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this is an edit of kijiko’s accessory lashes, styled after my favorite kind of eyelash to wear: demi wispies! the texture was made entirely by me. available in the glasses section for teen-elder females. three swatches: top, bottom, and full set. this started as just a bit of experimentation, but if you all like these then i can make more :) all credit for the original mesh goes to kijiko!

important: you will need two of these meshes for these to show up:
(these are from the [Kijiko]eyelash_version2 download)

download demi wispies [eyelash]

/ kijiko updated the lashes for the new cas patch. i’ll update these to be unisex soon. /
When a friend asks how I get new music the minute it's released
  • Me: hey, have you listened to *insert artist's name* new album?? It's freakin awesome!!
  • Friend: how did you get it??? It was released like just 5 minutes ago???
  • Me: *clears throat* *speaks in Liam Neeson's voice* I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills...
  • Friend: hoe don't do it
  • Me: ... skills I have acquired over a very long career.

Fizemos esse pack para agradecer pelos 1k de seguidores, e gostariamos de lembrar que vocês sempre são bem vindos para fazer pedidos, muito obrigada! szsz

Nesse pack contém:

  • 150 headers (famosos variado+random)
  • +1000 icons (famosos variados+site model)

Para conseguir o pack, você deve:

  • Seguir o withoutpsd (iremos verificar)
  • Reblogar esse post, likes não serão válidos (iremos verificar)
  • Mandar aqui ‘’pack 1k withoutpsd’’
  • OBS: não vou mandar para anonimos.


We did this pack to thank for 1k followers, and would like to remind you that you are always welcome to order, thank you so much! szsz

In this pack contains:

  • 150 headers 
  • +1000 icons 

To get this pack, you must:

  • Follow withoutpsd (we will check)
  • Reblog this post, likes will not be valid (we will check)
  • Send here ‘’pack 1k withoutpsd’’
  • OBS:  i will not send the pack to anonymous 

esse pack contem:

  • 461 demi lovato rares
  • 160 brushes para collage
  • 11 psds

para conseguir o pack, você deve:

  • seguir o dlicons
  • reblogar o post (likes não contam)
  • pedir na ask “dlicons rares pack”
  • eu vou checar!!!


this pack contain:

  • 467 demi lovato rares
  • 160 brushes for collage
  • 11 psds

to get the pack you must:

  • follow the dlicons
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • request on ask “dlicons rares pack”
  • and i’ll check

Demi Lovato playing Star Challenge on Friday Download


Demi Lovato on CBBC Friday Download


Demi Lovato on Friday Download