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Camp half blood part 3 *requested*

“i need more demigod au’s omg”
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Your family was still pestering you to break Luke’s heart but you wouldn’t. They decided to take matters into their own hands. If they couldn’t get you to break Luke’s heart then they would get him to break your heart. They managed to get hold of a potion which makes people fall in love for 24 hours. 24 hours was all they needed to make Luke break your heart. They tried to sneak the potion into Luke’s goblet but being the son of Hermes he knew about it almost instantly. You met up with Luke after breakfast.
“Do you know what your siblings put into my drink this morning?”
“No, what?”
“They tried to sneak a love potion into my drink. Trying to spin the tables.”
“Them little… ugh! I can’t believe them. How for children of Aphrodite can they not see real love? I have an idea.”
You ran back to your cabin crying. Jumping onto your bed those who were already there quickly surrounded your bed. “What’s wrong?” they asked.
“I…loved me… I can’t” you managed to get out between tears. Your siblings high fived each other.
“Maybe he wasn’t the one,” one of your sisters said sitting down on the edge of your bed tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.
“No, he is the one for me, mother agrees.”
“Mother…a…agrees?” she stutters. You sat up smirking.
“Yes she does and she is mad you tried to make Luke fall in love with someone else. She says only she has the power to make people fall in love not us. You all are in trouble.” And you were right. For the next 48 hours none of the Aphrodite cabin (apart from yourself of course) could find any clothes that fit minus clothes from the camp half blood gift shop.
“It’s so ugly!” someone shouted.
“This is not my colour!” someone else cried. Whereas yourself found all the clothes you wanted and they were a perfect fit.
“Thanks mother,” you whispered.

By the time all of the children of Hephaestus had finished cursing the children of Demeter three days had passed. The workshop had gone cold and there was a build-up of broken shields and swords in needs of fixing. While everyone ran to either the work shop of the dining area when they had their freedom Calum ran straight to the strawberry fields to find you.
“Y/N!” he shouted tackling you to the floor, “Oh my beautiful girlfriend I have missed you so much,” he began attacking your face with kisses as you giggled and tried to push him off.
“Calum! Get off me right now! Don’t think by kissing up gets you out of any punishment.”
“But I love you,” he pouted.
“Awwww, poor Calum,” you pouted back, “any feelings you have towards me doesn’t get you out of punishment,”
“But I’ve been stuck in my cabin for three days with that smelly lot! Surely that’s punishment enough?” you pulled a face in fake concentration,
“Nope, it’s not enough,”
“I won’t let you up until you forgive me.” He jokingly threatened. You smiled in response and didn’t say anything, “Fine.” He said not moving.
“Fine.” You responded. You both sat there for quite a while refusing to give up. Of course you both knew this was only a fake argument. But you were both still stubborn. You were eventually called for as the watchers were beginning their rounds and wouldn’t be afraid to attack you. You both stood up, shared a quick kiss and said goodnight. Those who had watched throughout the day shook their heads. You two were most certainly strange. 

It was the chariot race. Since Percy the son of Poseidon was the only one in his cabin he joined the children of Athena. You enjoyed having Percy on your team. That was until you found out that Percy’s biggest rival was Clarisse – The sister of Michael. People were excited for the race. Percy vs Clarisse vs Y/N vs Michael. People were taking bets on who would win. Of course they weren’t money bets, they were who was going to get stuck with washing up duty. Of course the races were slightly dirty since people were allowed weapons.
“You are going to lose this Y/N,” you heard Michaels cocky voice, turning you saw he was dressed up in his armour. You loved it when he wore his armour.
“I think you’ll find you will lose,” you retorted, “You always lose,”
“I do not!” he said shocked, you stood on your tip toes and gave him a quick peck on  the cheek before walking to your chariot. The race started and quickly cabins got kicked out of the race. Athena’s cabin and Ares’s cabin were too busy trying to stop the other from winning that you didn’t notice the Apollo cabin win.
“I told you, you wouldn’t win.” You laughed. Michael was angry, he hated losing battles. “Oh come on Mr Grumpy smile a little”
“But We should have won Y/N, this is not fair.”
“Come on Michael you of all people know all is fair in love and war.”

It was a rainy day at camp. Ashton was a little upset. No matter how he tried he wasn’t powerful enough to make the sun appear.
“Come on Ashton,” you said nudging him a little, “Lighten up.”
“I’ll lighten up when the sky lightens up.”
“Very poetic. But seriously. Try to be happy.”
“But Y/N there is no sun. It is just wet and horrible. I want the sun!”
“But in the rain we can be all cosy and do couple stuff,” you teased. “Don’t you want to do couple stuff?”
“What sort of couple stuff?” he asked. You dragged him away from the door and sat him down in front of the fire. Thankfully there were only a few children of Iris so hardly anyone was in the cabin. You knew for a fact of Ashton was in his own cabin there would be a queue trying to get to the fire. You both sat there talking and eating marshmallows for so long and becoming even closer – with the odd stolen kiss now and then – that Ashton didn’t even notice the sun come out. When you pointed to the window Ashton gasped and ran outside,
“Y/N! come here!” you heard him shout. Following him it was now your turn to gasp. In the sky was a full rainbow.
“We can both be happy now!” Ashton giggled
“Oh, so you weren’t happy inside the cabin?” you sarcastically remarked. Ashton rolled his eyes before silencing any more remarks with a kiss. 


Plot twist: Ashton’s dad isn’t around because his dad is really Poseidon god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses. Which is why ashton was a swimmer. He felt his strongest near water. That’s why he loves the beach too. He would always smell like the sea. He also loved the sound of the earth rumbling. But his powers got too strong and people started to notice so he had to quit swimming and figure out a different way to experience the rumbling sensation he loved without destroying entire cities so he became a drummer.

As Zeus’ daughter and once almost drowning as a child you think that Poseidon wants to kill you and thus never learned swimming. But when the super cute boy in camp asks you out you immediately say yes and freak out when he takes you to a lake and reveals that he’s Poseidon’s son. Claiming that you can’t go into the water Ashton reassures you that his father wouldn’t touch Zeus’ daughter and that he is there to keep you from drowning, so you give it a try and lets say, you don’t regret it.

Capture The Flag


A/N- Alright so I’m a hoe for any fandom related 5sos au, but the one that surfaces the most tends to be Hogwarts! but why not the spread the love to Percy Jackson too? Kinda in celebration of the start of summer!!

Rating- G

Warning- Swearing, fluff, lil bit of violence

Summary- Who says that a daughter of Aphrodite is too afraid to get a little dirty for once, as Y/N decides to join the other cabins for the camp’s weekly capture the flag game.

Word Count- 3.5 K

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Extremely good looking, son of Aphrodite, Calum Hood has captured the attention of almost every girl in camp, except you, daughter of Athena, who didn’t really want to look past the shallowness of the other Aphrodite campers. Calum attempted to use his charm on you several times, but it was only when he got up in front of the whole camp and sang to you that you realized Calum could hold one of Aphrodite’s more pleasant traits, true love.

Ares’ son Calum Hood teaching you, Aphrodite’s daughter, some fighting because there is a war ahead and he needs as many soldiers as he can, and not because he needs to know that you can protect yourself if he isn’t there to do it himself, and he dares to ask if Aphrodite gave her children any useful powers, to which you instantly put your hand on his mouth to shut him up and tell him not to enrage your mum because she could deprive you of love, and in that moment he is so tempted to kiss you and decides to never risk losing you, and to apologize to your mum later.

tbh i've been thinking about demigod 5sos

and i think we’ve got them wrong

luke is a son of athena. say what you want about apollo and music but shit that boy is logical as fuck

calum is harder to place but dionysus bc party hardy or eros ‘cause love and attraction rather than beauty, so in the same vein but not???

michael is hermes’ son. seriously, hermes is a protector of wit and poets and literature and MICHAEL IS SASSY AS FUCK AND HIS LYRICS ARE GORGEOUS

ash is hemera or aether 'cause day or light and apollo is overrated.

Michael demigod imagine

Michael: Son of Hades, king of the underworld.

Y/n: Daughter of Demeter, Goddess of farming, the harvest and fertility.

It wasn’t a surprise when a Michael was claimed as the son of Hades. When he arrived at camp he was dressed in black skinny jeans with holes at the knees, a ripped shirt with the name of a band no one had heard of and black combat boots. His hair was a fiery red, and his eyes were outlined with what looked like eyeliner.

He was the only child of Hades, which meant he had the cabin for himself. It had been 2 months since he arrived at camp, and so far the only contact he had made with the other people were a few yelling incidents. Every night, when every other cabin was quiet, you could hear loud music playing from Michael’s cabin. A person from the Hermes cabin had once asked him about the band he was listening to. “Bring me the horizon,” he answered shortly. After the boy insulted his music, Michael made sure he saw dead people for a week straight.

That’s why no one really approached Michael. That was until y/n came along. y/n was the daughter of Demeter, and always seemed to be smiling. The exact opposite of Michael. Which was why it surprised everyone when they saw you walk over to him one day.

Michael was yet again sitting alone at a lunch table, glaring at his food, not really eating anything. That was when you had gotten up, walked across the room and sat opposite of Michael. “Hi,” you said smiling slightly. Michael looked up in surprise. He felt a sudden warmth looking at the girl in front of him, other than the burning hatred he normally felt.

You had accepted Michael for who he was, and seemed to be the only one who could calm him down. You had even introduced him to a few people he got along with. Among them was a son of Apollo, a son of Aphrodite and a son of Hermes.

After a while he had finally gotten the courage and asked you out, which you had answered with an enthusiastic yes.

That’s why Michael was currently running around camp, trying to plan your date. Michael had no idea what to do for the date. That’s why he had asked the tree nymphs to help him. They were nature people just like you.

That’s why you were now sprawled out on a red blanket. Your head resting on Michael’s stomach as you talked quietly. A picnic basket was placed beside you with a few snacks in it. Michael’s stomach growled loudly, which caused you to giggle and sit up. Michael chuckled as well, grabbing some sandwiches from the basket. He handed one to you, before grabbing one for himself.

You looked at your surroundings while eating. You were in a beautiful park with colourful flowers and blooming trees. A place you’d never expect to find Michael. You let your gaze rest on the boy. He looked so outta place, yet so beautiful among the colours. He was wearing his signature leather jacket, black t-shirt underneath it, black skinny jeans and his black boots.

You both ate your food in silence, just enjoying the quiet. The only sound was the wind blowing in the trees and the animals. When Michael had finished he got rid of his leather jacket. His tattoos now visible. He had a skull on his left upper arm and his right arm was covered in small tattoos forming a sleeve.

You swallowed the last piece of bread before dusting off your skirt. Michael was just looking at you with a fond smile. “What?” You asked him. “Nothing,” Michael told you, smiling wider. He may be the son of Hades, but you swear his smile could light up the whole world.

You held up a hand motioning for him to wait a second, before walking over behind a few bushes. “Are you already trying to escape?” Michael asked, but he was still smiling. “Or do you just have to pee?” He questioned chuckling. You giggled at Michael’s questions, walking back to him with different flowers in your hand.

“I’m not leaving just yet,” you told him, before dropping the flowers on the blanket, sitting down on the blanket yourself. “What are you doing?” He asked in wonder. “You’ll see,” you told him quietly, as you grabbed a few of the flowers.

Michael had been staring at you the whole time. “Tadaa!” You finally exclaimed as you held up the flower crown for Michael to see. “Yaay,” Michael chuckled, as he clapped. You cooed at him, before crawling over to him. You kissed him gently on the nose, before placing the flower crown on his newly dyed hair.

You sat back looking Michael up and down. “How do I look?” He finally asked. “Beautiful,” you told him, pecking him on the lips. “M'not beautiful, I’m hot,” he told you kissing you again. “If you say so,” you told him as you sat yourself on his lap, deepening the kiss.

A few hours later you and Michael walked back to camp. Hands intertwined and matching smiles on your faces.

People gave you weird looks, especially since Michael was still wearing the flower crown. He walked you to your cabin where you could see your brothers and sisters looking at you trough the windows. “I had a really good time today Michael,” you told him. “Really?” He breathed out. “I mean, me too,” he said, sounding more confident. “Yeah. I’ll see you at dinner tonight,” you told him, kissing him on the nose.

You were just about to walk trough the door when one of your sisters pushed you back out, causing you to stumble into Michael’s chest. “Just kiss him you dumb fuck. I’m not letting you in until you’ve said a real goodbye,” your sister told you. You looked up at Michael, and he chuckled slightly. Michael leaned down capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. “I’ll see you,” he told you breathlessly when you broke apart.

When you arrived at dinner that night Michael was still wearing his flower crown. You chuckled slightly when you saw him. “What?” He asked you innocently. “You killed the flowers Clifford,” you told him causing him to pout. “It’s not easy being the son of Hades,” he told you, still pouting. You quickly kissed the pout off his face, causing him to shut up as well.

A/n: first ever demigod imagine, how was it? I didn’t really like it that much, but if people want more demigod imagines I’ll write it :)


5sos as demigods at Camp Half Blood: Luke Hemmings as a son of Apollo

Gorgeous, athletic, and a talented musician, Luke Hemmings was the envy of more than one boy at camp. While typically dressed in black and hanging out with the Hades boys, when you saw him around his brother Will Solace, playing volleyball and seeming to glow in the sunshine, there was no doubt who his father was.

When Ashton Irwin came to camp, there was no doubt he was a son of Poseidon. He was known for his amazing drumming skills (which started small tsunami’s in the lake) and his infectious laughter, easily making him the most likeable and popular camper. He quickly became a camp leader and was responsible for sword training. 


AU MEME: Luke Hemmings as Son of Apollo

It was not such a shock when Apollo claimed Luke Hemmings as his son. The boy was like a ray of sunshine when anyone saw him and could play any instrument you set in his hands like a master. He was friendly to everyone he met but he could be an air head at time which everyone joked that it was because he was a Blondie. And tried to make anyone smile when they where down.


5sos as demigods at Camp Half Blood: Michael as the Son of Hades

Clumsy and sweet, the only thing that tipped people off about Michael Clifford’s parentage was the dark clothes and punk hair the boy had sported since adolescence. He was close with his half brother Nico so when Nico found a couple of small skull planters at a garage sale, he immediately filled them with two cactuses for them to keep in their cabin. He often accused you of being as beautiful as Aphrodite herself with a smug grin on his lips but each time, you quickly shut him up. The last thing you needed was a goddess mad at you.

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OH MY GOD THAT’S SO CUTE. (I guess you expect me to write this out!)

Michael is in love with you the moment he saved you from a rogue satyr last year. He is pretty nervous and insecure about asking you out because he is used to people ignoring but mostly avoiding him because he is the SON of HADES. And he always walks around with his gaze lowered because when he was younger the hateful and weirded out gazes used to get to him too much and every night he ended up crying. He hears the whispering behind his back just like back then but he created an invisible shield around him that is supposed to protect him from it.

Now he doesn’t cry anymore but he lowers his gaze out of habit, and that’s why he never sees you stealing glances at him, how you follow him with your gaze as he walks from one point of the camp to another, because you remember him saving you and helping that tiny bird in the forest last month, and you find it ironic that the son of Hades saves so many lives.

But he always watches you when you are doing some group activities or talking and laughing with your friends. He loves how carefree you seem and wants you to stay that way your whole life.

And one day he can’t stand it anymore, can’t stand that he only watches you from afar because he wants to be close to you, talk to you, just be with you. By the way how your friends seem to avoid him Michael thinks that they don’t like him, which discourages him a little but he wants to risk it.

So, one day when your team wins capture the flag, he walks over to you during the celebration, your friends noticing him first and the conversation dying down. You turn around when your name is being whispered and are positively surprised that Michael is standing in front of you, your heart fluttering.

Suddenly he regrets his decision when his friends look at him suspiciously and he backs off. You notice the frown on his face and see his intentions in his face, that he wants to back off, but grab his hand quickly, which takes everyone by surprise.

“Lets go somewhere private, yeah?” you ask, Michael looking at your grip on his hand and then at you, nodding slowly.

He follows you as you lead him to the lake and sit down next to him. It is quiet for a moment before you speak up. “You wanted to say something?”

Michael is quiet for a moment, trying to find the right words. 

“You wanted to tell me something,” you say.

“Yeah, I uh. I wanted to ask you if you maybe, only if you want to, if you want to go out with me. Yeah, I said it now.” 

You expect Michael to give you a chance to say something but he rambles on. “You can say no if you want to. You don’t have to be afraid of me because of my dad. I don’t want to see you hurt, let alone hurting you, and-” 


“I was- What?” he suddenly stops rambling while his heart stops beating. 

“I said yes. Can we stay here? I don’t want to go back,” you ask, smiling at him. 

“Yeah,” Michael mumbles and then he starts talking about FIFA before he stops ten minutes later because he feels embarrassed, and that night you learn about Michael Clifford, son of Hades, that he is a huge anime loving nerd. And even though he likes staying to himself he loves loving you and for letting him love you, and feels proud when he hears that your friends like him because he genuinely cares for you and does all that sweet couply stuff for you.