demi lovato and kim kardashian

This is why I hate Taylor Swift
This girl is the worst type of bully there is she’s the type where she literally makes fun and talk shit and just does horrible stuff to people but so many people like her So when you try to tell people why you don’t like her they swear you’re just being a hater, you’re being mean for no reason, or you’re being a bitch
But when in reality she’s just a horrible person, she acts like this little princess in front of people but behind closed doors she’s the nastiest bitch ever
And no matter how much proof you have exposing her dude to the fact so many people like her they won’t listen to or believe you
And then when you finally called her out she plays this innocent little white girl
She did it to Nicki Minaj when she said “why are we trying to pit women against each other” and everybody chose her side
She did it to Kanye even after a video came out of her getting caught lying saying she didn’t know about the line he wrote in his song and people still took her side she’s literally trying to do it now by using Kim and Kanye’s beef with her to spin it and make her look like the victim when she’s far from it
She did it to Calvin Harris she literally wrote a song about trashing his relationship with her and then when he made a tweet shading her everyone jump down his throat talking about how he’s a horrible person when literally Calvin Harris does not get in drama ever
Literally y'alls Wonderboy Harry Styles had a whole album written about him which was filled with horrible stuff and he even took the high road and just brushed it off yet people still took her side

And y'all know good and well if this was any other celebrity y'all would have ended their career by now POINT! BLANK! PERIOD!