you know what annoys me about tumblr? tumblr focuses so much on tearing celebrities down and making fun of them and bullying them for fun. take demi lovato for example: there is so much shit i see about an incredibly talented and strong young woman. there is not one good thing said about her on this website. everything is a meme, or a post making fun of her or criticizing her. she has been through hell and back battling mental and physical harm, abuse, disorders and issues but look at her now. she is a successful, powerful, strong and beautiful person who advocates for mental health support and self harm and addiction and bullying.

but tumblr doesnt care about that. tumblr makes memes of her, criticizes every move she makes or every tweet she sends out. gets receipts and goes the extra mile to shit on her career or personality. tumblr focuses on the negative; bullying her. which is exactly what she spends her days fighting against.

so next time you go to post or reblog something rude or hurtful, or bully or make a comment about demi, or any other celebrity, think about what good they are doing for the world. and who they are outside of the shitty tumblr post that you read.


Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato Play Truth or Dare