demigod 5sos

As Zeus’ daughter and once almost drowning as a child you think that Poseidon wants to kill you and thus never learned swimming. But when the super cute boy in camp asks you out you immediately say yes and freak out when he takes you to a lake and reveals that he’s Poseidon’s son. Claiming that you can’t go into the water Ashton reassures you that his father wouldn’t touch Zeus’ daughter and that he is there to keep you from drowning, so you give it a try and lets say, you don’t regret it.

Son of Hades Michael Clifford is the opposite of what everyone expected when he came to camp. At first look, his black clothes and combat boots make him look unapproachable, but it turns out he’s outgoing, funny and with his crazy hair colours he’s not like any child of Hades before him. Sure he can summon the dead, but it often ends up with him making a joke about it and getting them to clean his cabin for him or to fetch him food. 

Michael demigod imagine

Michael: Son of Hades, king of the underworld.

Y/n: Daughter of Demeter, Goddess of farming, the harvest and fertility.

It wasn’t a surprise when a Michael was claimed as the son of Hades. When he arrived at camp he was dressed in black skinny jeans with holes at the knees, a ripped shirt with the name of a band no one had heard of and black combat boots. His hair was a fiery red, and his eyes were outlined with what looked like eyeliner.

He was the only child of Hades, which meant he had the cabin for himself. It had been 2 months since he arrived at camp, and so far the only contact he had made with the other people were a few yelling incidents. Every night, when every other cabin was quiet, you could hear loud music playing from Michael’s cabin. A person from the Hermes cabin had once asked him about the band he was listening to. “Bring me the horizon,” he answered shortly. After the boy insulted his music, Michael made sure he saw dead people for a week straight.

That’s why no one really approached Michael. That was until y/n came along. y/n was the daughter of Demeter, and always seemed to be smiling. The exact opposite of Michael. Which was why it surprised everyone when they saw you walk over to him one day.

Michael was yet again sitting alone at a lunch table, glaring at his food, not really eating anything. That was when you had gotten up, walked across the room and sat opposite of Michael. “Hi,” you said smiling slightly. Michael looked up in surprise. He felt a sudden warmth looking at the girl in front of him, other than the burning hatred he normally felt.

You had accepted Michael for who he was, and seemed to be the only one who could calm him down. You had even introduced him to a few people he got along with. Among them was a son of Apollo, a son of Aphrodite and a son of Hermes.

After a while he had finally gotten the courage and asked you out, which you had answered with an enthusiastic yes.

That’s why Michael was currently running around camp, trying to plan your date. Michael had no idea what to do for the date. That’s why he had asked the tree nymphs to help him. They were nature people just like you.

That’s why you were now sprawled out on a red blanket. Your head resting on Michael’s stomach as you talked quietly. A picnic basket was placed beside you with a few snacks in it. Michael’s stomach growled loudly, which caused you to giggle and sit up. Michael chuckled as well, grabbing some sandwiches from the basket. He handed one to you, before grabbing one for himself.

You looked at your surroundings while eating. You were in a beautiful park with colourful flowers and blooming trees. A place you’d never expect to find Michael. You let your gaze rest on the boy. He looked so outta place, yet so beautiful among the colours. He was wearing his signature leather jacket, black t-shirt underneath it, black skinny jeans and his black boots.

You both ate your food in silence, just enjoying the quiet. The only sound was the wind blowing in the trees and the animals. When Michael had finished he got rid of his leather jacket. His tattoos now visible. He had a skull on his left upper arm and his right arm was covered in small tattoos forming a sleeve.

You swallowed the last piece of bread before dusting off your skirt. Michael was just looking at you with a fond smile. “What?” You asked him. “Nothing,” Michael told you, smiling wider. He may be the son of Hades, but you swear his smile could light up the whole world.

You held up a hand motioning for him to wait a second, before walking over behind a few bushes. “Are you already trying to escape?” Michael asked, but he was still smiling. “Or do you just have to pee?” He questioned chuckling. You giggled at Michael’s questions, walking back to him with different flowers in your hand.

“I’m not leaving just yet,” you told him, before dropping the flowers on the blanket, sitting down on the blanket yourself. “What are you doing?” He asked in wonder. “You’ll see,” you told him quietly, as you grabbed a few of the flowers.

Michael had been staring at you the whole time. “Tadaa!” You finally exclaimed as you held up the flower crown for Michael to see. “Yaay,” Michael chuckled, as he clapped. You cooed at him, before crawling over to him. You kissed him gently on the nose, before placing the flower crown on his newly dyed hair.

You sat back looking Michael up and down. “How do I look?” He finally asked. “Beautiful,” you told him, pecking him on the lips. “M'not beautiful, I’m hot,” he told you kissing you again. “If you say so,” you told him as you sat yourself on his lap, deepening the kiss.

A few hours later you and Michael walked back to camp. Hands intertwined and matching smiles on your faces.

People gave you weird looks, especially since Michael was still wearing the flower crown. He walked you to your cabin where you could see your brothers and sisters looking at you trough the windows. “I had a really good time today Michael,” you told him. “Really?” He breathed out. “I mean, me too,” he said, sounding more confident. “Yeah. I’ll see you at dinner tonight,” you told him, kissing him on the nose.

You were just about to walk trough the door when one of your sisters pushed you back out, causing you to stumble into Michael’s chest. “Just kiss him you dumb fuck. I’m not letting you in until you’ve said a real goodbye,” your sister told you. You looked up at Michael, and he chuckled slightly. Michael leaned down capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. “I’ll see you,” he told you breathlessly when you broke apart.

When you arrived at dinner that night Michael was still wearing his flower crown. You chuckled slightly when you saw him. “What?” He asked you innocently. “You killed the flowers Clifford,” you told him causing him to pout. “It’s not easy being the son of Hades,” he told you, still pouting. You quickly kissed the pout off his face, causing him to shut up as well.

A/n: first ever demigod imagine, how was it? I didn’t really like it that much, but if people want more demigod imagines I’ll write it :)

tbh i've been thinking about demigod 5sos

and i think we’ve got them wrong

luke is a son of athena. say what you want about apollo and music but shit that boy is logical as fuck

calum is harder to place but dionysus bc party hardy or eros ‘cause love and attraction rather than beauty, so in the same vein but not???

michael is hermes’ son. seriously, hermes is a protector of wit and poets and literature and MICHAEL IS SASSY AS FUCK AND HIS LYRICS ARE GORGEOUS

ash is hemera or aether 'cause day or light and apollo is overrated.

Ares’ son Calum Hood teaching you, Aphrodite’s daughter, some fighting because there is a war ahead and he needs as many soldiers as he can, and not because he needs to know that you can protect yourself if he isn’t there to do it himself, and he dares to ask if Aphrodite gave her children any useful powers, to which you instantly put your hand on his mouth to shut him up and tell him not to enrage your mum because she could deprive you of love, and in that moment he is so tempted to kiss you and decides to never risk losing you, and to apologize to your mum later.

Extremely good looking, son of Aphrodite, Calum Hood has captured the attention of almost every girl in camp, except you, daughter of Athena, who didn’t really want to look past the shallowness of the other Aphrodite campers. Calum attempted to use his charm on you several times, but it was only when he got up in front of the whole camp and sang to you that you realized Calum could hold one of Aphrodite’s more pleasant traits, true love.


AU MEME: Luke Hemmings as Son of Apollo

It was not such a shock when Apollo claimed Luke Hemmings as his son. The boy was like a ray of sunshine when anyone saw him and could play any instrument you set in his hands like a master. He was friendly to everyone he met but he could be an air head at time which everyone joked that it was because he was a Blondie. And tried to make anyone smile when they where down.

Michael Clifford, son of Aphrodite, looking for a way to ask you out and his older brother Ashton Irwin always encourages him to use his charms their mum gifted him with, but Michael doesn’t want anyone else and he doesn’t want to use his powers on you because he wants what he has with you to be as real as possible.

Chapter 2: The Mighty Fall (a Demigod 5sos AU)

“Shut up, Luke, you’re going to wake her up!”

“Really, Ashton, she’s been asleep for the last 2 days, I don’t exactly think my muttered whisperings are going to wake her up.”

“The sound of Michael hitting you if he comes in here and you’re talking is going to wake up her up.” A third voice joins the other two I’d been listening to for the last 20 minutes, sounding like he finds this the funniest thing ever.

“She’s already awake,” I croak out, voice rusty from not using it for 2 days apparently. My eyelids flutter open agonizingly slow, and the light from the room almost forces me to close them again.

“Shit,” the third voice remarks, “you look like hell.”

I sit up, feeling every vertebra in my back move unwillingly. Slowly, my eyes adjust, and I can finally take in the three people standing in front of me. They’re all ridiculously tall, dominating the small space we’re in , a room furnished exclusively with what seems to be the bed I’m lying in. There’s one with dark hair, and dark eyes, killer cheekbones and a jawline that could probably slit my throat. A cute blonde one, the tallest, with eyes that even from here I can see are an incredible blue. The one with the curly light brown hair and incredible eyes, a bandana tied haphazardly around his fluffy hair, hurries to my side, placing a large hand on my forehead.

“How do you feel?” He asks worriedly, checking me over with a practiced gaze. He was the first one to speak.

“Um, fine…” I trail off, body tensing as my memories slowly come back. Watching him die, running for my life, killing someone, almost being killed myself, being saved by Michael, the blue haired, flame sword wielding guy. My hands scramble around me, searching a weapon, anything I could use to defend myself.

The guy next to me backs away, seeming to sense my alarm.

“Hey, don’t worry, its okay, you’re safe. I’m Ashton, I’m like you. Just calm down.”

I don’t take well to being told to calm down. I leap out of the bed, senses on high alert, feeling immediately the height advantage the three have on me, though Ashton seems to be the only one willing to come near me, the other 2 shrinking into the corners of the room. On overdrive, my mind starts analyzing ways to get out.

“Hey, its okay, we’re not going to hurt you.” Ashton’s voice is pacifying, obviously trying to get me to relax.

“Where am I?” I can hear the fear in my own voice.

“You’re at camp, sit down, Princess, you’re fine. Nobody here is going to hurt you,” A new voice joins the party, one gruff and low, and vaguely familiar. Michael, the blue haired one, steps into the room, seemingly from the shadows, a sword sheath dangling at his hip. Now that I start paying attention, everybody in the room has a weapon, except for me. Ashton has a quiver hanging over his shoulder, although I can’t see the actual bow. Luke has a slim dagger hanging from his belt, half covered by a Nirvana t-shirt, and Calum has the hilt of a knife sticking out of his boot.

I relax my defensive stance, but don’t sit down. “What’s going on?”

“Its Tuesday. You’re at camp, you’re safe now, I pulled your ass over the line the other night, you passed out from blood loss and other traumas I’m assuming, Ashton healed you all up, mostly, and now you’re in the Big House, talking to us,” Michael sums up quickly, ticking the things off his fingers, never taking his gaze from mine.

“Oh my god,” I breath out, sinking down on the bed.

“You’re lucky to be alive, those things really wanted to kill you,” the tall blonde one supplies in what he probably thinks is a helpful voice.

“Shut up, Luke,” Michael snaps, and Luke’s face turns a bit red.

“What were they? Why did they want to kill me?”

“Not sure yet what they were, but they probably wanted to kill you because you’re one of us,” Michael answers, jerking his head toward him and the others.

“One of you? What does that mean?” I ask, still wildly confused and trying to take all of this in.

“You mean you don’t know yet? You’re his kid and you honestly don’t know? Shit, Chiron is not going to be happy,” the last one, the dark haired one, the one who’s name I don’t know, slides out of the room silently, shaking his head.

“Who’s kid?” I sound like a broken record player, asking all these questions and getting no answers.

“You’re half god, Greek god to be specific. Just like us. We’re demigods, and this is the only place in the world safe for us, from monsters who want to eat us because of our parents,” Ashton smiles at me, seeming to be over it already.

“Huh,” I lean back, staring up at the ceiling.

“You’re not surprised?” Luke asks, leaning in towards me despite his earlier wariness.

“Not really, I guess it explains a lot of stuff my mom talked about. But how do you know who my dad is?”

“Well, your dad claimed you the second you were over the border. Big thunderstorm and everything, lightning almost killing Michael as he carried you to safety and what not, nobody could have missed it. And you do have those freaky super electric blue eyes,” Luke muses. Michael swiftly slaps him across the head.

“Luke, shut up. You’re not making this any easier for her.”

I go through my knowledge of Greek mythology as fast as I can, staring at them as if they’re crazy. “Are you trying to tell me my dad is Zeus?”

“That’s exactly what we’re trying to say, Princess. Are you shocked?” Michael grins crookedly at me.

I scowl at him. “Will you stop calling me Princess? My name is Elysia.”

“Even your name is a clue. Your name literally means ‘struck by lightning’,” Luke also smiles at me, as if I should be rejoicing at these facts.

As shocked as I am, as much as I want to throw up and tell them they’re crazy, I can’t deny the rightness I feel in my bones. It explains so much- the way I had never been able to sleep during thunderstorms, the way lightning always struck so close to me, how I shocked people so easily, why she was afraid of thunderstorms, and how they always seemed to happen when she was angry with me. It felt right, this realization that I was a demigod. The unsettled feeling I’d had all my life, as if I didn’t belong here, as if I was wrong, was gone here, surrounded by people who were like me. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t assume they were crazy for a moment or two.

“Fuck,” I mutter, wrapping my arms around my knees, trying to wrap my head around so much new information at once.

“I know its a lot to take in at once, Luke threw up when he found out, don’t feel bad,” Michael sits next to me on the bed.

“You’re a dick, Michael,” Luke frowns at Michael before smiling at me and walking out of the room, Ashton following too, exaggerating a wink, leaving us in here together.

My shaky breathing doesn’t go unnoticed by Michael. “Its bat shit crazy, I know. But its the truth. You’re the daughter of the sky god. Gods are very much real and alive today, the center of Western Civilization. Monsters are real, blah blah blah. But here, here its okay. Here at camp we learn how to defend ourselves, how to survive, how to control our powers.”

“Powers? Like what?”

He reaches his hand out, a dead flower appearing in his hand. Shrivelled and grey, leaves crunchy, the rose has a haunting beauty to it, like something beautiful that once was. “Like this.”

A sudden realization hits me. “They called you the Prince of the Dead. You’re Hades son.”

Michael winces, closing his hand, the flower disappearing. “Something like that.”

“Sorry,” I whisper, getting the sensitivity on the subject of parents.

“Don’t worry about it. C’mon, I’ll give you a tour and take you to your cabin. You probably wanna get cleaned up.”

I look down at my grimy jeans and bloody, once grey shirt, from 2 days ago. They hadn’t changed my clothes, and for that I was grateful. Scars like the ones I had were hard enough to explain even while conscious. “Yeah, that would be nice. But I don’t have any clothes here.”

“Calum, he was the one who left, with the dark hair, can hook you up with whatever you need. He’s the son of Hermes, god of thieves and what not.”

“Oh.” I follow Michael out of the room, through a living room with several half eaten coke cans scattered about, and out into the bright sunshine. In his all black, he sticks out, and in the cheery light, I notice the tattoos for the first time. Swirling up his arms and fingers, black and thick, Michael wears them like battle scars.


“Are you sure you don’t want dinner?” Michael asks hesitantly, handing me the clothes Calum had procured for me, Luke standing hesitantly at his side, both looking torn between making sure I’m okay and the food waiting for them. They, along with Calum and Ashton had been my guides throughout the day, leading me through the whole ‘demigod’ thing as best as they could. I got the feeling they didn’t exactly know how to deal with me. I didn’t blame them. I didn’t know how to deal with me either, especially right now.

“Yeah, I’m sure, I’ll see you after,” I reassure him, ducking into the bathroom before he can question me further.

Avoiding the mirror at all costs, I strip out of my bloodied clothes and stand in the shower, feeling the water pounding my back, watching the blood from my skin wash away the reminders of the last couple of days. I’m falling apart, watching pieces of myself escape down the drain. In the last 3 days, I’ve watched my best friend die, been hunted by his murderers, killed someone, and been told that the Greek Gods are very much real and that Zeus is my daddy, and learned I have a whole cabin to myself. I wasn’t exactly dealing well.

I stand in there long enough I’m sure someone has come to the conclusion I’ve died in here. When I finally get out, I dare to look in the mirror.

Gripping the sink tightly, I stare at myself in the mirror, wondering who the hell I am. My eyes stare back out at me, bright blue, accented by purple bag underneath them, but I don’t recognize anything behind them. My hair, so dark brown its nearly black, is a long and tangled mess, and there’s a bruise blooming across my forehead. There’s bruises everywhere on my body, decorating my skin like macabre body paint. But at least I wasn’t bleeding anymore, which I supposed I should thank Ashton for.

I’ve had enough. I tug on my clothes as fast as I can. Calum has astonishingly good judgment- the jeans fit perfectly, the band t-shirt is just what I need, and the converse are the right size. My bracelets survived the worst, frayed but still wearable, and cover my wrists completely. I’m far from fine, but I look like myself now.

Exiting the bathroom to find it dark, I wish, not for the first time today, that I had a weapon. Anything I could protect myself with. They said I was safe here, but there were always exceptions. I would know.

I try to retrace the path Michael and Luke had led me on earlier back to my cabin, ornate and powerful and completely lonely. Apparently Zeus was a lot safer with his sex these days than he’d been thousands of years ago. My eyesight is adjusting to the darkness, and I’m able to make out their shapes before I run into them.

“Hey, you’re Elysia, right? Daughter of Zeus?” It’s a male voice. I tense immediately.

“Depends on who’s asking.”

A light flares up, a flashlight flicked on. There’s 3 boys in front of me, all smiling disarmingly at me.

“I’m Phoenix, I’m son of Ares,” The one who spoke first grins at me, a brutish grin that I don’t return.

“Sal. Hermes,” The next one, small and slight, with a cunning glint in his eye, introduces himself.

“Best for last. I’m Joseph, son of Aphrodite.” He certainly looks like a son of the love goddess. Tanned, toned, and with the obvious air of one who has been told he’s attractive his whole life.

“Yeah, nice to meet you and all, but I’m trying to get back to my cabin, so if you’d just move…” I trail off, but they don’t move out of my way.

“We’ve been waiting to talk to you, get to see what you’re like. We’ve been waiting a long time for another female Big Three kid to come around. The last one died pretty quickly,” Sal says with a calculating look on his face.

“Unfortunate for her. Maybe you’ll do better,” Phoenix laughs as if its funny. I’m quickly losing my patience.

“Maybe. Made it this far.” I move to go around them, but they move too, and my anxiety levels skyrocket. The very air around me seems to crackle.

“We’re not done talking to you yet. We have a proposition for you, Elysia,” Joseph says this as if its a great honor.

“I don’t want to have sex with any of you,” I mutter, moving again.

“Nothing so common, although I can promise you that you’d enjoy the exerperience-” Joseph starts heatedly before Sal, apparently the brains, cuts him off.

“Power. We’re about power.”

“I don’t need any power,” I say sharply, alarm bells ringing. Bat shit insane was all I saw when I looked at them.

“You say that now,” Phoenix looks at me like I’m crazy.

I just flash them the middle finger and move past their hulking bodies, now pissed off.

“We’ll catch up later then,” Sal calls out to me as I stalk away.

I highly doubt it. I didn’t need crazy power hungry psychos looking for me.

Looking over my shoulder the rest of the way to my cabin, hoping they weren’t following me, I run into him before I can stop myself.

Careening off his hard chest, I almost fall back into the dirt, but his hands grab my shoulders.

“Slow down, Princess. What are you looking for?” Michael drawls lazily, slowly removing his hands.

“Fucking pricks,” I mutter, taking a step back from him.

“Ah, did you meet Sal and Phoenix and Joseph? They’re really bright spots here.”

“I can see that,” I fiddle with a bracelet on my wrist as I reply.

“C’mon, I’ll walk you to your cabin,” Michael doesn’t touch me, but walks close enough to me I can feel the slight heat from his body.

Each step feels like an eternity. Today has been chaotic, earth spinning, and it wasn’t even over yet, no matter how much I just wanted to sleep and never wake up.

Michael’s hand just barely brushes mine, a spike of electricity running up my arm.

“I know it seems hard right now, but trust me, it’ll get better. You can start training tomorrow. Just give it time, you’ll find your place. Before I found out what I was, I had no idea what I was doing or who I was, but now it all makes sense,” Michael’s voice is soft, as if hesitant to tell me this.

His sure footsteps are the only sound as we come up to my cabin, imposing and impersonal. He turns to me, not smiling but still making me feel better.

“You gonna be okay for the night? My cabin is just right over there if you need anything and Luke’s is right next to yours-”

“I want a weapon,” I blurt out, halting Michael in the middle of his sentence.

He smiles, really smiles at me for the first time, as if I’ve finally done something right, and I’m thrown off guard by how much I like it- crooked and charming, lighting up his whole face. Burning into mine, his eyes hold my gaze. His hair color seems to deepen in front of me, staining a dark purple.

Keeping our eyes locked, he slowly reaches behind him, pulling a dagger out of his belt, placing it in my hands.

Yanking my gaze away, I inspect his offering. About as long as my forearm, the whole thing is pitch black, the light seeming to get sucked into the sharp blade. It warms in my hand, the feeling spreading up my whole arm, a sense of safety pervading my entire body.

“That good?” Michael asks as if he already knows the answer.

I slide the slim dagger into the back of my jeans, where Michael had kept it, and smile back at him, feeling like I’ve finally hit stable ground.

“It’s perfect.”

Calum Hood son of Morpheus, the god of dreams, appears in your dreams to see whether or not you dream about him and to make you fall in love with him since he is too shy to approach you in real life.

When Ashton Irwin came to camp, there was no doubt he was a son of Poseidon. He was known for his amazing drumming skills (which started small tsunami’s in the lake) and his infectious laughter, easily making him the most likeable and popular camper. He quickly became a camp leader and was responsible for sword training. 

Demigod 5SOS Blurb

Lets all be real here. Ashton would without a doubt be the son of Poseidon! Poseidon is the God of Earthquakes and hello, Ashton plays the goddamn drums which if played loud enough (at a party perhaps) could shake the ground. Also, his ideal date is at a beach, aka by the sea (Which is another thing Poseidon is the God of!) 

I personally think Calum would be the son of either Aphrodite or Dolos. Aphrodite because, well have you seen Calum? He is a dreamboat. Dolos because he is the spirit of trickery and craftiness. Anyone who has read my ‘Faerie Calum imagine’ knows I picture Calum being a bit of a cheeky guy.

Luke hands down would be a child of Apollo and Athena! Ya’ll can say what you want but there is no way he can be a child of one and not the other. Considering the fact he actually finished school alongside performing around the world, there is no valid explanation as to why he wouldn’t be the son of both Apollo and Athena. He’s intelligent like Athena and musically talented like Apollo.

Michael, just like Calum, could be the son of two different Gods. On one hand, I can see him as a son of Hades. With black clothing, bright coloured hair and a bad ass attitude how could he not be? Also, just like Hades he has a compassionate side that he’s not afraid to show to people he cares about. On the other hand though, he could be the son of Nyx. Disliking the light, staying up all night playing video games (Nyx being the Goddess of Night) and originally hating Sunshine boy Luke, Michael does seem like a child of Nyx. 

Plot twist: Ashton’s dad isn’t around because his dad is really Poseidon god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses. Which is why ashton was a swimmer. He felt his strongest near water. That’s why he loves the beach too. He would always smell like the sea. He also loved the sound of the earth rumbling. But his powers got too strong and people started to notice so he had to quit swimming and figure out a different way to experience the rumbling sensation he loved without destroying entire cities so he became a drummer.