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Demisexuality is a whole and seperate orientation under the asexual umbrella. It’s possibly feeling sexual attraction after forming an emotional bond. Being demisexual is not a “preference” or “how everybody feels” it is literally not being able to feel sexual attraction unless you are emotionally connected to someone. If you are demi it’s perfectly fine to call yourself asexual. You can use whatever label best describes your experiences and makes you feel most comfortable. I’m tired of seeing people telling demisexuals what they can and cannot do. Each person’s experience is different and if you’re demisexual, congratulations, you can do whatever you want because you are the expert on yourself.


Demi Lovato The Grammys 2017. I’m so proud of Demi no matter what, she didn’t win in her category but I’m so proud of her always she will always win in my heart she will always be a queen, a nomination is an incredible honor she worked hard for that nomination, it was her first Grammy nomination but I know she will continue to grow as an artist this year and get that Grammy next time ❤️ and Demi looks absolutely stunning & gorgeous like holy fuck! she is absolutely breathtaking. I can’t wait to see her perform, her performance will be incredible as always.

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Kelly Clarkson’s message to Demi Lovato

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may i ask you an opinion? do you think R could be considered Demisexual? like... fandom seems to say that he is bi or gay but... idk...

Yes!! For sure!! I mean I’m pretty set on R being biromantic, but that doesn’t mean he has to be bisexual. I soooort of talked about demisexual R with Enjolras at the end of this post but to elaborate please consider the following:

  • Grantaire being highkey afraid of getting into a relationship with anyone because he can never be sure whether or not he’ll develop a sexual attraction. For him, it rarely ever happens and only after he’s in an established relationship. 
  • Grantaire knowing there’s a word for it, but thinking he’s broken even so and never telling anyone about it.  
  • It’s happened with too many partners in the past. He jumped the gun getting into relationships and having sex out of obligation without ever having feelings towards them. Grantaire always ended it without telling anyone why.
  • Grantaire falling in love with Enjolras knowing it has no chance of working out and letting it happen anyway. Grantaire saying yes the moment Enjolras asks him out because even though he know how it will end, how could he say no to him?
  • Grantaire waiting for it to happen like it always does; waiting for Enjolras to ask to take their makeout sessions further. But he never does. Enjolras is patient and never pushes any further than Grantaire wants
  • After a few months, Grantaire, who’s been waiting this whole time for either his own sexual attraction or for it to blow up in his face like it should, confronts Enjolras about why he’s not wanting anything from him
  • Enjolras points out to Grantaire that he’s never talked to Enj about his sexuality, and Enjolras would never assume without R telling him outright.
  • Turns out Enjolras has been waiting for Grantaire to bring it up the entire time. Not pressuring him into it, because he knows Grantaire might lie
  • That night, Grantaire says two things out loud for the first time. The word ‘demisexual’ feels strange when it rolls off his tongue as he properly comes out to Enjolras. Saying ‘I love you’, however, does not feel strange at all when he whispers it into Enjolras’ curls after Enjolras tells him it’s alright.
  • And both Enjolras and Grantaire learn: the measure of one’s love is not determined by the measure of their sexual desire.
  • Though, two and a half years after they start going out, if they have fantastic, life-changing sex, who’s to stop them?  
You were never created to feel depressed, unwanted, alone or ashamed. You were created to love and to be loved, and to feel that you are worthy and are valuable.
—  M.