paranoiaisnofun asked:

Hey! I'm looking for more spooky type blogs to follow. I'm just wondering if you have any blogs you recommend. I'm just searching because I want to make my blog a bit more on the spooky side. Thanks :D your blog is really great!

Thank you! Some great ones to come to mind: ladyxboleyn, wifetodarkness, gothiccharmschool, gothic-culture, gothicandamazing, evillittlething, joanashino, babybatsy, deathrock, 365daysofhalloween, theeverydaygoth, itsblackfriday, demidoom, morticiaaddams1, mortisia… I could go on for ages. (Sorry for tagging some of you for like the third time in a month but for some reason this has been asked a lot.)

Additionally, anyone who feels like they have a spooky blog worth following: Like this post and then there will be a full list of recommendations right in the notes!