demi lovato look like a barbie

"I think it's really funny, somebody threw a barbie doll on stage, but it's kinda ironic because I spent my whole life trying to be this and look like this. And guess what? ...I'm not this. And it means the world to me that you guys still love matter what. Whoever's barbie this is, I'm really sorry, but I'm gonna throw it. Thank you guys for inspiring me." 

but like the fact that Zendaya has her own BARBIE and she’s  black (mixed) is so important for not only herself but every black/mixed girl, little or grown Because like I always felt weird playing with barbie’s because they weren’t like me. No curls (or hair texture at all, really), no warm skin or dark eyes, and it made me said like I felt like I couldn’t play because there one wasn’t for me and now there is and my kids won’t have to feel like that. And look I’m all for creating a body positive barbie, we need it, desperately BUT Demi could have given it, one, maybe two days and let Zendaya (and all the little black girls) have their moment before she shot her mouth off about it but no, she had to go all Kanye on the situation, and that is not okay

i find this really deep. just knowing what Demi went through, when she didn’t realize how beautiful she truly was.
society has that effect on people–to trick human beings into thinking their anything, but amazing.
society created these disney princesses that everyone wants to be like and when some beautiful person comes along that looks just like them, still make them think they are less.