demi marian


The twins are gorgeous!!! But… what does Cullen think of having to deal with two Hawkes?????


With how we handle the Hawke Twins, we imagine Cullen would avoid them like the plague.

Garrett ‘made nice’ with the Knight Captain as often as he could, however as the years progressed and the oppression of Mages escalated he became a lot more confrontational with him.

Marian, on the other hand, was always transparent with her distaste for the Templars. As much as Garret is a goof, he’s still her brother and she won’t let anyone threaten her family. 
We’re also very much about the idea of Marian punching Cullen in the face somewhere in the chaos of the Mage/Templar showdown (earning him the lovely scar above his lip). Not too sure when exactly, but she’s definitely had it out for Cullen more than Garrett ever did.

So yeah, I don’t think he wants to risk an altercation with them, even if its been some time since Kirkwall.

     dead man’s arms, the october soundtrack 

            i have been younger in october than in all the months of spring 
                            — w.s. merwin,  from the love of october

                                                  ( listen here )

1. hanna’s theme by chemical brothers ft. stephanie dosen
2. dead man’s arms by bishop briggs
3. stone cold by demi lovato 
4. waiting by jake bugg ft. noah cyrus
5. i’m a ruin by marina and the diamonds
6. perfect places by lorde
7. alright by keaton henson
8. tragedy ( austin cello version ) by brandi carlie
9. i have questions/crying in the club by camila cabello 
10. again by noah cryus ft. xxxtentacion 
11. uh huh by julia michaels 
12. deep by marian hill 
13. …ready for it? by taylor swift