¡23 años!. 23 años de lucha, 23 año largos donde ahora puedes gritar, donde puedes seguir luchando. Me has enseñado a sonreirle a esos momentos malos, a seguir no importa cual se el problema. Mi pequeña hermosa estas creciendo. Eres un motivo por seguir, porque me has enseñado, porque tu sabes lo que es caer y levantarse para que nadie sepa que ha pasado. Nena eres hermosa, una super guerrera. Hoy te deseo lo mejor de este universo. ¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS DEMETRIA!. Eres la mejor./You are my warrior queen. Thanks so much for all, always be my perfection, you’re beautiful. I love you Demi Lovato. Happy birthday Demetria Devonne Lovato Hard.

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Mi consigli qualche canzone?

Hey ya, outkast.

Warrior, Demi Lovato.

Drag me down, One direction.

So cold, Ben Clocks.

Ghost , Halsey.

Colors, Halsey.

Every breath you take, cover di Denmark and winter.

How you remind me, Nickelback.

Close as strangers, 5sos.

Little me, Little Mix.

War is love, Bobby Andonov.

Nina, Ed Sheeran.

Lego house, Ed Sheeran.

Sex, the 1975.

No control, One Direction.

Innocence, Avril Lavigne.

Holy Ground, Taylor Swift.

I Know places, cover di Jemma Johnson.

Human, Christina Perrie.

People help the people, Birdy.

Little things, One direction.

Give me love, Ed Sheeran.


#tbt to march 30th, 2014 when i saw demi for the first time ever, in indianapolis & also, #tbt to when i just recently saw her at the all star concert in cincinnati. literally both of those days were two of the best days ive ever had. ive adored demi for a good 6 years now and she is what got me through the hardest times of my life, a few years back. ive always been so fucking inspired by this amazing person and i can’t even explain the amount of respect & love that i have for her. some people may find it silly to adore & respect a celebrity so much but it’s impossible not to when it comes to her. i absolutely love demi lovato so so so much and i can’t believe she’s 23 today. it was like just yesterday that she was playing mitchie on camp rock. im so proud of what she’s accomplished and i cannot wait for what’s next (& her next album). happy 23rd birthday demi❤️❤️❤️

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hau mal ein paar traurige lieder raus bitte

ich zähl dir lieder auf, die ich mir anhöre, wenn ich traurig bin.

demi lovato “skyscraper” und “warrior”
heisskalt “dezemberluft”
miley cyrus “stay”
kodaline “all I want”
p!nk “bridge of light” und “fuckin perfect”
imagine dragons “demons”
ed sheeran “give me love”
the 1975 “fallingforyou”
genetikk “alles möglich” und “kopfschuss”
sido “herz”
hey violet “I’m there”
the neighbourhood “honest”
sam smith ft. john legend “lay me down”
m83 “wait” und “I need you”
arctic monkeys “only ones who know”
emeli sandé “read all about it”
aurora “runaway”
dog is dead “teenage daughter”
damien rice & lisa hannigan “there alright”
billy joel “vienna”

tut mir leid, falls ich lange gebraucht habe, um zu antworten. ich hoffe, es geht dir gut 🍑

Me levantare como un rascacielos.

Por fin, hoy en mi ser, puedo sentir lo que es ser liberado de algo que me hizo daño, hace 2 años me enamore de un chico, el jugo conmigo, me hirió demasiado, en mi mente estaba presente, pensado que todo fue mi culpa, me sentía demasiado mal, me hizo sentir demasiada inseguridad en mi mismo, ahora puedo decir que lo deje, el ya paso, créeme es una sensación hermosa, debes saber que eres perfecto, que nada en este mundo puede llegarte a lastimar, que ni siquiera un hombre (por muy grande que sea esa verga) puede hacerte sentir inferir, vales demasiado, no te sierres a los de mas, nadie se parece a otra persona todos somos diferentes, el amor lo cura todo y si te han herido en el amor, veras que el destino o Dios (en quien creas) tiene algo hermosamente preparado para ti.

Recovery Songs

These songs in this list are songs about recovery. Whether it is recovering from an illness, an addiction or any other thing worth recovering from. Here are a few of my favourites

* James Arthur-Recovery

*Demi Lovato-Warrior

*Demi Lovato-Skyscraper

*Selena Gomez-Who Says

*Jessie J-Who You Are

*Linkin Park-Breaking The Habit

*Pierce The Veil-Bulls In The Bronx

*Avril Lavigne-Smile

*P!NK-F*ckin Perfect

*Lady GaGa-Born This Way

*Eminem-The Monster

*Red Hot Chilli Peppers-Under The Bridge

*Katy Perry-By The Grace Of God

*Christina Aguilera-Fighter

*Emeli Sande-My Kind Of Love

*Panic! At The Disco-Hallelujah

*Emma Blackery-The Promise

*The Script-Flares

*Jessie J-Masterpiece 

They are just a few songs that seem to keep me going when I feel a bit low. I hope these songs are able to benefit you guys aswell. I love you all

Stay Strong Duckies🐥

Freya x

My OUAT playlist

I was tagged by auror-bellarke, thank you so much!! ❤️ 

Which song reminds you the most of

Captain Swan: The Words - Christina Perri 

Emma Swan: Warrior - Demi Lovato 

Killian Jones: Demons - Imagine Dragons

OUAT Villains: Bad Blood - Taylor Swift 

Peter Pan: We Are Young - 3OH!3

Snowing: The One - Kodaline 

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