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10 Best Bits from the TCAS 2014: Ariana Grande's Dancing Grandma, Ashton Irwin's Towel Bulge, Tyler Posey's Coconut Bra and More


Last night was one of the best nights of the celeb calendar - the Teen Choice Awards, and I’m gonna put it out there to say that this might have been the best one of ALL TIME. I laughed, I cried, I had a minor heart attack at the sight of 5SOS in the shower, and now it’s time to relive it all again.

If you were tucked up in bed and missed it all then don’t you fret, because I’ve rounded up the ten very best bits of the whole show just for you. Fancy seeing 1D being glorious, Tyler Posey’s coconuts, and Ashton Irwin’s actual nuts? Well let’s get this show on the road, then.

1. Ariana Grande’s amazing dancing grandma.

2. Taylor Swift being great and making fun of Taylor Swift.

3. Tyler Oakley and Bethany Mota having legitimate heart attacks.

4. Ansel Elgort fangirling on the inside over Swifty.

5. Demi Lovato and Cher Lloyd making me wish they’d form a girlband.

6. Tyler Posey shaking his coconuts like he just don’t care.

7. This weird Maid In Manhattan reunion. HOORAH. And JLo looks exactly the same?

8. Shailene Woodley getting all girl power and being AWESOME.

9. One Direction winning approximately six million surfboards like it ain’t no thang.

10. Naked 5SOS and Ashton Irwin’s penis. Basically.

Not sure who to focus on in that last one to be honest. Michael being sexy in the shower, Calum looking like a model, Luke being HOT, or Ashton in all his glory. TOLD YOU IT WAS GREAT.