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21 Things Dance Kids Want Their Non-Dance Friends to Know

1. No, my studio is not like Abby Lee’s and we don’t have a pyramid in the beginning of class.

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2. We did sock buns before they were cool.

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3. No, we’re not just going to “do a move” for you in the middle of the cafeteria or hallway.

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4. Yes, technically we can twerk but we’d never call it that.

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5. Dancers turn, we don’t spin. There’s a big difference.

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6. Yes, there DOES need to be bling on EVERYTHING.

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7. Stop asking if we “won” competition, it doesn’t work that way. We get medals for each dance, then high scores in each category – divided by genre, age, and size of group – and then overall high scores.

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8. Lyrical is NOT interpretative dancing.

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9. When we leave class to go the bathroom, we secretly leap down the hallway. Don’t judge.

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10. We really did learn a dance to that song six months before you heard it.

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11. Yes, you just heard my hip crack. And it felt great.

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12. We swear we have great stamina even though we’re tired after running for three minutes.

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13. No, I’m not wearing a diaper. They’re called harem pants and I have them in every color.

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14. Yes, we know there’s glitter in our hair.

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15. And yes, we’re aware of those bruises, too.

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16. When we check our phones at school we’re not texting. We’re watching dance videos on YouTube.

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17. “I can’t, I have dance,” isn’t just an excuse – we’re never going to skip class to go to the movies.

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18. Sometimes little kids are better than us but we’ve learned to accept it (sorta).

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19. We can change our costume – including tights, hairstyle, jewelry – in 40 seconds.

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20. Dance isn’t a sport. It’s way harder.

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21. Yes, I AM obsessed with my dance friends cause we spend every second together and no one else would ever get our inside jokes.

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You sighed as you heard your phone buzz from your nightstand. It was 4am and the idea of anyone calling you seemed insane. You turned over and grabbed your phone , squinting your eyes at the bright light on your phone.

It was a text from your girlfriend-Demi.

DEMI : Hey babe. Sorry if I woke you , just had to talk…

You smiled lightly at the text. Even when she wasn’t here , Demi still managed to make you smile… You decided to text her back.

YOU : No it’s fine… Who isn’t already up at 4 in the morning!? Haha

It didn’t take long for a text to be sent back.

DEMI : Sorry boo… Do you wanna just text tomorrow?

YOU : No! I’m already up.

DEMI : That’s good to know…

YOU : What did you want to talk about?

DEMI : I just miss you…

YOU : Awe… Babe , I miss you too.

DEMI : No… I mean , I really really miss you… I miss everything.

YOU : Everything? What do you mean?

DEMI : I miss your tight pussy…

You stared at your phone for a moment , not knowing what to say to that. Demi loved dirty talking , yes. But the idea of her texting you to an orgasm seemed unlikely. But your breathing did hitch at the next text.

DEMI : How about we play a game?

You licked your bottom lip as you sat up straight , finding yourself to be more awake now.

YOU : What kind of game?

DEMI : I’m gonna talk to you… That’s all… But every time I get you more turned on , you have to say “warmer” understand baby?

YOU : Yeah…

You were nervous as hell. The idea of being taken down by just her words would show how much power she has over you. But everyone already knew the power she had over you. You made it obvious that she’s got you wrapped around her finger.

DEMI : Good.

DEMI : I wanna send you something. But it’s gonna stay between us , right? Don’t make me have to punish you if this leaks out.

YOU : It’ll stay between us…

Your heart raced with all of the possibilities of what it could be.

Demi soon texted you back. It was a picture. (The picture on top.)

DEMI : Do you like what you see baby?

YOU : Yeah. Just wish I could’ve seen more , but my girlfriend’s such a tease.

You had no idea where that came from… Maybe you’re just getting more comfortable.

DEMI : Haha :-P

DEMI : You know you like it…

YOU : Not really… Ha.

DEMI : I wish you were here. I wouldn’t tease…

YOU : What would you do?

DEMI : Mmm… Wanna get down to it , I see…

YOU : Well , we are playing a game… Aren’t we?

You bit down on your bottom lip and waited…

DEMI : Yeah… We are…

DEMI : If you were here right now , I’d waste no time in throwing you on this bed. I’d kiss your neck softly , the way you like it. I’d whisper in your ear how much I missed you. I’d slid my hands up your stomach to the underside of your breasts and grab them in both hands for a moment before letting go and pulling your shirt over your head. I’d lick your nipples through that thin white bra of yours. Do you have that one on now? It’s my favorite…

You didn’t know what to say to all of that. You didn’t have that bra on… You didn’t have any bra on… But your underwear was getting wetter by the minute…

YOU : Warmer…

DEMI : I’d take off your bra and bite down in your right nipple , knowing that that’s your weakness. Then I’d make my way down your body to your pants , ripping them off of you , along with your underwear… Are you touching yourself?

You could just feel it… All of it. Her teeth on your nipple , her hot breath on your ear , her roughness as she throws you on the bed and pulls off your pants and panties. It was all too much for you , and before you knew it , your hand was making its way down to the waist band of your pants.

YOU : Warmer.

DEMI : God Y/N… If you were here right now , I’d lick up and down your wet slot while my index finger entered that tight little hole of yours. I’d flick your clit with my tongue before nibbling it. I’d take my finger out of you and replace it with my tongue. I’d push in deep and hit your g-spot. I’d have you going crazy in a matter of minutes…

Your breathing was uneven as your fingers took a faster pace. Your free hand held the phone as you read and re-read everything she said. You buckled your hips as you felt your fingers hit your g-spot. You couldn’t cum just yet… You needed to hear Demi’s voice…

YOU : Call me now!

You whimpered as your head fell back but you held yourself together enough to pick up the phone and put it on speaker right next to you , too busy touching yourself.

“Demi…” You moaned out as you heard Demi groan lightly at the sounds you were making.

“Fuck Y/N… How wet are you?” She whispered lowly and you mumbled a string of curse words as a response.

You were so fucking close that you could taste it. You screamed out Demi’s name as she continued on with what she would do to you if you were over there. You couldn’t hold it in anymore and before you knew it , your juices were covering your two fingers.

“Fuck…” Demi whimpered and you could tell by her fast pants that she was close as well. You put the phone to your ear , taking it off speaker.

“Do you wanna know what I’d do to you if you were here?” You whispered and heard Demi moan out a ‘what’

“After you were down with me , I’d climb on top of you and I’d waste no time in… In licking a trail from between your breasts to the waist band of your pants… I-I… Fuck…” You licked your lips , finding it too hard to talk dirty while hearing Demi’s sweet moans.

“I-I’m cumming!” Demi moaned and soon enough she came , and by the sounds of it , she came hard…

“Just two more weeks , and you can do whatever you want to me babe…” You whispered and heard Demi let out a breathless chuckle and then gulp lightly.

“Just two more weeks…” She whispered. “We can make it… I love you.” She said and after you said it back , she told you to get some sleep so you wouldn’t be extremely tired for work tomorrow.

But as you laid down and closed your eyes , one thought remained on your mind.

Just two more weeks…