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“Y/N! You’ll never believe the amazing news!” You were tackled back by your overly excited mate. Never in your 500 years had you seen Demetri this energetic over something. His cherry red eyes were bright with a glee that only appeared when the two of you spent time alone.

“What’s the fuss about? We have to get ready for the mission, Dem.” You reminded gently. You hated to be the one to shoot down his good mood, but the guards were already supposed to have left for the Amazon to take care of a coven that was drawing unwanted attention.

Demetri took your face between his hands, his smile never fading. “Y/N, we don’t have a mission anymore. Don’t you feel it? Can you still feel your loyalty to Aro?” Now that he brought it up, you felt strange. Lighter. You didn’t feel the need to please your master as you once did. “Dem, what happened?” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. What happened to Master Aro?

“He’s dead Y/N. We can leave the Volturi. We’re not bound anymore. The coven is disbanding, only a few will stay behind. We’re free.”

The word echoed in your mind. Free. We’re free. We can roam as nomads, or we could go to Egypt so Demetri can see Amun again… Your face lit up. “We’re free!” You repeated. He nodded and took your hand in his,leading you towards the exit of the castle. Now it was just you and Demetri against the world.


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Imagine: Demetri having to protect you (his mate) against another vampire.

  Your burst of newborn strength, energy and heightened senses should have been far enough to defeat this gigantic vampire. Yet it proved quite the opposite and incredibly difficult. Your unfortunate lack of know how in combat did you no favours within the moment against this implacably menacing and merciless vampire, whom had merely targeted you for an easy kill.

  It was your cry of surprising fright that caused Demetri to snap up and look within your direction and lose his focus upon his own opponent, to which Felix effortlessly finished the job off for Demetri, himself.

  The solid earth merely shattered beside your granite skull, as your monstrous opponent taunted you further. Your hands attempted to push his head away, but it was doing you no good since budging was not an option.

  Taunting Demetri’s mate was never a dazzling idea to say within the least…

  Upon hearing your cry of fright once more and witnessing your clumsy attempt at battling a giant, Demetri’s vampiric senses thus kicked in instantaneously.

  The offender was yanked from you promptly, and sailed for a moment before he met the solid dirt that was beneath you all, with a hard thud. An unusual blaze of animosity filled your mates eyes, disturbing his usually gorgeous and placid expression. “I’m afraid she’s off limits.” Demetri’s smile is wry as his tone is laced with a bitter wintry acrimony.

“An easy kill is an easy kill.” the offender grunts, adding a wry smile to his obvious response as he rises to his feet, challenging Demetri. This was clearly the unwise thing to do.

“There will be no kill for you today, nor shall you find this easy. I can assure you both of those things.” Demetri spits with virulence clear within his sharp tone.

“If you say so, Prince Charming.” the offender smiles an eerie Cheshire grin tauntingly.

  Demetri does the uncanny thing for him, and pulls out the first move, - lunging for his opponent impulsively-. The clashing of their bodies sounded like two great colossal slabs of granite slamming together, the noise echoing and stinging your ears. Demetri immediately gains the upper hand through his skill of fighting and practice over the many centuries. The offender falls short and struggles, - even with his massive stature-. You were truly mesmerised and under a trance as you watched Demetri’s flawless fighting skills being performed like a beautiful dance. You were blown away.

  The offender was pulled and peeled apart before roasting and burning within the bonfire. Turning into meaningless ashes. The entire scene taking your breath away in such a manner that stole a section of your innocence.

  Yet when Demetri’s hands were set upon your shoulders, so tender and attentive you wondered how one moment he could be gentle and then monstrously menacing the next. “Are you all right, dear?” he kneels down beside you, peering into your eyes with such a cautious saddened look it nearly broke your heart.

“I’m fine.” your voice sounded much more stronger than you’d predicted it would, leaving a sense of confused surprise upon your face, which only made Demetri smile gingerly before examining you.

“Not a single scratch?” his eyebrow quirks up, cocking substantially.

“Not a single scratch.”

  As if there could have been!

“Good.” his response is straight to the point as his lips capture yours a little more friskily and rougher than the few times before. The kiss was exhilarating, leaving every cell within your body bursting and wanting for more. That’s what your mate did to you. Left you wanting more and more of him until you drowned, until wanting more of him was impossible, - if that were possible-.

“I love you.” you murmur in a grin upon his lips.

“I love you too, (Y/N), and I’m terribly sorry to have to bring this up but whoever taught you how to fight had no sense of co-ordination.” he teases in his own polite fashion.

“Actually, I was going for ‘The Karate Kid’.” you giggle.

“What’s that?” he furrows his brows, pulling back.

“Oh! Don’t tell me you haven’t watched ‘The Karate Kid’! Felix! We need to make drastic changes in the Volturi when I get there. TV is my life.” you wail out, causing Demetri to look up at Felix with a puzzled expression.,

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Soooo all of these are from tonights livestream. 

1) Prince Jack holding wee little Aster. And of course the little bunny is chewing on his own ear. 

2) Armada Optimus Prime cause I havent drawn him in like ages

3) Bunnymund Holmes and North Watson in the case of “ITS GOING TO EAT ME”, in which “IT” is a dog. Mainly a Chihuahua

4) Demetri is his “classy mofo” moment BD

I drew tings 8I 

“Brushes”: Demetri copyright Corin Howell


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You looked around the clearing with a frown. A strange sensation had been calling you towards the field. You were meant to be here, but you had no idea why. At least it’s pretty I suppose. I’ll just wait here for whatever is supposed to come. You sighed and sat with your legs crossed, gently running your fingertips over the torn petal of a bluebell flower. The tear healed almost instantly as your finger traced across it.

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When the Volturi guard had taken you from your home, the last place you expected to end up was an airport. Apparently however, even the Volturi travelled by air these days. 

“I don’t have my passport.” You said the first thing to come to mind hoping to buy some more time. 

“Got it right here princess.” Demetri waggled your passport in front of your face. 

“I don’t have a visa.” You replied, glaring at the smug vampire. 

“Ah right, er, here it is Demetri, want to check us in?” Alec asked passing him a wad of papers. 

“Sure.” Demetri replied with a shrug setting off with Alec towards the check in desk, taking everyone’s bags with them. 

“I’ll get you a drink.” Jane announced. “Want anything to eat? A burger or something?”

You shifted around awkwardly wondering why they were being so nice. “Er, sure.” 

A small smile lit up her angelic face. “Cheese?” 

“Yes please.” 

“Ketchup? Salad?”

“Just cheese is fine.” 

With a nod, Jane walked away towards the food section of the airport as you plopped down into a seat next to Felix, (who easily could have used two for himself), knowing running was pointless. At least with Demetri around. 

“So…” The dark haired, humongous vampire looked at you from the corner of his eye, his smart phone in his hand. “You play clash of clans?” 

This was all so weird. 


It hadn’t got any more normal once you’d landed in Italy. Felix had discovered that yes you did in fact play clash of clans and yes, you were in fact quite good and he was currently trying to convince you to leave your fathers clan and join his. 

“Felix I like this clan.” You insisted hiding your phone from the large, playful guard that oddly reminded you of your dad. 

Felix pouted. “Fine, stay in daddies clan. We’ll see whose laughing when mine becomes higher than yours in the league table.” 

Alec rolled his eyes, shooting you a wink as Jane giggled. 

“Seriously? You’re not going to tell me to leave it or take my phone so I can’t call home or anything?” You raised your eyebrows. 

“What would be the point?” Demetri asked as the chauffeured car sped down the Italian highway. “They know where we’re taking you. It’s not exactly a secret.”

“Oh.” You muttered. “Right.” 

As a frown descended upon your face the vampires all shot each other wry grins.


Your heart was almost hammering out of your chest as the great wooden doors that presumably led to the Volturi throne room swung open. You strode into the great stone chamber following your travelling companions, hoping you looked a lot more confident than you felt. You couldn’t deny the castle was beautiful. 

“Ah, Y/N, a pleasure to meet you my dear.” A dark haired vampire stepped down from the thrones, but you only had eyes for the blond still seated behind him whose red eyes felt like they were boring into your soul. “Your Grandfather called, he was quite worried about you. I trust the guard have treated you well?” 

You forced yourself to tear your eyes away from Caius’s and look at Aro instead. Unfortunately you didn’t give much thought to how much concentration that would take and you ended up replying to Aro by saying, “Er. Jane brought me a burger.” And then mentally slapping yourself in the head as the vampires chuckled. 

Aro grinned, “Lovely.” Stepping closer to you he held his hand out. “May I my dear?” 

Not really thinking no was an option, you put your hand into his. When he’d finished viewing your memories, he carefully let go of your hand and turned to Jane. “It was a good burger.” 

This time you really did bring your hand to your temples, clutching hard as you shook your head in sheer disbelief. By the time you looked back up the room was empty. 

All except for you and Caius, you and Caius were alone. This was it. 

“Y/N.” Caius’s voice flowed as perfectly as water. “What a pleasure it is to welcome you home.” 

Accepting (Demetri Volturi Imagine) NSFW

Word Count: 2896

Characters: Demetri x Reader

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: I dunno…horrible writing maybe..SMUT!! Holy jeez smut!         

Your POV

He came to your room every night, after you had gone to bed. You were always facing away from the door when you heard it click open and closed. You waited to feel the dip in the bed when he sat next to you. When you had first arrived and you were told that you were something called a ‘true mate’, he came to your room and made sure you were safe while you slept, as you were the only human in a castle filled with vampires.

One night you had woken with a start after having a nightmare. You laid back down, trying to calm yourself and fall back asleep, but the images from the dreams kept popping up in your head. That was the first night you felt the dip in the bed. You were still facing away from him when you felt his hand gently rub your back, urging you to rest. From then on, every night when he got there and noticed that you weren’t asleep he would come and sit beside you and rub your back.

As time progressed he got more confident when trying to comfort you. You would feel him go from rubbing your back with his palm to stroking your arms with his fingertips. Sometimes he would even gently stroke your head while you slept and you would wake up to him looking at you lovingly. You would just close your eyes and go back to sleep when that happened. Even though his skin was ice cold, it relaxed you. He relaxed you.

Tonight was the same as always. You felt him sit on the bed, and moments later you felt his hand on your back, and you started to relax, closing your eyes. And then you felt something different. He was lightly caressing the length of your arms when you suddenly felt his lips on your shoulder. Your eyes shot open. His lips slowly made their way up your shoulder towards your neck. Your breath caught in your throat and your heart was going to beat out of your chest. His nose brushed against your ear and you felt his breath on your skin. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked. You thought about it in earnest for a moment before letting out a shaky, “No.” He kissed your ear, and then just under your ear lobe, slowly making his way down your neck. His fingers traced down your arm to your hand and he laced his cold fingers in your warm ones.

He kissed back up to you your ear and he whispered, “Will you accept me as your mate?” Again, your breath caught in your throat. You felt him smirk as he nuzzled your hair. You gulped hard and managed to ask, “How?”

“Hmm,” he started, snaking his arm under your neck and around your shoulder to turn you to face him and pull you close to him. “Let me hold you.” He said as his fingertips tenderly stroked your cheek. You nodded as you let out a shaky breath. He cupped your face and brought you closer to him, noses touching. His gaze went from your eyes to your lips. His thumb rubbed your cheek as he started speaking again, “Let me kiss you.” Another hard gulp, but you didn’t have to deliberate this time. You just nodded. The corner of his mouth lifted in a smirk that in any other circumstance would make you smack him, but right now it only made you want him. He tentatively pressed his lips to yours in a sweet and meaningful kiss. A charge was sent through your entire body when it happened. You could feel it go from your lips to the back of your brain, down your spine and into your fingers and toes.

He pulled away from you and looked at you. For the first time since you knew him, he seemed truly nervous. His eyes bore into yours with a certain adoration that you were wholly unfamiliar with. Now it was your turn to hear him gulp just before he said in a whisper, “I truly do love you, Y/N, whether you believe it or not.” It took a moment for your brain to register what he said.

You didn’t believe him. You were so insignificant in his world. A petty little human. Here in the castle you were competing with the likes of Renata, Corin, and Heidi. Oh, how you loved and hated Heidi. You loved her, you wanted to be her. As beautiful and as wanted as she was. When you had first arrived, Renata had told you that before you had come, Demetri had had casual, sexual relationships with herself, and sometimes Corin, but especially with Heidi, and that was why you hated her. You didn’t know if it was true, but just the thought of it made you incredibly jealous and entirely insecure.

So all you could do was smile small a smile at him that was filled with doubt and vulnerability. He looked saddened by your reaction. His hand still on your cheek pulled you closer to him. “I can show you.” He whispered and placed a sweet kiss on your lips before continuing, “Would you let me show you?” You looked into his eyes. His looked into your soul, looking for anything that might warrant his hopeful expression. Your brain and your heart fought mightily inside of you. He’s a player, Y/N! Don’t trust him! Don’t let him use you like this. Your brain exclaimed. Look at how sincere he looks. And you can’t deny how much you want what he’s saying to be true! Your heart yelled back. And so, reluctantly, you nodded.

A look of relief and a smile washed over his face. A smile that no one had ever seen on him before. Excitement, joy, fear, relief, and nervousness were all written there at the same time. He looked over your face as he nervously licked his lips and reached his arm along your back. In one fluid movement he had you underneath him, propping himself up on his elbows. His forehead rested against yours and took an unnecessary breath to collect himself before he pressed his lips to yours again in a passionate kiss followed by another, and another. He got you used to his kiss before he progressed.

You felt his hand move up your thigh, slowly caressing your skin as he went, pushing your night gown up. He paused for a moment before continuing up your stomach, underneath your night gown, cold finger tips gliding up your side before making their way down again. The feeling of him touching you brought a flush to your cheeks and made your heart hammer in your chest. You knew he could hear it because you felt him smile into the next kiss. You wanted this. You could feel that you wanted him both in your heart and in your body. Your hands found their way to his shoulders, grabbing him, pulling him closer to you. This was enough of a sign for him to know that you were okay with what was happening as he continued getting more intimate with his actions.

His lips left yours and he trailed warm kisses down your jaw and your neck. Each time his lips touched your skin you felt a small jolt course through your body, making the ache between your legs yearn for him that much more. As he reached your shoulder you could feel him working your night gown higher and higher, trying to urge it off of you. You breathed unevenly as he paused his ministrations to try to pull the fabric over your head. He gave you a questioning look. His hand came up to brush back the hair that found its way around your face. You felt his concern for you. You knew that if right now you told him to stop, he would. He wouldn’t do anything that you weren’t comfortable with. And just knowing that made you trust him a little bit more. And so, to relay this message, you lifted your torso up off of the bed ever so slightly, so he could pull off your night gown and drop it onto the floor.

His other hand came up to stroke your cheek lovingly. He still hadn’t looked down to see what taking off your night gown had revealed. He kissed your lips sweetly before he whispered to you with a smile, “So beautiful. I hope that one day, you will see yourself as I see you; the goddess that lays before me.” You couldn’t help but let out a breath of astonishment at his words. Usually to you, words were just words. Nothing to take seriously, nothing set in stone. But these words came from Demetri’s heart, they were as everlasting as the sun.

That was when one of his hands trailed down your chest, between your breasts before stopping low on your stomach. His eyes followed, taking in the sight of your body. You held your breath in anticipation; waiting for him to look you over and change his mind. But the expression on his face held nothing but awe and reverence. His head bent down to place a tender kiss to your collar bone, and then slowly worked his way down your body, worshiping every inch of you that he could. He treated you like a delicate flower that might crumble at a too forceful touch. But he still wanted you - all of you, and you wanted him. As his mouth moved lower and lower, your heat ached for him. You couldn’t help but move your hips in discomfort.

He stopped when he reached your underwear. He kissed at the hem of fabric. Each kiss sent a throb of want to your core. He looked up at you as if asking for permission to continue. You let out a raggedy breath before you nodded, pressing your lips together almost feeling embarrassed. He smiled and chuckled quietly at your actions. He came back up to your face and gave you an affectionate kiss, trying to banish your nervousness away. With a quick peck to your forehead, he made his way back down to your underwear, where he hooked his fingers into them and pulled them down your legs. Your body jerked at the feeling of his cold skin running down your legs.

He spread your legs and nestled himself between them, placing kisses on your inner legs, starting at your knees. Your breath caught in your throat at the feeling of his lips. He slowly made his way to your center, where he placed a small kiss on the lips there. You gasped at that and looked down at him. His eyes were already on you. He smiled and shushed you as he sweetly stroked your hip to calm you. “This will feel good, I promise.” He said in a low voice. Just the sound of him made a small fire erupt in your chest and burn down to where you needed him most. You gulped and put your head back down, taking a deep breath.

Then he kissed you again, rougher time. You could feel his lips suck you nub gently. It made you grip the sheets. As he continued your heart pounded in your chest harder and harder. Your grip on the sheets tightened with every lick or flick of his tongue. Every suck and kiss made you see stars. You couldn’t help the sounds that came from you. Every moan and guttural cry that came out of your mouth did so of its own accord. The wave of pleasure hit you like a tidal wave. Your body shook as it washed over you. You were out of breath, your throat was dry, and your vision was spotty.

He climbed back up to your face and delicately stroked the top of your head with one hand, the other slid underneath your shoulder to hold you. He placed a kiss to your cheek, and then your forehead, and then one on your lips. You kissed back with a hunger for him that you had always hid within yourself, denied from yourself. You abandoned any hesitations you had had and threw your arms around his neck and hugged him close to you. He pulled back for a moment, as if to make sure that it was in fact you he was with; that he wasn’t stuck in one of his day dreams. When he realized that it was you, and that you were prepared to give yourself to him completely, he smiled from ear to ear and kissed you again, this time with a hint of joy and relief in his movements.

You felt him situate himself between your legs. You lifted your legs enough so that you could squeeze his hips between your thighs. His other hand snaked around your lower back and he gripped you close to him. He lifted you up with him. He sat on his knees on the bed with you held tight to his chest, still kissing you passionately. Your knees rested comfortably on the bed on either side of his legs.

He pulled away to let you catch your breath. You were practically heaving, but you didn’t care. You wanted him so badly. You wanted to be his so badly. You stared into each other’s eyes for a moment. You saw nothing but admiration and devotion towards you in his eyes. He did truly love you. In a way that you knew that as long as you were human, you would never understand. You hoped that one day, when you were changed, that you would understand the look of faithfulness that you saw in him. And so, to show that you wanted nothing more than to be his, and for him to be yours, you pressed your lips to his in the most loving way that you could. He let out an unnecessary sigh and you felt his smile as you kissed him. He squeezed you closer to him as you felt him enter you. He kept filling you deeply with every thrust. Each time, he moved over an area within you that made a jolt of pleasure ripple through you. As he moved, your hands made their way to either side of his face. Your foreheads touched and you could look into each other’s eyes as you both were brought pleasure. Both of your faces contorted as you came closer and closer to orgasm.

“I love you… Y/N,… I love you.” He said, his voice raspy and deep. Your mouth opened to respond, but all that came out was a short, “Ah!” and a gasp. “Demetri!” you managed breathlessly as you felt your core become undone again and the wave of pleasure hit you and flooded your senses. You were gasping for air as the edges of your vision went black and a ringing started in your ears.

Demetri’s POV…sort of (from his perspective more like)

She started going limp in my arms.

“Y/N?!” I called for her. She didn’t respond. He eyes started to close before her head fell onto my shoulder. “Y/N?!” I called again, but her arms had slunk down from around my shoulders to hang lifelessly at her sides. All at once her heartbeat settled and her breathing became steady as I held her there in my arms, tight to my body. I couldn’t help but chuckle at this. How delicate her human body was that she had fainted by me bringing her pleasure.

I placed a loving kiss to her shoulder - not that she would know - as I brought us to lie back down on the bed, me on my back and her on top of me. I ran my fingers through her hair as I waited for her to wake. After a few minutes she started to stir. She groaned and lifted her head and chest off of me.

“What happened?” she asked, the embarrassment evident in her voice.

I cupped my hand at her cheek. “You fainted.” I said bluntly with a smile that I knew I couldn’t hide the smugness behind. She let her forehead fall to my chest as I heard her heartbeat quicken. I laughed warmly at her and used my hand to get her to lift her head. She had the most adorable frown on her face. “It’s alright, love.” She groaned. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

We were still for a few moments, just looking at each other, until my heart dropped into my stomach at a the realization that she still hadn’t said that she had accepted me as her mate yet. I frowned and gently squeezed her tighter to me. Cagily bringing her to rest her forehead against mine, I nervously licked my lips before taking a steadying breath, and then I asked, “So, does this mean you accept me as your mate?”

She smiled and chuckled at me and leaned her face down to place a chaste kiss on my cold lips before nodding. I let out a sigh of relief and wrapped my arms around her. Her head rest in the crook of my neck and gently stroked her hair as she fell asleep in my arms.

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