Demi/GreekGod!5SOS AU

idk man I started imagining 5SOS in Camp Half-Blood…


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Ashton, Son of Aphrodite:

With the Goddess of love and beauty as his mother, Ashton had obviously picked up defining traits. His charm routinely made ladies swoon, and occasionally men too if Ashton tried hard enough. Although do not be fooled by Ashton’s good looks and charisma, he most commonly used his bewitching appearance to gain him access to restricted areas, bag the best bunk in the dormitories and continuously wiggle out of punishments. He’s even gone so far to use his skills in battle, charming the opposing team into handing him their flag without a fight. Ashton easily ran the camp, as everyone found themselves enchanted by him. By batting his long eyelashes he had most under his spell. The boy was beautiful, but in no way was he stupid. Unethical, yes. But not stupid. The only person unaffected by Ashton’s image was Michael, his mothers inheritance of magic causing Ashton’s simpers to slip past the cryptic boy. The two had a strange bond after they discovered this, Ashton never underestimated him again and Michael’s ability to handle power kept Ashton’s head from swelling too large.

Calum, Son of Nike and Momus:

Calum was a rarity at Camp Half-Blood, he is not of human descent at all. His mother was Goddess of victory, Nike and his father Momus, God of writers and poets. He excelled at the camp, his mix of blood being extremely lucky. His mother’s siblings characteristics also rubbing off on the boy, causing him to be strong as well. If you were on Calum’s team, you would most likely win. He found himself to be very popular, invited to big gatherings and always accidentally the center of attention. The boy was not a show-off, thus the appeal towards him. He used his spare time for himself, you would either see him lifting weights or scribbling poetic thoughts in his infamous leather notebook, a gift from his father, which was about his person at all times. His strength made him intimidating and he discovered that male Demigods envied him, and females lusted after him, making him a competitor for the most desired Demigod, along with Ashton.

Luke, Son of Apollo:

There was no mistake that Luke was related to Apollo, God of sun and music. Luke radiated happiness and if you were around him, you would always be overcome with a sense of serenity. Luke was not particularly skilled when it came to combat, but incredibly knowledgeable and usually devised plans of action for his team to follow, more often than not leading them to triumph. He was also exceptionally talented in music; and if he was not reading or hanging out with friends you would find him overlooking the lake strumming on his treasured acoustic guitar whilst singly softly to himself. After sussing and observing Ashton’s charming ways for a while, Luke took it upon himself to see if his lyrics and chords could have the same affect. He quickly found that it did, and he could woo pretty much anyone by whistling a few notes.

Michael, Son of Hecate:

Michael was commonly mistaken for being the descendant of Hades, but was in actual fact related to the Gods through his mother, Hecate, Goddess of magic, the moon, ghosts and the undead. Michael was well known for disappearing in the blink of an eye. His most used tactic in warfare was to hide as he was not fond of strenuous activity. He chose his words carefully, and therefore rendered him in an astonishing position of power when he decided to speak his mind. Michael’s used his assets of changeable hair colour, pale skin and black attire to terrify younger campers and called the deceased to chase off older Demigods if they ever made the terrible decision to bully Michael, or any of his close friends for that matter. Michael’s limited socializing skills left him with few, but therefore cherished friends who he protected fiercely, regardless of the consequences. Needless to say, he found himself in the center of trouble often, but Ashton would be quick to rescue him with his effortless charm.


Plot twist: Ashton’s dad isn’t around because his dad is really Poseidon god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses. Which is why ashton was a swimmer. He felt his strongest near water. That’s why he loves the beach too. He would always smell like the sea. He also loved the sound of the earth rumbling. But his powers got too strong and people started to notice so he had to quit swimming and figure out a different way to experience the rumbling sensation he loved without destroying entire cities so he became a drummer.

Extremely good looking, son of Aphrodite, Calum Hood has captured the attention of almost every girl in camp, except you, daughter of Athena, who didn’t really want to look past the shallowness of the other Aphrodite campers. Calum attempted to use his charm on you several times, but it was only when he got up in front of the whole camp and sang to you that you realized Calum could hold one of Aphrodite’s more pleasant traits, true love.

Luke was the son of Aphrodite and with his charm speak he had the whole camp wrapped around his finger. Everyone did what he asked and worshiped the ground he walked on. All the girls loved him and all the guys wanted to be him.

So when you come to the camp and can’t stand him, he has no idea what to do. You’re the only one who sees through his act and knows he’s not that great. Luke doesn’t understand why a daughter of Demeter can see through charm speak. Turns out Athena had blessed you with the gift of wiseness when you were born. It let you figure out tough situations and figure out the best way to attack a problem.

As time went on Luke realized his feelings for you and the only way he could win you over was to be nice. It took some time but once he got some of the Apollo kids to perform a song while he gave you flowers and a plastic toy ring, you couldn’t say no. Now your everybody’s relationship goals. You guys are always with each other and can be found holding hands, having a picnic, or dueling it out in the arena most times of day.

tbh i've been thinking about demigod 5sos

and i think we’ve got them wrong

luke is a son of athena. say what you want about apollo and music but shit that boy is logical as fuck

calum is harder to place but dionysus bc party hardy or eros ‘cause love and attraction rather than beauty, so in the same vein but not???

michael is hermes’ son. seriously, hermes is a protector of wit and poets and literature and MICHAEL IS SASSY AS FUCK AND HIS LYRICS ARE GORGEOUS

ash is hemera or aether 'cause day or light and apollo is overrated.

Son of Hades Michael Clifford is the opposite of what everyone expected when he came to camp. At first look, his black clothes and combat boots make him look unapproachable, but it turns out he’s outgoing, funny and with his crazy hair colours he’s not like any child of Hades before him. Sure he can summon the dead, but it often ends up with him making a joke about it and getting them to clean his cabin for him or to fetch him food. 

When Demigod!Calum was claimed, he had no idea what the symbol meant. He had never seen it before, which meant he wasn’t the child of the major gods. So the first thing he did was head straight to the camp’s library.
He enlisted his friend, Michael, to help him figure out what the symbol meant. After a few hours of searching they had figured it out. He was the son of Adrestia, the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite. The goddess of revolt, retribution, and the balance between good and evil. Which really explained the way he acted.
In any competition whatsoever, Calum played hard. He was willing to play till death, win at any cost, but if anyone got hurt, it was like a switched was flipped inside of him. He could freeze and completely lose all motivation to continue, the only thing on his mind was the individual who was in pain. He always made sure they were okay. And if he had to use “magic” to heal them, no one had to know…
It was like he was opposites with himself, his grandparents, Ares and Aphrodite, showing prominently through his emotions. Calum loved to fight, he loved the satisfaction of winning. But he also loved to love. His favorite thing to do, after sword fighting, and capture the flag, was taking care of the animals around the glade. This was where you saw the Aphrodite in him.
One day you had the job of feeding the horses in the stables, you had just finished when a dark haired boy came walking in holding 12 apples. You watched from the back of the stable as he fed each and every one of the horses. After he was done he walked towards the pegasus petting her until she felt comfortable around him. When he got on her back you couldn’t believe your eyes, that pegasus hated everyone here and no one, in the entire camp had been able to even get close to it. But here this mystery boy was, hoisting himself onto her back. “Do you want to go for a ride?” he asked looking towards the back of the stable, where you were. “How did you…” you trailed off, walking towards him. “She trusts me. Now, do you want to go for a ride or not?” He said as he reached his hand out to you. 
You came to realize that the amount of love this boy emitted was ridiculous. Calum loved things with every fiber of his being, he loved them with all his heart, protected them with everything he had. This included you, there was never a day where he wouldn’t check up on you, and though it was annoying, you knew it was because he cared about you.
Calum’s conflicting emotions made him the most caring, protective, and thoughtful person ever. When he told you about himself, he thought you would run, he thought you wouldn’t want anything to do with him, he thought you would be afraid of him. Almost everyone else never wanted to be associated with the god of war, but you stayed. What he told you helped you understand things about him that he, himself, didn’t even know. 

son of hades luke would be so protective of you, especially after you’d been dating for a while. most of the time, nobody gave you two trouble, considering he was the son of hades and you were the daughter of aphrodite.
every once in a while, though, someone who didn’t know any better would hit on you at a club or wolf whistle as you walked by, and luke would waste no time in grabbing their shirt collar, pulling them close, and hissing “unless you want to be tortured by the furies from now until forever, i suggest you never try to hit on my girl again”

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OH MY GOD THAT’S SO CUTE. (I guess you expect me to write this out!)

Michael is in love with you the moment he saved you from a rogue satyr last year. He is pretty nervous and insecure about asking you out because he is used to people ignoring but mostly avoiding him because he is the SON of HADES. And he always walks around with his gaze lowered because when he was younger the hateful and weirded out gazes used to get to him too much and every night he ended up crying. He hears the whispering behind his back just like back then but he created an invisible shield around him that is supposed to protect him from it.

Now he doesn’t cry anymore but he lowers his gaze out of habit, and that’s why he never sees you stealing glances at him, how you follow him with your gaze as he walks from one point of the camp to another, because you remember him saving you and helping that tiny bird in the forest last month, and you find it ironic that the son of Hades saves so many lives.

But he always watches you when you are doing some group activities or talking and laughing with your friends. He loves how carefree you seem and wants you to stay that way your whole life.

And one day he can’t stand it anymore, can’t stand that he only watches you from afar because he wants to be close to you, talk to you, just be with you. By the way how your friends seem to avoid him Michael thinks that they don’t like him, which discourages him a little but he wants to risk it.

So, one day when your team wins capture the flag, he walks over to you during the celebration, your friends noticing him first and the conversation dying down. You turn around when your name is being whispered and are positively surprised that Michael is standing in front of you, your heart fluttering.

Suddenly he regrets his decision when his friends look at him suspiciously and he backs off. You notice the frown on his face and see his intentions in his face, that he wants to back off, but grab his hand quickly, which takes everyone by surprise.

“Lets go somewhere private, yeah?” you ask, Michael looking at your grip on his hand and then at you, nodding slowly.

He follows you as you lead him to the lake and sit down next to him. It is quiet for a moment before you speak up. “You wanted to say something?”

Michael is quiet for a moment, trying to find the right words. 

“You wanted to tell me something,” you say.

“Yeah, I uh. I wanted to ask you if you maybe, only if you want to, if you want to go out with me. Yeah, I said it now.” 

You expect Michael to give you a chance to say something but he rambles on. “You can say no if you want to. You don’t have to be afraid of me because of my dad. I don’t want to see you hurt, let alone hurting you, and-” 


“I was- What?” he suddenly stops rambling while his heart stops beating. 

“I said yes. Can we stay here? I don’t want to go back,” you ask, smiling at him. 

“Yeah,” Michael mumbles and then he starts talking about FIFA before he stops ten minutes later because he feels embarrassed, and that night you learn about Michael Clifford, son of Hades, that he is a huge anime loving nerd. And even though he likes staying to himself he loves loving you and for letting him love you, and feels proud when he hears that your friends like him because he genuinely cares for you and does all that sweet couply stuff for you.