Hey guys! We’ve got a new VHS Tape out and in honor of Pride month, we asked two very lovely humans about asexuality and their experiences. If you have any other questions Tilley and Sarah are more than happy to answer them.



To be honest, I was so relieved when I found out that I am a demisexual.

I grew up, thinking I was odd. I never fantasized over celebrities or had celebrity crushes. 

I never understood what’s so interesting about having a male singer or actor being half naked while other girls would go crazy over it. 

As I grew older, I realised I just couldn’t wrap my head around sex. I couldn’t do it. The thought of it was just odd. I couldn’t understand people who want to sleep with other people the moment they met. 

And for a long time, I assumed I was asexual. It was the only way to describe my completely non-existent sex drive. 

Was I still attracted to people? Yes.

Do I find people attractive? Yes.

But sex was just something out of the picture. I was not sexual attracted to people.

Then, I met my current boyfriend.

At first, I wasn’t sexually attracted to him either. In fact, I was so worried that he would want to have sex that it freezes me up. We talked and he said he would never force me. And he never did. 

But over time, as the years pass, I suddenly find that I was sexually attracted to him. I find that I do want to have sex with him. 

And it confused me immensely. Because I never had this feeling before.

For a moment, I thought, oh gosh, that must mean I’m not asexual and that I was normal. So I thought I was normal.

But I was not sexually attracted to other people. I still find sex odd. I still don’t understand it.

Then a friend talked about demisexuality and I realised that was me. Because it completely described me. 

The only reason why I am sexually attracted to my current boyfriend is because we already have a deep connection after so many years together. 

And although it’s just a dumb word to many people, I find it a relief because I finally I can understand what I am. 

listen @ all you girls who are questioning your sexuality: i will love you no matter what. there is no pressure to be anything.

 i will 100% love you if you turn out to be a lesbian. 

i will 100% love you if you turn out to be bi. 

i will 100% love you if you turn out to be pan. 

i will 100% love you if you turn out to be ply. 

i will 100% love you if you turn out to be ace.

 i will 100% love you if you turn out to be lith, or demi, or grey or anything else, or just decide there is no label that fits. 

and you know what? i will 100% love if you do turn out to be straight. there’s a lot of sapphic positivity going around right now, but that’s mostly because there hasn’t been a lot in the past. a lot of the problems that i had while questioning were “what if im just doing it to join the lgbtq+ community? what if im an intrusive hetero™?”  and i promise you, you’re not. youre completely valid in your search for who you are, and i love you for that.