demi lich

Cleric: I read the Lich’s phylactery-slash-diary, after crushing the soul container part.

DM: As you read through the pages, you discover how she became a Lich, choosing fealty to the even more powerful Demi-Lich. As you flip to the final page, a skull appears.

Demi-Lich, in a deep, ominous, stoner voice: Not cool, my dude. *the cleric slams the book shut and starts to run* NOT. COOL.



In my quest for low level Dungeons and Dragons creatures I decided I needed some wolves and silly person that I am I picked up some games workshop ‘fenrisian wolves’ without reading the box. When I got them home and opened them up I realised they were way to big for wolves, but the right size for Dire Wolves and Worgs

There were a few first for me with these and one annoyance. The annoyance was the seam line. I filled that thing as best I could with a couple of passes of liquid green stuff and yet it still became visible on a couple of the wolves. Well, I’ll do better next time.

As for the firsts, it was the first time I have used static grass, and I am quite happy with how it came out and will most likely hunt down a few types for future use (Brisbane is a pain to find such supplies however)

The other was my first water effect. I looked up reference for the caramel river shade. Made the base with modelling paste. Painted it up and then made the 'water’ with a couple of think coats of wood glue, all in all I am quite happy with it.

Next a couple of single models. A Displacer Beast and Demi-lich

Monster Manual Challenge - D - Demilich

Astorio the Mad

Over a thousand years ago Astorio was the court wizard to an ancient king. Nearing old age, he was driven to study old secrets of unnatural life. Fervently he read through every tome and tablet he could get his hands on, eventually discovering the concept of lichdom.

Astorio was exiled for his study. Hiding in the outskirts of a local town, he used the children there to collect the last few components for his ascension, then abruptly disappeared.

The secrets had been unlocked, but imperfectly, turning him to a demi lich. Aware of the passage of time and maddened by it, he seeks to “improve” the natural world the same way he has improved himself, expelling the living and inviting the immortality of undeath.