It makes me really uncomfortable that a lot of the people who reclaim the word “queer” are bisexual. It isn’t really theirs to claim. It’s a slur that has typically been used against people who are exclusively same-sex attracted (mainly gay men but also lesbians). And the people the slur actually targets don’t seem to choose to reclaim it as an identity label. I’ve seldom seen lesbians or gay men who call themselves “queer.” We pretty much just call ourselves what we actually are - gay/lesbian.

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I'm ace and homoromantic (probably demi as well) and also the most oblivious person ever. I was talking to one of my friends and it turns out there are guys who have/have had crushes on me, which I never knew until she pointed it out. And now I'm discovering that having a crush on someone who I don't already know baffles me, and I'm baffled by these guys as well. Is it common for ace/aro/demi people to be confused by crushes sometimes?

Totes. No really demi/flux/grey areas sometimes are like wtf is thisss 

I feel that I should Update who Syndra will, or will not fuck.


  • Living, healthy, legal, Humans.
    • Provided they are not from the shadow isles.
    • A few Ionians, maybe.
    • Cassiopeia.

Will Not

  • Non Humans
    • No exceptions
    • I mean it, Syndra will not have any sexual relations with anyone who isn’t human.
    • Gonna put Irelia here because she’s both Ionian and a Demi Lich
  • People she doesn’t trust
    • Like Le Blanc
    • or Lissandera
  • People too weak to entertain her
    • By ‘weak’ I mean magically negligible.
    • There are a few exceptions to this rule.

Why do people get so mad about how other people identify.

I mean, talking in terms of bi and pan, there’s a definition going around (a good one I might add) for bisexual (it’s here btw) and it says “two or more genders” and people are getting shitty and saying “that’s pan”

If you’re going to be rude and say “you’re not what you identify as because I don’t think you’re correct” firstly: Yikes. Secondly: Step off. A lot of people do use these two terms interchangeably (especially when we can’t be bothered explaining why we’re pan and not actually bi) and the actual definition for pan is “attracted to all genders” or “gender isn’t shit and people are attractive.” 

That means that a bisexual could be attracted to women, nonbinary people and agender people but not men, demi men, ect. 

Pan people are attracted to all genders 

Demisexuality-the one place where you should actually aim for the friend zone if u wanna get anywhere

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Bruh, I saw Mitsukuni Haninozuka and Haruhi Fujioka on your blog, labelled as asexuals. I may assure you that they definitely probably aren't considering that they are from a romantic comedy (not to mention that in the manga Mitsukuni gets married to Reiko Kanazuki and Haruhi gets married to Tamaki Suoh). Just saying that they don't belong here, and even if they were asexual they weren't officially confirmed as asexual. Sorry, but I think whoever submitted must have lied to you.

I own the manga, have read it several times, watched the anime, and know exactly how it ends, thanks. :)

Personally, I can see exactly how Haruhi and Honey could be interpreted as being asexual, because they could easily be asexual and demi/heteroromantic: plenty of asexual people enter romantic relationships and get married and that doesn’t make their asexuality any less valid. I should also point out that I’ve spoken before about how it doesn’t matter whether characters are officially confirmed as being asexual or not, because if nobody takes issue with characters officially being confirmed as being heterosexual before they headcanon that, why should it be any different for other sexual orientations? Are you saying that everything is outright wrong unless the author explicitly says so, and that headcanons aren’t allowed? If this is what you’re saying, you’d better give up on your “Haruhi and Honey are hetero” heacanon, too, because at no point (that I’m aware of) did Hatori-sensei actually say “Haruhi and Honey are sexually attracted to the opposite sex”.

Another question: what did you think your submitting this ask to me would achieve? Were you hoping I’d take down the posts? I can assure you, I’m not going to do that; as of 2:13am GMT on the sixth of February, 2016, Haruhi has received 166 notes and Honey has 22. That’s 83 people (at the very least, assuming each one both liked and reblogged and that all of the Honey rebloggers/likers also liked and reblogged Haruhi) these headcanons are making happy, why should I spoil their fun? More to the point, who gave you the right to?


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ross aubrey & connie for the oc thing ?

(Again, thank you!!)


Full Name: Roscoe “Ross” Jones
Gender and Sexuality: Male. Ace? Maybe? Or that fancy ‘demi’ that people toss about.
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity/Species: Human. Mexican American
Birthplace and Birthdate: South Dakota, 1883
Guilty Pleasures: Shootin’ and woodwork
Phobias: Small spaces. The sensation of being trapped
What They Would Be Famous For: Bodycount? Embezzling? Petty crime?
What They Would Get Arrested For: See above
OC You Ship Them With: Sometimes Connie in a strange way. Sometimes Terri. He’s good as he is.
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Business partner
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Wild West and Adventure
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Romance and drama. And Scifi. He ain’t into that.
Talents and/or Powers: Good with a knife and a gun and talkn’ slow enough to make your leg bounce
Why Someone Might Love Them: Has a rugged sort of charm and a clear-eyed common sense
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Can be horribly stubborn. Cuts formalities and courtesies half the time. Also… has a bit of a history with the law.
How They Change: He’s been on a journey of change for a long time. He’s keeping his nose clean and working hard and helping people. He’s learning to love the connections he makes with every individual.
Why You Love Them: Oh Ross. I just do, can’t that be an answer? He’s got a goal, and Aubrey sort of threw him for a loop, but he’s sticking to that goal and letting her change his stubborn ways in the process.

Full Name: Constance “Connie” Weatherfield
Gender and Sexuality: Female. Lesbian.
Pronouns: She/Her
Ethnicity/Species: Human, English
Birthplace and Birthdate: Great Britain, 1816
Guilty Pleasures: Lesbian porn
Phobias: Heterosexual marriage?
What They Would Be Famous For: Art? Storytelling? Fashion?
What They Would Get Arrested For: Public indecency.
OC You Ship Them With: Whoever she wants, really
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Er… her husband?
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: FANTASY. And scify and romance and drama and adventure and even a bit of horror.
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Documentaries, probably.
Talents and/or Powers: quite a gifted artist and a cat in the sack
Why Someone Might Love Them: She is passion embodied. She’s full of life (har har) and excitement and moves as though she’s 50 years younger. She sees the good and sometimes just the good, even if sarcasm is lurking beneath.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Equally as stubborn as Ross in many respects. Bossy. Her way or the Highway, really. Her way is usually projected as the fun way, so she doesn’t often have to whip out the ‘bossy’.
How They Change: Connie’s greatest changes come before the story. Her life with a husband was over and now it was her time. She already had a lifetime to figure out who she was, applying it was an adventure all on its own. Its the guidance and change she inspires in Aubrey that really gets me.
Why You Love Them: It’s FREAKING CONNIE. 80-something year old lesbian who loves making her lesbian art and is coy as shit. Why would you not?