dude, i cant get over the image of merle highchurch, deadbeat dad & insecure burn-out cleric, vanishing in a beam of light as his congregation sang a hymn in perfect, beautiful harmony. and right after that the church must’ve walked outside and seen that the hunger disappeared with him, that they were saved

like… dude came down from the sky, protected his followers from the end of the world, then disappeared, taking with him the beast that swallows galaxies. there is no way he didn’t become some sort of saint or demi-god to those people. he’s mushroom jesus now. if they ever go back to that planet there’s gonna be statues of merle all over and he’ll be INSUFFERABLY SMUG about it

Dear all aspec and demi people. It is completely okay for your orientation to change. If you originally identified as ace or aro, and now feel a closer bond to demisexual/demiromantic, you are still valid. Likewise, if you originally identified as demi- but now feel closer to aro or ace, that is completely okay. Your understanding of yourself is admirable and beautiful.

Alright nerds ya’ll better believe that when I say any LGBTQ+ people I mean EVERYONE in the community. Gay people, bi people, pan people, poly people, trans people, nonbinary people, agender people, genderfluid people, demigender people, ace people, aro people, demi people, grey people, lith people, fray people, cupio people,


Unless you exclude people, then leave.

Shoutouts to all the genderfluid people, glittering stars

Shoutouts to all the aces and aros and agendered people, absolutely amazing and angelic

Shoutouts to all the pan people, perfectly phantasmagorical

Shoutouts to all the demi people, definitely dreamy

Shoutouts to all the people who can’t figure out what they are yet, you’re cool too, so very cool, unlimitedly cool

Demi Lovato sharing the results of her own DNA test and being like, *woah cool I’m 1% African. I totally didn’t know that* is not problematic and if you think it is please chill. She’s not claiming to be black or trying to make some grand generalization. She’s just curious about her background since she knew she has blood from a lot of places but has been trying to learn about it in recent years. And by the way her birth father, who was mentally ill, compulsively lied to her about it so it’s taken until now, in the years after his death, to figure it out. Stop erasing her Native American/Latina background and let her live?!

  • support bi people who have a “type” that they’re attracted to
  • support bi people who have a different type for each gender
  • support bi people who don’t have a type 
  • support bi people who fall in love easily
  • support bi people who are “picky”
  • support bi people who are serial monogamists and are always in a relationship
  • support bi people who like being single
  • support bi people who have sex
  • support bi(romantic) people who are ace or demi and bi(sexual) people who are celibate 
  • support all bi people 

Men are from Mars; women are from Venus. Genderfluid people operate spaceships between the planets, helping trans people to the right one. Demi gender people live on moons orbiting one of the planets. Bi/multi/pan gender people live in space stations between the planets, while agender and non binary people look on from the stars.

  • demi lovato: *writes a song about feminism*
  • demi lovato: *stands up for bullied and mentally ill people*
  • demi lovato: *pays for other people's treatment*
  • demi lovato: *goes to Africa to build schools*
  • demi lovato: You don't need to paint your face like a clown to look beautiful.
  • demi lovato: You don't need a thigh gap to be sexy.
  • demi lovato: *exposes internet activists because some of them don't even know what it means*
  • demi lovato: *is sober, clean and healthy*
  • demi lovato: *talks about sensitive topics (self harm, religion, wars, drugs)*
  • demi lovato: *supports lgbt rights*
  • demi lovato: *gets banned from Russia because she believes in equality*
  • demi lovato: *gets called fat by thousands of people every time she comes on Twitter*
  • demi lovato: *gets dragged every time she says something because people are too lazy to read the whole interview*
  • internet activists: Demi Lovato is so problematic. ://

Gay people are beautiful!
Lesbian people are beautiful!
Bi people are beautiful!
Pan people are beautiful!
Ply people are beautiful!
Ace people are beautiful!
Aro people are beautiful!
Grey ace people are beautiful!
Grey aro people are beautiful!
Demi people are beautiful!
Quoi people are beautiful!
Questioning people are beautiful!
People with orientations I haven’t mentioned here are beautiful!
You’re all beautiful, valid, and real, and you’re not doing anything wrong by being yourself!

shoutout to demisexual and demiromantic people!!

shoutout if your instance of attraction made you have an existential crisis

shoutout to those who have heard people say things like ‘well aren’t most people like that?’

shoutout to demi people who feel like they don’t really belong in the ace/aro community (you do!!)

shoutout to demi people who have a crush right now

shoutout to demi people who wonder if their attraction was real

shoutout to demi people who feel like they have to simplify their identity for others

shoutout to demi people!!! i hope you’re having a wonderful day. you’re great!