demi made in the usa

Made In the USA

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word count: 3390

Warnings: Language, implied smut, so fluffy it will probably give you diabetes!

Request: based off the song “Made In the USA by Demi Lovato” from @padackles2010 for my 300 follower celebration! I know I am horrible! but this fic, it had so many paths it could have taken and I would put money on starting over 30 times until finally settling on something that wasn’t complete garbage. The song talks more about a relationship, not caring what people think but I decided to take a different approach, you will see and hopefully understand what I heard after listening to the song for the millionth time. A huge thanks to @avasmommy224 for putting up with my rambling on this fic, her advice really helped shape it into the idea it became! oh and also being an amazing beta!

hope yall enjoy! I’m up for a part 2 if enough people are into it. thanks again for reading yall :) ♥♥♥

Growing up in Garfield, TX was one of the best experiences in your life and you wouldn’t trade the path your life has brought you on or the path that Garfield was responsible for. The small town was located just outside of Austin, trips to and from the city as a child was always exciting and when your mom ended up with a job there, you thought it was the coolest thing on the planet.

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UPDATE - may 2017
I’ve updated this playlist with recent/better songs. I’ll be keeping most of the songs on here but considering i made this playlist like 4 years ago i thought id update it. hope u have a gud time homies.

Gravity - John Mayer
Pressure - The 1975
Dont/Loyal - Ellie
Hella Hoes - A$AP Mob
Who are you - Fifth Harmony 
Girls - The 1975
Often - The Weeknd
Sledgehammer - Fifth Harmony
Just a picture - KYLE
Up Town Funk - Fifth Harmony
Night Changes - One Direction
3005 - Childish Gambino
Often - (Kygo Remix)
Thinkin bout you - Fifth Harmony 
Nightengale - Demi Lovato
Run Away - Chase atlantic
Me and my girls - Fifth Harmony 
Storm Warning - Hunter Hayes
3005/Hey Ya! (Mashup) - Alex Aiono
Chocolate - The 1975
Groove - Jack and Jack
Honeymoon Avenue - Fifth Harmony 
Dont Wanna Fall in Love - KYLE
Roller Coaster (Fast) - Justin Bieber
Them Girls be Like - Fifth harmony
Lightweight - Demi Lovato
Stay - Fifth Harmony 
Wait For a Minute - Tyga
Still Into You - Paramore
Chandelier (Acoustic Version) - Sia
In A Dream - High Highs
Miss Movin on - Fifth Harmony 
Human Nature - Glee Cast
Sober - Childish Gambino
Red - Fifth Harmony 
She Way Out - The 1975
Dont wanna dance alone - Fifth Harmony 
She - Tyler, The Creator
Something Like Olivia - John Mayer
Rainy Season - Hunter Hayes
One Wish - Fifth Harmony 
Tides - Jack and Jack
Leave my heart out of this - Fifth Harmony 
Confident - Justin Bieber
Heart Out - The 1975
Yonkers - Tyler, The Creator
BO$$ - Fifth Harmony 
Give Me Love (Rain Version) - Ed Sheeran
Misery Business - Paramore
Adore You - Miley Cyrus
Mistletoe - Mitchel & Clinton Cave & Christian Anthony
The Right Stuff - Fifth Harmony
IFHY - Tyler, The Creator
Hold Tight - Justin Bieber
You And I - One Direction
Wild Life - Jack and Jack
Free Fallin’ (Live) - John Mayer
New Flame - Chris Brown
Like That - Jack and Jack
Answer - Tyler The Creator
Thats What You Get - Paramore
Drive - Miley Cyrus
Strong - One Direction
She looks so perfect - Shawn 
Heartbeat - Childish Gambino
Cold Hearted - Jack and Jack
Garbage - Tyler, The Creator
They Dont Know about Us - Fifth Harmony 
Take Me To Church - Hozier
Happily - One Direction
We can Make Love - SoMo
Settle Down - The 1975
Somebodys Heart Break - Hunter Hayes
Don’t Tell ‘Em - Jeremih
Reflection - Fifth Harmony
Dracula - Bea Miller
Made In The USA - Demi Lovato
Aint it Fun - Paramore
When i was your man - Fifth Harmony 
Half a Heart - One Direction
Her - Tyler The Creator
Sweatpants - Childish Gambino
Sun Dont Shine - Will Heard & Cara Delevingne
Robbers - The 1975
Lego house - Fifth Harmony 
Anchor Tattoo - Chase Atlantic
1937 (Acoustic) - Novel Nature