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AU:Niall Horan recently returned from a rehabilitation center for his depression. His wife, Demi, and the boys have all been very supportive and helped him overcome every obstacle. His homecoming was made complete by his one year old son, and Niall can’t be happier that he’s with his family permanently.

2015 is going to be my year!! I’m going to try my very best to stay clean! I’m going to be healthy, I’m going to carry on donating money, I’m going to be happy!
I am the only who can control my mind and my mental well being. I’m going to try and help others as much as I can! My ask is always open for anyone who needs to talk,
REMEMBER “love is louder than the pressure to be perfect” xx


This has been bugging me all day so like hi rant time

You have accused us of cheating in the best lyrics votes, you have demanded a recount, you are now telling us to kill ourselves.

Both our idols have been tweeting ” #vote5sos ” & ” #votedemilovato ” after their tweets, so both have played the part of trying to win as much as every other nominee. Now, don’t come telling us that it isn’t fair to Lovatics for Liam Payne to vote for 5SOS. They are friends with One Direction. They are the opening to their worldwide tour, so yes he will support his friends.

Your idol may have more followers than ours, but it doesn’t mean you need a recount. Like you, we also had many ways of voting (drafts, many accounts, endless voting), it was an equal voting.

Your idol has also shaded our idols. Actually, so have you fans. You say that Demi kisses fans’ wrists if she saw scars, but so does Calum, Ashton, Michael & Luke. She said that no one else had fans in their lyrics video, but it doesn’t mean she was the only one to do it. Because 5SOS did a whole fan montage video for Try Hard KOKO & One Direction have done it as well, in their actually music video. (I don’t watch many music videos but name more)

Your idol is also agaisnt bullying & you go and trend ” Lovaticswants5sosfamdead ” how ashamed would she be of you fans? She is 100% agaisnt it and now you want us dead?

You have also hated on us because ” 5SOS wouldn’t be here without One Direction “. Hot Chelle Rae have brought them on tour as well, FYI. But Demi wouldn’t be here without Disney, Jonas Brothers or Barney.

You can hate on us all you want, but when it comes to Michael, Ashton, Luke & Calum, don’t you dare start critising them. They have not done anything wrong but make music for us fans & I understand you might not like it. But don’t bash on them, calling them ugly and worthless. Don’t you even try and compare them to big, big stars because they are just beggining to be some.

This is their first year of having awards and actually being nominated for something so big. So yes, the 5sosfam voted like crazy for this. For them, because after 3 years of trying to make it big by their own, they have finally made it to where they wanted, where they belong.

What dissappoints us the most (or maybe just me), is your idol saying that an american should win. The award was about the video. The lyrics. The music. Not the race, how they look or where they come from. Because at the end of the day, they are all in the music industry.

you go to an awards show with him

Luke~ “she has more awards than us :(”

Michael~ “hostin’ the teens choice”

Calum~ “perfecT”

Ashton~ “rockin’ peoples choice”