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Plot twist: Ashton’s dad isn’t around because his dad is really Poseidon god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses. Which is why ashton was a swimmer. He felt his strongest near water. That’s why he loves the beach too. He would always smell like the sea. He also loved the sound of the earth rumbling. But his powers got too strong and people started to notice so he had to quit swimming and figure out a different way to experience the rumbling sensation he loved without destroying entire cities so he became a drummer.

Camp half blood part 3 *requested*

“i need more demigod au’s omg”
Part 1
Part 2

Your family was still pestering you to break Luke’s heart but you wouldn’t. They decided to take matters into their own hands. If they couldn’t get you to break Luke’s heart then they would get him to break your heart. They managed to get hold of a potion which makes people fall in love for 24 hours. 24 hours was all they needed to make Luke break your heart. They tried to sneak the potion into Luke’s goblet but being the son of Hermes he knew about it almost instantly. You met up with Luke after breakfast.
“Do you know what your siblings put into my drink this morning?”
“No, what?”
“They tried to sneak a love potion into my drink. Trying to spin the tables.”
“Them little… ugh! I can’t believe them. How for children of Aphrodite can they not see real love? I have an idea.”
You ran back to your cabin crying. Jumping onto your bed those who were already there quickly surrounded your bed. “What’s wrong?” they asked.
“I…loved me… I can’t” you managed to get out between tears. Your siblings high fived each other.
“Maybe he wasn’t the one,” one of your sisters said sitting down on the edge of your bed tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.
“No, he is the one for me, mother agrees.”
“Mother…a…agrees?” she stutters. You sat up smirking.
“Yes she does and she is mad you tried to make Luke fall in love with someone else. She says only she has the power to make people fall in love not us. You all are in trouble.” And you were right. For the next 48 hours none of the Aphrodite cabin (apart from yourself of course) could find any clothes that fit minus clothes from the camp half blood gift shop.
“It’s so ugly!” someone shouted.
“This is not my colour!” someone else cried. Whereas yourself found all the clothes you wanted and they were a perfect fit.
“Thanks mother,” you whispered.

By the time all of the children of Hephaestus had finished cursing the children of Demeter three days had passed. The workshop had gone cold and there was a build-up of broken shields and swords in needs of fixing. While everyone ran to either the work shop of the dining area when they had their freedom Calum ran straight to the strawberry fields to find you.
“Y/N!” he shouted tackling you to the floor, “Oh my beautiful girlfriend I have missed you so much,” he began attacking your face with kisses as you giggled and tried to push him off.
“Calum! Get off me right now! Don’t think by kissing up gets you out of any punishment.”
“But I love you,” he pouted.
“Awwww, poor Calum,” you pouted back, “any feelings you have towards me doesn’t get you out of punishment,”
“But I’ve been stuck in my cabin for three days with that smelly lot! Surely that’s punishment enough?” you pulled a face in fake concentration,
“Nope, it’s not enough,”
“I won’t let you up until you forgive me.” He jokingly threatened. You smiled in response and didn’t say anything, “Fine.” He said not moving.
“Fine.” You responded. You both sat there for quite a while refusing to give up. Of course you both knew this was only a fake argument. But you were both still stubborn. You were eventually called for as the watchers were beginning their rounds and wouldn’t be afraid to attack you. You both stood up, shared a quick kiss and said goodnight. Those who had watched throughout the day shook their heads. You two were most certainly strange. 

It was the chariot race. Since Percy the son of Poseidon was the only one in his cabin he joined the children of Athena. You enjoyed having Percy on your team. That was until you found out that Percy’s biggest rival was Clarisse – The sister of Michael. People were excited for the race. Percy vs Clarisse vs Y/N vs Michael. People were taking bets on who would win. Of course they weren’t money bets, they were who was going to get stuck with washing up duty. Of course the races were slightly dirty since people were allowed weapons.
“You are going to lose this Y/N,” you heard Michaels cocky voice, turning you saw he was dressed up in his armour. You loved it when he wore his armour.
“I think you’ll find you will lose,” you retorted, “You always lose,”
“I do not!” he said shocked, you stood on your tip toes and gave him a quick peck on  the cheek before walking to your chariot. The race started and quickly cabins got kicked out of the race. Athena’s cabin and Ares’s cabin were too busy trying to stop the other from winning that you didn’t notice the Apollo cabin win.
“I told you, you wouldn’t win.” You laughed. Michael was angry, he hated losing battles. “Oh come on Mr Grumpy smile a little”
“But We should have won Y/N, this is not fair.”
“Come on Michael you of all people know all is fair in love and war.”

It was a rainy day at camp. Ashton was a little upset. No matter how he tried he wasn’t powerful enough to make the sun appear.
“Come on Ashton,” you said nudging him a little, “Lighten up.”
“I’ll lighten up when the sky lightens up.”
“Very poetic. But seriously. Try to be happy.”
“But Y/N there is no sun. It is just wet and horrible. I want the sun!”
“But in the rain we can be all cosy and do couple stuff,” you teased. “Don’t you want to do couple stuff?”
“What sort of couple stuff?” he asked. You dragged him away from the door and sat him down in front of the fire. Thankfully there were only a few children of Iris so hardly anyone was in the cabin. You knew for a fact of Ashton was in his own cabin there would be a queue trying to get to the fire. You both sat there talking and eating marshmallows for so long and becoming even closer – with the odd stolen kiss now and then – that Ashton didn’t even notice the sun come out. When you pointed to the window Ashton gasped and ran outside,
“Y/N! come here!” you heard him shout. Following him it was now your turn to gasp. In the sky was a full rainbow.
“We can both be happy now!” Ashton giggled
“Oh, so you weren’t happy inside the cabin?” you sarcastically remarked. Ashton rolled his eyes before silencing any more remarks with a kiss. 


As Zeus’ daughter and once almost drowning as a child you think that Poseidon wants to kill you and thus never learned swimming. But when the super cute boy in camp asks you out you immediately say yes and freak out when he takes you to a lake and reveals that he’s Poseidon’s son. Claiming that you can’t go into the water Ashton reassures you that his father wouldn’t touch Zeus’ daughter and that he is there to keep you from drowning, so you give it a try and lets say, you don’t regret it.

Capture The Flag


A/N- Alright so I’m a hoe for any fandom related 5sos au, but the one that surfaces the most tends to be Hogwarts! but why not the spread the love to Percy Jackson too? Kinda in celebration of the start of summer!!

Rating- G

Warning- Swearing, fluff, lil bit of violence

Summary- Who says that a daughter of Aphrodite is too afraid to get a little dirty for once, as Y/N decides to join the other cabins for the camp’s weekly capture the flag game.

Word Count- 3.5 K

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5sos as demigods at Camp Half Blood: Luke Hemmings as a son of Apollo

Gorgeous, athletic, and a talented musician, Luke Hemmings was the envy of more than one boy at camp. While typically dressed in black and hanging out with the Hades boys, when you saw him around his brother Will Solace, playing volleyball and seeming to glow in the sunshine, there was no doubt who his father was.

Luke demigod imagine

Luke: Son of Poseidon, God of the sea, rivers, floods, droughts, earthquakes, and the creator of horses.

Y/n: daughter of Artemis, Goddess of hunting, wilderness, animals and childbirth. In later times she became associated with the Moon.

Luke had arrived out of nowhere. He was the son of Poseidon, just like his brother Percy Jackson. The problem? Poseidon only had one son. Or so they thought. No one knew his story or how he even got to camp, apart from his protector Calum. Calum was a satyr. He hadn’t known Luke before he got to camp, but apparently he was the one who found him and brought him here.

Just like Percy, Luke had his own cabin. It wasn’t that far from his brothers, just a little down the lake actually. Luke hadn’t interacted with any other people at camp apart from Percy and Calum, but from what you’ve seen Luke spends most of his time alone. He seemed like the shy type and mostly spent lunch in his cabin, instead of eating with his brother and everyone else. You’ve seen Calum walk to his cabin with food in his hands more than once.

But something about him attracted you. You’ve been admiring him from afar, when you were walking around in the forest or taking care of the animals. He spent a lot of his time just sitting underwater. You figured it was because that was the place he could be alone to think. Being a demigod is a lot to take in after all.

You’ve seen the nights he’s spent swimming up and down the silent lake, when you yourself was out admiring the moon. The moonlight causing his eyes to light up. They were the most beautiful shade of blue, just like the ocean.

It surprised everyone when Luke walked to the dinner place that day. Everyone went silent as he walked towards an empty table with his food. “Hey Luke, come sit with us,” Percy yelled from another table. Luke smiled thankfully and sat down beside his brother, who was already sitting with Annabeth, one of Athena’s daughters and Grover, Percy’s protector.

Everyone went back to their own food and started up conversations again, but you couldn’t keep your eyes off of Luke. He was in his own little world, making little whirlpools in his glass of water. At one point he looked up, locking eyes with you. You smiled slightly, but it turned into a laugh as Luke spilled the water he had been swirling around in his glass. He blushed furiously as he started drying up the water.

You went back to your food again, until you felt water splash onto your face. You looked up and saw a giggling Luke still pointing at your glass he had splashed the water from. You mock glared at him, but a smile quickly broke onto your face as you laughed yourself. You wanted to walk over to him, but before you could get up from your seat, Calum sat down beside Luke. You just sighed and went back to your food.

Luke was out for a swim that night. You sat quietly on the roof of your own cabin, looking at the stars and occasionally down at the boy in front of you. When you looked down at the sea again, you noticed the boy was gone. Looking around you suddenly felt a splash of water hit your neck. Looking to your side you saw nothing. More water hit your neck, and you looked to the other side. This time you saw Luke in the water in front of you.

“We have to stop meeting like this,” you told him when he resurfaced from the water. “What do you mean? I’m having a lot of fun,” he told you, smiling. This was the first thing you had heard Luke say. “Well I’m not,” you told him, smiling nonetheless.

“Get in the water, it’s lovely tonight,” he told you, swimming around for a bit. “I can’t swim,” you told him sheepishly, jumping down from the roof. “I’ll help you!” He offered. “No thanks, I think I’m better on land,” you told him, causing him to pout.

You sighed before sitting down on the ground, resting your legs in the water. You breathed in the fresh air. Luke was right, it was lovely tonight. It was quiet apart from the sound of waves Luke made when he swam around. “What’s your story Luke?” You told him quietly, not wanting him to hear, but at the same time you hope he did.

“My dad’s a god, my moms human, the same story as everyone else,” he told you. “Not like that Luke,” you sighed. “Why should I tell you anyway, I don’t even know your name,” Luke told you.

“Y/n, daughter of Artemis,” you answered. “Now, if i get in the water will you tell me your story?” You asked him. He swam over to you and grabbed your hands, pulling you into the sea. “We’ll just have to see, won’t we?” He smirked. As the water got deeper you let go of his hands, quickly wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck.

“Well hello there,” he said, as your faces were only inches apart. “So, are you gonna tell me?” You whispered. He sighed sadly before looking to the side. “I was bullied,” Luke told you quietly. “I lost the small amount of friends I had, my grades started dropping, the bullying got worse, I slipped into depression,” he said, still not looking at you

“My mom eventually found out about the bullying, said it was my time to go. Calum was our neighbour, he got me safely to camp. I don’t really trust people now, in the end everyone leaves. I guess I learned that from a young age when my dad left my mom,” Luke told you.

“I’m sorry you had to go trough that Luke.” “It’s not your fault,” he told you. You removed one of your arms from around his neck grabbing his chin, making him look at you. “Look Luke, no matter what you’ve gone trough. I promise you it won’t happen here.” You told him looking into his eyes. “Besides, if anyone dares to lay a hand on you I’ll tell Michael. You know, cause he’s son of Hades and all. He owes me a favour anyway,” you told him, resting your forehead on his.

“Thanks y/n,” Luke told you truthfully. “Now are you gonna tell me your story?” he asked trying to lighten the mood. “If you get me out of the water I will,” you told him. Pecking his nose as he steadily moved towards the shore.

A/n: People seemed to like my Michael demigod imagine so I made one with Luke as well. If you’ve got any ideas for another demigod imagine, please tell me :3

tbh i've been thinking about demigod 5sos

and i think we’ve got them wrong

luke is a son of athena. say what you want about apollo and music but shit that boy is logical as fuck

calum is harder to place but dionysus bc party hardy or eros ‘cause love and attraction rather than beauty, so in the same vein but not???

michael is hermes’ son. seriously, hermes is a protector of wit and poets and literature and MICHAEL IS SASSY AS FUCK AND HIS LYRICS ARE GORGEOUS

ash is hemera or aether 'cause day or light and apollo is overrated.

Extremely good looking, son of Aphrodite, Calum Hood has captured the attention of almost every girl in camp, except you, daughter of Athena, who didn’t really want to look past the shallowness of the other Aphrodite campers. Calum attempted to use his charm on you several times, but it was only when he got up in front of the whole camp and sang to you that you realized Calum could hold one of Aphrodite’s more pleasant traits, true love.

Ares’ son Calum Hood teaching you, Aphrodite’s daughter, some fighting because there is a war ahead and he needs as many soldiers as he can, and not because he needs to know that you can protect yourself if he isn’t there to do it himself, and he dares to ask if Aphrodite gave her children any useful powers, to which you instantly put your hand on his mouth to shut him up and tell him not to enrage your mum because she could deprive you of love, and in that moment he is so tempted to kiss you and decides to never risk losing you, and to apologize to your mum later.


5sos as demigods at Camp Half Blood: Michael as the Son of Hades

Clumsy and sweet, the only thing that tipped people off about Michael Clifford’s parentage was the dark clothes and punk hair the boy had sported since adolescence. He was close with his half brother Nico so when Nico found a couple of small skull planters at a garage sale, he immediately filled them with two cactuses for them to keep in their cabin. He often accused you of being as beautiful as Aphrodite herself with a smug grin on his lips but each time, you quickly shut him up. The last thing you needed was a goddess mad at you.

When Ashton Irwin came to camp, there was no doubt he was a son of Poseidon. He was known for his amazing drumming skills (which started small tsunami’s in the lake) and his infectious laughter, easily making him the most likeable and popular camper. He quickly became a camp leader and was responsible for sword training. 

Demigod 5sos

these are just introductions, aka prolouge. 

{Daughter of Hades.}

“Why?” I looked at my mom. “Some kind of punishment, I swear I didn’t murder anyone. I know I dress like a reject and things, but I’m a good-” “(Y/N), this isn’t punishment. I know what kind of kid you are, you’re sweet, trustworthy, determined, independent, but you don’t know somethings about yourself. This camp will help you.” I groaned and stuffed my bags into the trunk. “Is this about my dad?” I opened the passenger door. “Yeah, you need to know.” My mom climbed into the car. I joined her and nodded, “I know nothing about him, other than that he left me.” She looked down at the steering wheel before starting up the ignition, “I shouldn’t be the one to tell you, wait until we get to the camp before anymore questions.” she pulled out. I looked down at myself. Worn out black Vans, grey skinny jeans, black Iron Maiden shirt, covered by a black leather jacket that I love so much. My middle finger possessed one skull ring. The only thing that my dad left besides me. My arm was covered in washed off writing of quotes and bracelets I have managed to collect over the years. Looking at my appearance never matched my personality. I blocked off nearly everyone in my life other than my mother. I was home schooled, so it helped with my anti-social and dyslexia.

“This is a forest mom.” I laughed. “Just get out of the car.” she opened the door. I groaned and walked to the truck. I tossed my hunter’s bag over my shoulder and followed her into the woods. “What is this?” I looked at the entrance. It looked like a set to a Roman action movie. “You have to go in without me, I’m not like you.” mom said as if she were ashamed. “I understand.” I didn’t actually, but I knew mom would like it. I looked up at the sign, “You’re not dyslexic, your eyes are used to Greek words.” my mom explained. I rubbed my eyes and walked in, “I’ll see what happens from now on.” I smiled at her before turning to face the camp. Greek? Am I part Greek? I rolled my eyes and walked in. The sounds of metal clanging together and orders being shouted at campers. I gripped my bag and walked towards the crowd. “New kid!” a girl shouted being followed by laughter. “She looks like a Ares!” another commented. Ares? Greek? Is this a camp where we learn about fucking Greek gods? “Michael! Look!” a boy shouted. I ducked my head and tried my hardest to find an office. A horse clopped up to me. I looked up, nearly stepped back of the surprise, “Y-you’re a- you’re a…” “Centaur? yeah, I am.” he smiled, “The question is, who are you?” I stepped back, “Is this a joke? That’s a costume. This isn’t real.” I looked around. “C'mon, I have to explain a lot to you obviously.” he laughed.

“So my dad is a Greek god?” I ran my fingers through my hair. He nodded, “I’ll assign you to the Zeus cabin, it’s empty. But when your father claims you, you’ll be moved there immediately so don’t get comfortable.” he started walking out of the building. “The Zeus cabin. The biggest of them all, it’s a shame he never had any kids that had appeared here.” he said walking in. I looked around, “Thank you, I just hope I get to stay in this-” “You’re claimed.” he said staring above me. I looked up to see a skull hovering over my head, “Ares?” I guessed, not knowing a bunch about Greek gods. “No, Hades.” he said bluntly. He rushed me out of the cabin, “Michael Clifford?” he shouted. A guy walked up to us. Fringed, spiked colored hair and an smirk plastered on his lips, “Hey.” he breathed out. “I’m (Y/N).” I stuck my hand out. He smiled wider and shook my hand, “Michael.” “Well, it’s getting late. Dinner is about to start. Would you mind showing your sister to her cabin?” the centaur smiled before walking off. Michael tossed his arm around my shoulders and walked two cabins over, “Hey, Mikey.” A guy with a bandanna wrapped around his head walked past us. “Who’s that?” I said after he walked away. “Ashton, Poseidon’s son. I don’t want you getting hurt, drowned specifically, so stay away from him.”  

{Daughter of Athena.}

External image

I’ve lived here all my life and have seen the same people in and out. A few coming in for the summer and a lot leave during the school year. Never met a new kid that actually liked me. It was probably because I never talked. Woah, the daughter of the goddess of wisdom never spoke a word other than her stupid friend Calum? “(Y/N)? Wake up.” Calum snapped his fingers in front of my open eyes. “Sorry.” I picked my head up. “You barely touched your food.” he took a couple of fries. “Eat your own food.” I smiled lightly smacking his hand away from my plate. He leaned in closer to me, “Son of Hermes, god of thieves. Remember?” he winked leaning back. “Also the god of agility.” I jerked my thumb to the track. “I can’t even tie my shoes.” he laughed. I smiled and pushed my plate towards him, “Well my little thief, take all you want.” He smiled and began indulging my food. 

“Wake up.” he poked me with a stick. “Oh Athena, Athena. Where art thou Athena?” he laughed through my window. I placed my hand on his face, “She’s about to get in trouble if you don’t shut it.” I laughed swinging my legs over the window. He grabbed my waist and hoisted me through. “Thanks.” I breathed out as I touched the ground. “Ready?” he held up two sandwiches in one hand and an empty hand as an invitation to our nightly walks. I took his hand along with one of the sandwiches. He squeezed my hand signalling that this is the spot that he wanted to lay at tonight. I laid down with his arm wrapped around me and his chest softly rising and falling. “It’s a prison in here.” Calum breathed out. “At least you have your mom,” I laughed. “I know. I know, I only heard your story five million times. Your mom never visits you and your dad left you here when you were born as if this were an open orphanage.” I poked his nose, “Now you have heard it five million and one times." 

{Daughter of Tyche}

”(Y/N)?“ Levi, my little half brother looked over at me in the car. "Yeah?” I turned to look at him. “Will you be gone all summer?” he said tugging at his shirt. “I’ll be back before you know it.” I tried to lighten his hopes. Levi didn’t know about Tyche since she wasn’t his problem. He didn’t know about my talents nor Camp Half-blood that I attended every summer. His mom didn’t know about it either, they were completely clueless and I’m one of the lucky ones that don’t get water spouting from my palms. I’ve been told to be a lawyer or a therapist multiple times by humans and I couldn’t disagree more to such a stupid statement. “Here we are, Levi say bye to (Y/N).” my dad smiled at both of us. Levi threw his arms around my waist and mumbled a goodbye into my shirt. I laughed and ran my fingers through his hair, “Bye, I’ll send letters.” I waved and walked out. The trees seemed more spaced, as if they were all expected the arrivals for the summer.

I heard the kids laugh and metal sword clanging against the armor. “(Y/N)!” Luke, the son of Apollo, stood up. His guitar hanging from its strap around his neck. “Hey Luke. What’s new?” I wrapped a hug around him. “New kids, of course. They need you in the day care ASAP.” he laughed jerking his thumb towards my replacement. Kids clung to her, hurriedly climbing up her body. I held back a laugh and nodded, “Wanna help me unpack?” I handed him one of my two suitcases. “Don’t I every year?” He began walking to the Tyche cabin. I swung open the door and nothing was touched. Just how I left it before. “I tried to keep it clean while you were gone. It must be pretty cool to be the only Tyche child.” He sat on my bunk, “You know, a cabin all to yourself?” I shook my head and unzipped my suitcase, “That also means eating alone.” I took a handful of hangers out of the closet. “Oh yeah, they changed around some rules. You’re going to have eating hours with the Hades kids. There’s this guy that I’ve been hanging with, Michael. He’s pretty rad.” he picked at a few guitar strings before closing his eyes. “Michael?” I whispered under my breath.

“(Y/N), we missed you!” Clair yelled leaping into my arms. “Hey.” I laughed. The kids tugged at my shirt saying their greetings and new skills they learned. “Thank you.” the girl grabbed her purse, “Good luck with these kids.” she rushed out of the training room. “You guys didn’t keep your promise.” I placed my hands on my hips. “She’s not nice like you are.” Nick whispered. Clair whispered in my ear, “She’s an Ares child.” she giggled. “They aren’t fun are they.” I set her down. “Well, shall we get ready for dinner?” I took Kyle’s helmet off. They cheered all at once and marched wildly out the doors. “Daughter of Tyche, thought I’d ought to give you a warm welcome back.” A boy with slightly spikes hair and an adorable face smiled at me. “Son of Hades.” I set the helmet onto the bleacher. “May I have the pleasure to walk you to lunch?” he said with a smirk. “I’m okay, I’ll see you at dinner, charmer.” I laughed walking passed him.

{Daughter of Dionysus}

External image

Ares cabin was known for their vomit stained parties, which is one of the main reasons I stayed away from them. Nicole tugged my wrist, “You have to come, it won’t be a party without the daughter of the god of wine.” she winked at me. I rolled my eyes, “I don’t drink.” She sighed, “There’s going to be live music by one of the Apollo kids and all, just come and…well….live.” she smiled I groaned and pulled out my bag, “I’m leaving once the band stops playing.” She handed me some clothes and walked out with my bag. I sighed and dressed into the outfit Nicole prepared for me. A white tee with the sleeves poorly cut off, navy blue leggings, leather jacket, and Vans. I slipped out of the cabin. I ducked my head down and avoided any eye contact with anyone I didn’t know. Nicole jumped on my back, “About time you escape that cabin.” she laughed jangling the bag in front of my face.I snatched the back, “C'mon, let’s get this over with.” I opened the Ares cabin. Flashing lights, high volume music, the lingering smell of liquor, and croptopped, skinny jeaned, high heeled girls rubbing against loose white teed, tight blue jeans, combat booted boys. I rubbed my eyes, “I don’t wanna be here.” Nicole groaned and pulled me deeper into the party. “This is the thing about Ares’ parties, you have to find the right part of the cabin.”

I followed her to where the music got quieter and the putrid smell lessened. “Apollo’s part. You’re part basically.” she shrugged pointed to the stage. “They’re about to perform, I’ll go get us some drinks.” she winked and walked off. I stared at the four boys rushing around to get the cords plugged in. Nicole laughed, “You wanna go help them?” she smiled handing me some punch. “I don’t want to interfere.” She sighed, “You know more about cords than they look like they do.” she nudged me to the stage, “Hey, fellas.” the boys looked at her, “(Y/N) thinks you need help.” she pointed to me and nudged me once more onto the stage. “Thanks.” the one with drumsticks breathed out handing me a cord. I looked back at Nicole. She raised her cup and smiled, “Go for it.” I looked around and couldn’t believe I was doing this. My mom owned a music shop, I would help the little kids plug in cords and everything when they picked out a guitar or something. I quickly matched the cords into the rightful sockets and held up a small thumbs up to the bassist. He waved me a thank you and walked up to the left microphone. “Test.” he spoke softly. “Testing.” The blonde, obviously one of Apollo’s children, whispered to the microphone. I’ll have to admit, he sure received the traits of manly beauty. I walked off the stage gathering next to Nicole and a few others. “That’s Luke, Calum, Michael, and Ashton. Luke, Apollo. Calum, Hermes, Michael, Hades, and Ashton, Poseidon.” she pointed to them individually as she introduced me.

Demigod Calum AU


“Hey George, can you do me a favour and take this to the weapons shed?”
“Sure I can dude.”
“Hey Tilly, can you and your cabin sharpen my sword, that’d be great?”
“Of course.”
“Hey Y/N, can you cover my shift in the Strawberry Fields for me?”
“No way Hood. Do it yourself.”

Calum was taken aback by that comment. Usually on days like this where he didn’t feel like doing anything, his charmspeak worked like… like a charm!
“Please Y/N, for me?” He turned, giving you puppy dog eyes which no one can seem to resist.
“Nope.” No one but you. You laughed at Calum’s befuddlement.
“I’m the Daughter of Wisdom and Crafts. I’m intelligent. And you think I wouldn’t look up how to resist charmspeak in my advance strategy course?” You asked him.
“Resisting Charmspeak isn’t part of the strategy course.”
“I know. I just did it so I wouldn’t be pulled into doing other people’s work.” You pointed out, picking up your basket and going to head off.

“So, are you really sure you don’t want to do my work for me?” He asked again, trying one more time.
“Believe me, I’m sure. Today is the day that Calum Hood has unsuccessfully attempted to deceived someone. I’ll mark it on my calendar.” You told him.
“Now pick up a basket and move your ass Hood.”
“So it really isn’t working?”
“Nope.” You popped the ‘p’.
“Are you sure my good looks can’t win you over?” He asked cockily.
“They can never win me over, trust me.” You said, as you began to walk again.

“C'mon, we all know that no one can resist a pretty face.” Calum smirked.
“Well I sure can.”
“You’re gonna do it one day Y/L/N! You can’t resist me.” He yelled at you as you walked off.
“Bite my ass Hood.” You responded.

You were sat around the campfire as everyone else sung with Apollo, your sketch pad in your lap as you tried to capture the moving flames. A figure sat down beside you.
“So, how does one exactly stop the effects of charmspeak?” You heard the voice beside you ask.
“I’m not telling you.”
“Why not?”
“Why don’t you try opening a book sometime?” You said.
“Because who needs school when you have the looks?” He said cockily.
“An uneducated idiot. Obviously.” You concluded, as the Aphrodite boy looked over your shoulder.

All of a sudden the book was ripped out of your hands.
“Hey, give that back!” You yelled as everyone around the two of you began to watch.
“I didn’t know you could draw Athena.”
“I told you to give that back, it’s personal!” You told him. He cocked an eyebrow up.
“Then tell me why you’re not effected.” He stated.
“You really want me to reveal it in front of the whole of camp? Smart move Hood.” You told him. He grinned like a Cheshire Cat as he flipped through the pages.
“Oh.” He smirked, having stumbled upon something.

“What do we have here?” He asked, the flames casting a intimidating shadow over his features. Being an artist, you notice small things about people by instinct. Calum’s square jaw, plump lips, his hair with the streaks of blonde like the flames had frayed them and his cheekbones a gentle curve.
“Looks like Y/L/N has a boyfriend.” He showed everyone your sketches of Peter.
“I’m afraid to say he doesn’t do your drawings justice Y/N. He looks like such a waste of space.”
“Shut up.” You growled, watching some of your cabin and the people who had been at Camp longer than Calum get up. Whilst those who knew nothing of it sniggered at him.

“Oh, are you defending him? You’re not denying any of it.” Calum stated.
“Well look at him. I bet he couldn’t even pick up a dagger, never mind have the strength to wield it.” He said as you felt tears come to your eyes.
“Oh, have I offended the strong Daughter of Athena?” He teased as others from his cabin sniggered, other than those who knew who it was personally.
“Have I silenced the great Y/N Y/L/D?” He asked.
“I mean, this boy hardly looks like someone worth drawing.” Your hands clenched as you heard Calum carry on insulting him.
“I mean, what sort of person would ever want to draw a monstrosity like that?” Calum scoffed.
“He looks like the biggest excuse of a human I’ve ever seen.”

“PETER WAS A GREAT MAN!” You yelled in anger at him.
“My brother was a great man.” You said in a hushed voice as the water began falling down your cheeks. Those who had now stood from the tree trunks the camp sat on looked at Calum in pure hatred. His face turned soft.

“Don’t get involved in affairs that are none of your business.” You snarled at him, walking up and ripping the book out of his hands. You barged in his shoulder, making him stumble as you ran off. When he tried to follow you, your brothers old friends blocked the entrance, giving you a look which told him he dare not try to go after you. So he watched you run off until you became nothing more than a spot in the distance.

The next time Calum got a moment alone with you was when you were in the cabin built for those who wished for extra practise. You were stood and constantly attacking the wooden figure with your sword, looking angry and ferocious whilst doing it.
“Uh, Y/N?” He asked, not sure whether he should interrupt you or not.
“What?” You growled, spinning around as you swung your sword with you, rolling your eyes once you saw who had payed you a visit.
“Umm, do you mind putting the sword down before we talk?” He asked. You sighed heavily before exiting off the crash mate in your tight shirt and running capris, putting down your sword to pick up your towel to wipe your forehead and a bottle of water.

“I just wanna apologise for last night. I was out of order, and I know some things I said were unforgivable but..” He said.
“I really hope you’ll forgive me.” He said, emphasising the final part of the sentence with a silk voice with slid through the room, the air carrying it as if it was a flower petal flowing through the breeze.

So Calum was taken aback with you, like many times before, when you began clapping.

“Great speech Hood, it really was.” You told him sarcastically.
“But do you know what I always hated about Charmspeak?” You asked him, sauntering over to square up to him.
“It takes away a persons free will. Their decisions, their opinions, their choices, the list could go on.” You stood in front of him, arms crossed over your chest staring him straight in the face.

“Last night you told me that my dead brother was a waste of space, a monstrosity, that he wasn’t worth anything.” You looked at him in disgust.

“How many beads do you have on your camp necklace Calum?” You asked him.
“Two.” He whispered, feeling quite afraid.
“Two.” You announced throughout the empty room, laughing a little.
“Did ya notice how many I’ve got?” You asked, pointed to the necklace that never came off the bridge of your neck. He observed it for the moment.
“You have the same amount of beads as your age.” He looked at you in shock.
“But, that’s impossible, how did that happen? No one just finds out about Camp Half Blood, you’re given to your mortal parent.”

“No.” You confirmed.
“No one just finds out about Camp Half Blood.” You spoke like you had a sour taste in your mouth.

“My father tried every way to contact my mother when he found me. She replied fast and he asked for somewhere else I could be. He didn’t want me in his life, he didn’t need me. The only reason he fucking took me in was because some mysterious thing kept ringing the fucking doorbell when he crumbled up her note and left me out on the doorstep of his flat.” You ranted to him, and he was beginning to see your eyes water for the second time in the last 48 hours.
“Once Mum told him about here he dumped me just outside the entrance, leaving me for the Harpies until Peter found me.” You explained.

“I would’ve though Athena had slept with someone with more brains.” You commented, as if talking to yourself.

“So sorry, if I don’t accept your apologise but I’m not one for easily forgiving. I guess that must be judgement I got from my Dad. But Peter was the only one who seemed to give a damn when my father threw me out of his life.” Calum didn’t want to watch as you wept with the strong words coming out of your mouth. But he couldn’t break your stare. You had him enchanted.

“So when you throw around words of the one person who I saw every day of my life and learnt to truly love?” You scoffed.
“I might take a bit of offence to it. So do me a favour and don’t take away my free will. Because nothing you can do is going to make me forgive you.” You decided, storming out of the practise room as Calum is left stood there speechless.

“Calum!” Joshua, your brother, called to him as his cabin returned from their shift at the Strawberry Fields.
“Yeah?” He asked, hoping he had news on you. Calum and Josh had been quite good mates before the incident, and although he still hadn’t fully forgiven Calum for what he said either, he still told Calum about you.

All Josh did was gesture for him to come over. He jogged over and saw he was hiding something behind his back.
“What’s that?” Calum asked him.
“You don’t wanna know.” Josh told him seriously. Calum gave him a questioning look.
“I seriously thought she was getting better but-”
“Joshua!” Annabeth called, interrupting their conversation. Josh handed Calum a piece of paper and ran off to see Calum just staring down at it.

The harsh lines were yours, your sketching delicate but sharp and dark in colour. You had used nothing but pencil, the drawing as if it was a mirror. You had drawn Calum. But it was like when he couldn’t break your stare. He was too entranced by the picture to stop looking at it.

It was a full body image, but his feet weren’t there. He looked as if he was rising out of black vapour which had been drawn to travel around the side of his body to the top of the page. You had included all his tattoos and placed a smirk on his lips as two serpents - Vipers to be exact - were drawn either side of him, tall and proud, the same stance he had.

But the one thing Calum couldn’t ignore was the eyes of pure black you had drawn on him as if he was a demon. As if there was nothing put pure darkness that overtook him and his looks. As if he was the devil, a fallen angel in human form.

But what made his heart almost snapped was the small quote you had wrote in a thick, blunt pencil at the bottom of the page. And ironically, it was the same words that had escaped his own mouth…

What sort of person would ever want to draw a monstrosity like that?