demetri volturi


(Requested by Anon)

“Y/N! You’ll never believe the amazing news!” You were tackled back by your overly excited mate. Never in your 500 years had you seen Demetri this energetic over something. His cherry red eyes were bright with a glee that only appeared when the two of you spent time alone.

“What’s the fuss about? We have to get ready for the mission, Dem.” You reminded gently. You hated to be the one to shoot down his good mood, but the guards were already supposed to have left for the Amazon to take care of a coven that was drawing unwanted attention.

Demetri took your face between his hands, his smile never fading. “Y/N, we don’t have a mission anymore. Don’t you feel it? Can you still feel your loyalty to Aro?” Now that he brought it up, you felt strange. Lighter. You didn’t feel the need to please your master as you once did. “Dem, what happened?” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. What happened to Master Aro?

“He’s dead Y/N. We can leave the Volturi. We’re not bound anymore. The coven is disbanding, only a few will stay behind. We’re free.”

The word echoed in your mind. Free. We’re free. We can roam as nomads, or we could go to Egypt so Demetri can see Amun again… Your face lit up. “We’re free!” You repeated. He nodded and took your hand in his,leading you towards the exit of the castle. Now it was just you and Demetri against the world.

(Requested by Anon)

Fake Text- The reader is Demetri’s mate and asks him to track things for them when they miss place them (like shoes, car keys, etc.)

Hope you don’t mind it but I changed it up a little because Demetri’s power works based on the mind. That’s why he can’t track Bella. He tracks the tenor of someone’s thoughts.

-Admin Ziggy