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@marissa_callahan: Today I’m thankful for this friendship. For the last 10 years we’ve laughed, we’ve cried and we’ve made some of the most memorable memories. This girl is about to rock the Pop charts with her new album. I cannot wait until it’s out - until then…… My heart is full of the memories we made this trip - I love you biff! 💗👯👭 (we’ve now flip flopped hair colors) (x)

Begin Again - Chapter 12

Selena’s POV:

“Hey Selena.” Demi said in a sing-song voice.

“Hey Dems,” I replied peeking around the corner. After I saw her head enter the kitchen I went back to taking food out of bags.

“How’s unpacking going?” She asked while taking a seat at the kitchen island.

“It’s better than I expected. Since my parents bought the house furnished—it made it a whole lot easier.”

Just a few days ago, as an early birthday present my parents surprise me with a house. It’s not anything extraordinary, just a regular 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house; or as others calls it, a ‘cookie cutter house’ or whatever.

My 23rd birthday is tomorrow, and to be honest, all I want to do is stay home and sleep. I’ve been working non-stop. Two weeks ago I got a job at Victoria Secret and I love it. The pay is great, my co-workers are really nice, and my boss is nice also and understands how to bend my hours sometimes because I have a kid.

“Does Kaylie like living here?”

“She LOVES it here.” I chuckled turning to face Demi after putting the last of the grocies up. “The backyard is huge, there’s a park close to the neighborhood and our neighbor to our right has a daughter her age, and a son who is 12.”

“Are they nice?”

“The kids are very polite, and the parents are nice too. They’ve been married for 23 years.”


“The parents are Macey and Michael, and the son’s name is Frank, and the daughter’s name is Frankie.”

“Macey and Michael? Frank and Frankie? Wow.” Demi laughed.

“I know it’s weird, but they’re nice.”

“Yeah the nice ones are the ones you have to worry about.” Demi stated. “Anyway, where is Kaylie?”

“With Justin,” I answered.

“Kaylie has spending a lot of time with Justin.”

“I know. She loves hanging with him.”

“Does she like Sasha?”

“She can’t stand Sasha. Every time she’s with Justin, she tells me she stays away from Sasha.” I chuckled and Demi did too. I took out a tub of ice cream from the freezer, and took out two spoons and placed it in the middle of the island.

“I’m just glad you’re talking to Justin.” Demi said taking a spoon and dipping it into the ice cream. “Why did you avoid him those three days? You’ve never told me.”

I sighed. “Yeah the only person I told was Gracie.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? I’m your bestfriend!” Demi said acting to be ‘hurt’. “Please, please tell me.”

“Demi that was old news; It happened over a month ago.”

“And? I still wanna know, please!” Demi begged.

I rolled my eyes at her ‘childish behavior’. “Fine—but it’s nothing special.”

“Tell me.”

“Well it started at Gracie’s party. Justin left Sasha and me alone to get her some water, and she basically threatened me to stay away from Justin. She thought I was being a ‘whore’ or whatever.” I said shrugging my shoulders, pretending that it still didn’t bother me.

I looked up at Demi, and her mouth hung open in shock.

“Demi—“I began but Demi cut me off.

“THAT BITCH!” Demi yelled in anger. “Okay, it’s time for me to go stab a hoe.” She said getting up from her seat grabbing her purse and keys.

“No Demi!” I said and ran infront of her so she couldn’t go any further. Knowing Demi, she really would go hurt Sasha. And I don’t mind her doing so—I just don’t want my bestfriend in jail.

“As much as I want you to do so, I don’t want my bestfriend in jail.” I lightly chuckled.

Demi sighed and nodded her head and went back to her seat grabbing her spoon again.

“Gosh I wanna stab her. She has no right to call you a hoe.” Demi said eating a spoon full of ice cream.

“But I kissed Justin—so technically she does.”

“Technically Justin kissed you first.” Demi said emphasizing the word you.

“Yeah but encouraged the kiss, by kissing him back.” I argued.

“It’s not your fault you didn’t wanna be rude by not kissing him back.” Demi said in a ‘duh’ tone, going back to her ice cream.


“No buts Selena; it’s not your fault.” Demi said cutting me off.

“Yeah you’re right.” I sighed.

“Pfft, I’m always right.”

“Sure Demi.” I laughed.

“When do you go back to work?”

“Monday, I think. Why?”

“I’m gonna need to use your employees discount.” Demi said shyly.

“Um—okay?” I said, more as a question. “Why?”

“Well you know Ryan and I are trying for a baby—“

“You wanna look sexy for him,” I said finishing her sentence. “Am I right?”

“Yep you’re right.” Demi chuckled.

“In the wise words of Demi Lovato; I’m always right.” I quoted flipping my hair and both Demi and I laughed.


“MOMMY WAKE UP!” Kaylie yelled jumping on my bed.

“Kaylie go back to sleep.” I groaned.

“BUT MOMMY IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!” She continued yelling.

I peeped through my covers and looked at the clock seeing it was 10:30 am.

“Kaylie, baby, it’s only 10:30.” I groaned again. Then I smelt it. Bacon, eggs—what the? I sat up quickly in bed and looked at Kaylie and she smiled. “Kaylie, who’s down stairs?” I asked. Kaylie didn’t answer me. That’s when I got nervous.

I quickly got out of my bed and ran down the stairs, and into the kitchen seeing a breakfast spread out on the kitchen island.

“Oh you’re up.” Gracie smiled. Jazzy turned around also smiling. Kaylie came down the stairs and went next to Gracie and Jazzy.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” All three yelled in unison and I brought my hands up to my face.

“Oh my, girls this is amazing.” I said in awe. “Thank you.” I smiled and went over the other side of the kitchen island and gave them a group hug.

“Aw man, I missed it?” I heard my mom come into the kitchen. “This is what I get for having to pee.”

“Hi mom.” I smiled and went over to her and gave her a hug.

“Happy birthday baby.” She said in my ear and hugged me tighter—so tight it was hard for me to breathe.

“Mom—the birthday girl is having trouble breathing,” I chuckled and she let go.

“Sorry, it’s just you’re my baby and you’re now 23 years old.” She said tears coming to her eyes.

“Mom please don’t say that, I’ll always be your baby.” I smiled.

“Hey, what about me?” Gracie said.

“You’re my baby too.” My mom smiled.

I went over to the kitchen island, taking a seat and picked up the fork and began digging into the delicious food.

“Now come on girls, let’s go so Selena can enjoy her breakfast.” My mom said clapping her hands.

“Wait where are ya’ll going?” I asked with my mouth full, turning around.

“Nowhere.” My mom smiled and I rolled my eyes.

“You’re going home to help Brian set up my party aren’t ya’ll?” I said.

“What—pfft no.” My mom said.

“Mom you’re a terrible liar. I get that from you.” I smiled and laughed.

“Goodbye sweetie.” She said and kissed my forehead. “Make sure to be at my house by 3 this afternoon. C’mon girls.” And with that they left and I was home alone.

After I finished my breakfast, I watched TV for a while before I looked at the clock and saw I should start getting ready—after I take a short nap. Just as I was about to head up the steps my doorbell rung so I went over to the front door.

“Oh hey Demi,” I smiled opening the door wide for her to come in.

“So it’s almost one, which means we have two hours to get you ready for your party.” Demi said barging in not even saying ‘hi’.

“Well hi to you too.” I chuckled shutting the front door.

Demi continued ignoring me and walked straight up the stairs and up to my bedroom as I followed her. She opened up my drawers and pulled out some underwear and a bra then turned to look at me with one eyebrow raised.

“What?” I looked at her confused.

“Why aren’t you in the shower?”

“I didn’t know I have to be in the shower?” I chuckled.

“Shower now.” Demi pointed her finger to my on suite bathroom. I rolled my eyes and went to my shower as Demi continued pulling clothes out from my dressers.

I took a 40 minute shower, got out wrapping a towel around my body, drying my hair using another towel and when I walked out of my bathroom I saw an outfit on my bed laying out for me.

“GET DRESSED! YOU GOT 10 MINUTES THEN I’M COMING UP TO DO YOUR HAIR!” I heard Demi yell from the other side of the door.

I shook my head at how Demi has always been so demanding; but that’s why I love her.

I slipped on the white shorts Demi had laid out and a gray tank top, slipping on a light cardigan on top and I slipped on some white wedges. After finishing getting dressed, Demi curled my hair, the pinned it to the side. I

I have no clue why she’s getting me all ‘dolled’ up for.

After Demi finished doing my hair we waited around my house for a while before it was time to go to my ‘not-so-surprise-party’.

“Remember to at least act surprise.” Demi chuckled as we got out of the car.

“Oh I’ll be surprised alright. No telling what my parents did for my party.” I laughed.

We walked through the front door and went straight to the back. When opening the back doors, as soon as I set foot in the backyard friends and family had jumped out yelling “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SELENA!”

I covered my mouth with my hands—even though I was expecting this, I wasn’t expecting this many people to actually come.

“MOMMY!” Kaylie yelled and jumped in my arms and I grabbed and picked her up.

“Hey sweetheart.” I smiled.

More friends and family came to me to say happy birthday—leaving Justin last to say happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday Sel.” He smiled.

“Thank you.” I smiled in return. I noticed that there wasn’t a clingy gold-digger next to him. “Where’s—um, Sasha?” I asked, trying at least a bit to be nice.

“She’s at home. She’s actually not feeling well.” Justin replied.

I’m surprised she didn’t tie you down to keep you from coming.

“Well I hope she gets better.” I fakely smiled and Justin smiled in return.

“CAKE!” Kaylie yelled from my arms. I passed her over to Justin and he took her into his arms then we all walked over to the picnic table that had my cake.


For gifts I had gotten gift cards and clothes—which I didn’t mind. Justin bought me a diamond necklace which was not needed if you asked me.

I truly enjoyed my ‘surprise party’ and had a fun time with my co-workers, friends, and some family members.

It was a little after 7 pm and mainly everyone had left. Now it was just Justin, Kaylie, Demi, Ryan, Gracie, Jazzy, my parents, Pattie and I. Kaylie was sitting on Justin’s lap at the picnic table, with Ryan next to him on his right and Demi on the end of Ryan and I sat on the left of Justin, and our parents were across from us.

We all were finishing up the last of the cake. Gracie looked down at her phone screen and showed Jazzy and they both smiled widely.

“Wait there’s still one more gift!” Jazzy and Gracie yelled.

“What?” I asked confused.

“You couldn’t think Gracie or Jazzy wouldn’t get you something?” My mom piped up.

I was still a bit confused.

“Just wait here.” Jazzy said and both girls got up, going back into the house.

“Now I wonder what they’re up to.” I asked nervously.

“Just wait and see.” My dad smiled.

“Do you guys know what they’re getting me?”

“Only your parents and I know—and of course Jazzy and Gracie.” Pattie spoke up.

I looked at Demi narrowing my eyebrows.

“Trust me—they didn’t tell me.” Demi said putting her hands up in defense.

“LADIES AND GEMTLEMEN,” Jazzy began to announce and everyone turned their attention to both of the ten year olds; well they had my attention the most.

“WE PRESENT TO YOU, MASON!” Gracie finished.

At first I was shocked—no this was all a dream. But there he stood in front of me. Mason. Mason was actually here—in Boca not in New York.

“Well are you going to just sit there or hug me?” Mason smirked.

I squealed and got up from my seat and ran into Mason’s arms forgetting about everyone else—forgetting about Justin.

Mason picked me up and spun me around causing me to giggle.

Justin’s POV:

Mason? The Mason, that my daughter called ‘dad’ before she met me? The Mason who Selena said she loved on the phone?

Why the hell did Jazzy and Gracie have to get Selena him for her birthday? Why not a puppy?

I saw the moment unravel infront of me; Selena running to his arms, and him picking her up spinning her around causing her to giggle.

But what surprised me even more was when Kaylie wiggled out of my grip and ran to Mason.

“MACE!” Kaylie yelled happily and into him arms. Mason quickly put Selena down so he could catch Kaylie in his arms. “MACE I MISSED YOU!” Kaylie squealed wrapping her arms around his neck.

My blood starting boiling in anger; I was pissed—no wait beyond pissed.

“I missed you too pumpkin.” He chuckled.

Soon all three of them rejoined the rest of us. Selena took her seat right next to me, and Mason sat on the opposite side with Kaylie in his lap.

“Glad you like your present.” Gracie smirked and Jazzy smiled.

“Are you kidding me? I love my present!” Selena said happy; a little too happy for my liking.

“Mace what are you doing here?” Kaylie asked—oh I wish she would stop using that nickname for him.

“Well these two squirts,” he began referring to Jazzy and Gracie, “called me and told me how Selena’s birthday was coming up and they wanted to give her something she would enjoy a lot. They told me how much Selena and Kaylie both missed me and hoped for a visit soon. So we planned it and here I am.” He said.

“How long are you staying?” Kaylie asked again.

“Just a few days.” He replied.

Few days too long.

“Well thank you this is by far the best present ever.” Selena smiled—to Mason and he returned the smile.

Makes me sick.

“Well you still haven’t got your gift from me.” Mason smiled.


“Eh, eh, eh, it’s a surprise my darling.” He smirked.

“I think I’m just gonna go.” I started standing up from the table.

“Bye daddy!” Kaylie smiled to me. At first I thought she would get up and give me a hug and kiss bye—boy was I wrong.

“Bye princess.” I smiled. I said bye to everyone else and Selena and made my way through the house only to feel a hand on my elbow causing me to stop. I turned around seeing it was Selena.

“Do you think Kaylie could spend the night over your house tonight?” She asked biting her lip.

“Um sure—why?”

“Well I know Mason will probably take me out somewhere fancy, and then I was hoping me and him could have alone time.” She said.

I don’t know whether she was saying that on purpose to make me mad or not—but it was working.

“Sure—I guess. Do you want me to take her now?”

Selena nodded her head. “If that’s okay with you; does she have clothes?”

“Yeah I bought her some when I got her room together.” I said. “Now only if she’ll pry away from Mason.” I half-heartily chuckled.

“DADDY!” Kaylie interrupted us wrapping onto my leg. “I’m ready to go.” She smiled looking up at me. My heart felt fuller knowing it didn’t take too much to get her away from Mason.


“Night baby girl.” I smiled to my daughter and kissed her forehead.

“Night daddy.” She smiled and rolled over soon dozing off to sleep.

It was almost eleven at night, and I was finally able to put Kaylie to bed, after watching Disney ‘Princess’ movies for the past three and a half hours.

I walked down the hallway to mine and Sasha’s room and saw Sasha leaning against the headboard of the bed—probably waiting for me.

“Is she finally asleep?” She asked and I nodded my head. “So you never told me about Selena’s party when you came home.” She said and I scoffed.

“Well that’s because I surely enjoyed myself.” I said coldly.

“What happened?” Sasha asked a little tensed.

“Mason—that’s who.”

“Wait—Selena’s ex? That’s why you’re worried?” Sasha chuckled—obviously at my behavior. “So you do still have feelings for her.” Sasha said—this time serious.

“Wait no!” I quickly protested, even though it was a complete lie. “I’m just upset because, what if Kaylie starts wanting to be around Mason more than me? He was in her life before I was.” I said. And that was partially it.

What if Kaylie did want to be around Mason again? What if Kaylie rather have Mason as her father than me?

“Justin, you need to stop worrying.” Sasha said resting her hand against my arm. “Kaylie loves you, so, so much, ok?”

I looked at her and smiled and she leaned in and joined our lips together.

“I love you.” She smiled against my lips.

“I love you too.” I smiled and she smirked against my lips.

“Oh Justin I have to tell you something.” She said leaning away—she was even more serious than before, which got me worried.

“What is it?”

“I’m pregnant.”