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New Charles Hamilton; sort of. It’s unreleased, but technically it’s new considering the dudes been locked up since January. I have to admit, being a fan of CH lately has been tough, the guy doesn’t release music anymore. I’m not saying I’ve stopped listening to him, but a guy can only listen to ‘Starchasers’ and 'Brooklyn Girls’ so much. Anyway the song is dope; nice beat (Sha-Leik doesn’t get the credit he deserves), and the lyrics are Hamilton-like; puzzling and head-scratchingly good. Give it a listen it’s a nice little distraction from work for a little while.

EDIT: I am aware of CH’s extensive work, lol I am merely pointing out 2 of his more well-known masterpieces for those who aren’t as big of fans as some of us 


It isn’t new, but shit it’s fuckin fire! My dude Show TuFli able to go over a straight dope sample and might I add that he goes over it WELL. Nice little love song here, good imagery and lyrics to go along with a truly mezmirizing beat from Sha-leik. If you haven’t heard of Show, then this is definitely a good first impression. He’s a good friend of Charles Hamilton and Yung Nate, as well as Sha-leik, Woody and others from Demevolist so be sure to stay up to date with this guy’s progress!