maddmusic reference

this is what i use, i’m only sharing what i experience as i experience it. it might me different for everyone, but i hope this helps 💙

* paradise / coldplay
* oh ms believer / twenty one pilots
* soon / thumbelina
* astronaut / simple plan

* how does a moment last forever (montmartre)
* shouldn’t come back / demi lovato
* dark paradise / lana del rey [warning: this song tends to trigger extremely depressing daydreams, i only resort to this when i’m already feeling significantly sad)
* colors (stripped) / halsey
* the house that built me / miranda lambert
* danny boy / declan galbraith (can be interpreted as parent and child or separated sweethearts relationship)
* bottom of the ocean / miley cyrus
* talking to the moon / bruno mars
* never grow up / taylor swift

* sorry / halsey
* almost is never enough / ariana grande ft. nathan skyes
* just give me a reason / p!nk and nate ruess
* wildest dreams / taylor swift
* need you now / lady antebellum
* the heart wants what it wants / selena gomez
* she will be loved / maroon 5
* hey there delilah / plain white t’s
* what to do / demi lovato
* the last time / taylor swift ft. gary lightbody
* someone like you / adele
* back to december / taylor swift
* cosmic love / florence and the machine
* heart attack / demi lovato
* daylight / maroon 5

* mirrors / justin timberlake
* summertime sadness / lana del rey
* look at me / carrie underwood
* love alone / katelyn tarver
* if you told me to / hunter hayes
* come on get higher / matt nathanson
* when i look at you / miley cyrus
* wanted / hunter hayes
* everything has changed / taylor swift ft. ed sheeran
* a thousand years / christina perri
* all of me / john legend
* catch me / demi lovato
* fearless / taylor swift
* marry you / bruno mars
* begin again / taylor swift
* i see the light / tangled
* young love / kip moore
* death of a bachelor / panic! at the disco
* ours / taylor swift
* let me be your wings / thumbelina
* more than miles / brantley gilbert
* a year without rain / selena gomez
* bright / echosmith
* state of grace / taylor swift
* without you / lana del rey [warning: comes with feelings of dependence on paras, may break the fourth wall]
* drive / halsey
* starlight / taylor swift
* if i lose myself / onerepublic
* salvatore / lana del rey
* can’t help falling in love / ingrid michaelson or twenty one pilots or céline dion or elvis (the original singer)
* malibu / miley cyrus

* treacherous / taylor swift
* pillowtalk / zayn
* take me to church / hozier (especially sinful vibes with this one, watch out)
* wildfire / demi lovato
* casual affair / panic! at the disco
* lust for life / lana del rey (seriously recommend this song, not only is it aesthetically pleasing and sexy but it’s also full of hope and general positive inspiration)
* miss jackson / panic! at the disco
* criminal / britney spears
* crazy in love / sofia karlburg or beyoncé
* stars dance / selena gomez

* already gone / kelly clarkson
* jar of hearts / christina perri
* paper doll / john mayer
* goodbye / miley cyrus
* mine would be you / blake shelton
* when i was your man / bruno mars

* hold me down / halsey
* ballad of mona lisa / panic! at the disco
* gasoline / halsey
* teen idle / marina and the diamonds
* habits / tove lo
* chandelier / sia

* set fire to the rain / adele
* trouble / halsey
* grenade / bruno mars
* wild one / i am harlequin
* nicotine / panic! at the disco
* dear john / taylor swift
* stay / rihanna ft. mikky ekko
* i’m low on gas and you need a jacket / pierce the veil (super emo, suicidal vibes, highly emotional and poetic lyrics)
* love the way you lie / rihanna (there are 2 parts, i personally prefer part 2)
* teddy bear / melanie martinez (her music generally tends to focus on children’s lifestyle which can be creepy and seem pedophilic and i have mixed feelings about her but this one is kinda okay. just warning you in case you’re sensitive to it)
* dollhouse / melanie martinez (same with this one, i actually really like this one)
* cold as you / taylor swift

* clean / taylor swift
* i’m not a robot / marina and the diamonds
* if i die young / the band perry (it’s a reminder of the aftermath of suicide)
* warrior / demi locator
* human / cher lloyd
* human / christina perri (they’re different songs)
* fight song / rachel platten
* try / colbie caillat (on female body image and standards)
* scars to your beautiful / alessia cara (also female body image and standards)
* wide awake / katy perry
* saturn / sleeping at last
* lovely / twenty one pilots
* carry on / fun

YOU’RE MY HOME + FAMILY OF FRIENDS + PLATONIC ROMANCE + JUST HANGING OUT (with a hint of friends with benefits)
* sweater weather / the neighborhood
* love / lana del rey
* she looks so perfect / 5 seconds of summer
* team / lorde
* we are young / fun
* this is what makes us girls / lana del rey
* tennis court / lorde
* 22 / taylor swift
* LA devotee / panic! at the disco
* holy ground / taylor swift
* forest / twenty one pilots
* royals / lorde
* new romantics / taylor swift
* i’m yours / jason mraz
* house of gold / twenty one pilots
* castle on the hill / ed sheeran

* castle / halsey
* how to be a heartbreaker / marina + the diamonds
* heathens / twenty one pilots
* blank space / taylor swift
* dangerous woman / ariana grande
* control / halsey
* can’t be tamed / miley cyrus
* national anthem / lana del rey
* primadonna girl / marina and the diamonds
* centuries / fall out boy
* emperor’s new clothes / panic at the disco
* circus / britney spears
* music to watch boys to / lana del rey
* defying gravity / idina menzel
* homewrecker / marina and the diamonds
* off to the races / lana del rey

an extra bit of advice:

-follow up a series of dark/sad themes with a few happier themes
-try not to engage in the violent/depressing themes, but i know sometimes it’s just too hard to resist, so when you just *have* to daydream violence and the like, if it gets too intense for your health, cut off the music, take a little break, put on a happier song even if you don’t feel like listening to one yet
-please turn the volume down, darling
-drink water!! take breaks
-if you cry, it’s okay

i hope this helps!! sorry to the boys, these are mostly directed @ girls cause i’m a girl and so is my parame :// if you’d like to request more themes, drop them in my inbox or leave a comment and i’ll see what i can do for you!!

Minotaur & the Origin of the One-Eyed King

So, @kanekikenunot and I were talking a few days ago about the possible symbolism between the original OEK and the Minotaur of Crete, and I wanted to expand on their post about it.

**just a warning, the two stories don’t coincide perfectly because there’s a lot of holes due to possible deception and backstabbing between V and the Washuu, so take all of this with a grain of salt

As the story goes, King Minos was given an impressive bull to sacrifice to Poseidon, but decided to keep it for himself. When Poseidon found out, he forced Pasiphae, the wife of Minos, to fall madly in love with the bull. They consummated, and the Minotaur was born. Being an unnatural beast– half human and half bull– it grew to feast on human flesh.

Horrified, King Minos ordered the carpenter Daedelus to construct a massive labyrinth built beneath his palace at Knossos, and banished the Minotaur to it’s tunnels.

The Washuu Estate and the ruins of Knossos.

In the scope of Tokyo Ghoul, the story of the Minotaur offers a possible explanation of the One-Eyed King’s origin.

For one thing, the 24th ward is frequently described as a labyrinth. However, Nishiki revealed in ch128 that the OEK dug the 24th ward himself, making him King Minos, and Daedalus, and the Minotaur. 

This lines up with my theory that the original One Eyed King is actually a relative of V and the Washuu– one that was most likely the result of a shameful affair between noble families; a human and ghoul. Their shared offspring was miraculously born (possibly during a time when food was scarce, when alternatives were necessary), and with it’s single kakugan, was itself proof of their adultery. 

The poor half-ghoul child was most likely hidden away the same way Eto was.

And, like Eto, the future king most likely lashed out once it was old enough. A human parent could fear for their own life, or that their “monster” child would be targeted. A ghoul parent would would find that their half-ghoul offspring was eons stronger than themselves. Both sides would have to worry about their secret being revealed, and so eventually the Minotaur, who’s true lineage was that of nobility (a one-eyed “king”), needed to be quelled.

Now, King Minos in antiquity had been demanding young sacrifices from Athens as revenge for the death of his human son, which served convenient in keeping the Minotaur at bay. Eventually, the secret son of Athens, Theseus, offered to go along with the sacrifices and kill the monster. 

So here’s where things get super tricky. I’ll break it down like this:

  • King Minos = the founder of V, human
  • Minotaur = one-eyed half-ghoul, result of V and Washuu
  • Theseus = head of the Washuu clan

Theseus eventually defeated the Minotaur by decapitating it, and left for Crete to become king. 

That sounds like the end of things, but with Furuta’s statement about “sustenance for the throne” alongside the doppleganger motifs (two one-eyed owls, two rabbits), I believe that the Washuu and V wanted to create a new “Minotaur” in order to continuously gain support from the humans who believed that they were being protected from the One-Eyed King.

The Washuu were thrust into a position of political power among humans and ghouls alike– and they enjoyed it. So long as the masses didn’t discover that they were responsible for the initial creation of the first One-Eyed King, and so long as they played their cards right, they could continue to forever create enemies and acquire more wealth.

V and the Washuu may have come into power over a stupid secret: an affair which created a Minotaur.

V knew their secret, however, so they rung up a deal: they would share their power in secrecy, with knives at each other’s backs, and soon their efforts to create a new OEGhoul brought about the demi-human warriors like Arima, to be sicced on whatever “enemies” they could find until quinques were invented.

The original “Minotaur” may have survived “Theseus” (remember, if the Washuu are like Rize, they have some seriously powerful regeneration), or a new one-eyed ghoul may have been created or found. 

Either way, the original OEK was most likely a Washuu by blood who was driven into the ground by it’s own family, then used as a stepping stool to their power. It’s anger towards the CCG is something still harbored to this day, which is something shared between itself and the likes of other natural OEG’s like Eto. 


I’ve got shame, I’ve got scars that I will never show.I’m a survivor in more ways than you know 'cause all the pain and the truth. I wear like a battle wound.So ashamed so confused.I’m not broken nor bruised.Cause now I’m a warrior, now I’ve got thicker skin.I’m a warrior, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and my armour is made of steel, you can’t get in…

Shadowhunters/TMI Theme Songs Part 1

Masterlist Request Requirements Fandoms 

Clary Fairchild

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Warrior: Beth Crowley | Alice: Avril Lavigne | Scars: Allison Iraheta 

Jace Wayland

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Monster: Imagine Dragons | Elastic Heart: Sia | Remember the Name: Fort Minor

Alec Lightwood

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Better Than I Know Myself: Adam Lambert | Perfect: Simple Plan | Numb: Linkin Park

Isabelle Lightwood

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This is What Makes us Girls: Lana Del Rey | Paper Doll: Bea Miller | Warrior: Demi Lovato 

Max Lightwood

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Little brother: Ella Vos | Gone Too Soon: Simple Plan | Hey Brother: Avicii 

Simon Lewis

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Magnetic: Jessie J | I got you: Leona Lewis | Those Night: Skillet

Raphael Santiago

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Running with the Wild Things: Against the Current | Give you Hell: All the American Rejects | Fight to the Bitter End: Black Tide 

Luke Garroway

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Wolf: Skott | Lego House: Ed Sheeran | In Love with a Girl: Gavin Degraw 

Jocelyn Fairchild

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Time to Say Goodbye: Lauren Aquilina | Good Girl: Carrie Underwood | Titanium: Madilyn Bailey 

Magnus Bane

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Battlescars: Paradise Fears | Photograph: Ed Sheeran | Last Friday Night: Katy Perry

“love is louder than the pressure to be perfect.” - demi lovato

anonymous asked:

do you know any songs about anxiety or depression??

Simple plan- welcome to my life
Papa roach - last resort
The amity affliction- all fucked up
My chemical romance - I’m not okay
Matchbox 20 - unwell
Demi Lovato - warrior
Bring me the horizon - drown
Twenty one pilots - migraine
Blink 182 - adam’s song
R.E.M - everybody hurts
Nine inch nails - hurt
Lana Del Rey - summertime sadness
Anna clendening - to my parents
Sia - breathe me
Kid cudi - soundtrack 2 my life
Kid cudi - pursuit of happiness

All I can think of for now!


can you still reach your nose with your tongue?