidon), Pidge is a daughter of Athena, Keith is a son of Ares, Shiro is a son of Jupiter, Hunk is a son of Demeter, Allura is a daughter of Bellona, and Coran is a centaur (like Chiron)
  • Ok so the Garrison is a safe house where demigods can go (Roman and Greek) run by older demigods and others (Coran, Alfor, etc.). The Garrison offers academics for demigods, boarding, training, and pretty much everything in between
  • Alright so I want to delve a little bit into Lance (like i said this will be a bit lance centric before I get into actual plot)
  • Lance has been there the longest out of almost the entire group (Allura has officially been there the longest, her father was the grandson of Justice and she grew up only ever knowing the Garrison as home)
  • Lance arrived at the Garrison when he was nine. Lance is the oldest sibling of 7 and he was the only demigod out of them (the poseidon blood in all the kids wasn’t potent so no one had any powers or the like). But because Lance was a full on demigod he kept attracting monsters to his house, and he felt really guilty, so his mom took him to the Garrison where he stays full time (only writing some letters back and forth with his family)
  • To say he’s homesick is an understatement 
  • At the time of this story he’s 19 and yea he’s got insecurities…
  • When Lance first arrived to the Garrison he thought things would go great for him, he imagined glory and training to fight monsters… but that didn’t exactly go as planned
  • Lance was automatically labeled the stereotypical Aphrodite kid and this kind of branded his life there
  • Lance always tried desperately to break the idea that all Aphrodite kids’ were airheads and only cared about makeup
  • He studied so hard in his classes, and trained even harder. He brushed off his homesickness and just put in all the effort he could
  • Yet he was still one of the last picked for capture the flag and even then he was given little responsibility
  • Sure, he fit a lot of the stereotypes, he was a massive flirt, his pride was his skin care routine, and his saturdays were spent watching rom-coms with his other sibling
  • But he still was a good demigod- he was an excellent sharpshooter and if anyone let him prove himself instead of brushing him off they too would see his talents
  • Though the campers will admit that he has an exceptional ability with the pegasi- especially a grayish mare named Blue, who only has one wing and was too scared to let anyone near her before Lance showed up 
  • Then when Lance is thirteen in walks two new demigods- Takashi Shirogane and Keith Kogane
  • At the time Lance had few friends (other than his siblings) despite his seemingly outgoing personality. He mostly was too afraid that he’d have to leave them like he did his family, so the majority of his time was spent hanging with Coran, creating wild variations of common card games (Allura was also a constant for Lance, she was two years older than him and Coran’s niece, so they ended up forming a brotherly/sisterly bond with one another- which definitely entails Lance braiding Allura’s hair all the time and especially before she goes on a quest)
  • Shiro was 17 at the time and Keith 13, they had been foster brothers coincidentally and their foster mother may or may not have been a monster in disguise
  • Lance despises Keith from the start- he’s everything he’s not 
  • Keith is a son of Ares, he barely has to work to match right up to Lance’s fighting abilities that took years of practice and he’s instantly respected by fellow campers
  • So yea, Lance declares a rivalry on him and Keith is honestly just really confused because he’s barely even had a conversation with the guy ??
  • Shiro ends up being a bit of a star at camp, being one of the few children of the Big Three
  • He’s powerful and has especially skill in controlling lightning and storms, Lance immediately looks up to him
  • And then not even a week into Keith being at the Garrison he gets a quest
  • because he’s been there for four years now ?? and where is his quest at ??
  • Coran makes sure to calm Lance down a bit and it works mostly, but it still leaves a lasting impression and Lance can’t help think that it means something (maybe he is just a stereotypical Aphrodite kid after all)
  • Alright so it’s almost a year later after all this, Lance is keeping his rivalry going with Keith, and he’s chilling with Allura, drinking some lemonade playing a card game when he meets a new demigod, Hunk Garrett (son of Demeter)
  • They’re basically instant best friends (and Coran is a proud dad bc look at his son finally making friends!!)
  • Hunk is one of the best things to happen to Lance, he reminds Lance of his mom which provides an even greater sense of home to the Garrison
  • Hunk is the first person that Lance takes to try and befriend wit Blue
  • It takes awhile but eventually Blue takes a liking to Hunk (especially after he shares his famed oat cookies with her)
  • Hunk is Lance Protection Squad (you know how Demeter went apeshit on those people that trespassed in her woods- yea thats Hunk when people try to disregard Lance, etc)
  • The friendship is just really good for both of them and they make an awesome power duo (especially in capture the flag- which no one suspects)
  • However, there’s this one time when Lance is going through a rough spot. Keith had gotten another quest (Lance still was holding out for his first) and when he came back he was praised by everyone. However, he got injured on it and has to sit out for capture the flag that night. The Ares Cabin reluctantly adds Lance to their team, but ensures that he knows it’s only because Keith is injured
  • And yea that reinforces a lot of insecurities that Lance was just starting to get over
  • Hunk tries to console his friend after the game by bringing him some comfort food, but Lance just snaps at him and tells him to throw it all out- he doesn’t want it, and Hunk does just that
  • Lance is shocked
  • Hunk is shocked (he would never waste his food)
  • And that’s how it was found out that Lancecould charmspeak
  • Lance immediately apologized, he felt awful for snapping at Hunk and even worse for forcing him into something. Lance and Hunk come to an agreement not to tell anyone about it, but it terrifies Lance. He hates that his voice can make someone go against their will (he makes sure to never give anyone orders)
  • Then just a couple months after Hunk arrives, so does a new demigod, Pidge Gunderson, child of Athena
  • For some reason Lance just has this overwhelming feeling that he has to be friends with this little shit
  • To say Pidge is unwelcoming to the idea was a major understatement
  • But eventually Hunk and Lance grew on Pidge
  • They became known as a trio, never separating from each other
  • They were each other’s best friends for nearly five years when a great prophecy was given 
  • It called for six demigods 
  • apparently, there had been an underground resistance group composed of gods and demigods that wanted to overthrow Olympus
  • they were known as the Gods Allegiance to the Lesser Revered Authorities, or GALRA for short
  • So Lance finally got his wish to go on this quest and three of his best friends were going with him and so was his hero! But then there were the downsides… like the imminent death of the whole thing
  • And the worst of all- spending an indefinite time with Keith Kogane
Children of The Gods Ch.1 - Demigod AU [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: Here it is! The first chapter to my new series! I really am looking forward to what his series has to offer because I love Greek Mythology! I really hope you all like this and I appreciate any feedback you guys have! Love you all! Enjoy <33

Ch. 2 - Ch. 3 - Ch. 4

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Greek Gods. Stories of myth and legend. Almighty, immortal beings that serve as judges to the world as we know it. Could begin and start a life at the snap of a finger. Because of their immense power they try and keep from interactions with mortal humans. Yes they try, but what happens when they do not succeed? What happens if one grows affectionate with a human? What happens if they have children?

Questions all too known to humans who believe in these Gods and Goddesses. But questions all too answered for their offspring. Demigods inhabit this Earth, part God part human, half bloods. Relics to some and freaks to others.

Wandering prey if they’re unaware of their heritage, prey to those who despise the Gods and the reign they have had for eons. Unable to get to the Gods themselves, these villains target the offspring. The mortal offspring.

That is why the creation of the ‘Camp of the Gods’ was created. A safe place for demigods and goddesses. A place for them to grow, to accept their abilities and heritage.

The camp is hidden, tucked away in a forest away from civilization. The only people who know about it are the League and demigods and goddesses who have trained there. The League is a group of trained demigods and goddesses who save endangered half bloods. They bring them to the camp before villains can harm them. This is where demigods learn to harness and control their abilities.

It’s where you live. You’ve been at the camp since you were 12. Having lost her to one of those monsters, you were left on your own. In your mother’s final moments she told you who you are. Who your father is. Saying you must find a case hidden within your home and run away. That’s when the hunting began. However the League came to your rescue.

When they saved you, you were brought back to the camp. Where your father claimed you during the claiming ceremony. A claim that stunned every member of the league and every demigod in the camp.

You are the Princess to the Gods, the Daughter of Zeus.

As of today, you have become one of the strongest demigods, strong enough to become a part of the league. However, you had different intentions. The camp had become your home, the only home you’ve known for 7 years. Leading to your decision to stay and protect it in case any harm were to come to its defenses. Having both training from being on your own and training from the camp, there was no one better suited.

The camp is safe. It’s where untrained demigods and goddesses belong.

…However. Not everyone believes that.

Jason was not entirely fond of Bruce making him move to this camp. Him and the Outlaws could handle themselves, the last advice he took from Bruce led to proving Jason’s mortality. It was through the power of his mother, Athena, that brought him back. After that he vowed to take care of himself from then on.

Though, on their last mission to take down a villain target, there was a mishap that almost led to them and the half blood they were saving losing their lives, putting a target on their backs in the process. After that close call, the League demanded they all move to the camp. Where they would be safe and things could calm down. Villains often would draw targets but forget about them within a good few months. Finding new prey to stalk.

Kori and Roy were rather excited to be coming to the camp. They always wanted to know more about their immortal parents and even form some sort of relationship with them.

They eagerly stood outside the magic barrier that camouflages the camp. Jason standing there annoyed with his arms crossed. Bruce came up next to the three, “Are you ready?” Kori and Roy grinned while Jason simply huffed before Bruce led the way. They were in awe as the camp revealed itself once passing the barrier.

They approached the gate, being greeted by the sound of metal clanging and bows strings stretching, the yelling and talking of half bloods. Jason winced at the sight, this is NOT what he wanted. “Welcome to the Camp of the Gods” Bruce observed the three.

He watched as their eyes scanned over the place. His falling on three members coming their way. Noticing Dick, the first demigod he saved. “New Recruits, and Bruce what a surprise.” Dick greeted cheerily. Jason’s scowl only grew, great now he has to deal with the golden boy too? Dick’s eyes fell on Jason, “Jason, I see you’re finally joining the camp.”

“Yeah, well, not of my own volition” he bit back. However, Dick is used to Jason’s short temper, he knows Jason’s reluctance will pass with time.

“Anyway, who have you brought with you?” His attention turned to the two others. “I’m Roy and this is Kori.” Roy introduced the both of them. “A pleasure to meet you both. I’m Richard, or Dick as I prefer. Son of Apollo.”

Next the redhead beside him spoke up, “I’m Wally, Son of Hermes” pointing to himself.

The last one to speak was the girl on the other side of them both, “I’m M’gann, Daughter of Persephone. We’re kind of your welcoming committee. We will be showing you the camp and answering any questions you might have.” She smiled kindly at the three.

“I will leave you three in their hands. I have to get back to work.” Bruce said before turning and exiting the camp.

“If you three will follow us we can start the tour of the camp” M’gann smiled while gesturing for them to follow. Roy, Kori, and Jason did so, listening to the information they were being given. Being shown the dining hall, cabins, stables, camp borders, armory, and finally the training grounds.

When approaching the training grounds they noticed a group formed and the sound of swords clashing. Coming upon the scene they saw two people sparring. Continuously lunging and blocking the other’s attacks. It was graceful, like a sort of forbidden dance. Both swordsmen, or swordsman and swords-woman, were highly skilled. Proving how fighting is an art form, not brute strength.

Jason especially noticed the abilities and gracefulness of the demigoddess. He was infatuated by the way you moved; tactically yet instinctively. Noticing how you could see three moves ahead of your opponent. [H/c] hair tied back as your [e/c] stayed locked on your opponent, gaze never faltering for a second. The opponent a taller, tan, male with blonde hair and green eyes. He looked strong and moved just as tactically but it didn’t look as though it came as naturally for him.

“Who is that?” Jason asked looking over at Dick, catching the attention of the others. “The man is Kaldur’ahm, Son of Poseidon. Prince of the Sea some have come to call him. He’s one of the strongest warriors in this camp. The woman, [F/n] [L/n], Daughter of Zeus. Princess of the Gods. The strongest demigoddess and warrior in the camp. Both highly skilled and highly fatal.” Dick explained, eyes not leaving the match. Jason nodded before directing his attention back to the fight.

Before Jason could analyze their movements any further, it all came to an abrupt halt. You had a boot on Kaldur’ahm’s chest, sword pulled up over your shoulder in a striking position. Both panting before a grin broke out on your lips. “I win” you muttered before pulling back offering a hand to him. “Still the most skilled warrior in the camp.” He stated calmly.

“That was amazing!” one of the younger demigods smiled, who stood just in front of the newcomers. Your eyes fell on them all. “So you’re the new recruits” calling to them. Waving them over, “Front and center” tapping the ground with your sword. The three came and stood where you tapped. Swinging the sword to rest it on your shoulder while turning to look at them. Standing there you looked them over, getting a feel for their physical type.

“Well as the formal protector of this camp, Welcome. As I’m sure M’gann, Dick, and Wally told you I’m [F/n] [L/n] and this is Kaldur’ahm. We both are here if you have any questions on your abilities or the camp itself. However from what Bruce and the rest of the League told me, you all have quite a handle on your abilities, and outside experience. So I ask you to behave yourselves and act as role models for the younger demigods and goddesses here because they WILL look up to you. As long as you all follow the rules and keep that in mind, we’re more than happy to have you here. And one last thing, this is a home. We are all family here, please, treat it as such.” Looking over the three, you saw the eagerness in two but the third was wearing an aura of skepticism.

You walked over to Jason, “Trust me this place isn’t as you feel it is. Give it a chance, give us a chance before you cast your verdict. What I’m saying is lighten up, relax, learn. We might surprise you.” laughing while placing the sword hilt in his hands. Backing away you looked at them all, “As much as I’d like to stay, I have other things to attend to. I will see you all at the claiming ceremony.” Announcing before smiling at them all and nodding before making your leave.

“Claiming ceremony?” Kori asked looking at their three tour guides. Wally was the first to speak up. “It’s where your parent will claim you as their child, proving your heritage as a demigod and who your parent is. Then the camp will act and train you accordingly.” he explained. Them all nodding in understanding.

“Anyway there is a lot more camp to show you and people for you to meet before the ceremony. Let’s continue” Dick smiled before M’gann nodded and began to lead the way once more.

Though Jason was distracted by the words you spoke to him while analyzing the sword in his hands. The words ringing in his head ‘What I’m saying is lighten up, relax, learn. We might surprise you.’ How could he relax? Half of him kept reminding how he’s in a strange, unknown place, surrounded by other demigods. Though the other side of him wanted to train and take the chance to do as told. To trust.

Children of the Gods: Back story

Back story, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10

YAAAAY!! Yall made it to 15 notes so here is my gift to everyone even you @mrsyeolipop ;) hehehe. I hope you all enjoy. I am sorry for the super short part but i wanted to establish the world first before getting into the nitty gritty. I will most likely post the first chapter soon though.


Characters: BTS + EXO + Reader

Genre: greek Myth AU

Polimestes, the city of the demigods. There weren’t a lot of them but they all found a home on this small island. It’s located in the Cretan sea about 10 miles off the shore of Rodopos peninsula. The island completely hidden from humans because of a thin mist surrounding the island and glamouring it from them.

Most of the demigods that lived there were trained in battle, having to fight off monsters that threatened to harm humans. The city was in the middle of the island. All of the borders were mainly beaches except for one. The training grounds were located on the southern border, surrounded by a dense forest that hid the academy from the city. Once you graduated out of the training academy you were free to live a regular life in the city, build a family, have a job, live without the worry of whether or not you would get to go home after a mission.

That was before the war. A year ago the gods started a civil war, Poseidon tried to overthrow Zeus, his jealousy of his younger brother getting all the power finally reaching it’s climax. At first it didn’t have any effect on the cities on Earth but then the children started to take the sides of their godly parent.

The city was thrown into chaos quickly and the war between the demigods began as well. The first death was a few months after Poseidon tried to overthrow Zeus, a leader in Polimestes murdered a son of Aphrodite after news had gotten out that she had joined Poseidon’s side. From there the deaths became a regular thing, the children of Aphrodite fighting back and even publicly executing the leader, taking the position of power for their own. The chaos from the city eventually leaked into the academy and a full blown civil war broke out in the city of Polimestes.

You had grown up in the academy with no family and only a select handful of friends. You were out in the forest with Hoseok and Yixing when you guys had found out about everything that happened in the city; it was then that you three vowed to not be a part of this, to help each other and run if it was ever necessary. The attack on the academy happened the next day, you were protecting Yixing when you got injured; a younger boy taking advantage of your confusion and slicing your leg up pretty good.

So here you were, on the run in the middle of a forest, trying to get to the mainland where Hoseok had a safe house you could hide in till this war blew over.

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Hi can u do percabeth #4 for the mini fic thingy

This is set during Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - Sword of Summer, immediately after Annabeth discovered Magnus at the funeral home.

(no longer taking requests for this particular challenge, sorry!)

things you said over the phone

“What do you mean you aren’t coming back to New York yet?” Percy’s voice drifted down the line, confused and concerned.

Annabeth twirled a loose curl around her finger and sighed. “I can’t leave Boston, Percy. Not yet. Magnus needs me -”

She expected him to protest, to ask her how she could blow off school, how she could ignore him, but Percy surprised her by instead asking, “Is your dad staying with you?”

She shifted, resting one of her feet against the cold cinder block interior wall of the church she was leaning against. “No, he’s going back to California tonight, after the funeral. Magnus said I can’t tell him he’s still alive… Not yet, anyway.”

“Okay, so your dad is going to leave you alone in Boston after the funeral you’re having for your cousin who isn’t actually dead.”


“The cousin who you saw standing over his own dead body.”

“Yes, Percy.”

“Annabeth, come on. That’s weird, even by our standards, you have to admit.” Percy sounded agitated on the other end of the line. She pictured him pacing up and down his small kitchen.

“Could be a fake body,” she said, chewing on her thumbnail.

“You don’t think it is,” he said, easily interpreting her tone.

“No, I don’t think so. Which is just all the more reason for me to stick around! He’s definitely a demigod, he never knew his dad and he said that Randolph had told him some stuff about our family history -”

“Does Randolph know you’re a demigod?”

“No… I don’t think he does, anyway. Hard to say for sure when I haven’t seen the guy in ten years, and Dad’s too wound up by Magnus’s ‘death’ to talk about anything like that.”

Percy huffed, probably running a hand through his hair. “Annabeth, I don’t like this. I’m going to come stay with you.”

She straightened, glaring at the wall opposite her. “You will not. I’m more than capable of looking after myself, Percy, and Sally needs you there -”

“I know you can take care of yourself, Annabeth, but we always work better as a team. Mom’ll be okay with Paul for a few days -”

And here came the part Annabeth had been dreading. “But that’s the thing, Percy, I don’t know if this will be over in a few days. I don’t know how long I’m going to have to wait for Magnus.”

There was some muffled cursing on the other end of the line, as though Percy had pulled the phone away from his mouth to swear. When he next spoke into the receiver his voice was tight and constrained. “Annabeth, you can’t just hang out alone in Boston for an indeterminate amount of time waiting to figure out what’s going on with your cousin. That’s not a plan.”

“Since when have you ever needed a plan?” she countered, somewhat snidely.

“You’re not me,” he said, close to a snap. He caught himself and sighed, and all the fight left Annabeth at the sound. “This isn’t how you work, Annabeth. You’ll go mad waiting to hear from him, and without any more information there’s nothing you can do in the meantime. And if something does go wrong, if monsters track you down, you’re on your own. Even if you do meet up with Magnus and he is a demigod, he obviously isn’t trained, so he won’t be much good in a fight.”

She rubbed her eyes tiredly. A part of her desperately wanted to tell him to get on the next train to Boston, to come stay with her, that they could work it out together. But instead she said, “Okay. What if we compromise?”

“Compromise?” Percy asked warily.

“Just give me a few days to see if I can find out anymore information, or to hear back from Magnus, and if I don’t find anything you can either come here or I’ll come home.”

He paused, considering her offer. “Just a few days.”


“And you’ll call and Iris Message whenever you can?”

“At least twice a day, morning and night.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

Percy sighed, clearly not completely happy. “Deal.”

Down the hall, one of the doors swung open, letting in a blast of cold air and a few arrivals for the funeral. Annabeth’s dad was at the front of the group, looking exhausted and sad. He met her gaze, questioning, and she waved a hand to let him know she was fine.

“I have to go, the funeral’s about to start, but I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Percy said, and she smiled instinctively. “Be safe. And remember, just a few days.”

“That’s the deal. Be safe, give Sally a hug from me.” Annabeth hung up and tucked the phone back into her jacket pocket, making her way over to where her dad waited.

He smiled sadly down at her, and Annabeth’s stomach twisted with guilt. She really hoped Magnus wouldn’t need a few days to get back to her.

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Hi. I hope you are doing well. I have a question for you because I loved reading your last Greek mythology answer. Please feel free not to answer though. Which of the gods from Percy Jackson do you think would claim Lena Luthor? What about Kara Danvers? I wonder if there's SuperCorp fic like this. Thank you for your time. I hope you have a great day/night. 😊💙 (Blue because you're a Ravenclaw).

HI! I’m doing great, thank you very much, hope you’re doing good as well.

There are a few Percy Jackson/Greek Mythology AU’s for supercorp, but I’m too lazy to look for them right now (sorry)

Now, I think there’s an obvious answer for Kara here. If you base on the books, Kara has the physical characteristics and abilities to be a daughter of Zeus. Like Jason she has blonde hair and blue eyes, she’s (supposedly) muscular and tanned (if you compared to the other white people on the cast that aren’t Italian) and, like Jason, she can fly and generate air currents (in her case with superbreath, but okay.
Also Jason has been compared to superman so that’s a great nod).

However, I personally think Kara could very well be a daughter of Apollo. Apollo also has blonde hair and blue eyes but also he is the God of the sun, and not only does Kara/Supergirl gets her powers from the sun but her Family’s name is El, which in Kryptonian means star/sun, so it’s fitting.

Apollo is the god of many things, and a few of them are: music, poetry, art, medicine, sun, light and knowledge. Apollo is the ideal of the kouros, which means he has a beardless, athletic and youthful appearance.
Kara is canonically very good in arts and music, she’s very smart, she likes games, she ages slower than humans, she’s athletic (cuz she’s a superhero), and she’s ridiculously good looking, and those are all traits of Apollo, and childern of Apollo.
Now while Apollo doesn’t have a beard Kara does, he’s from Daxam…

The rest of her powers could be associated with any regular well-trained demigod, the superhuman strength, agility. durability and reflexes. She’s also, in my personal opinion, very ADHD and that’s a demigod trait as well. 

For Lena, I think physically she’d be easily compared to Percy/Poseidon children, since she has ‘jet black’ hair and ‘sea green’ eyes, but honestly, I think that’s all. There are two a lot more plausible possibilities and I think they are the most common. 

They are:

A) Daughter of Athena
B) Daughter of Afrodite

I like both of those. 

Athena as I talked about before, is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. Those are all traits Lena seems to have a lot of affinity with so far in the show’s canon, except for arts unless you count her face.

Children of Athena are said to have immense expertise in war strategy, possess high intelligence and wisdom, be able to adapt to using various types of weapons quicker than normal, amongst other things. We see Lena being a chess prodigy, beating Lex, someone who was a lot older than her and had knowledge and training of the game, on the very first time she played at the age of four. That shows she has an innate ability for strategy. She was shown to know how to handle herself with a handgun and a taser so far, that shows she can use different types of weapons. And she’s the CEO of her family’s company at the age of 24. Now, of course it’s her lawful right to control the company, but it’s not just anyone who can just be a CEO, no matter who built and/or owns the company. If she wasn’t capable of doing so she would have appointed someone to work for her while she served as an advisor to steer the company to where she wanted (see Iron Fist, Dany can’t do shit, but he has the power to tell everyone what to do because he holds the majority of the shares). She also is shown several times being basically a genius, she built the alien detector, she build the black body generator, she neutralized the medusa virus… That shows high intelligence and wisdom.

Moving on

Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty, love, lust, desire, sexuality, and pleasure. And, well, Lena is simply hot as fuck. She is so beautiful I often cry just by looking at her, so it’s really fitting. Lena holds herself at most times, in a way that exudes lust and desire, she’s a very attractive woman and it’s clear that she knows that and knows how to use that for her own benefits. Every time she speaks with someone, unless shown specific displeasure, she just looks like she’s flirting with them, and without even trying. With see that with Clark Kent, ‘Mike of the Interns’, Alana the evil assistant, Supergirl, Kara, and others. So that’s very suitable for an Afrodite daughter. 

There are also a few traits/abilities that children of Afrodite have:

  • They have control over clothes, makeup, and jewelry.
  • Amokinesis: As the children of Aphrodite, they have absolute control over love and desire
  • Charmspeak: Selected children of Aphrodite can influence other with the strength of their voices. 
  • They possess high social abilities and awareness.

Lena is always impeccably well dressed, her makeup is flawless and her jewelry are very tasteful. Again, love and desire, she’s a very desirable woman and she doesn’t shy away from that. Charmspeak is basically magical charm, Lena’s charming, she’s influential in the sense of she can be manipulative and flirty. And as an heiress to one of the most powerful, influential and rich families of the country, it’s obvious Lena has high social abilities and awareness.

Basically I am very fond of both possibilities but I also like a way to make them both work together.

This is getting really long but it’s almost over, stay with me for a little bit longer.

Gods are said to grant gifts and abilities to both humans and demigods that are not their children but either prove themselves or they just take a liking of. I’ve always called this ‘grace’ but I don’t know if it’s mythologically correct or remember if it’s mentioned on the books. Let’s just say headcanon in which a god that is not your ‘goddly parent’ can sort of claim you, be your guardian/patron (like Hera with Jason) and you get the powers/abilities that their children have.

So, in conclusion, 

I think Lena Luthor would be a daughter of Athena with the grace of Afrodite.

And Kara Danvers would be a daughter of Apollo with the grace of Zeus.

Also they’re in love and dating. 

The end.

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if only I put this amount of dedication on school work… 

That was really long, but I have a lot of thoughts about this. We’re lucky you didn’t ask me for the other characters as well, this would last forever.

Thanks again for the question and for the Ravenclaw heart, I love it 💙💙

Demigods and Hellhounds

Percy: [playing with Mrs O'Leary] He’s down! Ah, and it’s ugly! Hellhounds and Demigods, enemies again, locked in combat to the bitter –

[Mrs O'Leary pins Percy, who moans in mock pain. Mrs O'Leary then licks him repeatedly]

Percy: Ugh! C'mon!

[Jumps to his feet and wipes the drool off his clothes]

Percy: You KNOW that doesn’t wash out!

[Mrs O'Leary barks and Percy playfully flicks the excess drool at her]

Ok but if you don’t think the Camp Half-Blood would not make their own version of The Office… Like I can totally see the project being run by the Apollo Cabin and Hermes Cabin, but mainly the Hermes Cabin, and more specifically by Travis and Conor Stoll since they have been Camp for a long time and know the best places to get people unexpected. I believe it would be called something like “The Camp” and I can totally see it in the documentary style of The Office and I can see Percy being portrayed similarly to Micheal Scott, (except for the racist and sexist part) Annabeth being like Pam, Leo being like Jim, etc. Obivously though, they are themselves, but I can see them filming the demigods training and doing camp activities such as Capture the Flag. I can totally see there being intereviews while doings these activites and a few good liners being said. More importantly though, do not doubt for a second that there is ever a shortage of looks into the camera basically screaming “WTF?” and “See what I have to deal with?” just like there is on The Office. Heck, I think Annabeth would contribute like 50% of those looks. But yeah, I dunno about you but I could totally see this and don’t think for a second that there would be a lack of entertainment.

CONGRATULATIONS ON NOT BEING KILLED!  you’ve successfully made it to camp half blood,    a greek demigod training facility located at the north of long island;    you may also know it as camp daddy/mommy issues.    directed by the greek god dionysus and heroic figure chiron,    the camp is the only safe place for half-bloods thanks to the magical borders keeping creatures out.    demigods live in their corresponding parents’ cabin,    though by no means are the gods obligated to claim their children as soon as they arrive at camp:   there are some who have been overlooked by the gods.    they are the UNCLAIMED  –  they stay in the hermes cabin,   god of travellers,   desperate to prove themselves worthy to their parents and hoping to find their parents’ glowing symbol above their head when they do.

will you be claimed?    is your godly parent one of the twelve olympian gods,   or are you perhaps a child of a minor god?    with a camp invisible to mortals except ones that can somehow see through the borders,   monsters and mortals can not enter unless permitted from the inside.    here,    you are safe from anything monstrous that intends on hurting you…    and here,    you will learn the essential skills to SURVIVE.


Children of Hades
  • Despite their best efforts, plants wilt and die in their presence. Many gravitate towards apartment living. Their uncomfortable, deadly auras, demigod training and sharp features keep them safe in dodgy, dangerous areas.
  • Some of the most, if not the most, sarcastic people you will ever meet. They are characterised by a dry, deadpan and dark sense of humour. Chiron may or may not have had to reign in their cutting, bitter criticism towards the gods on more than one occasion.
    • They are the friends you need to explain to your other friends before you introduce them.
  • Cabin 13 is tiny in population. They tend to have age gaps of at least a few years between them and are almost always, conceived in spring or summer. Their familial loyalty extends far beyond the confines of camp.
    • They have a tendency of finding each other. 
    • They have a unique network to support them, provided they are able to survive long enough to establish themselves in the world to compensate for their lonely, isolated upbringings. This support is of course, very subtle.
      • Preceded by their infamy, their successes are understated. They are ambitious and have an urge to prove themselves, partly as a big ‘f you’ to those who undermine them.
      • Some gravitate towards politics, law and business. They are the very powerful, very influential key figures pulling strings in the shadows.
        • Children of Hades have friends in very high places.
  • Most are very introverted and reserved. 
    • Their distrust and skepticism feeds into their self-sufficiency and extreme resourcefulness.
    • They tend to land themselves in risky, life-threatening situations because they believe they can accomplish anything, no matter how dangerous, by themselves. Proud and stubborn, they usually resist help from others.
    • They are emotionally guarded but once their walls are breached, they fall very hard, very quickly. 
      • Those they consider ‘friend’ can be counted on one hand and can do massive damage when allowed to roam in their inner sanctum.
      • Children of Hades are some of the worst people you can betray. They will hold a grudge into the afterlife and will not hesitate to cut ties if taken advantage of.

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headcannon that maybe Percy and Annabeth dont have kids. maybe instead of having their own children, they go around adoption agencies and with the help of Grover, sniff out all the orphaned demigod children and raise them as their own.

I feel like Annabeth would be all about that bc she was treated like an unwanted freak her entire childhood and wouldn’t want any other kid to feel like that.

And so they would adopt all these demigod children and train them and pass on their knowledge and make sure they knew that they are so so so loved and Percy would be such a great dad to them he would always make sure they were happy and Annabeth would just hug them all the time and oh my god I can’t do this

You’re ignorant if you think Camp Halfblood stands even a TINY chance of beating the Romans in a war.

Like come on. This isnt about favorites, this is about the cold, hard fact that Camp Jupiter has a camp full of military trained demigods/legacies and an entire CITY of ADULT demigods/legacies to back them up.

Camp Half-Blood doesnt even make the campers play Capture the Flag if they don’t want to, I mean really now.

      honestly, just like, fuck it, i’m declaring it now, camp half-blood isn’t ACTUALLY lethal, the cleaning harpies (???) aren’t going to eat you they’ll just yell a lot and maybe smack you around, if they’re even canon i kind of don’t want them to be, (i’ll kick that one to @wingedpenumbra for the why), like, i’m calling it now. the lethal parts of chb don’t even really FIT with the narrative, they stick out like a jokey hyperbole or a 12-year-old’s exaggeration.


   …i am awfully attached to the lava climbing wall for some reason though


Description (probably spoilers for Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus)

Zeus has punished his son Apollo—god of the sun, music, archery, poetry, and more—by casting him down to earth in the form of a gawky, acne-covered sixteen-year-old mortal named Lester. The only way Apollo can reclaim his rightful place on Mount Olympus is by restoring several Oracles that have gone dark. What is affecting the Oracles, and how can Apollo do anything about them without his powers?

After experiencing a series of dangerous—and frankly, humiliating—trials at Camp Half-Blood, Apollo must now leave the relative safety of the demigod training ground and embark on a hair-raising journey across North America. Fortunately, what he lacks in godly graces he’s gaining in new friendships—with heroes who will be very familiar to fans of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus series. Come along for what promises to be a harrowing, hilarious, and haiku-filled ride… .

(Goodreads Description)

Non-spoilery review (Mild spoilers for The Hidden Oracle, review here.)

This book wasn’t as great as The Hidden Oracle. Not hating on this book on anything, but I felt like this book was a transition book in this series. I liked it but I didn’t love it. You know how everyone loved Leo in the Heroes of Olympus? I can’t find that feeling in this book - though I’ve grown to like Calypso and Apollo a lot more.The Greek Myths in this book was again top form and Rick was creative in using the Greek Myths as always. I don’t know if this is usual but I am feeling that the voice of Apollo can get quite nonsensical and trying to be funny for the sake of being funny. Other than that I liked where the story was going and all the character growth.


Finish the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus.

Overall Rating: 84%

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