demi lovato things

Okay so we’ve all seen that post floating around about the Hades & Persephone rock musical Hozier and Florence Welch should collaborate on, but I ask you this:

Have any of you heard Demi Lovato’s cover of “Take Me To Church”?

(Yes, I’m serious. You’ll never listen to her the same way again.)

Look all I’m saying is this. Lesbian Hades & Persephone rock musical.


Percy proposes to Annabeth at the camp sing-a-long when the two sang ‘Wouldn’t Change a Thing’

At the end of the song he got down on one knee and goes “Well I lied. I’d change one thing. Annabeth Chase, will you do me the pleasure of being my one and only Mrs. Chase-Jackson?”

things the fandom part of tumblr should understand
  • everyone has an opinion, and none of us have rights hating on it, even if we strongly disagree
  • being rude is the worst option anyone could choose cause you’re just embarrassing yourself, not the person you’re being rude to
  • tags are not your property. if someone tags a message you dislike, with the tag you use, don’t send them an anon ask saying to get out of the tag
  • SPREAD POSITIVITY for freaks sake; we all keep complaining about how this world is cruel and rude yet we all end up only adding up to that.

Things we ❤️ about #GlobalCitizen Festival Hamburg: Coldplay’s duet with Shakira, performances by Ellie Goulding and Pharrell Williams, world leaders making major commitments, thousands of Global Citizens standing together and more. If you missed it, watch this: #TuWas

Photo by Ramon Haindl for Global Citizen