demi and selena

Miley Cyrus: Seen as: crazy, slutty, indecent
But actually: founded the Happy Hippie Foundation for homeless youth and routinely brings awareness to LGBTQ issues

Demi Lovato:
Seen as: loud, in-your-face, brash
But actually: is extremely candid about her struggles with eating disorders and mental illness and encourages people to love their bodies regardless of size or shape

Selena Gomez:
Seen as: a good role model, modest, eloquent
But actually: complains about people not using their voices to talk about important issues when never speaking about such issues herself; uses “lol” in response to a question about why she doesn’t bring awareness to #blacklivesmatter and police brutality

Taylor Swift:
Seen as: an innocent, all-American bystander unfairly victimized by Kanye, the media, societal sexism, and large corporations such as Apple
But actually: an expert manipulator who takes any and every opportunity to play the innocent victim by regularly throwing people under the bus in a string of unfortunate situations


They are one and the same