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5sos as demigods at Camp Half Blood: Michael as the Son of Hades

Clumsy and sweet, the only thing that tipped people off about Michael Clifford’s parentage was the dark clothes and punk hair the boy had sported since adolescence. He was close with his half brother Nico so when Nico found a couple of small skull planters at a garage sale, he immediately filled them with two cactuses for them to keep in their cabin. He often accused you of being as beautiful as Aphrodite herself with a smug grin on his lips but each time, you quickly shut him up. The last thing you needed was a goddess mad at you.


5sos as demigods at Camp Half Blood: Ashton Irwin as a Son of Aphrodite 

True to his parentage, Ashton loved two things: the beach and love. Once you got to camp, he immediately took you under his wing and you formed a fast friendship, having picnics down by the lake and talking about your lives before and at camp. Though, he never mentioned how much a crush he was quickly developing on you.


So basically, like the title says it is a demigod! 5SOS masterpost. There is not too many things pertaining to it, but I wanted to make one anyway!!!! Hope you enjoy!!! :)

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Son of Hades Michael Clifford is the opposite of what everyone expected when he came to camp. At first look, his black clothes and combat boots make him look unapproachable, but it turns out he’s outgoing, funny and with his crazy hair colours he’s not like any child of Hades before him. Sure he can summon the dead, but it often ends up with him making a joke about it and getting them to clean his cabin for him or to fetch him food. 


5sos as demigods at Camp Half Blood: Luke Hemmings as a son of Apollo

Gorgeous, athletic, and a talented musician, Luke Hemmings was the envy of more than one boy at camp. While typically dressed in black and hanging out with the Hades boys, when you saw him around his brother Will Solace, playing volleyball and seeming to glow in the sunshine, there was no doubt who his father was.


5sos as demigods at Camp Half Blood: Calum Hood as a son of Hermes

Going to Camp Half Blood every summer since he was old enough to walk, Calum was seen as someone of authority to nearly every camper despite his young age. He didn’t talk about his dad much but it was obvious he hated being in the most crowded cabin on campus, even if he did love his siblings, so often you could find him sneaking into the main house for a nap. Calum was close friends with one of Apollo’s sons as well as one of Aphrodite’s and one of Hades’.

Demigod 5sos

these are just introductions, aka prolouge. 

{Daughter of Hades.}

“Why?” I looked at my mom. “Some kind of punishment, I swear I didn’t murder anyone. I know I dress like a reject and things, but I’m a good-” “(Y/N), this isn’t punishment. I know what kind of kid you are, you’re sweet, trustworthy, determined, independent, but you don’t know somethings about yourself. This camp will help you.” I groaned and stuffed my bags into the trunk. “Is this about my dad?” I opened the passenger door. “Yeah, you need to know.” My mom climbed into the car. I joined her and nodded, “I know nothing about him, other than that he left me.” She looked down at the steering wheel before starting up the ignition, “I shouldn’t be the one to tell you, wait until we get to the camp before anymore questions.” she pulled out. I looked down at myself. Worn out black Vans, grey skinny jeans, black Iron Maiden shirt, covered by a black leather jacket that I love so much. My middle finger possessed one skull ring. The only thing that my dad left besides me. My arm was covered in washed off writing of quotes and bracelets I have managed to collect over the years. Looking at my appearance never matched my personality. I blocked off nearly everyone in my life other than my mother. I was home schooled, so it helped with my anti-social and dyslexia.

“This is a forest mom.” I laughed. “Just get out of the car.” she opened the door. I groaned and walked to the truck. I tossed my hunter’s bag over my shoulder and followed her into the woods. “What is this?” I looked at the entrance. It looked like a set to a Roman action movie. “You have to go in without me, I’m not like you.” mom said as if she were ashamed. “I understand.” I didn’t actually, but I knew mom would like it. I looked up at the sign, “You’re not dyslexic, your eyes are used to Greek words.” my mom explained. I rubbed my eyes and walked in, “I’ll see what happens from now on.” I smiled at her before turning to face the camp. Greek? Am I part Greek? I rolled my eyes and walked in. The sounds of metal clanging together and orders being shouted at campers. I gripped my bag and walked towards the crowd. “New kid!” a girl shouted being followed by laughter. “She looks like a Ares!” another commented. Ares? Greek? Is this a camp where we learn about fucking Greek gods? “Michael! Look!” a boy shouted. I ducked my head and tried my hardest to find an office. A horse clopped up to me. I looked up, nearly stepped back of the surprise, “Y-you’re a- you’re a…” “Centaur? yeah, I am.” he smiled, “The question is, who are you?” I stepped back, “Is this a joke? That’s a costume. This isn’t real.” I looked around. “C'mon, I have to explain a lot to you obviously.” he laughed.

“So my dad is a Greek god?” I ran my fingers through my hair. He nodded, “I’ll assign you to the Zeus cabin, it’s empty. But when your father claims you, you’ll be moved there immediately so don’t get comfortable.” he started walking out of the building. “The Zeus cabin. The biggest of them all, it’s a shame he never had any kids that had appeared here.” he said walking in. I looked around, “Thank you, I just hope I get to stay in this-” “You’re claimed.” he said staring above me. I looked up to see a skull hovering over my head, “Ares?” I guessed, not knowing a bunch about Greek gods. “No, Hades.” he said bluntly. He rushed me out of the cabin, “Michael Clifford?” he shouted. A guy walked up to us. Fringed, spiked colored hair and an smirk plastered on his lips, “Hey.” he breathed out. “I’m (Y/N).” I stuck my hand out. He smiled wider and shook my hand, “Michael.” “Well, it’s getting late. Dinner is about to start. Would you mind showing your sister to her cabin?” the centaur smiled before walking off. Michael tossed his arm around my shoulders and walked two cabins over, “Hey, Mikey.” A guy with a bandanna wrapped around his head walked past us. “Who’s that?” I said after he walked away. “Ashton, Poseidon’s son. I don’t want you getting hurt, drowned specifically, so stay away from him.”  

{Daughter of Athena.}

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I’ve lived here all my life and have seen the same people in and out. A few coming in for the summer and a lot leave during the school year. Never met a new kid that actually liked me. It was probably because I never talked. Woah, the daughter of the goddess of wisdom never spoke a word other than her stupid friend Calum? “(Y/N)? Wake up.” Calum snapped his fingers in front of my open eyes. “Sorry.” I picked my head up. “You barely touched your food.” he took a couple of fries. “Eat your own food.” I smiled lightly smacking his hand away from my plate. He leaned in closer to me, “Son of Hermes, god of thieves. Remember?” he winked leaning back. “Also the god of agility.” I jerked my thumb to the track. “I can’t even tie my shoes.” he laughed. I smiled and pushed my plate towards him, “Well my little thief, take all you want.” He smiled and began indulging my food. 

“Wake up.” he poked me with a stick. “Oh Athena, Athena. Where art thou Athena?” he laughed through my window. I placed my hand on his face, “She’s about to get in trouble if you don’t shut it.” I laughed swinging my legs over the window. He grabbed my waist and hoisted me through. “Thanks.” I breathed out as I touched the ground. “Ready?” he held up two sandwiches in one hand and an empty hand as an invitation to our nightly walks. I took his hand along with one of the sandwiches. He squeezed my hand signalling that this is the spot that he wanted to lay at tonight. I laid down with his arm wrapped around me and his chest softly rising and falling. “It’s a prison in here.” Calum breathed out. “At least you have your mom,” I laughed. “I know. I know, I only heard your story five million times. Your mom never visits you and your dad left you here when you were born as if this were an open orphanage.” I poked his nose, “Now you have heard it five million and one times." 

{Daughter of Tyche}

”(Y/N)?“ Levi, my little half brother looked over at me in the car. "Yeah?” I turned to look at him. “Will you be gone all summer?” he said tugging at his shirt. “I’ll be back before you know it.” I tried to lighten his hopes. Levi didn’t know about Tyche since she wasn’t his problem. He didn’t know about my talents nor Camp Half-blood that I attended every summer. His mom didn’t know about it either, they were completely clueless and I’m one of the lucky ones that don’t get water spouting from my palms. I’ve been told to be a lawyer or a therapist multiple times by humans and I couldn’t disagree more to such a stupid statement. “Here we are, Levi say bye to (Y/N).” my dad smiled at both of us. Levi threw his arms around my waist and mumbled a goodbye into my shirt. I laughed and ran my fingers through his hair, “Bye, I’ll send letters.” I waved and walked out. The trees seemed more spaced, as if they were all expected the arrivals for the summer.

I heard the kids laugh and metal sword clanging against the armor. “(Y/N)!” Luke, the son of Apollo, stood up. His guitar hanging from its strap around his neck. “Hey Luke. What’s new?” I wrapped a hug around him. “New kids, of course. They need you in the day care ASAP.” he laughed jerking his thumb towards my replacement. Kids clung to her, hurriedly climbing up her body. I held back a laugh and nodded, “Wanna help me unpack?” I handed him one of my two suitcases. “Don’t I every year?” He began walking to the Tyche cabin. I swung open the door and nothing was touched. Just how I left it before. “I tried to keep it clean while you were gone. It must be pretty cool to be the only Tyche child.” He sat on my bunk, “You know, a cabin all to yourself?” I shook my head and unzipped my suitcase, “That also means eating alone.” I took a handful of hangers out of the closet. “Oh yeah, they changed around some rules. You’re going to have eating hours with the Hades kids. There’s this guy that I’ve been hanging with, Michael. He’s pretty rad.” he picked at a few guitar strings before closing his eyes. “Michael?” I whispered under my breath.

“(Y/N), we missed you!” Clair yelled leaping into my arms. “Hey.” I laughed. The kids tugged at my shirt saying their greetings and new skills they learned. “Thank you.” the girl grabbed her purse, “Good luck with these kids.” she rushed out of the training room. “You guys didn’t keep your promise.” I placed my hands on my hips. “She’s not nice like you are.” Nick whispered. Clair whispered in my ear, “She’s an Ares child.” she giggled. “They aren’t fun are they.” I set her down. “Well, shall we get ready for dinner?” I took Kyle’s helmet off. They cheered all at once and marched wildly out the doors. “Daughter of Tyche, thought I’d ought to give you a warm welcome back.” A boy with slightly spikes hair and an adorable face smiled at me. “Son of Hades.” I set the helmet onto the bleacher. “May I have the pleasure to walk you to lunch?” he said with a smirk. “I’m okay, I’ll see you at dinner, charmer.” I laughed walking passed him.

{Daughter of Dionysus}

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Ares cabin was known for their vomit stained parties, which is one of the main reasons I stayed away from them. Nicole tugged my wrist, “You have to come, it won’t be a party without the daughter of the god of wine.” she winked at me. I rolled my eyes, “I don’t drink.” She sighed, “There’s going to be live music by one of the Apollo kids and all, just come and…well….live.” she smiled I groaned and pulled out my bag, “I’m leaving once the band stops playing.” She handed me some clothes and walked out with my bag. I sighed and dressed into the outfit Nicole prepared for me. A white tee with the sleeves poorly cut off, navy blue leggings, leather jacket, and Vans. I slipped out of the cabin. I ducked my head down and avoided any eye contact with anyone I didn’t know. Nicole jumped on my back, “About time you escape that cabin.” she laughed jangling the bag in front of my face.I snatched the back, “C'mon, let’s get this over with.” I opened the Ares cabin. Flashing lights, high volume music, the lingering smell of liquor, and croptopped, skinny jeaned, high heeled girls rubbing against loose white teed, tight blue jeans, combat booted boys. I rubbed my eyes, “I don’t wanna be here.” Nicole groaned and pulled me deeper into the party. “This is the thing about Ares’ parties, you have to find the right part of the cabin.”

I followed her to where the music got quieter and the putrid smell lessened. “Apollo’s part. You’re part basically.” she shrugged pointed to the stage. “They’re about to perform, I’ll go get us some drinks.” she winked and walked off. I stared at the four boys rushing around to get the cords plugged in. Nicole laughed, “You wanna go help them?” she smiled handing me some punch. “I don’t want to interfere.” She sighed, “You know more about cords than they look like they do.” she nudged me to the stage, “Hey, fellas.” the boys looked at her, “(Y/N) thinks you need help.” she pointed to me and nudged me once more onto the stage. “Thanks.” the one with drumsticks breathed out handing me a cord. I looked back at Nicole. She raised her cup and smiled, “Go for it.” I looked around and couldn’t believe I was doing this. My mom owned a music shop, I would help the little kids plug in cords and everything when they picked out a guitar or something. I quickly matched the cords into the rightful sockets and held up a small thumbs up to the bassist. He waved me a thank you and walked up to the left microphone. “Test.” he spoke softly. “Testing.” The blonde, obviously one of Apollo’s children, whispered to the microphone. I’ll have to admit, he sure received the traits of manly beauty. I walked off the stage gathering next to Nicole and a few others. “That’s Luke, Calum, Michael, and Ashton. Luke, Apollo. Calum, Hermes, Michael, Hades, and Ashton, Poseidon.” she pointed to them individually as she introduced me.

Plot twist: Ashton’s dad isn’t around because his dad is really Poseidon god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses. Which is why ashton was a swimmer. He felt his strongest near water. That’s why he loves the beach too. He would always smell like the sea. He also loved the sound of the earth rumbling. But his powers got too strong and people started to notice so he had to quit swimming and figure out a different way to experience the rumbling sensation he loved without destroying entire cities so he became a drummer.

son of hades michael clifford always wears black and listens to scary music and has skull tattoos so he gets help from tree nymphs to plan the perfect picnic for him and his girlfriend because he wants to impress her and isn’t sure how

Michael demigod imagine

Michael: Son of Hades, king of the underworld.

Y/n: Daughter of Demeter, Goddess of farming, the harvest and fertility.

It wasn’t a surprise when a Michael was claimed as the son of Hades. When he arrived at camp he was dressed in black skinny jeans with holes at the knees, a ripped shirt with the name of a band no one had heard of and black combat boots. His hair was a fiery red, and his eyes were outlined with what looked like eyeliner.

He was the only child of Hades, which meant he had the cabin for himself. It had been 2 months since he arrived at camp, and so far the only contact he had made with the other people were a few yelling incidents. Every night, when every other cabin was quiet, you could hear loud music playing from Michael’s cabin. A person from the Hermes cabin had once asked him about the band he was listening to. “Bring me the horizon,” he answered shortly. After the boy insulted his music, Michael made sure he saw dead people for a week straight.

That’s why no one really approached Michael. That was until y/n came along. y/n was the daughter of Demeter, and always seemed to be smiling. The exact opposite of Michael. Which was why it surprised everyone when they saw you walk over to him one day.

Michael was yet again sitting alone at a lunch table, glaring at his food, not really eating anything. That was when you had gotten up, walked across the room and sat opposite of Michael. “Hi,” you said smiling slightly. Michael looked up in surprise. He felt a sudden warmth looking at the girl in front of him, other than the burning hatred he normally felt.

You had accepted Michael for who he was, and seemed to be the only one who could calm him down. You had even introduced him to a few people he got along with. Among them was a son of Apollo, a son of Aphrodite and a son of Hermes.

After a while he had finally gotten the courage and asked you out, which you had answered with an enthusiastic yes.

That’s why Michael was currently running around camp, trying to plan your date. Michael had no idea what to do for the date. That’s why he had asked the tree nymphs to help him. They were nature people just like you.

That’s why you were now sprawled out on a red blanket. Your head resting on Michael’s stomach as you talked quietly. A picnic basket was placed beside you with a few snacks in it. Michael’s stomach growled loudly, which caused you to giggle and sit up. Michael chuckled as well, grabbing some sandwiches from the basket. He handed one to you, before grabbing one for himself.

You looked at your surroundings while eating. You were in a beautiful park with colourful flowers and blooming trees. A place you’d never expect to find Michael. You let your gaze rest on the boy. He looked so outta place, yet so beautiful among the colours. He was wearing his signature leather jacket, black t-shirt underneath it, black skinny jeans and his black boots.

You both ate your food in silence, just enjoying the quiet. The only sound was the wind blowing in the trees and the animals. When Michael had finished he got rid of his leather jacket. His tattoos now visible. He had a skull on his left upper arm and his right arm was covered in small tattoos forming a sleeve.

You swallowed the last piece of bread before dusting off your skirt. Michael was just looking at you with a fond smile. “What?” You asked him. “Nothing,” Michael told you, smiling wider. He may be the son of Hades, but you swear his smile could light up the whole world.

You held up a hand motioning for him to wait a second, before walking over behind a few bushes. “Are you already trying to escape?” Michael asked, but he was still smiling. “Or do you just have to pee?” He questioned chuckling. You giggled at Michael’s questions, walking back to him with different flowers in your hand.

“I’m not leaving just yet,” you told him, before dropping the flowers on the blanket, sitting down on the blanket yourself. “What are you doing?” He asked in wonder. “You’ll see,” you told him quietly, as you grabbed a few of the flowers.

Michael had been staring at you the whole time. “Tadaa!” You finally exclaimed as you held up the flower crown for Michael to see. “Yaay,” Michael chuckled, as he clapped. You cooed at him, before crawling over to him. You kissed him gently on the nose, before placing the flower crown on his newly dyed hair.

You sat back looking Michael up and down. “How do I look?” He finally asked. “Beautiful,” you told him, pecking him on the lips. “M'not beautiful, I’m hot,” he told you kissing you again. “If you say so,” you told him as you sat yourself on his lap, deepening the kiss.

A few hours later you and Michael walked back to camp. Hands intertwined and matching smiles on your faces.

People gave you weird looks, especially since Michael was still wearing the flower crown. He walked you to your cabin where you could see your brothers and sisters looking at you trough the windows. “I had a really good time today Michael,” you told him. “Really?” He breathed out. “I mean, me too,” he said, sounding more confident. “Yeah. I’ll see you at dinner tonight,” you told him, kissing him on the nose.

You were just about to walk trough the door when one of your sisters pushed you back out, causing you to stumble into Michael’s chest. “Just kiss him you dumb fuck. I’m not letting you in until you’ve said a real goodbye,” your sister told you. You looked up at Michael, and he chuckled slightly. Michael leaned down capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. “I’ll see you,” he told you breathlessly when you broke apart.

When you arrived at dinner that night Michael was still wearing his flower crown. You chuckled slightly when you saw him. “What?” He asked you innocently. “You killed the flowers Clifford,” you told him causing him to pout. “It’s not easy being the son of Hades,” he told you, still pouting. You quickly kissed the pout off his face, causing him to shut up as well.

A/n: first ever demigod imagine, how was it? I didn’t really like it that much, but if people want more demigod imagines I’ll write it :)

son of hermes calum hood can literally talk you into anything because of his cunning way with words and language so one minute the two of you are casually chatting about the weather and before you know it your clothing is literally sprawled throughout the room and your fingers are dancing along his warm skin as he plants a plethora of kisses on your neck and he hardly even had to say anything